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Found 25 results

  1. Since DEVs are working again on captain's skills, there is one factor on some skills that are closer to MAGIC than skill, training or better equipment. OR sometimes the explanation given would be MAGIC, and we can achieve same result with some NON-MAGIC, mundane solution. Quick examples: +5% damage for AP, or HE. How skill or training can change that? BUT the distinguished ship/crew can get better ammo, not available to regular ships due its novelty or scarcity Some buff IF enemies (can, cannot) see you: How what happens (or not) in a remote enemy ship will affect the performance of you ship? This is MAGIC. We must get rid of these conditionals! Adrenaline Rush improves reaction time for crews do change IF enemies can be seen or not, even more if your ship is being hit/damaged. But that's happening in “my” ship, not due to something happening on another ship. No change required. Since we're on this topic, another important change, already suggested, is to allow players to CHOOSE either "class" to use, separating cruisers into CA, CL. Then a BB can use BB or Cruiser skill set, while Heavy Cruisers (CA) can choose either Cruiser or Battleship skills, Light cruisers (CL) can select Cruiser or Destroyer sets, and DDs can pick one of DD or CL skills. OR, a simplified version: BB use (BB or CA) CA/CL use one of (BB,CA,DD) DD select either (CA,DD). Back to NON-MAGIC skills version, I started with a copy of skill tables from WoWs wiki, and compiled this list: BASE SKILLS Name Description Effect Notes NON-MAGIC version or explanation Situational Awareness An alert to the commander that the ship has been spotted by the enemy. An indicator is displayed when your ship is detected by an enemy ship or aircraft. Functions during commander re-training and on ships without a commander. Watch teams using binoculars and reporting to captain upon detecting enemy ships, planes, torpedos, etc I will add a comment for each ship class
  2. So I sat out an entire week of game play. I had unrealistic hopes that somehow the game would have self-adjusted to the new skill rework. Perhaps that's what the devs think too? Aw, just focus on new content, they'll get used to things. Maybe in a few more weeks we'll have captured enough data... On my part, I put a good amount of damage out, for me. If you try to push, at all, you are more or less alone. Shoot, it doesn't even need to be a solo or yolo effort. Just be a bit further forward than the next ship and you get focused. So in this match I followed "the group". We actually were doing okay in the beginning. Had more caps, even on the ship exchange. Then suddenly, our team started dropping ship by ship without a return in kind to the reds. I know I contributed to that by firing AP sparingly. Used to be, you know, you could get long-term HE damage via fires. Out of my total damage shown, those five fires only generated 25K in damage. Another 49,829 damage is HE damage (modules and the like perhaps?) and finishing it out, 23K damage from AP. My question here is this: In the skill rework, did changes get implemented that alters damage earned by fires? In general, is DoT worth it these days? tiafyc
  3. People are gonna run out of elite commander xp and it is gonna be hard to get 21 point captains during this season especially since comps are gonna be changing constantly. Old system - at the start and end of every clan battle season we got free resets. they then took that away with carriers under the premise that our captain builds should be similar to our random builds (which is not true). Now: 1. we are all struggling with elite commander xp because of the costliness of a 21 point captain. 2. if comps are gonna be changing due to bans then so will our builds. 3. most players usually only have enough elite commander xp to get a few ships spec'd out appropriately 4. we got to test the captain skills out in randoms but not so much in CBs which is very different 5. Players with lower economy are gonna struggle Solution: can we please have resets after the bans are announced. builds are constantly changing and clan members are not gonna have enough elite commander xp to last the whole season on this pace. having 21 point captains is gonna be rough which puts teams at a disadvantage. previously you would play 1-2 ships a season and you could grind up enough commander xp to max it out. if we are changing ships alot due to bans, its gonna be much harder for players who dont have alot of economy to get 21 points. Also carriers are not in this season, so shouldn't we get our resets back? What do you guys think?
  4. I have been using the IMPROVED SECONDARY BATTERY AIMING SKILL for nearly all my games. I play for 2 to 3 hours a day. The skill does not work. I've played games activating and deactivating this skill and can see NO change in my secondary aim whatsoever. I think it is broken.
  5. Seems like it was possible y was forgotten in their rework and mistakenly left out. It makes no sense that battleships, and destroyers would get this but not cruisers?
  6. I am wondering, as I am sure we are all figuring out the new skills and such. Preventive maintenance just seems like it was thrown into the wrong tree? Honestly seems like it would be a cruiser and destroyer skill if anything not for battleships.
  7. Right now I have a captain that I run on Gremy-Okhotnik-Leningrad-Kiev. I do that by memory but I know others who keep an Excel file telling them which captains go where. After the Rework this problem of which captains go in what ships will triple in complexity since each captain can be used on three different ship types, which means, with tech tree ships + premiums, you can have something like 9-15 or even more possible ships for each captain. It would enormously help if the captain's name/information box was editable so that you type in ship names or change the captain's name so that it can function as a note or reminder of which ships belong to this captain.
  8. https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2020/09/commander-skill-system-changes.html The new skills suck! Light cruisers are losing out big time. Losing rate of fire and range because of skill changes. Are WoWS dev talking to WoTs dev about how to drive away players? The new AA changes looked great till I saw that carriers are going ot get -43% to AA damage for their planes! How do things like this even get through super testing? Are the devs that clueless here? Are gaming companies tryign to drive away paying customers? If these changes go live I will be looking for another new game to play because this is screwed!
  9. monpetitloup

