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Found 10 results

  1. Foreword: If you do not like Anime/Weeb Stuff, PLEASE LEAVE THIS PAGE If you do not like Japanese/Asian Stuffs, PLEASE LEAVE THIS PAGE Greetings! My Fellow Members of the Fleet of Fog! Allow me to Present, the Latest Update of my Modpack! The Fleet of Fog Philippines Division: "The Bakunawa Armada" Modpack Update B-006 "The Girls Frontline Update" This Update Gives Skins for the Main DD Line of the Russian Destroyers Tiers VI - X. And As Its Name Says, This Update Features Characters From the Game "Girls Frontline" The First and the Flagship of the Girls Frontline Fleet: Contender (Arp Khabarovsk) The Rest of the Members Are: JS05 (Arp Tashkent) M249 SAW (Arp Kiev) EVO 3 (Arp Minsk) R5 (Arp Gnevny) And Lastly, Other than Skins, I also Edited the The Tracers. These are the VERY OLD Tracers That I found in Haruna Line's Modpack. But I am very Sure this is Created by Someone Else. But, I Decided to give it a Good Repaint. I Call this the "Laḫmu Tracers". Its Dark Coloration was derived From The Tracers that the "Eleven New Offsprings" Laḫmu Used in the Near End of Fate/Grand Order - Absolute Demonic Battlefront: Babylonia AP HE I Promised Before that I will Edit the Consumables. I am Having Trouble with the Aircraft Carrier Consumables. Though I Just Recently Solved it, I failed to Put it in the Current Update. So The Consumables will come in the Next Modpack Update; Update C-001 Important Notes There are Some Skins here that are not 100% Mine. For Example is the Montana, Iowa, Shokaku and The Lexington Skins are Created by My Leader and Mentor; Haruna Line. Also, you may notice Some Ships that Don't have Skins, yet it Glows. That is Normal, and I cannot fix that. So don't Comment it as a Glitch or a Bug... 😛 DOWNLOAD LINK You all have been waiting for. But Before I Give you the Download link, I have a Warning to you, Reader. I Created this Modpack with Full Dedication, Blood Sweat and Tears, For 3 Years without ever asking for Compensation or anything. All I want you to give me in return, is to Watch the Anime Arpeggio Of Blue Steel. And if I will Ever See this Modpack being used for Profit or Replicated, Changed to Another Name, and Upload It Somewhere, I WILL NOT HESITATE TO REMOVE THE DOWNLOAD LINK..... So Please, Let us Respect Each Other.... 😃 http://www.mediafire.com/file/ji4gh7za79c2i8r/Fleet_of_Fog_Bakunawa_Armada_Modpack_B-006_%2528Girl%2527s_Frontline%2529.rar/file This Modpack is Built to Fit in Perfectly with my Leader and Mentor Haruna Line's Modpack But do not be Mistaken, I am In No Form, and Will Never Be In Competition with my Leader. It Depends on you if you want A Space Battleship Focused Theme on your Game, or Arpeggio of Blue Steel Focused Theme on your Game... :3 Installation 1. Open your the File you Downloaded 2. Go to your WoWS Directory and Open res_moods folder 3. Open the Folder that says the Latest Update Number of WoWS 4. Extract EVERYTHING in the File you downloaded to the WoWS Latest Update Number Folder 5. Launch Game 6. Bake a Cake 7. Cook Some Cookies 8. And Don't Forget to Breath! 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 Afterword Welp, I made it this far. So now, I decided to Step it up a Notch A Bit. The Next Update will now Be C-001. The Start of a New Era of my Modpack; The Era of the GUI Editing. Of Course, I will not stop Making Skins, But the Next Update will give a New Look to the GUI. It will be all the combination of all the Things that I Like That are from Japan, From Anime, to Ace Combat... 😛 Comment an Error! Do not be afraid to tell me if there are Errors in the Modpack! From Weird Skins, to Crashed Gameplay due to the Skins! Don't be afraid, I don't Bite... :P And here are some of my Older Skins from the Previous Updates..... :3 And More are Still to Come! So Stay Tuned MY FELLOW SALVATION SUBMARINERS-- I mean my Fellow Fleet of Fog Members!! 😛
  2. Cheeezzy

