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Found 1 result

  1. I generally don't have a high opinion of co-op AI, whether or not they are allied or enemy, but today I witnessed the most horrific display of allied AI incompetence I have ever seen. Before the enemy had even gotten into serious engagement range (there were 5 bots on our team, IIRC), one friendly AI destroyer had torpedoed another friendly AI destroyer. Over the course of the match, 3 ships total, including 2 allied AI battleships became pink, one of which even managed to get a team-kill (and one which managed to miss its target and hit me while I was brawling an enemy BB). Meanwhile, the enemy AI leisurely cut its way through them before engaging the human-controlled warships. Even we 3 humans couldn't compensate for this sheer amount of incompetence that seemed to have becalmed our AI allies that round. With only one remaining human Grober Kurfurst at 4k health and on fire (the rest of us were dead) and the 2 pink allied AI battleships gallivanting off and completely failing to meaningfully engage the enemy, I left that particular co-op battle before it finished. Seriously, is there some sort of coding difference between allied and enemy AI ships in co-op? It constantly seems that in a fair fight or even when at a slight disadvantage against friendly AI co-op bots, the enemy AI essentially always comes out on top. I get that there needs to be an incentive for the human(s) to not let the bots do all the work or carry them, but can we at least have bots that would stalemate each other, instead of giving the enemy team fairly decent AI and the human team AI which makes even dedicated team-killers jealous in the sheer grief they cause the team? Replay is attached if anyone is interested in watching the sheer [edited]ry. 20190502_040020_PRSC509-Kronshtadt_45_Zigzag.wowsreplay