    Zao 19pt captain build

    hey, what's the best 19pt build for zao captain? wiki: [hide] Recommended Commander Skills Cost (points) Endurance Attack Support Versatility 1 ★★★ ★ ★★ Χ Χ ★ Χ 2 ★ ★★ ★★ Χ Χ Χ ★★★ Χ 3 ★★ Χ ★★★ ★ 4 Χ Χ Χ ★★ ★★★ Key: ★★★ - Extremely Useful ★★ - Frequently Useful ★ - Occasionally Useful No stars - Meh Χ - Not recommended Flabass: Zao 10 Legendary module for more risky playstyle, alternatively use Gun Fire Control Modification 2 in Slot 6 for more range. PT PM EM AR SI DE BFT CE MAM1 DCSM1 ASM1 SGM1 CSM1 EMBSG Legendary module for more risky playstyle, alternatively use Gun Fire Control Modification 2 in Slot 6 for more range. PT EM AR SI DE CE RL MAM1 DCSM1 ASM1 SGM1 CSM1 EMB your thoughts?
  10. You know you do it... if you don't you will soon after reading this... When you assign skills, you click on the skill to assign it, there is a vocalization. I've always heard them say "BULLS**T" with great fervor. What exactly ARE they saying - it must be Russian? I'd be interested to know. Still, even when I know, it's possible I'll keep saying the same time every single time I click it to accept... "BULLS**T!" tia
  11. Does Advanced Firing Training increase the range of AA guns?
  12. Hello and good day all, with the help I have recieved I decided against getting a tier 8+ premium. I did buy myself the P.E. Friedrich. This brings me to why I am here, I need a little help spending the 10 skill points for the captain. I did watch a lot of Youtube videos about the game and premiums before I bought it. I watcha video but can make out what a couple of the skill icons. They are at :24 in the video. If you can make them out or even have a better skill lay out please post them. Thanks for the help all.
  13. This is my Enterprise captain. I am thinking of dumping Sight Stabilization for Improved Engines and AR. I am also thinking I will move DE to SE because I have AP bombs. My question; Is Sight Stabilization such an important skill that I should keep it, or can I dump it?
  14. After getting Alaska (thanks again for the skill suggestions) & Halsey ... I decided to reopen the USN BB line ... languishing at the New Mexico for the past year. I bought Colorado, assigned Halsey, and put him on Alaska for retraining ... planning out an end state "combo" skill build, I didn't have enough points ... who does? I started with: PT, EL ... EM, AR ... SI, BoS ... CE, FP ..... but that's 20 points ... so I checked out Little White Mouse's review for Alaska ... LWM listed: PT, PM ... EM, AR ... BoS, SI ... FP, CE ... notice a pattern? and also 20 points I kept messing around with a lot of combinations which included JoaT, HA, PM, etc ... and finally came up with PT, EL, PM ... EM ... Bos, SI ... FP, CE ... 19 points ... picks up PM and removes AR ... and even more "tankiness" I wondered, is AR that critical for a BB with 30 sec reload and Alaska with 17.6? I do love it (on faster firing guns) ... but that pesky point thing. Right before your HP goes to zero, reload is only 20% less ... e.g. 24.1 and 14.1 for Montana & Alaska respectively. Any thoughts? TIA
  15. So, as I wake up to paying attention to my Commanders, should my first priority be to Go 19 Young Man, Go 19? I have a 14. Should I get his butt to 19 as soon as I can, while working on my 10s in the normal course of events? A 19 has 'wealth' to share, n est pas? (Such as...?) And moving tech tree Commanders to Premium ships, then back, gets me "2 Daily Victory" bonuses, I'm told. Is that the limit? If I run the same ship out there 3 times in one day, would I not get 3 such bonuses for the Commander? (Bypassing the issue of loss of bonus XP for the ship.) Thanks.
  16. Looking for suggestions on the first 4 point skill for French BB's. I can change later, so for now I'm looking for advice for probably tiers 4-7. I understand the secondaries are nice, but for the lower tiers as I gain some experience I think I prefer a safety approach playing at some range. So thinking concealment for the first 4 pointer. However the rental Dunkurque I'm starting the Captain with seems to catch fire more than other BB's I've played so I wonder about Fire Prevention too. I'll probably add AFT at tier 8 and up. Thanks
  17. I have a Captain with 10 points that I'm using for the German cruiser line. Currently on the tier 4 Karlsruhe. I'm new at this. I started with Priority Target and Expert Marksman. I was going to do Superintendent 3rd but there is a line through it with the message "the skill is inefficient with the ship's selected configuration". Most skills I've seen for the German cruisers use SI for the 3rd skill. Should I just ignore that message and continue with SI? Also, was thinking CE for my 4th skill. Please let me know if you have other suggestions to consider. Thanks
  18. Mono_De_Mantequilla

