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Found 36 results

  1. Welcome to Skin Bottom Sound Hi! i am Aoba [former Heinrike_Wittgenstein]! who make 'Heinrike's Strike_Witches tank,crew+GUP crew skins' & 'Kancolle skins' topic at WOT. Now. i challenge to WOWS Skin!. Let's Share skins each other and Discussion about Skins. Skin in this Topic Ruined. i'll try restore links [my skins only may be?]
  2. Hello everybody:D So this is my very first skin and it´s the Kii, so as i said, it´s my very first skin and i had to learn how to use gimp in order to do it, so it took me a while. Cuz there is no Kancolle character for the Kii, i took Amagi and her sisterships Unryuu and Katsuragi. (little fun-fact, they are all carriers in Kancolle) I hope everything is working and that u like the skin:) Pls leave a comment! IJN Battleship Kii IJN Cruiser Chikuma RN Cruiser HMS Fiji RN Batlleship HMS Lion IJN Battleship Amagi Here is a link to my Youtube channel if u would like to see my skins in motion.
  3. Xerbcolle (Mod) WoWs NA Skin, Voice, mod.... and much more! (seriously) Updated for WoWs (last update 14/12/2016) Greeting, comrade, admiral, tanker, player, pirate and lolicon~ Introduction Notes Installation SHIP SKIN All kind of kawaii skin, [no NSFW skin] all safe to view :3 Mod pack for all older skin in one go -- Skin List -- new skin and old skin (some of them are included inside the mod pack yet) All of them can be view on our Page : SKIN LIST Mod Addon Other modification beside skin [Mixed] Enchant Mod (Interface mod) - 6th sense, icon, lobby, wallpaper, image button, test, cross hair ..... etc Misc - flag, camo remover, crew icon List of Incoming Work tell me if I got anything miss. EXTRA - More mod to read more to be explored Below are the Link to other fanmade skin page/web from various server, feel free to visit them Made sure to credit and thank to them ^__^ PravdaTeam Wordpress - WoWs and WoT kancolle Skin - LINK Iron Botton Sound NA - Aoki Hagane/Kancolle skin and much more - LINK DanZaishA - youtube channel - skin for WoT and WoWs [NSFW] - VikingRDD - US Navy Abyssal skin - WoWs RU - LINK » PravdaTeam YouTube » PravdaTeam Facebook [Pravda Team Patreon] - Support Us!^^ -> LINK Thank for the visit, Cheers! o/ Xandier59 [Pravda - Girls Und Panzer EU] *Any image or materials that are used in making the mod are credited to the owner and original artist, thank! danke! danke! [content moderated - solicitation]~StealthyArmadillo Eugen Enchant 3.5 - 【DOWNLOAD】
  4. How is it?
  5. So I had some extra time and I decided to see if I could create my own custom skin. I spent about 10 Minutes playing around and I came up with this. I had a lot of fun making this skin and I'm thinking about spending more time, and making better, more realistic looking skins. I just wanted to post my work here to see If I could get some constructive criticism, thanks!
  6. OK guys I'm having a very difficult time finding the thread of the maker if this skin, I forgot to follow it! D: To makes things worse, I havent unlocked the Myoko yet so the image I have is black and white. The Color scheme is brown, white and green. Please help me identify who made this skin!
  7. Hello everyone, This is my first mod on tirpitz and World of warships. Hope you like it. ----------------------NEW VER-------------------------------- update note: 1. add skin to secondary guns 2. add skin to torpedo tube 3. add a new ver of this mod "Wave-Force armor" For those of you who don't know what "Wave-Force armor" is, here is a wiki: Wave-Force armor is the main defensive mechanism of the absolute majority "Fleet of Fog" vessels. All Mental Model are also capable of deploying the Wave-Force armor. At the moment, no human-made weapon is capable of penetrating this defense, at least not fast enough to be usable in a fight. Download: Normal(with out Wave-Force armor): Wave-Force armor : UPDATE『2016/08/23』( put "camouflages.xml" in "\res_mods\" the old "camouflages.xml" doesn't work anymore): You need the Original files for the new update to work. ============================================================== OLD VER. ============================================================== Test video: Download:
  8. Hola Colegas Aquí explico como se puede hacer una Skin personalizado de un barco Los programas que Necesitamos son 1- Photoshop o Paint 2- DDS Converter 3- Easy2Convert PNG to DDS Vídeo explicativo > Spoiler
  9. ...for the free premium camouflage! I followed Lert's advice to re-buy the Mutsuki and Hatsuharu and to put captains in them prior to the patch going live, and got the expected results. However, much to my surprise while kitting out my brand-new Kagero and doing the same for my re-tiered Hatsuharu, I found that there was no doubloon amount listed for the premium camouflage. So I put them on each ship and selected the auto-resupply option. Dunno if this is a bug or not, but even if it is and might be "fixed" later, it's still a nice bonus. Edit: I had not previously bought the premium camouflages.
