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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, So I was recently attempting to look at the premium shop on my browser and for some reason every time I clicked on the "premium shop" button on the NA WOWS website it instantly sent me to the RU WG WOWS premium shop. Ok, no big deal, I thought. I'll just sign in again and it will go back to the NA premium server. The sign in page was also the Russian sign-in page (which I can't log into because I have a NA WG account). Again, no big deal I thought. I'll just change the login type to NA. I press the NA button and wait about 30 seconds and then it sends me to the russian WG sign-in again. I try again 2 more times and the same thing happens. Anyways, after exiting out of my entire browsers session and starting another one, the problem fixed itself for about 2 minutes. After those 2 minutes, its happening again, just with the ASIA server instead of the RU server. I am posting this to the server mainly because I can't access any other WG services except the forum and actual WOWS website (both of which i'm still logged into). So far, I have encountered this issue with the premium shop, player support (where I originally went) and on the actual WG website and its sub categories. So far I have tried... Restarting my computer Beginning a new browser session Trying a different browser Changing the prefix of the WG website from asia. to na. (it automatically reverts me back) Cleared cookies on all WG-related sites (it originally sent me to the ASIA server again but than it gave me the option to go to the NA server which worked!) I am kind of hesitant signing out of my account at the minute mainly because I am afraid that I won't be able to log back in. Edit: The computer that I am currently using is the same computer that I have always used to look at WG and WOWS websites. I have never had this issue before. Edit 2: I cleared all cookies on all WG-related sites and it solved the issue. I'm just going to keep an eye on it and post any updates here if anything persists. Also, is anyone else having this issue or is it just me?