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Found 1 result

  1. Incendiary_Tanker

    Incendiary's Drawings

    So while combing through my huge stack of old drawings I found a few gems that I thought I had lost. I was looking for some inspiration as I'm hitting blocks in drawing Olympic. (The Titanic Sisters are my current project) Of the 25 or so finished ones, not counting basic sketches I found two of the best. There's probably some more in there... Idk its quite the stack. It's a shame I don't have my old line drawings of ships anymore. Here we have Kunimi from one of my earliest post, drawn in the kancolle style. I rather like this one. And is probably one of my better 80% body drawings. This one was going to be a menu title for an upcoming game I'm coding. But I haven't gotten far in it's story. It was to be a follow up after I finish my original 2 story arcs. The character was drawn as in for anatomy practice, but I just threw in the background for fun and well here you go. You know while looking at this, a lot of my OC's have K as the first letter in their name. We have Kunimi, Katsumi, Kathe, Kutuzov... Hmm interesting. Mhmm, no matter. I think I might use this post as a place to throw up my art work. It's better to have a storing place for them all. Kek. Plus you guys can help judge them~