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Found 38 results

  1. I put together a short video on my thoughts for the new captain skills, particularly as they pertain to the cruiser lines. Within the video I include a table which summarizes my captain skill selections and the order with which I chose the skills. I am very interested to know what you all think of these changes and the combinations you guys and gals plan to use. The link to the channel and the YouTube video is below. Let me know what you think. The Taste Channel World of Warships - Cruiser Captain Skills - Patch 0.5.3
  2. Over the last few days, I've begun using premium consumables only if absolutely needed. Like, DC2, for instance. Instead of using it all over the place, and I have plenty, that's not an issue, I'm only using it on BB's. I'll use DF2 in OPS, due to the rudely high volume of cv's and their ebil lil sky hamsters. What this is doing, and hopefully will help others with as well, is causing me to pay MUCH more attention to my ship, my surroundings, my ammo selection, and my speed, because I can't just flippantly pop a consumable whenever I want to. It's making me a much better individual player, and also a much better team player, since I'm paying more attention to what goes on around me. It's also helping with the tunnel vision I get at times, as I'm not zooming in constantly, and it's helping me aim as well without going into zoom as I do when in it. I'll pop into zoom, get the line I want, and then pop out, and just hold that line. I can keep up my fire while still being engaged in the battle at large. It was difficult at first, having been so used to using premiums all over the place, to adjust. However, I feel it was very much worth it. I won't do this in Ranked, under that particular circumstance, time is vitally important, however, the increase in skill and awareness is still there, so I end up not needing, say, the DC2 as much. I encourage anyone feeling like they've hit a skill wall to try this out, I truly feel it will work for anyone, if they're willing to do it. Peace out, fellow captains! o7
  3. I'll be the first to stick my neck on the chopping block and state that French Captains must be re-evaluated completely compared to other country captains. I've played from Rank 1 through to Rank 7, including the Dunkerque (Love this ship) and put a vast amount of thought into this before posting, but I know that I am just one man with an opinion, so here goes. The point of this post is to start to educate other's on how to equip their captains to make the best of their new shiny french ships. There are two ways, that I have found, to go about this...Gamewise, and Historical wise, both work well and fit the line just fine. This is how I gear up my captains, so if you wish to follow along on how I do it, great, if not, I hope this starts a consolidated thread to discuss other people's builds and thoughts. I've found that my "best" captain skills selection is the following: Tier 1>> Preventative Maintenance- Due to the thin armor, I've found that I am frequently under HE threat of having my engine knocked out or my rudder knocked out. It isn't common to have either knocked out 1-2 a game in some instances prior to selecting this skill... This is definitely the best skill to take to help mitigate this. If you cannot stand the idea of taking this skill, then take Priority Target to help you gauge when to get out of a fight, but if you do so, you MUST take Last Stand otherwise you'll be a sitting duck...Le Quack! Tier 2>>Adrenaline Rush- All French ships have GREAT turret treverse speed, including the Dunkerque, so unless you MUST have that 260 no scope treverse of a DD on your cruiser, I would pass Expert Marksman up and get Adrenaline Rush instead since you WILL be picked on a LOT due to your low armor and with this skill, the more you're picked on, the faster you become and returning those blows unto you're enemy. Last Stand is a worthy runner up in my book though if you cannot stand the idea of taking Preventative Maintenance... Tier 3>>This is a tough tier as there are a few skills that are decent, but I think it is a tie between Super Intendent for that extra Plane/Hydro in the early tiers or the Defensive Fire/Engine Boost you get in tiers 6 and up, OR, Basics of Survivability for more adequate crew to deal with the relentless fires that will be set upon you. Remember, HE will be your biggest threat 90% of the time as a french ship since it will almost always pierce you. AP is scary if you show broadside only (like any other ship) however HE can pierce you from all angles (unlike any other ship). Le-Sigh... Demolition Expert is a good runner up since you will be more likely spamming it than AP, and Survivability Expert is also a good runner up as I've found that extra few seconds can either save you or land you another kill before you go down. I personally use Super Intendent though for reasons above. Tier 4>> This is where you get into the realm of "game" or "history". If you want historical accuracy, take IFHE as the French were the first to utilize a "APHE" type of shell on many of their ships after seeing a significant increase in armor on other designs. On paper, I understand that there is no "significant advantage" to taking it in many of the tiers in WOWS. However in practice, I have consistently found, in the french line, that it DOES improve your damage per game. Sure, you have 870m/s velocities, but you have to be very precise with you're shots in a French ship to deal max damage with HE. I've found that by simply taking IFHE, this removes a lot of the woes and allows you to deal more damage to all ships you encounter. Again, out of 50 games with it, and 50 games without, I've averaged 18-32K more damage WITH IFHE active than without...even if this is simply a placebo skill, i'd rather take it than not based upon my findings! If you want to stick with what to take in the game though, I'd say Concealment without a doubt. French ships already have some of the weakest armor in the game, so making you hard to find is always a plus! Runner up skills for tier 4 are as follows. (Dunkerque Only)Manual Fire Control for AA- This gets those 130mms humming taking you from downing 1 plane every 10s to 7planes every 10s. It is that big of a boost....If you want to get ride of sky cancer, take this. (Dunkerque Only)Advanced Fire Training- This skill really only bodes well on the Dunkerque in terms of damage dealing. This helps maximize your MFCAA skill and gets those secondaries humming even longer, it also gives you better retreating fire when you have to turn tail to destroyers and cruisers. On the cruiser line, this can also work from tiers 6 and up as it allows your defensive fire abilities a bigger "blanket" to cover, but French AA is on par, if not barely above par, to that of any japanese cruiser. Better to put this into something else (unless you are the Dunkerque!) Fire Prevention- Another good runner up considering you will be spammed with HE cancer from everything and be seen as excellent dive bomber targets to boot! If you want to cut down on the HE/Fire Cancer, take this. So to recap! Here is what I recommend to take for a French Cruiser Captain Tier 1>> Preventive Maintenance OR Priority Target Tier 2>>Adrenaline Rush OR Last Stand (If PM not taken) Tier 3>>Super Intendent OR Basics of Survivability Tier 4>> Concealment Expert and IFHE OR Concealment Expert and AFT (Dunkerque Only) MFCAA and AFT (Note, I have seen MCS and MFCAA as well)
  4. WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE Inertia Fuse for HE on Des Moines. A Disclaimer: This is theorycrafting and some information may be inaccurate in the near future. Now why should I take IFHE for that 203mm you say? Well, let evaluate the Des Moines. I find that she has trouble doing consistent damage using HE and that is because by default 203mm HE on US cruiser has about 33mm of armor penetration. Now if we're a cruiser like the Zao, Moskva, or the Hindenburg, the shell arc is flat at long range. You'll most likely hit the belt armor which are around 27-33mm of armor. The Des Moines on the other hand has a shell arc that hit the deck armor, which is about 27mm(cruiser) or 38 - 50mm(Battleship). So how we calculate our penetration after IFHE. 203mm/6 = 33.83mm 33.83 x 1.3(30% Penetration Bonus) = 43.983 mm of armor penetration. You'll find that you'll do a more consistent HE damage with this, around 2k -5k damage. Which made the DM a rival to the Zao now. *PLEASE TRY IT FIRST BEFORE SAYING THIS IS A BAD CHOICE OF CAPTAIN SKILL* MAKE SURE YOU TAKE DEMOLITION EXPERT AND IFHE FOR BEST RESULT. Now go out there and enjoy your penetration he damage with high RoF. The Zao may have a rival now. Please post your result and what you think below. _____________________________________________________________________ After some debate in the reddit: Higher Potential damage against USN BB. If you're willing to do more damage with HE, the IFHE skill is great against them. USN BB aren't uncommon so you can rack up lot of damage and be more effective. In the current meta, CV is lacking and Des Moines it self is a good all gun cruiser. While her AA ability isn't as useful as it used to be, I hope to make at least her gun better. To clear up some misunderstanding, I notice that HE has a chance to penetrate or don't penetrate and do zero damage. I assume because HE does raw penetration, making the penetration value higher will make the damage more consistent as it would have less non-penetration and more penetration ratio. I can't back this claim up because I don't have hard cold proof. So until WG reveal their magic or some theorist uncover the secret. It is what it is. SO IS IFHE VIABLE OPTION ON DES MOINES? YES Should you take this skill? Depend on how you want to play the Des Moines. There are great skill out there but as for me, I like to hide behind island to lob shell. So maximizing my potential damage through IFHE will be my choice.
