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Found 4 results

  1. It's far, far worse than I thought. Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Dog. The upside is that my CV play is Super Unicum. Maybe the Big Doggie In The Sky is trying to tell me something. Now that I know that truly suck, I can move on to acceptance, and greatly reduce grind. I have a ten-point captain for my upcoming Ranger.
  2. Final8ty

    Just WOW.

    The lack of intelligent play is getting ever larger. So half the team don't leave spawn the other half lemming behind me to one cap. Game Over. So i fire up MMM to see why. EDIT: This version of MMM does not see my shima stats because of the amount of battles i have in it. My battle count under my avatar and my sig would not work if i hid my stats. New MMM thats show my shima just fine because. It's getting near impossible to find good players that i know to div with so at least i know got one other person in battle that has a clue on my team.
  3. I recently had to redistribute my captains skill points (HAD TO redistribute after the arcade CV planes gameplay disaster) . For some ships, the 1st skill point in a set is greyed out as an in-efficient skill for that ship. But even with 12-14 skill points, you can not pick the 2nd skill in a set if the first skill is greyed out UNTIL you have picked ANY 1 point skill, even one not in that group. For the Fletcher, in the support set, the two 1 point skills are greyed out since they both relate to airplanes. But the 2 point skill 'smoke screen expert' can not be picked until you pick any 1 point skill in any set. Once you pick a 1 skill point, even one not in that set, you can then choose 'smoke screen expert' or any other skill where the lower skill is greyed out. I fully realize that you can't pick a higher skill until you have picked the lower one, UNLESS that lower skill is greyed out. The way a skill can be selected if the previous skill is greyed out is not consistent. To replicate, redistribute a Fletcher captains skills. Try to select 'smoke screen expert' or 'torpedo acceleration' as the first pick. Both have the previous skill greyed out. But pick the first skill from the endurance set, and then either smoke screen expert or torpedo acceleration can be picked if you have the points left. If you only have 9 points and want to get to concealment expert, you should only need 9 skill points for a Fletcher; 'last gasp' is greyed out. But the 2 point skill 'last stand' can't be picked. You have to 'burn' a point whether you want to or not before you can pick 'last stand'. Even though there are only 9 points to get to the concealment expert, you need to spend 10 to get it.