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Found 2 results

  1. I dislike being very vocal but I can't be quite any longer/ The Smolenks.... I have not words just Wargaming are you guys serious? I have seen more "bias" with this ship then any other. There is something broken in total with this ship. Compared to a DM, Salem, Worcester, Minotaur the Smolenks has not effective counters just sheer luck. This week this ship has not taken any damage from any ship, seems to even broadside against a Minotaur 4km survive. I can ramble the issues. The honest question I have is are you guys in wargaming seriously doing anything with this ship. Removing it in the next few months is not helping anything. Is there more you can share? Because Im ready to leave in total. The only thing keeping me here is my clan mates, some great people who drive the Smolenks and share the same view. Can we get an honest answer not the generic response from the tickets saying they are "balance"
  2. Lets have some fun post your best dmg score