  5. I can't get the captain skill redistribution to work. I pick, hit redistribute, the game keeps my gold, makes no changes. The skill chart for that captain has no check marks on it when I am done. The amount of points 3/3 or 6/6 etc. that shows against the captain's uniform stays the same. Help.
  6. With tier 1 best pick BFT and BoS moved to 3 points and a myriad of carrier-only skills at tier 1 (at the cost of others, which most choices are rendered useless), picking skills for carriers is now harder than ever. Before it's pretty much a no-brainer to go BoS/BFT (1), Torpedo expertise(2), Torpedo acceleration(3), ASE(4), then Air Superiority(5) seems there's a lot of ways to go nowadays with at least 9 free points and a more reasonable grind to the top with an end in sight (though grinding up to 10 becomes longer now). I think that there is still a no-brainer groundwork build for the first 10-points though: ASE (1 point, faster rearm and slightly more HP), Torpedo Acceleration (now 2 points), Torpedo Expertise (now 3 points, 20% faster torpedo plane rearm), and Air Superiority (now 4 points). But now that there are up to 9 points to play around (even more if you do things differently) after AirSup and a number of skills that are useless for carriers (e.g. IFHE and RPF, both of which are 4-pointers, and stuff involving main batteries)... Carrier rework probably won't come quickly enough, so carrier skippers got to live with that there, let's discuss the possibilities of carrier captains in this new regime which choices has greatly expanded...or is it? Any input is's a whole new paradigm, after all. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I spec'd my 14-point Ranger captain as follows: The No-brainer "groundwork" build (10 points) ASE, Torpedo Accel, Torpedo Expertise, AirSup The remaining 4 points go to Fiery (emergency) takeoff (3 points) and evasive maneuver (1 point). Haven't got the chance to use Fiery takeoff yet (I did take some damage but those were AP hits so no fire), but the evasive maneuver buff seems huge on first impression (one strike group managed to survive relatively unscathed while under fire from one squad of T7 JPN fighters as they were locked into pursuing as my planes flew over friendly AA and down the pursuers went) ...with US strike running 0 fighters guarantees that everything I send out benefit from this. The reduced speed can be compensated by manual orders to move close to flattop and queue return order afterwards. It seems to work as far as I can tell. Now I got to retrain the guy for Lex (starkly stock)...37.5k XP after silver before he can utilize all those skills...
  7. Captain Skill Advanced Fire Training (AFT) and hull upgrade AA Guns Modification 2 each add 20% to AA firing range. Is this additive when using both? Does it add to 40% or get compounded to 44%? Is it significant that AFT uses the word "defensive" while AAG2 speaks of "maximum" range?
