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Found 4 results

  1. I’ll summarize my big portion thought into a small digestible one. Should you only play ranked if you have a maxed out commander, or is any commander lvl sufficient? I ask this because it would seem you would be at a large statistical disadvantage if you go against people who do possess maxed commanders. If the chief isn’t called commander, apologies but I got squadron names on my mind at the moment but I thought I would ask.
  2. Please try and stay awake for a long bedtime story. Our family had twelve 19-point captains. These were top line captains earning Elite Commander XP to help create other top line captains. The Captains had not been worried about the 0.10.0 skill point changes. They would be able to put their unassigned skill points where they liked since this was a total and complete change from the Godfather. With the installation of 0.10.0 the 19-point captains were no longer top line captains and were unable to earn for the family. You do not earn and…. SHOCKED, how could they be toppled from power? What had they done wrong? The 19-point captains who could no longer earn were in fear. They asked the Godfather how they could earn for him and the family again. The Godfather said, “We’ve added a new method of obtaining Elite Commander XP – by dismissing unused commanders.” The 19-point captains were relieved and grateful to the Godfather. So what if a few underling commanders had to be “dismissed”, if they could earn and be safe again. The captains looked and found unassigned skill points scattered throughout the family. Almost all low-ranking captains had unassigned skill points assigned to them. Assigned, not in a pool of Elite XP, assigned to captains. Almost all captains under 10-points had double the unassigned skill points. The 19-point captains did not know how valuable these points the Godfather assigned to the underlings were. The 19-point captains found that it took 500,000 skill points to get to 20 and 700,000 more to get to 21. A total of twelve million points per 19-point captain. A lot of underlings were going to get “dismissed” but so be it. So, the “dismissing” began. WAIT, the Godfather wants a tribute for the right to obtain XP from the “dismissed” captain. What will we owe you asked the 19-point captains? “UP to 25% of the Commander XP, at the cost of 10 Credits for 1 XP.”. “UP to 100% of the Commander XP, at the cost of 1 doubloon per 110 XP.”, said the Godfather. The 19-point captains went to the Consigliere for help calculating the cost. 1,200,000 credits for each of the 12, but at 25% XP per captain… The Consigliere offered for someone else to do the math as his head began to ache. He knew there are not enough captains to sustain this in the family, probably not in many families. 12,000,000 using doubloons, but at 110 XP per Doubloon = 109,090 doubloons each. There are a dozen 19-point captains in this family. (12,000,000 / 110 x 12 = 1,309,090 Doubloons) The Consigliere did not say this out loud, only thought it. THESE WERE TOP OF THE LINE EARNERS, NOW THEY ARE NOTHING. MEANWHILE THE GODFATHER GAVE UNASSIGNED SKILL POINTS OUT LIKE SNOWFLAKES ON A WINTER’S NIGHT. WOULD NOT THOSE HAVE BEEN BETTER SERVED IN A POOL OF ELITE COMMANDER XP FOR EACH FAMILY TO DECIDE HOW TO USE. BESIDES THE TRIBUTES ARE TOO EXPENSIVE AND SHOULD HAVE A FREE PERIOD… Suddenly a chill ran up the Consigliere spine! What if the Godfather’s enforcers could read his mind and have him “Unassigned”?
  3. WOWS HAS STOLEN FROM ITS PLAYER BASE If you had captains with “Undistributed skill points”, WOWS HAS STOLEN FROM YOU. Demand your account be compensated one (1) Doubloons for per every 110 XP of the Undistributed skill points when version 0.10.0 went live. Those “Undistributed skill points” are Elite Commander XP. This should be a large pool of Elite Commander XP that you could use to turn your 19-point captains into 21-point captains or any way you choose. Instead, WOWS is holding it hostage by assigning it to a captain. This act has taken away your right to use it on the captain of your choice. The only way to regain the “Undistributed skill points” is a method that cost money in the form of Doubloons, dismissing the captain. WOWS has assigned the value of an “Undistributed skill point” to be 1 “Doubloon” per every 110 of XP.
  4. Cpt_Snafu_Idgaf

    AL Captains & Skill points

    Is there a way to bolden the numbers that show how many skill points a Captain has? If I have the AL Captains enabled they're impossible to read. They blend in with all of them. I'd just disable them but I wanted to use the free camo on my Montpelier.