  10. Dear Wargaming, As a devoted fan of World of Warships, I am asking—nay, begging—you to offer the USS Missouri with her own unique skin, the Measure 22 that she wore throughout her combat career, but with the unpainted teak deck she wore on her way home from the Pacific after the end of hostilities. The premium camouflage that the Iowa uses looks good on her, but it was in fact only worn by Missouri during her shakedown cruise, after which the scheme was discarded. I know that you know what Measure 22 is, because that was the same basic scheme that all U.S. warships were given for the Closed Beta Test. You probably wouldn't want to recycle that old skin anyway, which is certainly understandable; it probably isn't up to par with more recent additions to the game such as the new Tier X premium skins and those made for the British. Please, consider giving our Mighty Mo something that is at the same time unique, but also a callback to the game's humble beginnings. Please give us our Measure 22 Missouri. Heck, I'd even make the skin myself, for free.
  11. Here is a historical campflag skin for US Tier 8 cruiser New Orleans-class made by myself, references USS CA-38 San Francisco, enjoy it! Download link
  12. Hello everyone, it's me again. I finally found some free time to complete another skin for Tirpiz. However this time it's no longer in Fog style, I decide to make somthing new in terms of art style. Hope you guys like it. Let me know what do you think. Skin test: Screenshots: Download: To use the skin:put "content" and "camouflages.xml" in here "../res_mods/" UPDATE『2016/08/23』( put "camouflages.xml" in "\res_mods\" the old "camouflages.xml" doesn't work anymore): You need the Original files for the new update to work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Restriction!Prohibit changing any of my files, and this mod should only be download at official world of warships forum.
  13. Someone requested a skin(mainly MobileChernobyl ) But I figure the rest of you can enjoy it too.
  14. Whoever wants the skin of my signature, here it is.Recently made some changes.Link: *it changes the Nagato main/secondary guns too.
  15. Has the file name for the guns on Kongo(Hiei)'s final hull changed? For some reason, the hull, directors, everything else changes to the skin just fine; but the main battery continues to look rusty as hell per usual. Anyone have an idea?
  16. Hi All, It seems that the Yamato's 25mm type-96 AA gun texture file is no longer named JGA004_25mm_Type96_Triple_1_a Anyone know what is the name now? I have downloaded yamato skin from tanz shipyard, yet the 25mm AA guns remain rusted and not changed. Best
  17. More and larger Pics here Download Enjoy
  18. Hi Guys! I´m RobVanDoom from EU Server. Only registered to ask some skin Modders for permission to edit a few of their stuff to create a skin-pack for me and and share it with EU´s Community. Today I want to share with you my very own Kamikaze R! Enjoy, if you like.
  19. hey everyone, after downloading aslains modpack I installed the kuma skin that was packaged in that pack, to be honest. I wasn't really pleased due to a number of factors, ignoring that though (unless you are/know the guy who made the original seeing I kinda forgot over time and I want to give credit for partially the hull patern) I decided to update and improve upon the skin. after forgetting about doing this for some time here she is
  20. I had spare time so I tried to do a historical paint for the Cleveland class cruiser. Starboard side Port side reference
  21. Hello everyone, There is my new Fog style mod, and again this design is not an Original from the Anime its my own design. Hope you like it. Note: no skin for mogami's 203mm gun. The flag mod can be found in there: Samples: Download:
  22. Download:!8RQWTSCJ!mEyKBM6hoxqFmI94yH2TRoZpQMK-0Su5XGG9i4FKIUg Thanks to the Harkonen_siegetank for inspiration
  23. Ibuki camo based on the Iwaki camo pattern. Its hard to find historical Japanese camo for ships other then their carriers. They also seem to lean on green colors rather then the blue/black/grey dazzle of the Allied and European ships. enjoy. I'll put a download link if people want it. I assume there are still very few Ibuki captains out there atm.
  24. Hello Captains! I've made a Aoba skin for me, and i'm excited to share it with you. It has a LotR theme. Download link is below. Thanks!
  25. While messing around, trying to find a good way to add camo patterns to our favorite game, I came across a fairly good technique, that I thought I'd share. I use Paint Shop Pro, but I'm sure this technique will work in Photoshop or other similar packages. - convert the texture DDS file to your favorite standard graphic format (I prefer PNG). - open the image in your favorite editor. - add two new raster layers to the image (you can save it in your editor's native format), and group those layers together. - add a "show all" mask to the group with the new layers - set the upper layer in the group to "dodge" mode, and the lower layer to "multiply". - paint your camouflage pattern on the lower layer in the group. - sample the color in an "average" area of the background image (the original texture). The sampled area should have a minimum of highlight, shadow, weathering, or other details. - fill the "dodge" layer with the color you sampled in the previous step - paint the mask layer black in ares where you want to preserve the background color - export a "flattened" version of the file, and convert back to DDS - install it in the appropriate location in Res_Mods, and enjoy. The "Multiply" layer combines the new color pattern with the background. The "Dodge" layer subtracts the base color from the result. The above image illustrates the result. The upper quarter of the image is the unaltered texture (from the Clemson, 1930 file). Below that is the the result of the "Multiply" layer, next is the combined "Multiply" and "Dodge" effect. At the bottom are the original colors I wanted to reproduce, which I painted into the Multiply layer. I masked out the portholes, to keep them identical to the original texture. Now I need to start on painting APD "Green Dragon" skins for the Wickes and Clemson!