  8. Anyone else looked at this? Look at the new commander skill table (drop down). Up to 12 points, the new table requires more commander XP. 13 points is the break even point. 14 points and above require less commander XP than before. I am very confused by the official notes. It sounds like if you had a 10 point captain before, you get a 10 point captain. That's fine up to 14 points, but look at 16 points. Old rules it took 231,000 commander XP to get 16 skill points. Now it will take only 222,000 to get 17 points. A 17 point captain has 294,000 now. That's only 6,000 shy of the 300,000 required for a 19 point captain under the new rules. I'm still confused but realized that this table shows the amount of commander XP needed to get from your current skill level to the next one. It does NOT show the cumulative commander XP you needed to get that 16 point captain you needed for Kiev. There are some numbers which look random to me but must make sense to someone: 224,100 and 120,100. It seems that they relate to cumulative commander XP. I have a number of 15, 16, 17 and 18 point Commanders. I set specific goals for specific ships and worked hard to achieve those goals. Minekaze was my first 15-point captain and boy did it make a difference to get concealment down to 5.4 km. It used to take 15 points to maximize your Bismarck's secondaries with BFT, AFT and manual secondaries. Now you can do it with only 14 points. However, you actually need 17 points to get on par with your old 15-point build which included either Vigilance or Superintendent. In practice, you'll probably give up BFT until that 17th point because the other 3-point skills are more vital. Unless you hate planes even more than DD torps. Sorry for rambling. I started this post much earlier today and realized I had misunderstood the table when I came back.
  9. Since the skill distribution setup was changed, I can't redistribute any of the captain skills. The skills are there from before, marked on the uniforms as 3/3 or 6/6 etc. but when I pick the new skills then hit redistribute, the game takes my gold but does not give the captain the skills. What am I doing wrong, or is it a glitch? Can I get my 12 gold back? Help
  10. So I just had an idea for a low tier captain skill: "Down with the Ship." With this skill, your captain will go down with your ship, allowing your ship to still spot enemies until your ship is completely submerged underwater. I think this would be a cool skill 1) because it could be a serious game changer and 2) it could be useful for those "yolo" DDs that run straight out and die quickly. With that being said, I don't think this skill would endorse running out into enemies, it would just be a useful skill for those that really enjoy scouting. What are your thoughts?
  11. I Feel that a captain skill for being about to turn in a tighter, smaller circle should be an option. especially for all ships. let me know what you think?
  12. Hey all, I'm curious as to why the matchmaker only takes ship type and tier into account --- and not the skill of individual players at all? We have two (three?) databases of most players with their average damage, contribution, etc. For lower tiers, (1 - 5), it can be irrelevant. But there are HUGE skill gaps at T8 - T10 games; some players are just massively better than others, while some players are utter trash (relative). As it stands now, you can have a team of all trash and a team of all unicum. Why doesn't matchmaking take into account skill, in any way, whatsoever?
  13. Después de recibir diferentes mensajes a través de distintos medios preguntándome de los “skill tree” o Arboles de habilidades de capitán, pues es imposible hacer una guía “general” del asunto pero hablare en este tema del asunto en cuestión dividiendo dicha guía en 2 secciones, Novatos – Expertos , Este asunto no tiene término medio, bien vamos a ello. NOVATOSaquí veras tu skill tree una vez que tengas el lvl suficiente para contratar tu capitán, cada capitán que tengas estará sujeto a los skill’s que decidas subirle, por eso es importante no mesclar capitanes, es decir si tienes habilidades de aviones caza contra aviones enemigos, de nada servirán en un destructor. Por esa razón es muy importante que decidas que subir a tu capitán. Antes de empezar a usar el barco en el cual lo vas a destacar. Como podrás ver, no todas las habilidades funcionan igual o tienen el mismo costo, el costo varía de 1 a 5, puntos por habilidad y no puedes aprenderlas en el orden que quieras, para poder dominar una habilidad superior, debes dominar una inferior. Es decir si quieres usar una habilidad que pida 5 puntos, antes debes dominar una habilidad de 4, una de 3, una de 2 y una de 1. No te explicaré que hace cada habilidad, míralas directamente en el juego (Las habilidades están sujetas a cambios si Wargaming lo considera pertinente) por esa razón de una manera más lógica, pídeme un skill tree, de acuerdo a un buque en particular y yo te daré el mejor skill tree posible para ese barco.EXPERTOSExiste un máximo de lvl para el capitán y es lvl 20. Es decir tienes 19 skill point’s para distribuir en tu skill tree. Por esa razón es muy útil distribuir los puntos de acuerdo al barco en el cual colocaras a tu capitán.IMPORTANTE: así uses cruceros del mismo país, no significa que el skill tree funcionara igual en todos los barcos, ya te explique cada barco es distinto y hay que atender distintas características.también recuerda, que solo puedes exportar capitanes a otras naves, siempre y cuando sean del mismo país del capitán, así que tienes 2 opciones subir un skill tree desde 0 en el barco de tu preferencia, o ir subiendo el skill tree y luego exportar el capitán a tu barco de preferencia.Si aún no te quedan las cosas claras pregunta, si quieres el skill tree de un barco en específico pídemelo y gentilmente lo elaborare.Recuerda que el “skill tree” puede ser diferente a la recomendaciones de otros jugadores, comunidades, etc. Este es un servicio para los jugadores de mi parte.Suerte! Y mares justos.
