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Found 1 result

  1. World of Warships Ship Comparisons Four Way Heavy Cruiser Smackdown Baltimore, Mogami, and Charles Martel vs. Albemarle If they can catch you, they WILL kill you, and it WILL hurt Now, since this is the first comparo that I’m doing in over 7 months, I will try and keep some things that I did, but you can expect a full reformat for this one. I will try and be as unbiased as possible, and use the rating scale that I used for my latest write up Heavy cruisers are the backbone of any successful team, whether it be killing destroyers, harassing battleships, or standing their ground against their counterparts on the enemy team. At Tier 8, for this comparo, we’ll be putting them against each other to see which one is the best. In the American corner, we have the formidable Baltimore. Being one of the original cruisers when the game was released, the Balti has changed quite a lot in the years following its arrival, even changing tiers, from Tier 9 to Tier 8. Still, it packs quite the toolkit and arsenal to make any ship jealous, despite its lack of torpedo armament. Speaking of torpedoes, the Mogami. It once made trouble,having had to compete with the N.O. Now, it’s making more trouble than it used to. The Mogami possesses a powerful broadside with it’s set of 10 8 inch guns, the largest number of guns found on any Tier 8 Heavy Cruiser, save Atago. While it lacks Baltimore’s toolkit, it has a massive torpedo arsenal that makes all others respect and envy it, and makes up for that lack of utility. The Charles Martel, on the other hand, has the middle ground between these two. With it’s signature silhouette, trademark Engine Boost and Reload Booster, and French 8 inch guns, it has the ability to mess up anyone’s day, for the most part. Finally, we arrive at the newcomer, the British Albemarle. Think of this as a Balti from across the pond, and you’ll have it right. It has the exact same layout as the Charles Martel, while also having guns similar to the Baltimore, with almost nothing missing, save radar. Speaking of missing, you might be wondering, where are the Hipper and the Amalfi? Well, when I compared them to these cruisers, they both got a solid trouncing, that’s all I’ll say about that. As for Atago and Eugen, they are both premiums, and, following my policy, I will not allow premium ships into tech-tree competitions. So, let’s get started. Fourth Place: The Charles Martel ( 16 / 25 points ) Pros: Fast as hell, Reload Booster, concealment would humiliate most other ships, great guns. Cons: All other ships in this comparo humiliate this thing in concealment, Slow without Engine Boost active, slow reload without Reload Booster, extremely squishy Martel deserved better than last place, honestly. But I simply could not find any other way to place her higher. She’s a ship reliant upon her gimmicks to function as a whole, never mind teamplay. She does have some good points, to start off. Her guns are great, with a long range of 17.6 kilometers fully upgraded, a quick reload of 11 seconds, quick traverse rate, and a pretty good fire chance. The shell arcs, however, are somewhat poor at longer ranges, making leading targets difficult. She is also reliant upon her Main Battery Reload Booster in order to quickly dispatch targets, and while it does give her good burst damage, it lasts just 15 seconds, making her vulnerable when it’s deactivated. Her speed is also fairly good, with Engine Boost. Her stock speed of just 32 and a half knots puts her on the slower side of heavy cruisers. Her engine boost plus Sierra Mike brings her speed up to around 40 knots, but that’s for a very limited amount of time, again making her vulnerable when her boost is off. Her AA is fairly decent, and she has Defensive AA in her second consumable slot, but she also has hydro, which is too good to pass up sometimes. The last thing, however, sealed her last place finish: her armor. She has just 25mm of plating, which all Ducky-botes ( and all equal or higher tier BBs ) can rip through. Add to this a lack of proper citadel protection, and, well, you feel like Emile Bertin at Tier V all over again. Even if light cruisers, such as Edinburgh, catch you broadside at point-blank ranges, you will receive a paddling of biblical proportions. Again, like I said, Martel deserves better, but there are so many better options, such as the next three. Third Place: The Mogami ( 18 / 25 ) Pros: Stealth-torpedoes for days, Japanese HE and AP shells, agile, stealthy. Cons: Only marginally less squishy than the Martel, mediocre damage per minute with 203mm guns, poor torpedo firing arcs The Mogami deserved this. When they said that Japanese Cruisers would receive buffs, I imagined sunshine and rainbows and printed dev strike medals. Boy was I wrong. The Mogami benefits more from playing with the 155mm guns instead of the 203mm guns, as the guns, well, they kinda suck. They have a pretty short firing range, when compared to the Martel, and, while the ammo is pretty dang good, what with that fire chance and AP damage, the guns are somewhat inconsistent when I play against a whole selection of targets. I don’t know if it’s RNG or what. This thing couldn’t set consistent fires, or deal massive damage against broadside cruisers and battleships with her 203mm guns. Her torpedoes, on the other hand, really showed their merit. They are the same torpedoes found on the Kagero, with a 10 kilometer range and massive damage. On top of that, she can stealth torpedo when fully stealth-rigged, something only the Ibuki, Zao, and Minotaur can do properly besides her. However, she also has another fault here, with her rather poor firing arcs that force her to turn full broadside to launch both sets. While this is nothing new, this is an issue that is constantly repeated throughout the upper half of the Japanese heavy cruiser