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Found 11 results

  1. Since I started playing this game I have always enjoyed the custom skins made by all of you here, so I decided to follow in your footsteps. Before we get started, here is how to install the custom ship skins I have here: 1. Skins are downloaded in a .zipx file that must to be extracted (You will need an application like Winzip to unzip the files) to the resmods folder in the World of Warships root directory on your computer. On my system the location for the curremt version of the game is: C:\Games\World_of_Warships_NA\res_mods\ 2. The next step is to hide the in-game camo by modifying the camouflages.xml file and placing it in the resmods folder. This is a subject that is way to complex to cover here. Additional information on this subject can be found by searching on the the words "World of Warships hidden camo mod", but many of the posts on that subject are getting a bit dated. Aslain has a hidden camo mod; his latest version may be found here. I use it exclusively, now, as errors in the camouflages.xml file are a common cause of game crashes. United Kingdom HMAS Vampire I68 Download HMS Gallant Download HMS Orion and HMS Iron Duke, Interwar Period - These two ship's appearance is matched to several period photos of British battleships, that were taken in the 1930's. Because of the large number of shared files these two ships should always be modified as a pair, so I am offering them as a dual download. Be advised, there are great many misc and gun files in this download that could be incompatible with other artists work so back-up your existing textures and tread carefully. The good news is they do match Tanz's Orion, to the best of my ability and differing artistic styles. Download HMS Prince of Wales - This skin is based on HMS Prince of Wales' appearance in November-December 1941, during convoy escort duty in the Mediterranean and the last time she was photographed in Colombo Sri Lanka, shortly before her destruction and tragic loss. I really enjoyed doing this historic ship and I think you will be happy with the way she looks. I chose the KGV texture as my starting point, so make sure you back-up any KGV skins you want to keep. Turrets are shared with HMS York so I tried to use coloration that should not conflict too much with skins you might have for her, but still match hull I created for Prince of Wales. Open to ideas if you have them. Download HMS Queen Elizabeth, 1943, with matching gun turrets. These turrets are shared with HMS Warspite and align well with most versions of the skins available for download. This skin is based on an actual photo of the ship taken shortly after her upgrades completed at Norfolk Naval Shipyard. Download HMS Malaya - This is a semi - fictitious skin that assumes HMS Malaya received the same upgrades as her sister ships. Paint scheme is accurate. Download HMS Nelson - 1943. Many thanks to Tanz for researching and creating the original patterns. Download HMS Rodney - 1942 - 1943. Many thanks to Albrecht_Brandi for researching and creating the original patterns. After looking at numerous discussions on the “correct” colors and patterns for this ship, we are both convinced that there is no one living who can provide authoritative evidence of what is “correct”. I also believe the ships appearance changed when she was repainted and as she weathered Download HMS Rodney 1942 - 1943. This camo version is based on some excellent research discussed on the Britmodeller site. Download HMS Monarch, Lion and Conqueror - These are fictitious skins, for fictitious ships, that I created as a matching set, tsimiliar to HMS Duke of York in WWII. I like these because they do not conflict with a myriad of other ship camos I have previously created and posted here. Not much difference between the Lion and the Conqueror so I am only posting two pics. Download HMS Lion - Pacific paint scheme. Download HMS Belfast Download HMS Jamaica (44), 1943 - a Crown Colony-class cruiser represented by HMS Fiji, in-game. Download HMS Edinburgh 1942 Download HMS Neptune 1947 Download HMS Danae (D 44), 1943 - This skin's starboard side is historical and is based on a period photograph. I was never able to find a period photo of the port side so I used a pattern worn by another Danae Class CA. Download HMS Emerald (D 66) - 1944 Download HMS Ajax (Leander class), Mid 1941 - I updated it to get the turrets to match better. Secondaries are available if you download from zFireWyvern's Iron Duke. Download HMS Leander Download
  2. Ever since a couple of updates ago, My custom skins aren't showing. I make custom skins with ship name on the side of the hull and minor color changes. A couple of updates ago, they stopped showing. There in the right folder, my custom flags edit is showing, but no skins. Did something change?