  14. Hello there, two questions: Basic firing training works up to 139mm cal of main battery and secondaries. Does the 139mm rule also apply to the secondaries or only the main guns? Which skills do you think are the best for your German battleship commander? Cheerio
  15. I just got out of a string of games today with some truly godawful CV drivers, and I encounter them every day, game after game. Today I finally reached my limit. The game that made me stop playing tonight hosted an Essex with a 40% win rate after 90 games and 29K average damage -- he had been 41% in Ranger and 42% in Lexington with over 300 combined games -- team after team screwed by his incompetent play, yet apparently, nary a qualm about continuing. Before that, we had the joy of a Lex with a 37% win rate and 19K average damage -- yes, 19K -- after over 250 games in that ship. And before that... but you get the drift. Fixing the CV interface is only half the battle. Something has to be done about the terrible quality of CV play, because the game is pretty much lost when a CV of that poor quality loads in. What if we... ... put an experience threshold: no operating a CV until you have 1500 games under your belt and at least 500 games in each of the other three ship types, or something similar. Some of the people I have seen playing high tier CVs have less than 800 games overall, with (understandably) pathetic win rates. That should be impossible. Such an experience threshold would also make it more difficult to bot CVs... ... fixed the MM so that CVs are matched by win rate or average damage or overall games in CVs or some weighted combination of both/all three, so that at least it is noob vs noob rather than noob vs unicum. Others have pointed out in the many posts on "balancing CVs" that the latter situation is a discouraging problem for new captains. ... some kind of mentoring system? Players who purchase a T4 CV are somehow referred to an experienced player who is donating time (and is rewarded with in-game items like gift ships, flags, credits, premium time...). The mentor can enter the game in voice chat without a ship but divisioned with the newbie driver to walk new CV drivers through the task of operating their ships and winning with regularity. It would be awesome to set up such a system for any type of ship at any level, but it would especially useful for CVs... minimum when the CV is purchased, the game really ought to send a reminder to view the many videos on the internet of how to play the ship. I suspect many newbies are unaware of these resources. What is to be done?
