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Found 18 results

  1. So simply put, this thread will be the thread I'll update for any and all mods I create, it's purpose is to allow you guys to have a one-stop shopping area if you want anything Strangereal and beyond. As long as I'm playing the game I'll be updating these mods as soon as possible. Status: Strangereal Nation Renamer is updated, flags coming soon. Mod #1: Aircraft of Strangereal Description: This is an ongoing mod to change most aircraft to display the roundels of the Ace Combat world. Status: Most, if not all US, IJN, Soviet, and additionally the UK aircraft sport their Strangereal nation's roundel. 3 German scout planes plus Graf Zeppelin's aircraft also have their Strangereal Roundels now. Link: of Mod #2: Nations of Strangereal Description: a simple mod that changes the names of the nations to that of Ace Combat's world. so U.S.A. is Osea. U.S.S.R. is Yuktobania, and so on. it also changes the filter options, no longer will it say "Show USA ships", it now says "Show Osean ships". Status: Ship related mods that Strangerealed them have been moved to Ships of Strangereal. Link: Nation Mod #3: Flags of Strangereal Description: This mod changes most of the national flags to their Strangereal counterpart. Legendary squadrons have their emblems as some of the Ranked Battle flags. It'll also change the Battleship Missouri's and Cruiser Belfast's turret flags to that of their Strangereal national flag. Status: All currently modded ranked season and Enterprise flags now display a custom picture when looking at the "Flags" tab when selecting one. Link: of Mod #4: Arpeggio Smoke and Fire for All Ships Description: This mod changes all gun, stack, and deck fire smoke to be similar to that of the Arpeggio event ships (energy contrails not included). Status: the smoke effects have been fixed as best as I am able to in the quickest of fashions. the only "issue" I've encountered in tested is if a target is 1.5km or closer to you while using sniper mode will result in a loss of the target for a second due to the bright orange flash of gunfire. Since this mod has failed to work for some captains, here's a picture to show you where to install it, just change "5.7.0" to whatever version is the current version. Link: Smoke and Fire for Mod #5: Warships of Strangereal Description: This mod is where you'll find any and all special skins I've edited or created to make them fit in with all the other Strangereal mods I've created. Ships like Kaga have had her Rising Sun replaced with an Erusean Roundel, Missouri's flag is an Osean one, and fancy skins for your warships to wear, like giving Iowa/Missouri a black and white scheme, modernizing Midway, and eventually, a pretty little skin for Enterprise too. Status: Erusean Carrier Kaga is finally ready for naval combat proudly boasting her nationality with an Erusean Roundel on her flight deck. Belkan Carrier Graf Zeppelin has displays Belkan flags and roundels along her deck and bridge. Enterprise's skin has been touched up improving the look of her red underbelly. North Carolina has received a special skin similar to Battleships Iowa and Missouri. Link: of
  2. Current Version: Link to original EU thread: Hello, if you're familiar with another game - War Thunder and use the live site there you might recognise me from my skinning work there. In this thread I'll be sharing the skins I make with you guys, I'll try to keep them all updated as fast as possible! I plan on doing as many historical skins as I can, I hope you like them! Individual skins will be inside the spoilers in order to save space, just looks nicer. Primarily based on the EU server I decided that I would share my work with you guys as well, I will try to keep this thread as up-to-date as possible for you guys! To download simply click the download image below the preview picture which will take you to a direct puush download in a new tab. I have included installation instructions inside the zip file. If you like my work that much feel free to follow this topic (button at the very top right) and you will be notified whenever I post something new or update a mod instantly! All Premium ship skins come with a camouflages file that disables the visual effect of all camouflages ingame. The actual bonuses are still active, the camouflage is just invisible. Thanks go out to MasaruKondera of Wo-Era Mods for the script in the Historical Naval Ensign and Signal Flags mod. It should go without saying but I'll say it anyway. If you wish to add any of my skins/mods to a modpack, mod website or whatever please ask me here first if that is ok and if I say no for whatever reason please respect that. Historical Naval Ensign and Signal Flags: Shōkaku-class Aircraft Carrier: Kuma-class Cruiser: Hull A: Hull B: Wickes-class Destroyer: Town-class Destroyer: Dresden-class Cruiser: Hull A: Queen Elizabeth-class Battleship:
  3. Hello everybody:D So this is my very first skin and it´s the Kii, so as i said, it´s my very first skin and i had to learn how to use gimp in order to do it, so it took me a while. Cuz there is no Kancolle character for the Kii, i took Amagi and her sisterships Unryuu and Katsuragi. (little fun-fact, they are all carriers in Kancolle) I hope everything is working and that u like the skin:) Pls leave a comment! IJN Battleship Kii IJN Cruiser Chikuma RN Cruiser HMS Fiji RN Batlleship HMS Lion IJN Battleship Amagi IJN Battleship Ashitaka Here is a link to my Youtube channel if u would like to see my skins in motion.