  3. Link to original EU thread: http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/29296-mod-wyverns-historical-skin-workshop/ To download simply click the download image below the preview picture which will take you to a direct puush download in a new tab. I have included installation instructions inside the zip file. If you like my work that much feel free to follow this topic (button at the very top right) and you will be notified whenever I post something new or update a mod instantly! It should go without saying but I'll say it anyway. If you wish to add any of my skins/mods to a modpack, mod website or whatever please ask me here first if that is ok and if I say no for whatever reason please respect that. For more of my WoWS mods visit my subreddit here - https://www.reddit.com/r/WyvernsWoWSMods/ Camouflage Remover: Royal Navy Battleships: HMS Dreadnought: Soon™ Bellerophon-class Battleship: Orion-class Battleship: Iron Duke-class Battleship: Postponed for the time being, Iron Duke textures included with Orion-class Battleship skin(s) to match the turret colours. Queen Elizabeth-class Battleship: King George V-class Battleship: Nelson-class Battleship: Admiral-class Battlecruiser: HMS Vanguard: Sloops: Black Swan-class Sloop: Cruisers: Town-class Cruiser (1910): C-class Cruiser: Danae-class Cruiser: Emerald-class Cruiser: Leander-class Cruiser: Crown Colony-class Cruiser: Town-class Cruiser (1936):
  4. Join my Discord!! So simply put, this thread will be the thread I'll update for any and all mods I create, it's purpose is to allow you guys to have a one-stop shopping area if you want anything Strangereal and beyond. As long as I'm playing the game I'll be updating these mods as soon as possible. for more details, bug reporting, or to just simply talk, join my discord. ^^ https://discord.gg/3KTr3UY Status: 7.11 (not the convenient store edition) Mod #1: Aircraft of Strangereal Description: This is an ongoing mod to change most aircraft to display the roundels of the Ace Combat world. Status: Most, if not all US, IJN, Soviet, and additionally the UK aircraft sport their Strangereal nation's roundel. 3 German scout planes plus Graf Zeppelin's aircraft also have their Strangereal Roundels now. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gg4m4y4dddajtd0/Aircraft of Strangereal.zip?dl=0 Mod #2: Nations of Strangereal Description: a simple mod that changes the names of the nations to that of Ace Combat's world. so U.S.A. is Osea. U.S.S.R. is Yuktobania, and so on. it also changes the filter options, no longer will it say "Show USA ships", it now says "Show Osean ships". Status: Ship related mods that Strangerealed them have been moved to Ships of Strangereal. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xv53kmzuro35vin/Strangereal Nation Renamer.zip?dl=0 Mod #3: Flags of Strangereal Description: This mod changes most of the national flags to their Strangereal counterpart. Legendary squadrons have their emblems as some of the Ranked Battle flags. It'll also change the Battleship Missouri's and Cruiser Belfast's turret flags to that of their Strangereal national flag. Status: All currently modded ranked season and Enterprise flags now display a custom picture when looking at the "Flags" tab when selecting one. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gck3gqfbrc774wp/Flags of Strangereal.zip?dl=0 Mod #4: Arpeggio Smoke and Fire for All Ships Description: This mod changes all gun, stack, and deck fire smoke to be similar to that of the Arpeggio event ships (energy contrails not included). as of right now, the mod has been quick fixed so it doesn't look as pretty as the pictures make it look. (sorry^^;) Status: Discontinued, althrough it still works, I don't intend to provide any farther updates for this anytime soon. Since this mod has failed to work for some captains, here's a picture to show you where to install it, just change "5.7.0" to whatever version is the current version. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wdbiuhso7th3yra/Arpeggio Smoke and Fire for All.zip?dl=0 Mod #5: Warships of Strangereal Description: This mod is where you'll find any and all special skins I've edited or created to make them fit in with all the other Strangereal mods I've created. Ships like Kaga have had her Rising Sun replaced with an Erusean Roundel, Missouri's flag is an Osean one, and fancy skins for your warships to wear, like giving Iowa/Missouri a black and white scheme, modernizing Midway, and eventually, a pretty little skin for Enterprise too. Status: Erusean Carrier Kaga is finally ready for naval combat proudly boasting her nationality with an Erusean Roundel on her flight deck. Belkan Carrier Graf Zeppelin has displays Belkan flags and roundels along her deck and bridge. Enterprise's skin has been touched up improving the look of her red underbelly. North Carolina has received a special skin similar to Battleships Iowa and Missouri. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6khvu7rgi5g5v2w/Ships of Strangereal.zip?dl=0
  5. Guía: Como pintar tus barcos y camuflajes Hola Foristas. Escribo esta guía para que cada uno pueda pintar su barco y sus camuflajes como tenga gana. Histórico, fantasía o lo que se les ocurra a cada uno. Hace mucho quería hacer esto pero nunca tuve tiempo. Bah mentira, me daba fiaca y me olvidaba. Pero el otro día vi un camuflaje muy lindo de un destructor mexicano y muchos preguntaban cómo hacerlo. Y pensé que era hora que hiciese una guía. Además son las 1.15 am en el trabajo y hasta las 5 no tengo que hacer nada Disclaimer: Cualquier modificación que hagan es bajo su propio riesgo. No me hago cargo de ningún problema que puedan tener. 1) ¿Que necesitamos? Lo primero que necesitan es el unpacker: Los archivos en el juego están empaquetados. Este programita nos permite desempaquetarlos y asi podemos trabajar sobre ellos Lo segundo que necesitan es un programa para editar imágenes “.dds”. Yo uso el paintnet. Es un programa gratis y lee las imágenes “.dds”. Si ustedes tienen otro obviamente úsenlo. Lo importante es que pueda leer archivos dds. Para los que bajaron el paintnet. Seguro notaran que es muy limitado para editar imágenes. Por eso les sugiero cuando quieren hacer algo complejo conviertan la imagen a JPG o algún otor formato más común y la editen en photoshop o gimp. Yo uso el gimp que es gratis, pero ustedes usen el que estén más acostumbrados. 2) Bajar el Unpacker: Para bajar el Unpacker pueden ir a este link del post de “MajorRenegade”. Son dos programitas diminutos. Se bajan en segundos 3) Instalación: Esos dos programitas pónganlo en su carpeta principal del World of Warships. Y listo ya lo instalaron. 4) Desempaquetando: Ahora vamos a abrir y ver como esta organizado el juego. Hacen dobleclick es su programita “Wows_Unpacker_gui.exe” y les abre este cuadro: Ahora debajo de las dos columnas hay varios botones. El de la izquierda abajo dice “LOAD CONTENT”. Cliqueenlo y va a comenzar a cargar las carpetas empaquetadas. Esto demora unos minutos. Al final debería verse aparecernos la palabra es y un triangulito (es una carpeta) le hacemos click y debería verse así: Eso es todo lo que esta empaquetado en el juego. Lo que a nosotros nos interese tenemos que buscarlo y “desempaquetarlo”. La mayor parte de las imágenes esta en la carpeta "content". Hay que buscar cada cosa que queramos editar y pasarla a la columna de la derecha. Un ejemplo es mejor explicación. Supongamos que quiero pintar mi Budyonni de negro como las lanchas chilenas. Entonces abro el directorio “content”, luego entre todas esas opciones abro “gameplay”, ahí abro "russia", ahí dentro abro "ship", luego "cruiser" y finalmente "textures" (no se confundan y abran la carpeta particular del barco por qe no es eso) Una vez dentro de textures busco el archivo del Budyonny en toda esa lista. Es importante notar 2 cosas: Primero. Muchos barcos tienen diferentes versiones correspondientes al primer o segundo casco. Solemos encontrar las versiones diferenciadas por años. El casco más nuevo es el casco final. Obviamente esto no sucede en los premiuns. Segundo. De cada casco hay 4 archivos que se diferencian por la terminación. Pueden estar terminados en "_a", "_ao" , "_mg" o "_n". A nosotros nos interesa los terminados en "_a" que son los que tienen la imagen básica que vamos a modificar. Así encontré 4 budenni1940 y 4 budenni 1944. Elijo los de 1944 que es cuando el barco está full. Y de los 4 el que se llama "RSC021_Pr_94_Budeny_1944_a.dds" ahora hago click en la tecla abajo al centro con dos flechitas ">>" eso mueve el archivo a la columna de la derecha. Debería verse así Ya casi estamos. Ahora que elegimos que desempaquetar, desempaquemos. Hagan click en el botón de la izquierda que dice UNPACK Listo acaban de extraer la imagen del budyonni y ahora pueden editarla. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ahora volvamos a editar la pintura del Budyonni 5) Editando lo desempaquetado Bueno ahora que desempaquetamos esa pintura hay que buscarla y editarla. El programita crea una carpeta que se llama Res_unpack. Ahí la vamos a encontrar. S,i ya se hay una carpeta adentro, que se llama content y ahí dentro otra que se gameplay y otra que dice russia y ahí dentro ship y dentro una que va a decir cruiser y una más que se llama textures y recién adentro de esta ultima esta un archivo que se llama "RSC021_Pr_94_Budeny_1944_a.dds”. Así es como lo va a leer el juego por ende es necesario que este adentro de todas esas carpetas. Abren el archivo con su editor de imágenes que lea .dds (en mi caso el paintnet) y vemos esto: Todas las superficies del barco abiertas. Ahora pintan lo que quieren pintar como quieran. En mi caso voy a pintar de negro el casco. Así que seleccione todo lo de color gris y lo pinto de negro. Listo? Ahora lo guardan 6) Ponerlo en el juego: Ubicar nuestras creaciones en el juego es muy sencillo. Wargaming hizo el juego para que fuese muy fácil. Hay una carpeta que se llama “Res_mod”. Ahí hay carpetas vacías con el número de cada parche. Lo que tenemos que mover es la carpeta completa que esta “res_unpack” o sea la que dice “content” con lo que tiene adentro (las otras carpetas hasta llegar al archivo del Budionny) y ponerla dentro de la carpeta del último parche. 7)Listo Ahora inicien (o reinicien si lo tenían abierto) el juego y cuando elijan el budionny si no le ponen camuflaje lo van a ver con su pintura negra. Noten que los cañones, AA y otros sistemas como telemetros estan en su gris original. Esos tiene que pintarlos por separado. Es normal que algunos sistemas y armas sean compartido por muchos barcos. Así si pintan los cañones del Budy de negro tambien van a quedar pintado de negro en el Schors. -------------------------------------------------- Cualquier pregunta haganla en este hilo y vere si los puedo ayudar Espero que les sirva y ya quiero ver "skines" nuevas.
  6. Update: All my skins are now working without the "camouflage remover mod"! So u can use the wows-ingame skins on ALL other ships! Hello and welcome to my skinning atelier If u are looking for historical or semi-historical skins then u my friend will not like what u are about to see :P Most of my skins are anime based while others are just simply badass !! U can see that i got a lot of inspiration from Aoba and Team Pravda but i do have my own style. All parts of my ships are skinned leaving absolutely nothing grey. I chose a black/white skin for all finders/radar/secondary/AA/misc and directors, so they are compatible in between the nation. I guess it wont look so bad if u are using skins from other modders either. The Amagi skin is a so called SDK-mod skin. The file is a lot bigger than the others, but u will use it the same way. And because it´s an sdk skin, it wont interfere with other ships. For example, the Amagi main guns will not be changing the Nagatos guns, like a normal skin would do. If u have any question regarding the sdk skin or anything else feel free to ask, and please leave a comment or a thumbs up if u like my skins. That´s one of the reasons why i´m doing these skins actually:P If u can´t find the skin u are looking for, check out my mate Compass_Rose, he is a lot more productive then i am ;) U may request skins, but no promises..... Link for the World of Warships skins&mods group on facebook (where i and hopefully eventually all the other modders post skin/mod related stuff) https://www.facebook.com/groups/221633768521814/?ref=group_header This right here is an invitation for a discord channel where u can find me and Compass_Rose, in case u have questions or just feel like talking:) https://discord.gg/nufjRvq Here is a link to my YouTube channel if u would like to see my skins in motion and with some "epic" music ;) The download-links are in the corresponding descriptions of each video! Before u hit the download-button make sure to hit the like-button!! Making one skin takes me at least 2 full days, writing a comment takes you 2min, giving it a like 2sec. It´s the least u can do! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAFiTZWKPO6U1kZnokPi0u2G_1mYBqGDA Imperial Japanese Navy Royal Navy Marine Nationale "La Royale" Regia Marina Soviet Navy