  16. As always there has been some debate on the validity of winrate as a quantifier for player ability. I'm going to try to break this down from both perspectives with examples for each, and then present a challenge to those of either side. (Make sure to read at least the bottom part) This is based on SOLO play. First Winrate is a matter of luck which a player largely has no control over. A single player makes up a total of 8.3% of a full team. Such a small number cannot have that much impact on the outcome of a match. No matter how good you are, you cannot carry an entire team of tomatoes to victory. As I like to say, "You can't save a team from itself." Example 1 Example 2 Second Winrate is generally a good indicator of a player's ability to contribute to the battle given a large enough sample size. A team is comprised of individuals. Each individual must perform his/her role to a certain level should the team expect victory. In other words, a team STILL relies on individual skill to achieve victory. A player who is dead weight to the team- if he/she yolo rushes and dies, AFKs, Teamkills etc. it reduces the teams effectiveness by 8.3%. On the other hand, having a player who punches above their weight, does double his/her damage, gets multiple kills is boosting the teams effectiveness in equal measure. Example 1 Example 2 It is safe to assume that over a large enough number of battles, an average player SHOULD attain a roughly 50% win rate, slightly lower due to draws. And while it is easy to say a more skilled player SHOULD have a higher win rate, fate can be a fickle mistress-or at least, in theory. A skilled player is measured by his/her ability to contribute to the positive outcome of a match, whether if its through reconnaissance, taking caps, dealing damage or otherwise. Again, what all these have in common is that they are necessary for a team to achieve victory. It stands to reason that if one player is doing more to contribute to victory then another player in any given match, the likelihood of the match being in favor of the first player is higher then that of the second. If win rate is not a valid metric for determining player skill, then you are left with everything else. Except that "everything else" all is done to achieve victory, and winrate SHOULD be correspondingly high relative to those other stats. There are of course extraneous circumstance- divisions, seal clubbing, overpowered ship, etc. But after a large enough sample size played over a variety of ships, this should for the most part even out. As with any Hypothesis, data is required to validate it. I feel that there is strong evidence to support the idea that winrate is indeed a factor of player skill- one can look over some of the top rated SOLO players and see that their damage, kills per battle, survival rate, hit rate etc. tends to be much higher then average. Vice versa, one may glance at players who may not be that skilled and see that their poor damage output, kills etc. has a distinct correlation with their win rate. But as with any Hypothesis, it is also important to see if there is anything that may CONTRADICT it. And thus we come to the challenge. (TLDR) To all players, both those who think that Winrate is a factor of skill, and those who think it is a factor of luck: The challenge I issue is to find players with a sufficiently large sample size of SOLO games played with overall stats that do NOT correspond with their winrate. Let's say at least 1500 SOLO battles, with winrates below 45% or above 55% that have stats which are opposite of the skill their winrate should theoretically show. I would say feel free to post the stats of this player if you find him/her though I'm not sure if it would qualify as naming and shaming. You could always just post a link to said players stats on warships today?
  17. All, as I’ve been spectating these forums I’ve seen a few people mention wanting to get better and have a mentoring program for World of Warships. I’ve also seen a negative view of statistics and unicum players who want nothing to do with helping the community – which isn’t true. So, I’ve decide to personally start a mini-mentoring program myself and see how it goes. The details are below. WHAT’S THE POINT? Mentoring programs have been a part of most online gaming communities to help players grow in understanding the game and the game mechanics. Every World of Warships player could use some help in an area or two. Sometimes, the solutions, or even the problems of a player’s play style are not immediately clear to the player concerned. The Mentor Program is aimed precisely at assisting such players. You’ll have the chance to go over game replays, play styles and game mechanics that may be hard to get a grasp on. The idea of this program is for players to grow in their understanding and skill level in World of Warships by having access to higher skill players to use as a resource. Mentors Being a good player does not automatically qualify you as a mentor. You must also be wise and patient. There is no good way to describe a good mentor as there are many different approaches and human personalities. Your top priority should be keeping the Mentee engaged and willing to learn. Some ideas to be a successful mentor: Watch game replays of your Mentee and write/discuss key points in the replay where the Mentee went wrong. Division with your Mentee and walk them through the progression of a match. Provide strategy material in the form of reviews, videos or other informational types of game mechanics. Mentees