    Next AL event

    So, with the AL event arriving in Legends, do we have an ETA on around when the next collaboration will be? My guess is around April/May but some clarification might be nice. Another thing, will we be getting the awesome skins that the ships in Legends and Blitz have? Would really love to have the Graf Zep and Graf Speee camos, and the Hipper one on Legends looks epic! Not trying to rush things or anything, just wondering.
  3. Howdy sailors! So with the Christmas season fast approaching.( and black Friday too!Lord have mercy!) I was wondering if or will WG ever give us an event to earn holiday/Christmas skins like they have for Halloween for the past 3 years. (note: I know we get some skins for holiday campaigns, but those are just too generic in my opinion, and I'd like something a bit more special ?) I'd really love to have is something along the lines of maybe..... a snowman Santa reindeer holiday elves "Santa's workers" Jack frost snow princess/snow queen ginger bread house/man theme nut-cracker theme rat-king train set theme winter wonderland theme presents/ packages theme holiday lights or even a Krampus skin for my ships. and given the amount of themes during the season, WG could probably make some really good skins! anyways, just food for thought. until next time, I'll C'ya on the Sea!
  4. Couple years ago I floated the idea of creating the Clemson Class USS Tracy into a premium ship. The topic got a little bit of attention and positive feedback but the idea wasn't adopted. Though I thought a premium ship version would be nice I think it might be far easier to simply have a skin made for the DD-214. Given the plethora of ridiculous and non historical skins available I don't see an issue with adding one that existed, and especially one that veterans would revere. Afterall Every US service member loves his DD-214. For those non service members I will explain, When a US service member leaves the military they are given a document which explains their service. They use this to legally prove they were in the service and between what dates and various other information about it such as awards and medals and such. The name of this document is DD-214, Now many of us clearly see the other designation in the title hinting at Destroyer number 214. This ship actually did exist and was the U.S.S. Tracy which was a Clemson class Destroyer that served in WW2 The endearing thing about the ship was that it was outdated when the war began because of that it was relegated to a lot of the less prestigious work the navy needed done. Nevertheless, Such a ship which was never the hero and didn't serve in any of the epic battles actually makes her a good mascot for what most of military service actually consists of. Most of your time in the military is spent with outdated equipment, rust, waiting, and unsure how all that will contribute to your demise, and in hectic times the men would push that rust forward and do the best they can with it. I love the simplicity of this ships story and I think it does deserve it's place. Even the thought of a DD-214 does invoke in service members and veterans the memories of their time in service. I am sure they will also proudly purchase and apply a skin that reflects that. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Tracy_(DD-214)
  5. I've been digging through the forums, the Haruna Line downloads and still I'm unable to locate a download link for "Skin Fog Pack Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio v7.0" If I recall, this is possibly the last ARP Modpack released before they began to replace some ARP skins in the pack with Space Fleet ships. Anyways, I'm looking to track down the files for all the old ARP skins, mostly for the Americans as Hakabase's ARP mod pack seems to cover the rest. I'm mostly looking to locate the skins for the USN DDs, Battleships Texas and North Carolina, and Aircraft Carrier Lexington. Also, could someone direct me to any thread or link explaining how I could create my own Arpeggio style skin? That would be very much appreciated. Thanks Wargaming community!
  6. Guía: Como pintar tus barcos y camuflajes Hola Foristas. Escribo esta guía para que cada uno pueda pintar su barco y sus camuflajes como tenga gana. Histórico, fantasía o lo que se les ocurra a cada uno. Hace mucho quería hacer esto pero nunca tuve tiempo. Bah mentira, me daba fiaca y me olvidaba. Pero el otro día vi un camuflaje muy lindo de un destructor mexicano y muchos preguntaban cómo hacerlo. Y pensé que era hora que hiciese una guía. Además son las 1.15 am en el trabajo y hasta las 5 no tengo que hacer nada Disclaimer: Cualquier modificación que hagan es bajo su propio riesgo. No me hago cargo de ningún problema que puedan tener. 1) ¿Que necesitamos? Lo primero que necesitan es el unpacker: Los archivos en el juego están empaquetados. Este programita nos permite desempaquetarlos y asi podemos trabajar sobre ellos Lo segundo que necesitan es un programa para editar imágenes “.dds”. Yo uso el paintnet. Es un programa gratis y lee las imágenes “.dds”. Si ustedes tienen otro obviamente úsenlo. Lo importante es que pueda leer archivos dds. Para los que bajaron el paintnet. Seguro notaran que es muy limitado para editar imágenes. Por eso les sugiero cuando quieren hacer algo complejo conviertan la imagen a JPG o algún otor formato más común y la editen en photoshop o gimp. Yo uso el gimp que es gratis, pero ustedes usen el que estén más acostumbrados. 2) Bajar el Unpacker: Para bajar el Unpacker pueden ir a este link del post de “MajorRenegade”. Son dos programitas diminutos. Se bajan en segundos 3) Instalación: Esos dos programitas pónganlo en su carpeta principal del World of Warships. Y listo ya lo instalaron. 4) Desempaquetando: Ahora vamos a abrir y ver como esta organizado el juego. Hacen dobleclick es su programita “Wows_Unpacker_gui.exe” y les abre este cuadro: Ahora debajo de las dos columnas hay varios botones. El de la izquierda abajo dice “LOAD CONTENT”. Cliqueenlo y va a comenzar a cargar las carpetas empaquetadas. Esto demora unos minutos. Al final debería verse aparecernos la palabra es y un triangulito (es una carpeta) le hacemos click y debería verse así: Eso es todo lo que esta empaquetado en el juego. Lo que a nosotros nos interese tenemos que buscarlo y “desempaquetarlo”. La mayor parte de las imágenes esta en la carpeta "content". Hay que buscar cada cosa que queramos editar y pasarla a la columna de la derecha. Un ejemplo es mejor explicación. Supongamos que quiero pintar mi Budyonni de negro como las lanchas chilenas. Entonces abro el directorio “content”, luego entre todas esas opciones abro “gameplay”, ahí abro "russia", ahí dentro abro "ship", luego "cruiser" y finalmente "textures" (no se confundan y abran la carpeta particular del barco por qe no es eso) Una vez dentro de textures busco el archivo del Budyonny en toda esa lista. Es importante notar 2 cosas: Primero. Muchos barcos tienen diferentes versiones correspondientes al primer o segundo casco. Solemos encontrar las versiones diferenciadas por años. El casco más nuevo es el casco final. Obviamente esto no sucede en los premiuns. Segundo. De cada casco hay 4 archivos que se diferencian por la terminación. Pueden estar terminados en "_a", "_ao" , "_mg" o "_n". A nosotros nos interesa los terminados en "_a" que son los que tienen la imagen básica que vamos a modificar. Así encontré 4 budenni1940 y 4 budenni 1944. Elijo los de 1944 que es cuando el barco está full. Y de los 4 el que se llama "RSC021_Pr_94_Budeny_1944_a.dds" ahora hago click en la tecla abajo al centro con dos flechitas ">>" eso mueve el archivo a la columna de la derecha. Debería verse así Ya casi estamos. Ahora que elegimos que desempaquetar, desempaquemos. Hagan click en el botón de la izquierda que dice UNPACK Listo acaban de extraer la imagen del budyonni y ahora pueden editarla. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ahora volvamos a editar la pintura del Budyonni 5) Editando lo desempaquetado Bueno ahora que desempaquetamos esa pintura hay que buscarla y editarla. El programita crea una carpeta que se llama Res_unpack. Ahí la vamos a encontrar. S,i ya se hay una carpeta adentro, que se llama content y ahí dentro otra que se gameplay y otra que dice russia y ahí dentro ship y dentro una que va a decir cruiser y una más que se llama textures y recién adentro de esta ultima esta un archivo que se llama "RSC021_Pr_94_Budeny_1944_a.dds”. Así es como lo va a leer el juego por ende es necesario que este adentro de todas esas carpetas. Abren el archivo con su editor de imágenes que lea .dds (en mi caso el paintnet) y vemos esto: Todas las superficies del barco abiertas. Ahora pintan lo que quieren pintar como quieran. En mi caso voy a pintar de negro el casco. Así que seleccione todo lo de color gris y lo pinto de negro. Listo? Ahora lo guardan 6) Ponerlo en el juego: Ubicar nuestras creaciones en el juego es muy sencillo. Wargaming hizo el juego para que fuese muy fácil. Hay una carpeta que se llama “Res_mod”. Ahí hay carpetas vacías con el número de cada parche. Lo que tenemos que mover es la carpeta completa que esta “res_unpack” o sea la que dice “content” con lo que tiene adentro (las otras carpetas hasta llegar al archivo del Budionny) y ponerla dentro de la carpeta del último parche. 7)Listo Ahora inicien (o reinicien si lo tenían abierto) el juego y cuando elijan el budionny si no le ponen camuflaje lo van a ver con su pintura negra. Noten que los cañones, AA y otros sistemas como telemetros estan en su gris original. Esos tiene que pintarlos por separado. Es normal que algunos sistemas y armas sean compartido por muchos barcos. Así si pintan los cañones del Budy de negro tambien van a quedar pintado de negro en el Schors. -------------------------------------------------- Cualquier pregunta haganla en este hilo y vere si los puedo ayudar Espero que les sirva y ya quiero ver "skines" nuevas.
  7. Ever since a couple of updates ago, My custom skins aren't showing. I make custom skins with ship name on the side of the hull and minor color changes. A couple of updates ago, they stopped showing. There in the right folder, my custom flags edit is showing, but no skins. Did something change?
  8. Sir_Pengu1n

