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Found 6 results

  1. eagle_lance

    Solo Warrior Achievement

    So I recently got another solo warrior and was wondering how often other players get this achievement. I've asked around and it seems most either have one or none. I've played quite a few battles, but 8 solo warrior's seems like a lot. Just wondering if anyone else has more solo warrior's than me?
  2. On my 1200th PvP game I finally got, legitimately, the last combat achievement I was missing, Solo Warrior. On paper I had gotten one about 500-600 matches ago, but it wasn't legitimate, I snuck in the club's back door by having to bail on a match a minute or three into the game (still the only time I've done so) to deal with a toddler's tantrum, leaving my Kongo heading for the far side of the map at 30 knots only to come back half an hour later to find my AFK Kongo had gotten me the hardest to get Achievement. Felt dirty about it really, and it was a bit of an insult that suggested not even playing could be an improvement over my skill level (not really, I've never been a 45%er), but last night I finally wiped the shame away. I was about to call it a night, but saw I had 386k FXP and I had been saving to get Nelson. For fun I made a quick post about whether or not to get her on the forums and after a few responses while I did some PvE in Acasta I went ahead a got her. Filled out her module slots with standard durability options, premium consumables and durability, but not economic, flags and put my 19pt KGV Captain on her. Maiden voyage was junk wherein I was on the losing side of a blowout and the guns weren't working for me. I did 25k damage and got Dreadnought as a consolation prize. The second game though, this was better. I was middle Tier in a VI to VIII match on Two Brothers with my team spawning around the B cap. I was on the D cap side so I opted to head for D to support our ships there. Other than getting First Blood on an Edinburgh that pushed to aggressively the early and mid game was nothing to write about, we took at early lead in caps, holding three at one point, and in kills being four up before the enemy scored a single kill, looked like it was heading to an easy win, then things started falling apart. Our Bismarck on my flank pushed too hard and got focused down. The problem I saw developing was that our two DDs on the D flank were very passive and the whole tempo was being driven by the enemy Benson and Jervis. The enemy Benson took quite a bit of punishment and our DDs decided it was time to go for the kill and advanced into the enemy fire and between the two enemy DDs and the enemy's KGV and Bismarck both went down without taking anything with them, though one torpedoed the Bismarck fairly hard. The enemy Bismarck was pushing too hard, that is how he got torpedoed, now well forward, broadside on and low health I finished him off for my second kill. The enemy had now captured D cap, which we had held for a bit, and sunk everything we had on the A flank, but at the cost of all of their ships save a DD (I don't recall which, I never saw it), so a bloodbath, but the enemy had come back from a losing four before getting a single kill to having five ships to our two, my Nelson and a Bayern that was also on the D flank, and who sank the last enemy cruiser just as he sank. This left me against the enemy KGV and three DDs, but I didn't notice that until I'd sunk the KGV as I was focused on not giving too much broadside and watching for where the Benson and Jervis might be, I knew their general locations only. The KGV had come around the top of the island at C9, which was good for us as all the enemy had to do to win from this point is stay alive while the third DD from A flank capped A and then B, but KGV was out of position and couldn't turn away from me. He did get some good hits in, but he went down leaving me on about 12-15k health with one heal left, though it would only get me up to 24-25k if I used it, due the potential it had I held off as long as I could. I had been angled against the KGV and heading northeast towards the island at C9, but knowing there were two DDs in that general direction I turned away as fast as I could and began to kite away feeling that Nelson was too clumsy to avoid close range torpedo launches from multiple DDs, and I certainly didn't have the health to survive them. I knew the third DD was in A cap because it was in the proccess of being flipped. Now, the enemy DDs ought to have just bugged out and forced me to sail into their torpedoes or lose on points as the DD in A could proceed to B, and even if I prevented its capture our points lead probably wasn't enough to win without getting the points from owning B uncontested. The Jervis saw things othewise, and given he was full health had some room to play and so started shooting me. I returned fire, now using HE for the first time ever on Nelson, but his dodging was very effective, though I did push him back. He did enough damage that I felt I had to use my final heal so as to be able to survive a torpedo hit if it happened. As Jervis fell back the Benson made a critical error and opened fire on me. As fast as I could I brought all nine guns to bear and, as he vanished, fired at his location, one shell found its mark and the Benson went down. Jervis rejoined the action, but with the time remaining, even though we'd now lost even B cap there was simply nothing the DDs could do to sink me in the time remaining and while it was very close, seconds making the difference, the points gained/lost when the Benson sank put the enemy just out of reach and we won by 13 points. I didn't realize until the results screen that the Bayern had gone down before the KGV, so the Solo Warrior was a surprise to go with the First Blood, Dreadnought and Fireproof.
  3. Submarine_M1

    I feel bad

    Well, with my lag issues, late load ins, but with contempt of winning, I earned my solo warrior...... yea, as happy as I was, I now feel that I shouldn’t earned it, since I did very little to get something so rare to get..... I hope y’all who was in the match can forgive me also,it took me 18,507 battles in randoms to get it
  4. Sovereigndawg

    Slight Brag If i May

    My second Solo Warrior, at least I feel i earned it this time. I was second to last place, in score, but the team and I planed this from the start. It worked flawlessly. 8661_1534059904_20180812_021323_PASB518-Massachusetts_40_Okinawa(1).wowsreplay In showing this in no way am I shaming any person involved, My only goal is in glorifying myself and at least for one very particular moment feeling extra ordinary, special, maybe even important for just this moment. The biggest question of course is how in the world did he actually do it? Sovereigndawg did what? preposterous, not likely, highly suspicious. Of course, many more are soon to come, now that i am a god. LOL.
  5. ...Despite your team turning a losing battle around and having completely outplayed the enemy CV
  6. bigalow87

    Huanghe is pretty awful...

    ...but my god this ship is the best ninja capping cruiser in the game. Have more base caps with this ship than all my other cruisers combined, including my beloved Perth. Had this gem tonight. Would love to have seen the other teams chat...