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Found 38 results

  1. Slight Brag If i May

    My second Solo Warrior, at least I feel i earned it this time. I was second to last place, in score, but the team and I planed this from the start. It worked flawlessly. 8661_1534059904_20180812_021323_PASB518-Massachusetts_40_Okinawa(1).wowsreplay In showing this in no way am I shaming any person involved, My only goal is in glorifying myself and at least for one very particular moment feeling extra ordinary, special, maybe even important for just this moment. The biggest question of course is how in the world did he actually do it? Sovereigndawg did what? preposterous, not likely, highly suspicious. Of course, many more are soon to come, now that i am a god. LOL.
  2. ...Despite your team turning a losing battle around and having completely outplayed the enemy CV
  3. Huanghe is pretty awful...

    ...but my god this ship is the best ninja capping cruiser in the game. Have more base caps with this ship than all my other cruisers combined, including my beloved Perth. Had this gem tonight. Would love to have seen the other teams chat...
  4. In WoWS, sometimes you are just in a rut and it is 'impossible' to win. No, it isnt impossible - you just need to get a kraken (ideally, 6+ kills) AND then get solo warrior, hop on enough caps and win in the last 6 seconds. That is all. Chin up.
  5. Arrrrrgggghhhh!

    So I just picked up my second-ever Solo Warrior, first one that I actually earned, AND the Kraken, in my Gadjah Mada! And...... ..."Server Maintenance. You will be migrated to another server as soon as your battle is over." I do at least have the replay file, but no screenshots at all. Don't even know how much XP I earned on this one. Replay
  6. Take the stock Fiji out for game nine and hope I will get my second win in it. Team starts well, fights and holds two caps in the east and positioned well to defend our 200ish point gain. Then the potato happens. The Nurnberg gets wiped out with a handful of cits. The Scharn is chasing a BB two maps south. The Tirps (who has been playing sniper all game) stops behind an island, while spotted and gets wrecked by the NM. And then there is just me vs five red and over 4 minutes on the clock. My blind fired torps kill the Tirps trying to cap the middle cap - very salty language in chat. We have two caps to one and still up in points. The DD caps the east cap and I chase him off while doing some fancy torpedo beats and dodging fire from BBs. It is now one cap to two, and just under two minutes left. I act like Brave Sir Robin, mash WAD, pop the last smoke and head for the map edge like a scrub, waiting for the timer turn orange.
  7. There I was fighting a loosing battle on Fault Line in my Belfast. Running from most of the enemy fleet while keeping the guns blazing. My team dies leaving me to face 2 Battleships, a Leander and a Fubuki. We controlled B and C but only had a narrow point lead. After catching their cruiser and destroyer trying to camp smoke and cap B with radar I sink them before their BBuddies could get me. It was very heart pounding there for a bit while sinking those two and avoiding the BBs. Than it was only a matter of "Run Away!" Only my second Solo Warrior, my first was with my Blyskawica. Seen here, This was my 404th game with the Belfast and my 8,787 random game over all. Other stats, Moral of this story; Never Give Up, Never Quit, Never Stop Fighting to the last shell to the last HP. The Fewer the Captains the Greater Share of Honor.
  8. Solo Warrior win

    B cap held, A and C unheld. 5 ships to 2 (me at A, ally at C). I finish the St Louis (who has been plaguing me all game) and Cap A, lose sight of SoCal behind the island. Meanwhile Kuma kills another cruiser then dies to BBs. Leaves Orion vs Orion, SoCal, Myogi and Yubari. Circle the island (as hidden by distance from C) and pop out finding the near SoCal facing guns the wrong way. Pop one AP broadside into him (only Citadel of the match), take my Ap pain (most bounce), then pop him with a second AP salvo. Set course for B. Get spotted same time Yubari gets to B cap. Spread HE salvoes between Yubari and Myogi; Myogi uses Damage Control (bad mistake). On reload, put a single turret onto Myogi starting another fire; he only has 3k health left, so I let him burn down and concentrate on Yubari. Finish him off, but suffer another fire (used DC 30 seconds earlier to put out 2 more). Look at health and burn time and realise "dead from fire"; turns out I'm still alive... by 64 hit points. Any hit will kill me. I turn and run, trying to keep the island between me and the cap (knowing he has to come that way) and slide a little too far west, getting spotted in the narrow visibility gap. Incoming AP salvo from Orion misses and I drop back into hiding for the win.
  9. My team hugged A cap 85% of the match. I spawned on the north at C with two other ships. They took off for A. Some fighting occurred at B, some were lost. I fought my way south tho I was trying to prevent cap of C by the reds. I eventually died just slightly south of B but took the guy with me via arsonist, even though I was firing AP in my GK. Strange. I managed a Total of 180,847 in damage against the reds. We were winning by then in ship count. At least two ahead. A had been camped too long though. We were way down on points. We had only A. They finally moved off of A (in a cyclone) and managed a couple of quick kills. They then capped B and C. Yay they thought, we have all the caps. Problem was illustrated by the red team, who told us "Report the Benson - he ran to J10 as soon as the game started and did not move." I'm sure some folks did. But the cheeky owner of that destroyer got a Solo Warrior. Yup. Kind of sad in a way but then, if there had been a player playing it (I never saw it in game, I don't know if anyone else saw him - and nobody headed towards J10 they were all busy capping) - but if someone had been playing it, he'd have done the same thing. So point of this post? Do you think - if it's true he parked and hid - that solo warrior is valid for the player? Or should the game determine, via some method, the player (apparently) took off early, hid and avoided combat? tiafyc
  10. I finally did it !!!

