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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all, Here are my recommendations for your grind through Silver Ranked! A couple reminders: 1. Yes there are ships you can't get anymore on this, people can still get them in Santa Crates, and to ignore ships because they aren't available doesn't help. 2. There may be ships you disagree with, that's fine! I try to find a ship for everyone in the game no matter who they are. 3. If you think I missed a ship, let me know! I can't add it to this video, but I'm always happy to consider other ships for the future!
  2. Let's lay out some unspoken basics. Tiers 9-10 are designed to make the average player who is below or at the average win rate (48% now) to lose money consistently. Unless you are having big baller games, every game, you need the permanent camouflage for the ship. This reduces the expenses for the ships to sustainable levels. TLDR; Unless you are a unicum, you're going to slowly starve of silver at T9-T10. Let's talk about the lower tiers. specifically several ships that have extra special camouflages with some of the highest income earning in the game. (That you can still buy into) 20% for the kobayashi camouflages. This is on Roma, Kii, and Ashitaka. They however cost an astounding 7000 doubloons. It's not unusual to make 750K silver per game in ashitaka, so if you really like Kii, Roma, or Ashitaka, it might be worth the $35 investment to always have abundant silver. 35% more credits for the "National" camouflages. Far more affordable. 5000 doubloons Available for Warspite, Shinonome, and the just now unavailable Graf Spee. Shinonome is still free, and is a very powerful destroyer, so it's possible to spend only $20 to unlock an "atm" ship. The higher tier the enemy is, the more you make, so damaging a T8 ship makes more than killing someone of the same tier. Warspite has been powercrept recently, but the stealthy shinonome is still a potent menace, with some of the best IJN destroyer guns (that no one uses..) As the tier is much lower, a typical game in warspite would be 500K silver. Not bad if you plan on finishing all the lower tiers before pushing to T9-T10. TLDR; If you have almost no money to spend, the free Shinonome premium with national camouflage is a powerful credit earner. If you want to play T9-T10 all the time, you need premium time and a premium ship camouflage to not worry about silver starvation.
  3. It was either sheer luck or applied skill that turned this game around. Playing a ranked match on Northern Waters in Silver League we make a comeback from being triple capped.