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Found 1 result

  1. So before I go onto my rant here, I'm going to set a preface here: What I do not like here is purely my opinion, its not stated as fact or even that my perceived points of contention are going to be universally accepted or at all. This is merely to provide my feedback, and nothing more. If you, the reader, agree... then fantastic. If you don't, well that's too bad. But my mind is made up and this post was actually going to not be posted originally, but as the months have gone on I've revisited this for the last few weeks and decided I should after all. With that out of the way, let's get into it. Ultimately, the year of 2018 is the year of the almighty $$$ for you guys it would seem. I've been here for a long time, and have slowly seen warships creep into what I deem a predatory consumer product. The reasons have long-standing, lasting consequences upon every level of the game I feel as a whole. The elephant in the room here is lootboxes, and the frequency in which you guys employ them. Its obvious your lootboxes have been progressively less generous, and more rampant in how often they are put out there. The largest headache to me is when the ships are handed out early as missions to earn before the line. This is clearly a monetization scheme and well... its not nice. Notser really does do a good rant upon this when the UK DDs were the subject of the moolah here just a little bit ago. The next part of this is premiums, and how they have been handled lately. The addition of the Bourgogne lining up with the Alsace nerf, regardless if the nerf was justified or not, seemed very greedy to me. It really does seem like no matter how much I think about it that it was nerfed *at least partly* because you guys saw a way to get people to grind, drop cash, and spend even more time on frustrating game mode(s) with currencies that are a drip feed at best to get people to want to grab up a premium that offered the same experience that has now been in my honest opinion, neutered for Alsace by a decent bit. Premiums like Le Terrible also seem like half-baked, flawed designs that were rushed out the door for a quick buck. I know, nobody is forcing me to buy them. However, I can't help but feel its dirty when if i were an unsuspecting buyer and did get that ship, then look at WG's really, really bad return policy on premiums... when you look at the two together, it really does make me think they're in to sucker you out of money. I suppose this could be also listed as a general policy criticism but I feel the two are sometimes closely related. Even if they didn't want to wipe stats or give you your money back, they could at least offer you store credit then take away the ship before owning it for a week or so. This next regarding monetization here is a big one, and I would say is the most complicated point. I feel the existence of T10s and the way they are indirectly being used as a catalyst of sorts to squeeze even more cash out of the playerbase has gone too far. Here are the 3 key areas in which I feel T10s are questionable: 1. T9s come off to me as largely not very good to outright bad. This is subjective, but when I think back to Izumo and its asinine turret placement and how long that has been a serious point of frustration... It comes off as WG trying to sell me doubloons to escape it. (I want to add in here, I know some T9s are amazing such as Kitakaze or Chung Mu. But I feel this is the case on the overall.) 2. Powercreep is real, and in order for clans to stay competitive they would want the best ships, no? Well... This comes off as WG trying to move the goal posts so the dedicated can be pressured into either grinding this game like nuts or dropping $$$ to stay competitive in their tools of their trade on here. 3. Balancing of the older T10s seem sluggish at best. This leads me to believe that their balance is of secondary concern, simply because the ones more likely to spend money are WG's dedicated playerbase, therefore most likely are vets and won't be grinding those lines up anywhere near as much, thus lower income potential. Next, I want to just list off general move(s) WG has made in the name of more cash. These are worth simply listing here. 1. Jean Bart, a T9 being sold outright 2. Lower-tier premiums being paywalled off in a less-than-appealing manner, Katori and now Dreadnought come to mind. 3. Sub-Octavian's allusion in a recent interview that prices for things across the board economically will go up, like free-exp Point 3 here is what worries me the most, because it kind of sounded like in that interview WG is looking to simply rake in more across all fronts outside of most likely real cash pricing. Last point, and this is me *kind of* putting my tin foil hat on. In my eyes, the slowly increasing sets of very questionable reward premiums in terms of their power scope and abilities worry me. To me, they simply aren't there as trophies for the dedicated, they're really a carrot to try and force more people to dump cash indirectly (FXP, signals for an edge, chasing of new powercreeped lines, etc) and to me this creates a less-than-pleasant feeling on me as both a player and customer. I admit, I don't have the patience to put up with ranked... and clan wars I'm not sure if I want to try to get involved in. The clan i'm in as of now is simply because I was asked by a friend, and its not capable of participating as of now. I have my career to think about these days, as well as decreasingly less time as other interesting games to come out so my time is divided. I know there are others who are in the same boat (all puns intended) and probably share similar sentiments. That being said, to talk about myself I have given this game a decent amount of cash and definitely am not afraid to drop dough on worthwhile value prospects or simply to support a game I feel is doing a good job. In my eyes, while naturally WG needs to make money and wants to expand its business like any other company would... this level of milking I feel is getting excessive, short-sighted, and alienating as a player and customer. The moves being made I am not happy with, and my perspective grows more negative by the day in this aspect of the game. I just wanted to get this out there and see what people had to say, and hopefully WG will take note. Thanks for reading this long post for whoever does.