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Found 2 results

  1. oldrustygunz

    Sell the BB's

    It seems as the game has evolved into torpedo spamming with no friendly fire forfeit, and some poor matchmaking has made BB's all but useless. Gone are the brawls for the most part. I play half the battles I used to and see no reason to increase frequency. Enjoyment, for myself and clan mates is severely lacking.
  2. Shenanigans_Abound


    Is it just me or has the new round of cruisers from the split made BB play more unbearable? People have been complaint for months and months about Battleships that sit in the way back and snipe. Yet what other option is there? I fear this issue is only going to become more profound once the spilt is completed with 7.7. All you ever see now is cruisers, camped out behind islands (where they can’t be shot) and spamming people constantly with fire. Something needs to desperately be done about this soon or the game is eventually going to become world of cruisers because no one will want to play DD with all the cruisers around with radar, no one will want to play BB Because of the fire issue, no one will play CV because of the AA from all the cruisers. Either the fire chance needs to be reduced or the amount of damage done by the fire needs to be drastically reduced. Let’s just ignore the fact for a minute that no modern (ww1- current) warship has ever been destroyed by fire. Really messed up yes, but never destroyed. But honestly, let’s not kid ourselves here. 250 HP per second per fire is a little excessive. And I know what you’ll say, don’t use you’re repair party for one fire, yeah... I know that. I only use it for 2 or more and that’s only if I’m below %50 percent health. Quick example is last night while play, a kutzov fires a salvo, sets 2 fires, okay I’m low on health (20 percent or so) so use the repair. As soon as the RP enters cool down he fires another salvo instantly sets 2 fires again. British BB don’t even set that many fires and they carry a 45-50 percent chance vs the standard cruiser 8-12 percent. When I can take my Cleveland out (trust me when I say I absolutely suck at using cruisers) and can do 95k damage something is wrong but the hilariouty of that is I set 12 fires in the maybe 12 minutes I was alive off of roughly 115-120 hits. So again, it might be time to consider that the fire damage and or chance is in desperate need of a nerf or warships risks losing all dedicated BB players.