  4. Updated November 22th, 2017 Two months into my start at making skins and I've done quite a bit so far. Thanks for all your continued support and encouragement. Below is a running list of ships I've completed, and things I've started to work on. As I've done since the beginning, I'll keep this original post updated as frequently as I can, so you can use it as a one-stop shop for all the work I've done. If you're interested in pics, then by all means comb through the thread and have a closer look. If you have a favorite ship you want skinned, or a particular anime you want represented then don't hesitate to post your request. I'm on Discord frequently and can be reached at compass#1444 British Battleship Line Tier 3 Bellerophon -- Rider (Fate / Stay Night) Tier 4 Orion -- ** Surprise theme ** (In Progress) Tier 5 Iron Duke -- Princess Principal Tier 6 Queen Elizabeth -- Sattelizer el Bridget (Freezing) Tier 7 King George V -- Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Tier 8 Monarch -- Lilith Bristol (Absolute Duo) Tier 9 Lion -- Saber (Fate / Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works) Tier 10 Conqueror -- Milinda Brantini (Heavy Object) British Cruiser Line Tier 7 -- Fiji -- AOKANA Four Rythm Across the Blue / Not started Tier 9 -- Neptune -- A Lull in the Sea / Not started Tier 10 -- Minotaur -- Dan Machi (Familia Myth) German Battleship Line Tier 7 Gneisenau -- ** Surprise theme ** (In Progress) Tier 8 Bismarck -- Bismarck Kancolle Tier 9 der Grobe -- Re:Creators Tier 10 Grobe Kurfurst -- Oktoberfest (German Kancolle girls) German Cruiser Line Tier 9 Roon -- ** Surprise theme ** (In Progress) German Destroyer Line Tier 7 Maass -- Maass Kancolle Tier 9 Z-46 ** Surprise Theme ** (In Progress) Tier 10 Z-52 -- U511 Kancolle German Aircraft Carrier Graf Zeppelin -- Graf Zeppelin Kancolle American Battleships Tier 5 New York -- Revy -- 'Black Lagoon' In Progress Tier 7 Colorado -- Faye Valentine -- 'Cowboy Bebop' Not Started Tier 8 (Premium) Massachusetts & Alabama -- Shielder 'Fate Grand Order / First Order' American Cruisers (Post Split) Tier 4 Phoenix -- ** Surprise theme ** (In Progress) Tier 6 Pensacola -- ** Surprise theme ** (In Progress) Tier 7 (Premium) Atlanta -- Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress Tier 9 Seattle -- ** Surprise theme ** (In Progress) Tier 10 Worcester -- ** Surprise theme ** (In Progress) American Aircraft Carriers Tier 8 Lexington -- Saratoga Kancolle American Destroyers Tier 9 Fletcher -- Saya Sasamiya -- 'The Asterisk War' Russian Battleships Tier 5 Oktober Revolution -- Gangut Kancolle Russian Cruisers Tier 8 Chapayev -- Canaan -- 'Canaan' In Progress Tier 9 DM Donskoi -- Julis-Alexia von Riessfeld 'The Asterisk War' Tier 10 Moskva -- Alisa Ilinichina Amiella 'God Eater' -- Russian Destroyers Tier 8 Ognevoi -- Anastasia -- 'The Idolmaster' Tier 9 Tashkent -- ** Surprise theme ** Completed. Will be released on December 22nd, 2017 Tier 9 Udaloi -- Sanya V. Litvyak -- 'Strike Witches' Not started Tier 10 Grozovoi -- Nao Tomori -- 'Charlotte' Not started Pan-Asian Destroyers Tier 4 Shen Yang -- ** Surprise theme ** Completed. Will be released on December 22nd, 2017 Tier 5 Jian Wei -- ** Surprise theme ** (In Progress) Tier 6 Fu Shun -- ** Surprise theme ** Completed. Will be released on December 22nd, 2017 Tier 7 Gadjah Mada -- ** Surprise theme ** Completed. Will be released on December 22nd, 2017 Tier 8 Hsienyang -- ** Surprise theme ** Completed. Will be released on December 22nd, 2017 Tier 9 Chung-Mu -- Kirin Toudou -- 'The Asterisk War' Tier 10 Yuenyang (Hsiang Yang) -- ** Surprise theme ** Completed. Will be released on December 22nd, 2017 Shipgirl Icons A lot of my earlier work did not include the matching ship preview icon. This zip file contains all the works from the Iron Duke to the Moskva. Link is up:
  5. New player...dabbling around with things to enhance gameplay. Downloaded Aslan's pack and installed various parts of it from multiple contributors. The voice, warning and icon overlays work fine, but the gunsights (including the dynamic sight suggested as I searched through the boards, "Nomogram crosshair from Aslain's mod pack" HERE ) don't seem to function in-game. I've tried the drop-down for static, as well as switching to dynamic to see if Nomogram's shows up, but no luck. Help if you can...thanks! ~War~
  6. Anyone else having the problem where skins will not let you start the game up? Real annoying... and I have no idea what WG did to cause this. Anyone know the cause? Might be asking a bit early but ya never know if someone has an answer.
  7. Guía: Como pintar tus barcos y camuflajes Hola Foristas. Escribo esta guía para que cada uno pueda pintar su barco y sus camuflajes como tenga gana. Histórico, fantasía o lo que se les ocurra a cada uno. Hace mucho quería hacer esto pero nunca tuve tiempo. Bah mentira, me daba fiaca y me olvidaba. Pero el otro día vi un camuflaje muy lindo de un destructor mexicano y muchos preguntaban cómo hacerlo. Y pensé que era hora que hiciese una guía. Además son las 1.15 am en el trabajo y hasta las 5 no tengo que hacer nada Disclaimer: Cualquier modificación que hagan es bajo su propio riesgo. No me hago cargo de ningún problema que puedan tener. 1) ¿Que necesitamos? Lo primero que necesitan es el unpacker: Los archivos en el juego están empaquetados. Este programita nos permite desempaquetarlos y asi podemos trabajar sobre ellos Lo segundo que necesitan es un programa para editar imágenes “.dds”. Yo uso el paintnet. Es un programa gratis y lee las imágenes “.dds”. Si ustedes tienen otro obviamente úsenlo. Lo importante es que pueda leer archivos dds. Para los que bajaron el paintnet. Seguro notaran que es muy limitado para editar imágenes. Por eso les sugiero cuando quieren hacer algo complejo conviertan la imagen a JPG o algún otor formato más común y la editen en photoshop o gimp. Yo uso el gimp que es gratis, pero ustedes usen el que estén más acostumbrados. 2) Bajar el Unpacker: Para bajar el Unpacker pueden ir a este link del post de “MajorRenegade”. Son dos programitas diminutos. Se bajan en segundos 3) Instalación: Esos dos programitas pónganlo en su carpeta principal del World of Warships. Y listo ya lo instalaron. 4) Desempaquetando: Ahora vamos a abrir y ver como esta organizado el juego. Hacen dobleclick es su programita “Wows_Unpacker_gui.exe” y les abre este cuadro: Ahora debajo de las dos columnas hay varios botones. El de la izquierda abajo dice “LOAD CONTENT”. Cliqueenlo y va a comenzar a cargar las carpetas empaquetadas. Esto demora unos minutos. Al final debería verse aparecernos la palabra es y un triangulito (es una carpeta) le hacemos click y debería verse así: Eso es todo lo que esta empaquetado en el juego. Lo que a nosotros nos interese tenemos que buscarlo y “desempaquetarlo”. La mayor parte de las imágenes esta en la carpeta "content". Hay que buscar cada cosa que queramos