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Found 1 result

  1. Essentially, I saw an article on a website I frequent for music news (you can see it here) and the idea behind it I thought was very intriguing; If you could put together the ultimate band, with anyone you want from any genre of music in it, alive or dead, who would you choose? The article has some very interesting choices, and since I know there's a lot of music fans on the forums, I thought I might try it out here. I'll start off. I'll be making two bands that fit two different musical styles that I very much enjoy. The first is a blues and hard rock band, and the other is a more down-to-earth, folk/soul band. My favourite band, the Eagles, very much inspired my picks; I like bands where multiple people can sing, and for the most part I picked people that, as far as I know, aren't known as domineering, perfectionist bullies like Glenn Frey or Don Henley. My picks are as follows. P.S. proper band names are optional. Group 1: Drums and vocals: Dave Grohl Bass and keyboards: John Paul Jones Guitars and vocals: Stevie Ray Vaughan and Joe Walsh Lead singer: Steven Tyler Dave and Jones worked together briefly with the supergroup Them Crooked Vultures, so they'll mesh fine. They're also both extremely versatile musicians who are capable of pulling off almost anything. Vaughan and Walsh would hit it off almost immediately with their blues backgrounds and the interplay between them would be nothing short of godly. As for Steven Tyler, well, he's Steven Tyler. What else can be said? The only real pitfall of this would be that Tyler wouldn't have a Joe Perry to work with and he's known as an *-hole, but Dave could be a mediator in this instance because he's known for being able to make friends with other classic rockers. Worst case scenario, I'd replace Tyler with Paul Rodgers or Ann Wilson. Group 2: Lead singer and acoustic guitars: Tom Petty Guitars and vocals: John Mayer and George Harrison Bass and vocals: Randy Meisner Drums: Bill Kreutzmann Keyboards and vocals: Steve Winwood When it comes to folk and roots, Petty has no real equals in my mind; Wildflowers is one of my favourite albums of all time. George is by far my favourite Beatle and he'd mesh fantastically with Petty since they were collaborators on several occasions, John Mayer is a criminally underrated guitarist (go look up "Covered In Rain" and "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room" if you haven't already) who has a dirty, soulful voice that I think Winwood would enjoy, Bill brings some always-welcome Grateful Dead vibes (and has also worked with Mayer), and Randy and Winwood are/were amazing singers in their prime. The only real problem I can find is that I don't know too much about Mayer's habits offstage and songwriting-wise, which may lead to him being the odd one out, but I wouldn't be too concerned. Randy's bad experiences with bandleaders may cause tension, while Winwood's blue-eyed soul is a bit of a contrast to the vibe I'm going for (though "Can't Find My Way Home" fits it perfectly), but again I'm not too worried. Overall though, I think this would sound incredible. So what do you all think? I know this topic is a little off the beaten path, but if you think it's worthwhile then chime in: Who would comprise your dream band(s)? What improvements would you make to my picks? Feel free to post them so we can all have some fun with this.