You’ll be pairing up with a more experienced player who will be your Mentor. The idea is that you will improve faster and advance to new levels of play, beyond anything you would have been capable of achieving alone in the same time frame! It is also not entirely uncommon to develop a steadfast friendship and division partner, as an outcome of this Mentor Program. Remember, every player could improve in World of Warships! HOW LONG IS IT? There is no time frame on mentoring; however I suspect that this could last for a couple months. This will be at the discernment of the Mentor and the Mentee. The Mentee is encouraged to have a goal in mind when starting the Mentoring program (this should not be something like “I want to reach tier 10”) and be realistic and validated by the Mentor. HOW DO I APPLY? Community participation will dictate how the application process goes. However, I personally would like to mentor 2 players. Mentors If you would like to sign up as a Mentor please fill out the following information and post in this thread. Note: for the ship types below, please list your solo-random battle WTR from Enter your current solo-random battle WTR for the following ship types (place N/A where not interested in mentoring). Battleships:Cruisers:Destroyers:Aircraft Carriers:Your Time zone (Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific) : Mostly play on (weekdays, weekends – please specify a time):Max Number of Mentees:Do You Require a Microphone?:Any Other Request: Mentees Enter your current solo-random battle from WTR for the following ship types (place N/A where not interested in mentoring). Please note, signing up does not guarantee a Mentor. Battleships:Cruisers:Destroyers:Aircraft Carriers: Your goal for this program:Your Time zone (Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific) : Mostly play on (weekdays, weekends – please specify a time):Do You Have a Microphone?:Any Other Request: HOW DOES IT WORK? Mentees will be paired with a Mentor and the finalized list will be posted. I will do my best to pair people with others in appropriate time zones, but I cannot guarantee to always find the most convenient solution. Once the list is finalized and posted, the Mentor will reach out to the Mentee about how they will communicate. The program lasts for as long as both sides want and ultimately, it is all down to effort made by the participants. Most Mentors will want to review losses, rather than wins, so Mentees must be prepared for that. There is no gain without pain. Note: Depending on how much traction this gets, I have set up a slack channel for Mentors and Mentees to communicate via a web browser. Thank you, PM
  18. I dont know where all these cruiser and battleship captains who forgot how to move came from all of a sudden, but thank you. Best few days I've ever had playing my carriers.
  19. On my Warspite I have a captain with 5 free skill points. Are any of the level 5 skills worth taking? - At first I thought Manual Fire Control for Secondary Batteries might be good, but -15% dispersion seems a bit underwhelming, and I like being able to fire at multiple targets at once and the 'early detection' of close danger when the secondaries fire automatically. - Concealment Expert looks good, but I'm a battleship and wonder how often this would be helpful once I start firing. - Jack of all Trades seems like a valid option? - Something else or a combination of lower level skills? I currently have: Basic Fire Training, and Basics of Survivability, Expert Marksman, Superintendent, and Advanced Fire Training I'm also using the Secondary Battery Modification 2 module. Any advice the forum can give would be appreciated. Thanks.
  20. This skill "Advanced Firing Training", say "Extends firing range of main guns with a caliber up to and including 139mm. activating this skill, is not increasing the range of main guns ( I used this skill in my Warspite, the range it's the same 16,3km in combat). secondary guns yes(20%), and range of AA guns yes(20%). please developers, check that, thanks for everything. **** Content Moderated By Njourour.
  21. I want more ways to get more skill points other than playing forever with 1 ship to get 15points. I want your ideas and suggestions. how to make this either profitable or use premium ship XP which you can only convert it to free xp... or cut down on the steepness of how much XP is needed for each point.. anything would be gratefully appreciated. thank you.
  22. Before you choose a specific class or ship to play, it's important to know how forgiving it is and how much potential it has when you've learned its tricks. This can be loosely defined as "Skill floor" and "Skill ceiling". A ship with a lower skill floor will be extremely forgiving of mistakes. A ship with a lower skill ceiling limits your potential effectiveness in game even when you've mastered the ship. With that said, each and every ship, when helmed by a skilled individual, can make generalizations like the ones below pointless. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Battleships: Generally, battleships are the most forgiving since they have so much health. As such, they're a perfect way to be introduced to WoWs. However, their lack of mobility and their dependence on RNG lowers their potential a bit. -Low floor / low ceiling ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cruisers: Less forgiving than a battleship and not as stealthy as a destroyer, cruisers occasionally fill an awkward void in the current meta. Their skill floor is a little higher than a BB since you need to be even more situationally aware. These ships shouldn't act alone and are supposed to SUPPORT their comrades, not charge in and tank. The versatility and number of options with cruisers can be a strength, but it can also be a weakness if you don't know how to manage this versatility. -Medium floor / medium ceiling ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Destroyers: Since there are 3 flavors of destroyers, we can't lump them all in to a single category. In general, I'd say the IJN and RU DDs have the easiest playstyles because they have a specific role that you rarely deviate from. -IJN DDs are supposed to stay undetected and launch waves of torpedoes, although their effectiveness is often dependent on incompetent enemies. -On the other hand, RU DDs will always be detected, and you'll be mashing that left mouse button for the duration of the match. Their contribution to the game is slow and steady, whittling away at the enemy team for the duration of the game. -USN DDs fall between the two in their role. As such, you need to choose when to use your guns and when to use your torpedoes, both of which can be extremely effective. The average population seems to have difficulty balancing the role of USN DDs, hence the typically poor win rates. -RU DD: Medium floor/ High ceiling -IJN DD: Medium floor/ Medium ceiling -USN DD: High floor / High ceiling ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carriers: Carriers easily have the highest skill floor. It has a steep learning curve and you'll have a bad day if you can't multitask and plan ahead (Macro-scale and micro-scale). It also has the highest skill ceiling as a result and rewards you commensurate with your skill. CVs can also be considered a force multiplier. While they can rarely carry a team by themselves, their presence and the skill of their captain can easily swing the tide of battle. -High floor / High ceiling ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. so, this new "final frontier" event: sorry wargaming, thats not going to work. with this new event, IF you get placed in the top of your team and win the battle (22-25) youll get 2.5x commander exp. if you win a battle (25-29), youll get +0.5x commander exp. i wonder, how much time do they think people are going to take to grind 1 point in their 18 skill captain we are not stupid, wargaming. first things first, not everyone is good you know, there actually are many people that dont always top the team or the top 3 every single match. second, even so, that doesnt change the fact that there are many people thatstill only have 1 tier 1 skill. besides, that doesnt change the fact that youre going to effectively harm other people that dont play that much (more casual players). also, that kinda forces us to play ships we dont want to play but we will be playing just so we can get that 1 point to solve your mistake (like playing that kagero with 300000 exp left to the next 1 point) and that 40% discount at respec? if there were people that still thought this was not a business play to make people pay money to respec, i guess there are no more if youre not getting it, take a look at this: edit: thanks to all our hard work (and by our, i mean not the ones who kept crying that we are entitled), everyone will be receiving 100 doubloons and skill reset will cost 1 doubloon per point (conditions apply). more info here (it also applies to NA:
  24. taking into consideration the upcoming changes in the next patch (0.5.9), we are NOT satisfied by your (wargamings) decision of automatically replacing the Situational Awareness skill, set to be given to all players by default, with the Basics of Survivability skill. we believe we should have the right to choose, and once that simply giving us 1 skill point regarding a tier 1 skill would disrupt the current skill system, we believe that we should be able to reset our skill points for free, given that the skill set to replace might not, and will not, satisfy everyone, and considering that a full skill reset was already done previously. thank you edit: thanks to all our hard work (and by our, i mean not the ones who kept crying that we are entitled), everyone will be receiving 100 doubloons and skill reset will cost 1 doubloon per point (conditions apply). more info here (it also applies to NA:
  25. Apologies for the trollish title, but as someone who used to irrationally believe skill in WoWs was a lie; I offer this small example otherwise; Captain placed in Sampson because he was in reserve, and that was the first open slot as I made sure all my captains were ready for the update tomorrow. Ex Arizona premium captain, ZERO skill points, and the 600 xp penalty for retraining. I'm sure some super-unicum DD driver out there would have done lots better. Certainly, this is not even my best game in Sampson; but considering the absolute team meltdown that occurred, if this had been when I first bought the Sampson? More likely I would have flat out panicked, and wound up in LAST place, and not first. Yeah, I crashed into some guys... Still have a problem with that... Considering also I don't think I'm that great a player, I can only shake my head when things like this happen... If there's any truth to the rumors MM tries to mix newer and older players together, I think all the real clubbers wound up on the other team this time... Wondered also how the enemy lost three ships, but my team only sank two... Guess there was a team-killer on the other side that made up the -1 from the team-kill.