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Found 11 results

  1. So, vompat at reddit made this thread calculating the actual nerf to secondaries. As usual, when WG says 10%, you should always assume it is worse. TL;DR: GK has now 59% worse accuracy. Republiqué has 162% worse accuracy
  2. From a Reddit thread on the subject. Not touching the Flamu part. I thought the info was announced from a WG CIS stream and there were RU speakers aside from Flamu that confirmed this? This is a bit worrying considering the response on skill tweaks left things vague; shortly can mean anything from a few days to a few months.
  3. If I am not mistaken, today completes 4 weeks of absolute silence on WG's part since they had mentioned during an official streaming there would be an official announcement on what plans they have for deadeye. Also, more than 60 days has passed since the awful patch 0.10.0 dropped with the skill rebork and not a single word so far from anyone at WG. I wonder for how much longer they will remain silent, because that complete lack of communication doesn't help one bit. It seems they are only interested in dropping paper Premium ships one after another with any consideration for balancing.
  4. Using what skills exist now I'm hoping to find input on how players are best using their top tier secondary brawler ships in the new meta. Over the last few weeks, whenever I see someone driving a top tier secondary ship I go check their stats after the match to see if anyone is having consistent success at high tier with secondary builds now. And while there are plenty of players who are doing well with the Mass and even the Biz still, I'm not seeing many players who are doing as well or better at tiers 9 & 10 with secondary build ships. Obviously newer players who didn't have a lot of matches in a ship might have improved just by learning the game more fully (my own stats in the Scharnhorst show that big time, because I was so baaaad early on with her.) But I would like to know if there are folks out there who showed success over a good number of battles before 10.0 with a secondary build, who have been able to find similar or greater success now after the rework. And please define "success" however you want, I don't want folks thinking they need to be some 65% w/r unicum to share their successes and improvements. As to what ships, I have them all - but I'm especially curious about 7 ships in particular: German top tier ships: Pomm, FDG, GK, but I'm also the Siegfried, even the Agir now - as the Agir has better secondaries than the Siegfried since 10.0 I'd also be happy to hear about the top tier American options: Georgia & Ohio. I know there are folks who report success with secondary builds on other ships well - the Montana, Thunderer and Richlieu; but I'm focused on info about the more traditional ships that were sold by WG as good secondary brawling options for the players. If you're having great secondary brawling luck with something irregular, by all means feel free to share, there's more than 1 way to climb a mountain. I'm going to write up my own ship experiences and post it as a reply in a bit - but I didn't want to make this main post about my feedback. I'm no unicum player, and though I have a LOT of battles in secondary ships, I definitely don't want to bias the replies with my successes and struggles since 10.0 So... what skills & equipment are working for you?
  5. I am seeking opinions on a new captain/ship build archetype for cruisers that has emerged from the captain skill rework. For those of you who don't already know, there is a bit of a fad build going around for some cruisers that goes against traditional wisdom for how to run a ship in the game in the name of boosting reload rate and damage output. There are some people running this kind of build on almost every cruiser line, although much like the over-hype with Dead Eye and battleships, playing this new style can take a ship right out of its ability to affect wins and losses in the name of damage farming. For those of you who don't already know what I am talking about, this new archetype is known as "Anti-Concealment". The premise of Anti-Concealment is to always have the Top Grade Gunner skill engaged as long as any enemy ships are visible within the firing range of your main battery. To do this, you have to make your concealment bad. Really bad. Unfathomably bad. Holy crap, I can see that cruiser from orbit bad. This is done in three ways. 1) Take the skill "Heavy HE and SAP shells" as this not only provides a damage boost to the HE, it also provides a concealment penalty on any cruiser with guns above 149mm. 2) Do not take Concealment Expert. You want to be seen, and the four points will go elsewhere. 3) Do not take the concealment module in slot 5. There are 2-3 better options if you are running anti-concealment, including going double rudder shift, taking the module that provides extra consumable time for engine boost and main battery reload boost, or even the UU for Henri IV. Once these three things are in place, you are left with a cruiser that could not sneak up on Helen Keller, but can rain down large amounts of HE or SAP damage at very long range very quickly. I have already had some brain storming with some really good players about the pros and cons about this build, and concluded that with most cruiser lines in the big picture, it usually is not worth running this build. If you are a cruiser with radar, or any kind of smoke, your ability to affect cap presence is just too important to sacrifice in the name of damage farming, so American, Russian, British light, and Italian cruisers are a big no for this kind of build. Japanese cruisers are as stealthy as some destroyers, and with their low HP pool, it isn't worth sacrificing to this kind of build (Although Yoshino may be an exception). Germans and British heavies are almost interesting, except they have shorter gun range, and running this kind of build wastes their awesome hydro and ability to hunt destroyers with it, not to mention makes them even more vulnerable to Dead Eye in the current meta. This leaves only French cruisers, and they may be the champions of this unusual new build. They have long range, great speed, good turning, outstanding DPM, and really nave no cap presence to lose in the first place. They are the best cruisers at damage farming already, and this build may take them to another level. The question is: Is it worth going over the top for damage farming in French cruisers, or is it better to stay more traditional to maintain the ability to drop off concealment from time to time? What are your opinions? Do any of you like running anti-concealment?