editar y pasarla a la columna de la derecha. Un ejemplo es mejor explicación. Supongamos que quiero pintar mi Budyonni de negro como las lanchas chilenas. Entonces abro el directorio “content”, luego entre todas esas opciones abro “gameplay”, ahí abro "russia", ahí dentro abro "ship", luego "cruiser" y finalmente "textures" (no se confundan y abran la carpeta particular del barco por qe no es eso) Una vez dentro de textures busco el archivo del Budyonny en toda esa lista. Es importante notar 2 cosas: Primero. Muchos barcos tienen diferentes versiones correspondientes al primer o segundo casco. Solemos encontrar las versiones diferenciadas por años. El casco más nuevo es el casco final. Obviamente esto no sucede en los premiuns. Segundo. De cada casco hay 4 archivos que se diferencian por la terminación. Pueden estar terminados en "_a", "_ao" , "_mg" o "_n". A nosotros nos interesa los terminados en "_a" que son los que tienen la imagen básica que vamos a modificar. Así encontré 4 budenni1940 y 4 budenni 1944. Elijo los de 1944 que es cuando el barco está full. Y de los 4 el que se llama "" ahora hago click en la tecla abajo al centro con dos flechitas ">>" eso mueve el archivo a la columna de la derecha. Debería verse así Ya casi estamos. Ahora que elegimos que desempaquetar, desempaquemos. Hagan click en el botón de la izquierda que dice UNPACK Listo acaban de extraer la imagen del budyonni y ahora pueden editarla. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ahora volvamos a editar la pintura del Budyonni 5) Editando lo desempaquetado Bueno ahora que desempaquetamos esa pintura hay que buscarla y editarla. El programita crea una carpeta que se llama Res_unpack. Ahí la vamos a encontrar. S,i ya se hay una carpeta adentro, que se llama content y ahí dentro otra que se gameplay y otra que dice russia y ahí dentro ship y dentro una que va a decir cruiser y una más que se llama textures y recién adentro de esta ultima esta un archivo que se llama "”. Así es como lo va a leer el juego por ende es necesario que este adentro de todas esas carpetas. Abren el archivo con su editor de imágenes que lea .dds (en mi caso el paintnet) y vemos esto: Todas las superficies del barco abiertas. Ahora pintan lo que quieren pintar como quieran. En mi caso voy a pintar de negro el casco. Así que seleccione todo lo de color gris y lo pinto de negro. Listo? Ahora lo guardan 6) Ponerlo en el juego: Ubicar nuestras creaciones en el juego es muy sencillo. Wargaming hizo el juego para que fuese muy fácil. Hay una carpeta que se llama “Res_mod”. Ahí hay carpetas vacías con el número de cada parche. Lo que tenemos que mover es la carpeta completa que esta “res_unpack” o sea la que dice “content” con lo que tiene adentro (las otras carpetas hasta llegar al archivo del Budionny) y ponerla dentro de la carpeta del último parche. 7)Listo Ahora inicien (o reinicien si lo tenían abierto) el juego y cuando elijan el budionny si no le ponen camuflaje lo van a ver con su pintura negra. Noten que los cañones, AA y otros sistemas como telemetros estan en su gris original. Esos tiene que pintarlos por separado. Es normal que algunos sistemas y armas sean compartido por muchos barcos. Así si pintan los cañones del Budy de negro tambien van a quedar pintado de negro en el Schors. -------------------------------------------------- Cualquier pregunta haganla en este hilo y vere si los puedo ayudar Espero que les sirva y ya quiero ver "skines" nuevas.