    The Great Gorgon

    So I recently got a 5 star match on the second Halloween mission and got the really awesome Great Gorgon camo. I already have an almost max upgraded Shokaku and read somewhere that the Gorgon camo equipped all the planes with the bat skin. However, when I went to put on the camo, the planes did not have the bat camo. Is this right? Or am I wrong that the planes get the bat camo?
  9. So, you screwed up every single skin by requiring that files be newly saved. I have 1740+ files in my skins folder that I'd have to resave in order to get them working again. I'd appreciate if WG let us know if you intend to undo this mindblowingly awful decision...
  10. I always loved USNA_76's painstakingly done USS Alabama skin, but I feel it's too bright and too high-contrast. Recently I played around with a few mods and came across a fantastic look by doing this: 1. Put USNA_76's Alabama skin (for simplicity, hull only) in the below folder, but change its name to "ASB025_Massachusetts_1946_a.dds" [...]\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\content\gameplay\usa\ship\battleship\textures\ 2. Install Smeggo's Chilled Special Camos mod, and here is how USS Massachusetts looks with WoWS Anniversary camo: Supposedly we can make any camo have the effect of Smeggo's WoWS Anniversary by copying the Anniversary camo's texture (.dds file) to that camo and change the name. For now I can't because I don't know which file under \common\camouflage\textures\ is the Anniversary camo's.