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Found 5 results

  1. I feel like a recent problem is that this High Explosive Cruiser spam meta isn't fun. I feel like it is ruining the enjoyment of the game. So I have been noticing something lately. Have been playing the game since beta, and I have never really felt like this HE cruiser spam has been as powerful as I feel like it is right now. I don't know what it is for sure that caused this to happen. Maybe people have finally become better at aiming than they were for the past 2 years or... maybe there is a new aimbot out or something, but it seems to me that, at this point, cruisers are the most powerful things, and there isn't much that can be done about it other than get a cruiser yourself and play it the way everyone else does, except that if that type of play isn't fun to you then... the game isn't fun. Quit I guess? That doesn't seem good. It seems like we have a cruiser HE spam meta now. I think it probably has a lot to do with the new American cruiser stuff. To be clear, it seems to me that the most powerful thing to do in the game right now is to play a radar cruiser, sit behind an island corner for hard cover and vomit HE, and fire on everything in range. Make micro adjustments to your position, and then when everything is dead or has run away, move up to the next island. Repeat. I don't really see a counter to this. When thinking about it, a lot of cruisers can get their detection radius pretty low. How this Cruiser strategy interacts with Destroyers: If a DD approaches them and spots them, the cruiser can just pop radar, spot the DD and then obliterate them. As soon as the cruiser gets spotted, the game informs the cruiser with that little alert icon that they have been spotted. The DD is already pretty much automatically within radar range because, if the cruiser has the stealth build, the cruiser's radar range is pretty much about the same size as their detection radius, so the DDs can't do their job and spot for fear of getting instantly radar spotted almost the moment they spot the radar cruiser with no time to turn around and get out of the radar zone while keeping the cruiser spotted. Sure the DD can peek around a corner and then if they see a radar cruiser, they can try to pull back and only lose 1/3 their HP to the cruiser, but that isn't really letting them do their job very well. If the DD launches torps, wargaming already designed cruisers to be able to thread the torps, especially if they have hydro. They even made a video showing what their original design intent was: So anyway... the cruiser would be better at spotting than the DD because the cruiser can just drive forward spotting larger ship for their team, and as soon as he gets the little symbol that says he is spotted, he can just pop radar, spot the DD and kill it. Then stop firing, and 20 seconds later go back to spotting bigger ships as his stealth kicks in again. The DDs can't gun down the cruisers. That isn't going to work. If the DD tries to come around a corner and torp the cruiser, the cruiser can notice that he is spotted by the icon, and often times just radar, and gun down the DD, then go back to camping behind the island. The Radio Location Captain skill makes the cruiser know which direction to point to hunt and push into DDs before using radar: wait till the cruiser sees he is spotted. Wait about 10 more seconds while using Radio Location to sail straight at the DD. Pop radar. Kill DD. Thread between the torps that you rightly should have expected. Eat the DDs pathetic damage. Nothing the DD can do. Smoke doesn't work nearly as well in this game anymore because of how many ships have hydro or radar, which ships start having at tier 7, meaning if you want ton ensure there won't be an atlanta or something on the enemy team with radar, you would need to play nothing higher than tier 4 DDs. The cruisers can thread the torps, and the stealth doesn't work for the reasons I said. I don't see DDs as being a very viable class anymore. Why not just play a cruiser? Cruisers have torps too. Some can even stealth launch. How it affects Battleships: The cruiser sits behind an island and vomit HE fire on the battleship until it melts. If the battleship tries to flank, the cruiser just reverses slowly around the island playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie, keeping the island between them and the BB while they can hit the BB, but the BB can't hit them back reliably until the BB dies. The BB won't last long enough to catch him. If the BB gets too aggressive, they could get torps in the side depending on the cruiser, so the BB has to swing wide, which gives the cruiser plenty of time to make sure the island is between them and the BB. How it affects other cruisers: Obviously this is a mirror match so it is generally balanced, but it is still irritating gameplay - just a bunch of people camping behind islands. How it affects Carriers: A carrier trying to drop on a cruiser with defensive fire? Good luck with that. You're probably going to lose more than half your planes. The cruiser will cause panic on the planes, and then thread the torps. AP dive bombers don't work that well on cruisers. HE bombers don't work that well on anything, and the cruiser can just put out the fire. Even if you manage to damage the cruiser, it probably won't be worth it. Additionally: On top of all of that, it is unrealistic. Where are these islands in real life that you can hide a 8 story tall building sized cruiser behind that don't have beaches, and don't slope up slowly, but instead go nearly vertical as soon as the island comes out of the water? (Yes I know that does exist in some places in the world, but that is the exception, not the rule. Don't show me pictures and go: "Huh huh! See! Here, and here, and here! Yer wrong! I love proving people wrong with technicalities because what they said is mostly true, but isn't absolutely 100% true all the time because I am autistic!") The point is that isn't how naval combat works. This isn't World of Tanks where we are having this peek-a-boom stuff. They even made a video about it: Except that this actually does work and is pretty much the most powerful thing to do in the game for cruisers. You just don't actually expose your ship around the corner of the island. You shoot over it, or reverse with it in front of you until you can shoot over it. The thing is, I don't know what to do about this. It is super powerful, and I don't see a way to counter it, but it makes the game... not fun... so... I don't know. Nerf radar so DDs can spot and stealth launch torps at cruisers more? Torps would probably become too powerful then. Smoke would be super powerful too. Get rid of smoke too? Realistically, Wargaming isn't going to do either one of those things, and probably shouldn't. The obvious answer seems to be, "If you can't beat them, join them." Get a cruiser with a high rainbow fire arc, and vomit fire on everything. Us the strategy. It is the best. What if you don't like playing that way though? Sorry? That is what this game is about? Quit? Ehh... Doesn't seem like a good answer.
  2. Corsair_I

