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Found 5 results

  1. I've been having an issue the past couple of weeks regarding Twitch drops. I know there is sometimes a delay in seeing the items received from the drops on one's account, but 2 weeks seems like an awful long time. I double checked and my WG account is still linked to Twitch... since 05/04/2018. I have yet to receive the following 8 items based on looking through my notifications when I log in as well as checking my inventory of badges and containers along with my combat missions. Anyone else having this issue? Thanks for any advice or help regarding this situation.
  2. Hi greetings to all.!! so yeah im having the next issue, i play my games get salty (log out/close the client) but the "do you want to exit" screen overlap my desktop i had tried to create a second one but it stays and can't solve it using the Ctrl+Sup god. Drivers and updates on top shape.... anyone have something similar or has been able to fix it? ty all
  3. Wilvan

    IFHE Nerf?

    Did IFHE get nerfed this patch? (Or maybe a previous one I missed somehow, apologies if that's the case) I can't find any mention of it in the patch notes but when I check the skill description it says it only works with guns up to 139mm, not 152mm like Cleveland or Worcester .
  4. I have my Twitch account linked to my Login for Wargaming, am a Twitch Prime member, yet the port is still grayed out. Is there something I'm missing? Do I need to link something in addition?
  5. I am not sure why, but if anyone knows pls post here. A couple of days ago I have been on WOWS game untill late 3 AM PST. Thats when the game makes the daily update. In the news came up an announcement stating 3 types of discounts; 1) reduction of 50% on redistributing captain points 2) reduction of 80% (yes eighty) on captain accelerating training 3) another one that I cannot remeber (but this is not the point) I thought "nice! tomorrow I am going to redistribute the skill point of some of my captains AND ACCLERATE THE TRAINING OF SOME OTHER CLOSE TO 19 PONTS. And then went to sleep happy with WG offer. W A F surpise I got in the morning!!! When going to accelerate my captains XP no discount is applied (only the redistrbution points discount was in place). This feels a lot like a deception and WG trying to lure people in doing something to its advantage, anyway in doing thing that normally wouldn't do. Anyone knows why WG is doing this?