  6. Hello, I am trying to find good captain builds for my Alaska/Aegir/Azuma/Yoshino/Kronshtadt and am having minor difficulties. CE and Superintendent and standard on everything I play that can take them. The heavy AP shells skill seems good, as well as Grease the Gears and Adrenaline Rush. Is there any advice out there for good builds?
  7. Seems like every torp causes flooding now, even with fire prevention it's more common to have 2 and 3 catch anytime you push up. We can complain about Deadeye causing camping BBs, but the other BB styles that used to work was secondaries. Now, if you try to get your secondary ship up to do any actual tanking and support of caps you're just going to be a hot flooding mess, and fast. The more I look over the skill choices, the goal was simple - sink ships more easily, and make battles MUCH faster. Of course there's a reaction to the enormous increase in vulnerability, and that's to stay further away so you can dodge or if you do move up make sure you camp really tight on an island. They've really taken a huge step backwards with what was interesting about this game for me. There's plenty of games out there to go YOLO and respawn, WoWS was one that didn't reward and encourage that... at least before 10.0
  8. Good: Each commander gets separate skills for section for each ship type. This should allow some variety The above applies to Unique Commanders as well, making it easier to use them. Again, unique commanders with previously incompatible bonuses can put them to good use in different classes. Increased amount of skill points. Could give more room to expand on skills. Non 21 point Commanders still earn ECXP. Could somewhat offset the larger amount of CXP you have to earn. You can dismiss Commanders to get back some ECXP. See above. Reduced amount of CXP to retrain Commanders. Reductions in costs are always welcome.... Provided there's no caveat. A bit more specialized selection of skills instead of some more prevalent cookie cutter builds that exist now. It's pretty true and not all too bad to shake things up a bit Sounds pretty good so far now right? Let's get onto the bad and very ugly now. Bad: As commander retraining now costs half the amount of XP, the ability to accelerate retraining time using credits was removed. You just get the 50% option for 200k credits automatically basically, but now you deal with 21 points, not 19. Your 19 point Commander is elite no more, meaning there is a huge amount of CXP you have to grind yet again to max him out. Tech tree ship Commanders have to still be retrained. You practically get full benefit out of the separate skills for each ship type only through premium ships. Certain super cruisers that favoured unique builds (like secondary Siegfried) are unable to benefit. A skill revamp that would allow ships to follow deeper specializations doesn't allow unique builds Certain CLs with DD caliber main battery can no longer benefit from skills such as AFT and BFT. Aside from Smolensk most of these aren't broken, meaning these changes further nerf them. Very ugly: As far as I know there hasn't been any real testing on the proposed changes, yet they are planned to be the first patch of 2021. To expand there are other fronts which are still open such as CV balance and the potential of subs. Keep in mind that if and when subs will make it into the game there will be another skill revamp. WG is unable to address current issues quickly and efficiently, yet are supposed to be able to tackle multiple problems in two months? A single month of free respecs, while seemingly enough, isn't really much. With an already fragile balance that could easily change in the near future there should be more time allowed for respecs, especially considering the massive skill changes. A skill rework done with the purpose of adressing that: Yet actively bars classes from picking skills other than the ones on their class section. I hope I'm not the only one who sees the irony in this. Players with multiple 19 point Commanders that weren't hard to get once you got 3-4 rolling will have to do insane grinds to be able to max skills again, or blow through millions of ECXP. Potential solution and verdict: Want to get real feedback? For two weeks update the whole game or a specific server to use the skill revamp, then obtain actual feedback by actual surveys from all the players. Use premium time/doubloons, I don't know as a reward, but also get large scale responses, not something like: Which was probably less than 5% of the playerbase on forums and something similar on reddit. As it is, my verdict is:
  9. I have seen a lot of people complaining about the lack of survivability skills available to cruisers in the upcoming skill rework's initial design. Basically, it would mean that cruisers would be unable to take things like fire prevention or basics of survivability. It severely nerfs ships like Stalingrad, Puerto Rico, and Petro. The light cruisers are also affected do to lack of advantageous skill choices. I believe this is actually good for the game, as long as WG sticks to their guns and doesn't give anything here, especially for the super cruisers. Think about how much super cruisers are overwhelmingly preferred in clan battles. With a powerful universal nerf to them like this, it may make other cruisers usable again. As for light cruisers, they are largely the source of one of the more complained about elements of the game right now: HE spam. This may be a way to decrease that spam from happening. Let the flaming now begin...
  10. The upcoming skill rework looks interesting, and there are a lot of good things in it, but there is one huge question that hasn't been answered yet. What will the effect of the skill rework be on the static abilities of the special captains in the game? For my examples in this thread, I will confine myself to using US commanders and ships, even though these questions will also be valid for other nations. A new feature of the skill rework is that each captain will get seperate trees to train for each ship type, meaning that they can have up to 21 points in every ship type at once. The only restriction is that they can still only be specialized to one tech tree ships. This creates two effects. As an example, my William Halsey captain currently has 16 points and is strongest on the tech tree cruiser Des Moines. His current static skills are improved versions of Expert Marksman and Expert Loader. If he is still strongest on Des Moines after the rework, I can keep him on Des Moines as his primary ship, as well as still be highly effective on Alaska and Indianapolis. I can at the same time also have him be 16 points on a ship of a different type, for example, Enterprise, which is going to want to be slightly skill different from the tech tree Midway. The first effect is that we can use one of our top level captains as a specialized captain for a ship of a different type from their tech tree specialization. The second effect is that effectiveness of specialized premium ships will become for more improved because of this mechanic, especially when you consider the US tech tree currently is about to have 6 different lines requiring 6 top of the line captains. Another benefit is that we will be able to specialize some ships more than we already had. Currently, I also use Halsey on my Salem, but with the skill rework, I will be able to seperate my personal Salem playstyle from Des Moines even more, as now I will be able to take another captain, such as my 19 point Midway captain, and specialize him for an Anti Aircraft build Salem as well as make him a 19 point specialized captain for secondary intensive Massachusetts. Now the really fun question is, will Halsey get new specializations for CV? That would bring him far more in line with the historical William Halsey. Remember, this is only one nation I am talking about. These questions apply to many of the other nations as well. How long will it be until we hear about the changes to the special commanders as part of this rework?
  11. So I've spent the last couple of hours bashing my head against my keyboard figuring out how a few theoretical builds with the new Captain Skill Rework 2.0 would work. I'm a weird guy so these probably won't appeal to a lot of people but here's what I've managed to come up with (with the initial versions of the skills that is, this is all prone to change). - Secondary Focus BB: - "Standard" BB: - "Standard" Cruiser: - IFHE cruiser with Demoman example: - "Standard" DD: - Full long range gunboat DD without the new BFT: Sorry that it's such a long post, just me coming up with wild ideas, all of these could be tweaked a lot more, especially the DD ones, just my initial thoughts with these preliminary skill stats. Have fun theory crafting with these insane new skills, while there's a lot of questionable things in this rework personally I look forward to testing this insanity when it comes to PT. Also don't ask me about CV builds, I don't know jack squat about them lol. - Saidalphon