    Prevent chat spam

    Some player's unique purpose in life is to troll people. The chat as designed by WG allows people to abuse the F keys to troll players. In order to stop this, please implement a limitation on the number of times you can press the same F key in a short period of time, like 3 times per minute. This has already been implemented for the fog horn, why not implementing this for the chat?
  3. With the prevalence of cruisers, fires and radars follow. Fire at its current state is very much uninteractive and has little value outside annoying the hell out of the target and pads damage for the shooter. To increase fire's interactive value and make the mechanic more friendly towards "team work". Fire should apply certain debuffs to different types of ships. 1. Ongoing fire should interfere with aiming accuracy on cruisers: While fire is burning on a cruiser, cruiser's main battery and AA efficiency should decrease. Main battery should suffer +% to dispersion, while AA should have a reduction on dps. The increase in dispersion will strongly encourage burning cruisers to fire on easier targets, such as a BB or a stationary ship. This change will allow ships even in the back line to have a way of helping forward DDs, by setting spotted cruisers on fire. With the prevalence of radar and more and more cruisers in MM, the debuff will increase DD's survivability as well as encourage a more aggressive meta. Decreasing AA damage output by ongoing fire also makes CV's lives easier in higher tier, and judging by the direct WG's taking CV remake this change is probably required. Any ship can set other ships on fire, so even a small DD can help CVs by shooting at an AA cruiser. 2. Radar should be a hittable module Radar needs a counter, there's no better counter than making the radar dish hittable thus allowing skilled players to counter radar users with good shot placements. Radar should never be completely destroyed, rather with enough damage hitting the module radar should cease function till repair is conducted. Radar may be damaged to a state to reduce its functional range permanently in that match. This change will raise the skill ceiling of pretty much all ships. A DD that's aggressive can, with great skill, target the specific module (just like how DDs and cruisers can choose to target torpedo tubes on their target in close quarter fighting). Team mates can also help their radared ships by destroying the radar user's module. As a whole, this change will strongly encourage team orientated plays, rein in the power of too many radars, and make the game more interactive over all.
  4. Blacklist doesn't seem to work the way it does in WoT, which was an effective way to stop the people who spam the function keys. Had a Ft in the last match who must've used the at least 50 times... Gets pretty annoying. Hopefully his mom gives him a fruit roll up and puts him down for his nap, but in the meanwhile, what can a player do to stop that from happening in the game?
  5. So, every time I log on now, I get spammed with an clan invite from a single player. Apparently he spams everyone that he sees in game. So, you blacklist the guy, assuming that will deal with it......nope, he can continue spamming you with invites even when blocked...working as intended?