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Found 1 result

  1. With the Rework dropping soon, I was speculating on what even tiered Sky Artillery will mean for T5 and T8. Consider: if you bring a T5, the odds are good that you will be uptiered to T7. You can see a T4 Sky Artillery from time to time, but mostly, if you see Sky Artillery, it will be a T6. You will never face Sky Artillery two tiers higher than you since T7 Sky Cancer no longer exists. No more getting your T5 nuked by T9 planes from the ridiculously broken Saipan and the equally stupid Kaga. You'll still be fighting T7s, but at least you won't be facing T7 Cancerbotes. On the flip side is T8. At that tier, you will face T6, T8, and T10 Sky Artillery. You have a greater chance of facing Sky Artillery, including Sky Artillery that is two tiers better, than in an odd tiered boat. Ditto for T6. It seems to me that odd tiers are gonna be in a better spot, with less of a chance to face own-tier and +2 tier Sky Artillery. Am I reading this wrong?