line, with the one exception in Atago/ARP Takao. Her agility and stealth show incredible potential, though. She’s fast, with 34.5 knots of speed, and she can throw herself around with best in class rudder shift time. Her best-in-class stealth of 9.6 kilometers when specced also shows itself here. Overall, however, she’s more mediocre than I expected. While she certainly has potential, I find it more with her 155mm option, as she throws out 15 shells instead of 10, and thus, boasts higher alpha and DPM with that option. You won’t be disappointed Second Place: The Albemarle ( 21/25 ) Pros: LOL-Heal, Brilliant HE shells, Fairly good concealment for such a big thing, flexible torpedo armament. Cons: Second-slowest reload of the quartet, pretty squishy, lacks some of Baltimore’s toolkit No matter how hard I tried, I could not find something the Albemarle could do that the Baltimore wouldn’t simply just do better. Her main talking point is access to the same LOL-Heal that the Royal Navy Light Cruisers and Battleships, which can recover a colossal amount of HP, when used judiciously. However, and this is a big thing, she also has the same sort of squishiness that the Martel and Mogami have, where she has somewhat poorer plating and armor than the number one finisher in this comparo. Her citadel isn’t hideously large like some might have expected, but it’s still fairly large, and anyone with good enough aim will consistently nail it, otherwise she’s fairly solid here. Her armament isn’t a trifle point, either. She may have the second slowest reload of these four ships here, at 13 seconds, but her HE and AP shells pack a wallop that isn’t to be messed with. One good salvo on a broadside cruiser with that Armor Piercing at closer ranges, and that’s game. I said close ranges because at longer ranges, her shell speed drops quite fast, giving her rainbow arcs like the Americans, but that’s besides the point. She also boasts the signature British ability to single-launch torpedoes. She only has four per side, but they have a 10 kilometer range and pretty good damage. Her maneuverability is quite good. It’s not Martel levels, but remember, Martel needs to have Engine Boost active. Taking that out of the picture, her closest competitor is indeed Baltimore. Her stealth of 9.7 kilometers when fully built means that she can indeed sneak around. To be entirely honest, Albemarle deserved a first-place finish here. She boasts so many good traits, but she also lacks some, such as better plating, better rate of fire, and, oh, I don’t know, a Radar? First Place: The Baltimore ( 23 / 25 ) Pros: Can actually tank Battleship fire, American Piercing Shells, Radar, Hard-to-hit Citadel, Best-In-Class Rate of Fire, Cons: No torpedoes, On the slower side, Allergic to 16 inch shells. I will only say it once, and I will say it no more. There are many reasons why I chose the Baltimore to be first over the Albemarle, but I’ll be discussing only the chief ones. The first reason is primarily due to her tankiness. She has 27mm of bow armor, compared to the 25mm of all the other ships in this comparison, which allows her to resist the 380mm rifles found on many ships, such as the Bismarck-Class, Richelieu-Class, Monarch, Alsace-Class, and some of the lower Tier BBs that she’ll see. Her main weakness here is her allergy to 16-inch shells, which is found pretty much on every other battleship in her matchmaking spread. She also boasts a relatively difficult citadel to find, for cruisers, at least; Battleships will have no trouble citadeling her, but cruisers at medium ranges will have lots of trouble. And then there are the guns. Hoo-boy, where do I start on these 203mm/55 Mk15 guns. The HE isn’t the best, but she does get access to the MONSTROUS American Piercing shells, which not only boast better autobounce angles, but boast massive energy retention and a plunging fire arc that allows them to smash the insides of cruisers to bits. That being said, the shell velocity is quite poor, being worse than that of Albemarle, but she does make up for that with a rather quick reload of 10 seconds, the best for her tier, with all others anywhere from 1 second to 5 seconds slower. Her manueverability is also fairly good, with a tight turning circle of 730 meters and a fast rudder shift of 10.2 seconds, with her only downside being her 33 knot speed. Her stealth is pretty good, with 9.9 kilometer detection when specced for it. However, her main talking point is the signature 10 kilometer radar that comes standard with American Cruisers starting from Tier 8, and the same radar that all DD players dread. That is her main selling point. Albemarle does so many things right, such as having a Repair Party ( an amazing one, at that). But a Repair Party won’t save you when you don’t know a DD is coming around the corner at full speed, hoping to blitz you with a full set of torpedoes and end you there. Baltimore, on the other hand, knows your’e there, and he’s waiting, ready to kill you. Pray he doesn’t come for your soul too. Final Tally Charles Martel Armor: 3 / 5 Armaments: 4 / 5 AA: 3 / 5 Agility: 4 / 5 Stealth : 2 / 5 Total: 16 / 25 Verdict: Feels like a Half Baked Croissant Mogami Armor: 3 / 5 Armaments: 4 / 5 AA: 2 / 5 Agility: 4 / 5 Stealth : 5 / 5 Total: 18 / 25 Verdict: Could use some more armor and consistency Albemarle Armor: 4 / 5 Armaments: 4 / 5 AA : 4 / 5 Agility: 4 / 5 Stealth: 5 / 5 Total: 21 / 25 Verdict: Slightly off the mark Baltimore Armor: 5 / 5 Armaments: 5 / 5 AA: 5 / 5 Agility: 3 / 5 Stealth: 5 / 5 Total: 23 / 25 Verdict: Several Good things lead to one hell of a ship And that’s a wrap. I know not all of you are going to agree with me, but I will honestly take it with a grain of salt. Feel free to comment, but do know I will still have my point of view. What is engrained upon this page is entombed for all time, nothing will change Welp, that’s all folks Peace