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Found 1 result

  1. The more I look at this new ranked format, the more bewildered and confused I become. No one was asking for this. Yeah, we wanted some variety and change and perhaps an improvement to the way ranked works, but this is not it. For starters, let's look at the rewards, shall we? In the 18th season of Ranked if a player ranked out they received the following: So lets run 4 cycles of straight ranking out in this endless grindy new mode of ranked and lets see what we get. 4 cycles of 6 week ranked will be 4 Bronze rank outs, 4 silver rank outs, 16 gold rank outs. So honestly, you get a couple more things in a few areas: 900 more doubloons, and 73 more camos and those camos are very good camos, much better than the camos we were getting. However on the flip side, we are getting less of the actually important rewards that people want: COAL and STEEL. There are no signals, so if you use the coal to purchase signals you end up 228,000 equivalency less and on the steel front we will be getting 3,300 less. So you will get shafted 20% of the steel you used to get and 70% of the coal value you used to get. Also, no more special econ flags from ranked. And also remember, we are losing the ranked sprints as well, which I did not even begin to try and factor into the equation. If you figure 1 ranked sprint per ranked, that's 30,000 actual coal more that we are missing out on in addition to the 228,000 coal value in signals, never mind the 441 extra signals and 60 special econ signals that ranked sprint was giving us. But what about the ease of this ranked format?? How does it compare? How many games can you expect to play in this format? Well, its really hard to say in the bronze and silver leagues because of the excessive amount of irrevocable ranks, so lets look at the 16 weeks of gold rankouts and what will be required in them compared to the previous format of ranked. in Season 18, 706 players ranked out with an average win rate of 58.55% in an average total of 178 games. Using an average of 46 stars to rank out (Starting at Rank 13), that is 3.88 games per star. over 3 cycles of ranked, that is 534 ranked games over 6 months time to rank out all 3 seasons. So what will it take in the 16 weeks of gold season to rank out each and every time? 18 stars per season, 288 total stars at 3.88 games per star gives us a total of 1,117 games. Lets just add in the total number of stars needed in the bronze and silver leagues for a grand total of 1193 games. And this doesn't even get into the absurdity of the rewards per game played between the different leagues. This is just using the full rank out rewards. So in conclusion, if you were ranking out before and plan to continue to do so, you will have to play over double the ranked games you played before, have to grind through 70 ranked games EVERY week, that's 10 RANKED GAMES EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to get significantly less rewards at the end of it than you did before. And on top of it, you lose the fun derpy game mode of ranked sprint that used to pop up from time to time. Is it worth it? Does WG think we are this stupid? THIS IS ABSOLUTE STUPIDITY, WG!