  8. I already own the premium camo for the Bismarck. The campaign ones are cool but the bonuses are not at as good. Lots of people are complaining about that because they want free crapthat's as good as the for-pay crap. I don't. I just want parity because otherwise I'm nerfing myself if I use the non-premium and I paid to do so. (I think this should apply to all camo on all ships, if you buy the premium you should have all the options gain parity with the bonuses - it even gives people an incentive to buy them and thus makes more money for WG).
  9. So I recently recruited friends to play with me and they are finally getting near tier 7 where I can premiere in my ARP ships. Yet, I've been in games where I see Myokos in the ARP skins and he cannot see them. It seems that people who joined after the ARP events cannot see the skins. Why is there no option to see the skins in game? I get that you can filter them for yourself in the bottom filter bar yet anyone who joined later on the game cannot see them at all. Without my friend adding in mods that skins over the myokos add an option to add or remove the skins from the game or can someone tell me where to look for this "hidden" option.
  10. Ahoy everyone! After having started out with the Pensacola and now also having finished the Sims, i've decided to create camo pattern skins for every USN Ship that i can find the Measures for. This will most likely include every ship class ingame. DD's, Cruisers, Battleships, Carriers. These skins will cover the entire ship but not: Guns, FCS, Sub-Guns, Torpdo tubes and such since they are re-used across various ships (or the same ship) which will lead to non-matching looks. Also i'll create skins for Ships which have not yet (to my knowledge) been skinned by someone else or use a different pattern. I may lend an ear to your requests but will decide myself which ship i'll be working on next. I'll be editing my posts to include fresh skins every now and then (when one is finished) and post a new one to inform you about it in this thread. Didn't find what you were looking for? Please check out Tanz's Thread as he will have most likely done Skins for the ships which i didn't! Having that said let's start out with Destroyers: Sims Measure 31, Design 11D Download:
  11. Is there any skins for the normal Kongo (Like ARP Skins, Kancolle,...etc.)? bacon
  12. I've been skinning for a while, and figured I'd share what I've had thus far. The look I was going for on each of these ships was a more modern, clean look for the US ships. All ship skins are for the final hulls unless otherwise noted. File paths have been checked and should work so all you have to do is drag, drop, and enjoy. The lone exception is the USS Texas, which I tried to recreate the look as she sits today in Houston. My Missouri skin also includes the plaque where the instrument of surrender was signed. The USS Juneau's turrets are not included as they use the same 5"/38 dual mounts from the USS Missouri and the USS North Carolina. Special thanks to Tanz for help locating different parts of the ships and the new number style that I'll be switching on the skins already done ***Updated link to fix a pathway error for the carrier skins folder name. 9/8/15 ***Added USS Juneau Atlanta Class cruiser. 9/8/15 ***Added links to individual ship skin files. 9/12/15 ***Added USS Block Island Carrier (Bogue Class) 9/12/15 ***Added USS Montana and USS Michigan (South Carolina Class) 6/19/16 I've also noticed that the in-game camo may change the skin back to a rusty one. 10x20 has a way to hide the in-game camo, link to that thread: Tanz has some brilliant dazzle camo skins which can be found here: AwoLFreedom has done some very nice no rust skins found here: Now for some screenshots and the links to get them. Ships complete thus far: Battleships:Iowa Class USS Missouri BB-63 (final hull only.) North Carolina Class USS North Carolina BB-55 (first hull only.)Colorado Class USS West Virginia BB-48 (both hulls.)New Mexico Class USS New Mexico BB-40New York Class USS Texas BB-35Wyoming Class USS Arkansas BB-33 Montana Class USS Montana BB-67 South Carolina Class USS Michigan BB-27Cruisers:Atlanta Class USS Juneau CL-52 Cleveland Class USS Columbia CL-56Omaha Class USS Richmond CL-9Phoenix Class USS Phoenix CL-5 (fictional.)Carriers: Bogue Class USS Block Island CVE-21 Langley Class USS Langley CV-1Destroyers:Clemson Class USS John Paul Jones DD-230 USS Missouri BB-63 (Final Hull Iowa Class) USS Juneau CL-52 (Atlanta Class) USS Block Island CVE-21 (Final Hull Bogue Class) USS Montana BB-67
