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Found 1 result

  1. Im sure there are a few threads like this but..here is another. Naturally these aren't all feasible but lets show that we can try and improve things rather than just complain. Problem: DDs have no counter to being spotted and pecked to death by attack planes. Possible solutions? 1. As others have said, make plane spotting local only. Being spotted by a plane only makes you visible in the immediate area, not across the map. Being focused by 6 ships doesn't work out if you have paper armor. 2. Give DDs better AA 3. Reduce accuracy of attack planes. 4. I've been flying near friendly dds when they are under attack and popping my fighters. Maybe WG could make the fighter consumable stronger but only when near a friendly? 5. Others? Problem: CVs being uptiered makes it nearly impossible to damage anything let alone survive. Many are saying that AA is now ineffective. Try playing a Tier 6 CV and go against any higher tier ship. Possible Solution: 1. Make damage scale based on tier? if a T4 CV is going up against a T6 ship, make one of them either upscale/downscale its damage or defense to match the other. Problem: F key gives a CV an instant advantage. Possible solutions: 1. Make it so that the F key option can only be used once per plane type. You use it to spam torp planes once and you cant do it again for any torp squadron again. Same for the rest. 2. Use of F key imposes a countdown timer of x seconds before you can launch again. Problem: Attack planes can cover ground so fast that they can camp any cap and wait to prey on any DD. Possible solutions: 1. Impose a delay on CV launch as soon as the game starts. Kind of like how torps have to countdown before they are even available. 2. Alter strategy. DDs don't try to cap immediately. Right now, with a CV in the game, a DD isn't really spotting much. The Planes are. The DDs can lurk and be more opportunists rather than leading the charge, which many shouldn't have been doing anyway.