  7. I noticed a change in the file structure when I unpacked the ship components today with the Unpacker Tool. It seems that the standard DDS files (normally 4096 x 4096) for the premium boats have been replaced with 512 x 512 versions, and dd0, dd1, and dd2 files of various sizes have been added. If the premium boat has a premium camo, then that DDS file remains unchanged. From my vantage point it looks like Wargaming doesn't want us making custom skins for premium boats unless it's placed on a premium camo that can be purchased from the shop. So my questions to some of the community staff, either @Radar_X, or @Gneisenau013 are the following: Why the change? Is this the beginning of a global change to the file structure for technical reasons? Is this a sign from Wargaming that they don't want us modding premium boats with custom skins unless they can make money off it? Can we get Wargaming's position on this, or more information on the subject? Right now all I am is puzzled but the longer this drags on this could become a hot button issue for a lot of people that enjoy our work as a whole.
  8. Sir_Pengu1n

    The Great Gorgon

    So I recently got a 5 star match on the second Halloween mission and got the really awesome Great Gorgon camo. I already have an almost max upgraded Shokaku and read somewhere that the Gorgon camo equipped all the planes with the bat skin. However, when I went to put on the camo, the planes did not have the bat camo. Is this right? Or am I wrong that the planes get the bat camo?
  9. So, you screwed up every single skin by requiring that files be newly saved. I have 1740+ files in my skins folder that I'd have to resave in order to get them working again. I'd appreciate if WG let us know if you intend to undo this mindblowingly awful decision...
  10. I always loved USNA_76's painstakingly done USS Alabama skin, but I feel it's too bright and too high-contrast. Recently I played around with a few mods and came across a fantastic look by doing this: 1. Put USNA_76's Alabama skin (for simplicity, hull only) in the below folder, but change its name to "ASB025_Massachusetts_1946_a.dds" [...]\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\content\gameplay\usa\ship\battleship\textures\ 2. Install Smeggo's Chilled Special Camos mod, and here is how USS Massachusetts looks with WoWS Anniversary camo: Supposedly we can make any camo have the effect of Smeggo's WoWS Anniversary by copying the Anniversary camo's texture (.dds file) to that camo and change the name. For now I can't because I don't know which file under \common\camouflage\textures\ is the Anniversary camo's.
  11. I decided to improve the base Großer Kurfürst skin that you see without camouflage. I removed 95% of the rust on the hull and deckhouse areas. The effect makes it look like the rust was scraped off with a new coat paint being overlooked. Speaking of paint, I painted the entire keel a dark red with a black stripe at the waterline, the water line markers at the aft and center of the ship are now visible(without the permanent camouflage on). With regards to the wood deck, I heightened the detail and stained it a reddish brown color. All the wear and tear on the deck is still there, you're just able to see it now. Lastly, I darkened the main battery guns to a medium grey and removed some turret rust. If you look closely you'll notice the windows are not transparent, they were already like that. Install instructions 1. extract the zip file 2. find the latest patch folder (7.5.1 at time of posting) in your res_mods folder, open that folder. 3. drag and drop the folder "content" located inside the "Großer Kurfürst" folder, into the 7.5.1 folder (or whatever patch it is) 4. that's it, open your game and enjoy! (if the game is already open click on a different ship and then click back, it forces the game to refresh the textures). Großer Kurfürst.zip The 2 photos below are what the vanilla ship looks like without any skin mod.