  13. So, being a noob/skrub/beginner player I (most likely, probably, ah, who am I kidding) am, and being a uninformed tablet peasant that was upgraded to PC master race just a little while ago. How many ARP skins/ships were obtainable? It would also be preferable if you could tell me the names of them too, please and thank you.
  14. Hey gang, I am tinkering with Aslain's, and cannot figure out how to remove in-game camouflage alongside implementing custom skins. I have made multiple different attempts at enabling an disabling each mod, skin, and any mix of the two. Often times, both the camouflage and skin are not present. I was able to get the client to run with only the skins, but reverted back to it's skinless and camo-less state in the session immediately after. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Polar Update: I found my error, please disregard the post above. Thanks! A cookie for your troubles?
  15. in a couple forum post people are saying we will not have skins no more and for me this would be a deal breaker for me. Skins allow me to make the game look better add in true historical flags. Ontop of that removes weird fog and clears up the screen makes the map semi transparent so i can see more of the game space. On top of colored shells so i can tell what type of ammo i am and teammates are firing. To me and many others i consider these things crucial to my game and enjoyment even got a improved gun-sight that's easier to read on my big screen tv aka brighter looks the same as the current one just brighter and larger. If they do go ahead and cripple this aspect of the game i think i may just take a break till it comes back because i need these things in order to enjoy this game to its fullest
  16. I'm looking to get certain ships modelled, mostly for history-nerd reasons. What I'm looking for are basically hull numbers and one image added to the stock paint schemes. 1. The USS Reuben James (DD-245) Clemson-class destroyer, first US Warship sunk in WWII and the subject of a Woody Guthrie song I can't seem to get out of my head. USS Reuben James, rear quarter. USS Reuben James, Bow 2. USS Kidd (DD-661) Fletcher-class destroyer, currently a museum ship in my hometown of Baton Rouge, LA. Note the ten-foot-tall Pirate painted on the forward funnel. It's got character. USS Kidd (Note the small hull numbers on the bow) USS Kidd stern (Hull numbers and name) USS Kidd forward funnel (ARRRR) Adding hull numbers and lettering doesn't really seem difficult (In theory) - If I were to attempt it myself, would I need any special programs to alter the stock skins?
  17. EVERY thread i find its for 0/3/0 not the current version i just want some cool skins for my ships IS that so much to ask you would think with a popular game skins would be everywhere but it seems impossible to find
  18. 'Ello, gents! Kaptin Bluddflagg here (everybody's favorite Ork Freebooter [even when I'm mean])! Couple of days ago, I ordered about 5000 Orky flags for my upcoming WAAAGH!!! from Wargaming. They asked me "5000 gross?" I just said, "uh... yeh. Humies is pretty gross." So, now... here I is, sat with about 720,000 flags. I don't need that many.... so I was wonderin' if any of you boyz would be interested in taking some of 'em off me hands? Here's what they look like. P.S. They're all Kult of Speed flags and are for all nations currently in-game. I didn't feel like doing individual packages today. 'ere's the download link.