    After about a year I finally got a solo warrior xD
  11. Sometimes violence is not the best solution...
  12. Pretty easy poll, what class ship have you obtained the most solo warriors in? (If you actually obtained any.)
  13. Didn't see that one coming....

    Uh, okay. Wow. Achievement get: Solo Warrior. Yeah, I think it's pretty official now. I really like the Warspite.
  14. Solo Warrior

    I just had to show off my first Solo Warrior. I would like to dedicate this game to the Mikasa's secondaries and low tier players who do not know about them. I could not have done it without you. Thanks Stash512
  15. Here is the replay, with my voice commentary. I actually made this video for my Saipan guide, but thought that I might as well include it in the bragging thread as well. It's my first time making a video of this sort, so be gentle, I guess? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/133728218 And yes, I say a mean thing about my team at 15:30, and do apologize for that. Here are the the post-battle results. I wish I could also kill the remaining Hiryu, to get an honest Solo Warrior victory (and Kraken on top), but I guess victory by points will have to do

    After X thousand games I finally got it. Thing is, for it being "Solo" the only reason I got it was some smart playing from the #2 on our team. He made it to our cap and kept it reset while I continued to cap theirs. He died with like 30 seconds left and it was a nail biter at that point as to which CAP would be captured first. I only had 176 HP left. This Solo Warrior definitely the result of a team effort.
  17. Got my first So lo Warrior today with the Bayern - 55 target hits, 2 kills, 4 fires, 2 cits, 46 secondary hits, captured the base, and 93,3267 damage.
  18. Muh First Solo Warrior

    Yesterday, I achieved the last achievement I needed - Solo Warrior. As you can see.. the enemy team was moving away from me, I planned on going behind them and lighting them on fire..this was not meant to be as the rest of our team quickly died. Later when everyone died and I believe Adidas mentioned Solo Warrior and then I started freaking out in teamspeak as I noticed we were up on points.. with 3 caps. As you can see.. the hype is real I had done it, I have attained my last achievement to complete them all.. Solo Warrior has been achieved. As I was looking over Personal score I had noticed one thing that stood out to me..Task 8 of mission 5.. I had completed Honourable Service. What does this mean? I had gotten Solo Warrior and the Shinonome in the same match! That was a very tense match! It was also my last match of the day.. pure awesome! It only took about 4000 battles for my first Solo Warrior.. maybe I can halve that? Expect a new Solo Warrior post in about 2000 battles xD
  19. Solo Warrior

    Out of the three or four Solo Warriors I spectated, and the one Solo Warrior I got, all of them were achieved by having a cap point advantage and simply running away and surviving until the time limit runs out, or cap points reached 1,000. Honestly, this seems like the best method of getting Solo Warrior. I have seen YouTube replays where the Solo Warrior was achieved by killing all the opponents. So my question is, for those of you who have gotten it at least once, how did you get it? (keep it simple, no lengthy play-by-plays needed)
  20. Sorry for a brag thread, but I owe myself this one. After an undistinguished morning, 2 for 7 with a lot of bad aim, the blind squirrel finds a nut! Solo Warrior. Blyskawica, Neighbors, Standard, north spawn, 1 CV per side. For the first half of the match, most of the fighting is sniping back and forth in the islands on the east side of the map. Our Fuso has not joined the fun, and is all by himself to the west. Ultimately, fortunately so. A red Fubuki pops up near him and begins to menace. I divert from the fun in the islands to try to help him out. The Fubuki sinks our Fuso; I see he has used all his torps, charge his smoke, and sink him. Then I look up. Red has 5 ships - 3 BBs, 2 CAs. We have our carrier (in the northeast) and our Colorado (on the east edge of the map), and me. From the ships spotted by teammates, it looks like three of the enemy are pushing northwest from the islands toward our base, while two of them are routing back to protect theirs. Our BB and CV look like they are going down pretty soon. So I decide, wth, let's make it interesting, and make a beeline for their base - southeast, across most of the map. When I'm about halfway there, four of the enemy are re-spotted, and it looks like they are now all headed for our base. Our Colorado and CV both go down. Things are getting interestinger and interestinger. A shout out to enabling last known position on the minimap. It looks like the final enemy ship is hiding behind one of the islands outside the south cap, so I use that island to sneak up. Not there. I turn into the red cap. Just as that is happening, we spot each other. A Kongo, hiding behind the second island, engine idling. I'm in the cap already, turn and launch both spreads of torps in his face at about 3.5 km, pop smoke, and do a doughnut, figuring that I'm unlikely to hit him with everything, let alone kill him, and I may need to rinse and repeat. But then, three hits, a pause, and he sinks. May have been afk at that point for all I know - didn't get the greatest look. And then all that is left is to back slowly away for the next two minutes as a Gneisenau and Leander run south trying to engage me, lobbing shells into the smoke cloud I've long since left. And there it is. Thanks for reading! It is not everyday.
  21. This lad got his solo warrior. Hats off to him. I wish I get solo warrior one day like him.
  22. I'm A Solo Warrior

    After playing 4,292 battles I finally achieved the legendary Solo Warrior. Team was leading on points and had two caps when they all decided to die leaving me to face down a Nagato, a Colorado, a Warspite and a Fubuki. I sank the Fubuki and than manage to keep the battleships from capping and ran down the clock. Polish Gun Boat ninja for the win. Its so satisfying when you pull Victory from the jaws of Defeat. And the icing on the cake is doing this despite that one toxic player who is all doom and gloom about the odds of winning.