    Masters of None?

    How many of you use the 2-point skill Jack of All Trades? The 5% cooldown reduction on all consumables does not really seem like an amount significant to warrant the investment in the skill, for a normal commander. (The Dunkirk brothers getting a 10% across-the-board reduction makes for a different story.) I think a ship would need 4 consumables to even consider it. The reason I am considering it is that I currently have a 15-point commander on Cleveland, with PT, PM, AR, DE, CE, IFHE. He is close to the 16th point, and I am considering respec'ing while free this week to swap out PM and that extra point to take another 2-point skill. The extra 0.7 degrees/sec turret rotation from EM is not really needed on Cleveland which has 10 already (most cruisers really get limited use out of that skill, sadly), and the only other options would be Jack of all Trades or High Alert. Using premium Damage Control consumable means that JoT cuts just 3 seconds off the 60 second cooldown, plus 9 seconds for non-premium hydro, radar and DefAA (or 6 seconds off any premium). Worth it?
  19. Can we get a second free skill reset in a couple weeks when CV numbers die down? It's already started to happen, particularly with 8.0.3. Instead of every single match having 2 CVs, half my matches are CV free and the other half have 1-2 CVs depending on time of day. In order to survive the first few weeks of the rework I had to re-spec a good number of my captains for an AA build and if things go back to a CV every couple matches, then I have some pretty useless captains figuratively floating around my port.
  20. TheKrimzonDemon

    Do me a flava and lock this ty

    The new PA Unique Captains, The Right Honorable Rong Brothers: Demolition Expert +3% (by default: +2%) to the chance of HE shells causing a fire on target; +2% to the chance of rockets causing a fire on target; <---------Wut? +6% to the chance of HE bombs causing a fire on target. <----------Wut? Survivability Expert +400 HP for your ship and +20 HP for aircraft for each ship tier (by default: +350 and +15, respectively) <-------Obligatory "Wut?" Why do they have skills for aircraft, when the line has, with the new ship, exactly 4 premiums, 1 DD line, and 0 aircraft carriers. In fact, the new ship may be the only one that even HAS an aircraft at all, I don't know if it does. @Femennenly is there an explanation somewhere about these skills, or the PA line as a whole, that I'm just missing? Can these captains be used on USN and IJN Cvs?
  21. So are we getting a broad scope captain skills reset for all Captains? The answer is yes! https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/update-080-takeoff/#content Thank you WGing for throwing these dog's a bone. If you want to change the whole meta, fine, but at least let give us the TOOLS to adapt.
  22. wdarkk

    IFHE is SO Good

    So on the test server I tried out the new Inertial Fuse for High Explosive shell skill. What it does is decreases the fire chance of your HE shells by 3 in exchange for 30% more penetration. The Budyonny, Shchors, and Chapayev all have 152mm HE shells. An HE shell has penetration equal to 1/6 its diameter (with some exceptions that aren't Russian cruisers and will be ignored). 1/6 of 152 is 25.3333etc. Multiplying that by 130%, we get 32.9333etc. That's higher than the 32mm that covers the extremities of most ships. This means that when you face a North Carolina, or for that matter a Yamato, you can get HE pens on the exterior plating.
  23. So I have the Alex, Tsar Alex, Dunkirk etc. I have a question on the unique skill/talents of these commanders; Do you actually need to "select" the "+" in the Skill tree to receive the "unique" Skill or is it passive. e.g. Tsar Alex Expert Marksman or are those improved skills passive?
  24. Doomwaffel

    Tirpitz captain struggle

    Hello everyone, recently I earned myself a Tirpitz from the Camo contest. And so far I enjoy it a lot, very brawler ish, which fits my playstile. So thats what I want to maximize. Now I have a little problem when it comes to the captain skills: I have 2 german captains so far that I could use: 1 is a regular one, the other the one that gives you a bonus on the torp detection skill. Sadly I ran the torp detection one on my cruisers so far and would have to retrain with hard earned cpt points. ^^ And since the other cpt is already skilled for the tirpi it would save me a lot of points. But I wouldnt get the torp skill bonus. So I am struggeling a bit on the skills and what to pick. So far: R1: PM R2: EM R3: BFT R4: AFT going for MFC for 14 points but besides that I am torn. I run the spotter range upgrade, so using the bonus captain+ improved Vigilance would grant me a big torp spot range, but do I need it? That would give me Vigilance + AR. in the end, but no concealment whatsoever. As an alternative I could go full stealth and replace the upgrade with the concealment one + Skill? Or a mix maybe? Like concealment upgrade, butu Vigilance skill or concealment skill + concealment upgrade? I am really torn right now about which captain to pick, and for which skills to plan. Open for all help. Thanks.
  25. anonym_MbpaxbbAUblh

    DE + IFHE = DE nullified?

    I have asked this before in one of my own threads but not as main subject. Here - I am not into the core mechanics of the game so need a bit clarification here. DE = +2% chance of fire IFHE = -3% chance of fire DE + IFHE = -1% chance of fire So if both the skills are combined for a cruiser, doesn't it nullify DE completely? Someone pointed out that when both are combined you have to rely on RNG for fire chance. So what is the point of assigning DE skill to the ship if you are going for IFHE in the first place or vice versa? You get less fire chance that you could without DE if IFHE is assigned to the ship. What I understand if one has to get DE, he better spend the rest 4 points on AFT, CE or anything other than IFHE and if one has to get IFHE, he better spend the rest 3 points on BFT, Vigilance or anything other than DE. I can't wrap my head around combining DE + IFHE together (at least theoretically). How does this work? What is the in game experience you have when both combined?