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Found 12 results

  1. I know many have had better games in the Missouri, but I had the good fortune of hitting a really productive game when I was loaded for bear on the silver front. Missouri Zulu, Wyvern, and the three new credit flags (+20%, +50%. +30%, +20% +20%) Gamescon camo (+50%) Premium time I think this is the highest possible silver configuration. This was the result. It's probably about 1M higher than I've ever done since I really lucked out with the loadout (this was for one of the RN missions). There must be some 3M games out there with the new flags. Can 4M be done in a 20 minute battle?
  2. So Now I'm A Very Poor Admiral...

    After buying Ognevoi and upgrading her a bit, here's what's left:
  3. Where's My Money, Mo'?

    Disclaimer: this is not a complaint about the Missouri (I got her last Christmas and love playing her), but rather an inquiry. I've seen all those screenshots and talk about how a good game with Missouri can easily net over 1 million silver, but is there something I'm missing? Even in my best game so far in Missouri (over 160k damage with confederate, first blood, and devastating strike) netted me only 426k which, when subtracted from service, ammunition, and consumables cost, resulted in a 331k profit. Granted, that's still far more than any other ship would have made, but I'm mystified as to how some players manage to appear—at least—regularly gain over a million silver every round. With a 54% wr over 50 battles, I'd like to think that I'm, at least, not horrible with the ship. Is it signals, premium time, or something else that I'm missing? Or is it just confirmation bias? And while I'm at it, I might as well as for tips on how to improve my play in it; wouldn't want to disappoint this lovely lady.
  4. Synopsis: Most people have a limited number of high point captains and maximizing their uptime (availability) is key. So the idea is basically captains act like ships in operations minus the cooldown part. In Operations you can pay like 75K silver to use a ship on cooldown. In this scenario, you die early in a match, your high point captain is locked in to that battle for maybe 15+ more minutes. You pay like 50K silver and get that captain back to use on a different ship (national restrictions still apply, etc). This also slightly increases the value of premium ships since they would be the ones you could jump directly back in to the quickest (i.e. don't require retraining).
  5. Economics in WoW

    This is something that is slightly spoken about but not spelled out well. Income or Economics in WoW. To simplyfy a few things: Silver and Experience are earned by being in combat. The more you play, the more you earn. Experience and Silver are needed to advance to a higher level, improve your Captain skills, and purchase upgrades for available modules. A Premium account cost about $100 USD per year and will greatly increase the silver and exp you receive in battle. Doubloons are rarely earned or purchased. Doubloons can be used to reset or reorder the assigned skills on your Captain, move your captain to a new ship and get him (or her) fully qualified so all skills are 100% usable, buy additional slots, buy premium ships, etc. Now, there are those who play for free and try not to spend money for different reasons. For example, I am retired and live on a fixed income, so a premium account is a dream for me. For others, it is chicken feed. So where does the line cross for the premium and play for free players cross? I have recently upgraded to the US cruiser Tier 9 Baltimore (pre US cruiser split that is projected to happen in a few months) I earned a Premium account for getting 5 stars in an operation. So I launched a session, selected the Baltimore (you know the city that has more murders is a short time than any other city in the US - but I digress.....) So I got my but spanked. As Jingles would say, a serious paddling. So what happened? I lost silver, and quite a bit. This has happened to me to the US Tier 8 cruiser New Orleans, and did not loose much. So the balance is about Tier 7 on up. Silver is important. Experience to improve your captain and to advance to a new level is important. So becareful on how fast you advance with your tiers so that you can manage the economics of World of Warships to your advantage. My suggestions are: - Premium account is always a good thing if you can afford it. - Don't rush to advance to the next higher tier expecting things to go easier. You will find that you will face more experienced player to counter your advancement. - Manage your silver and doubloons well. Some may be easy to get, others are not. Wargaming is not a non-profit organization. It is a for profit organization. Every business need revinue to keep its doors open, pay for staff, upgrade the technology solution's of the product, etc. If you can afford a premium account, then do get one. It really makes things easier and more rewarding for you on your missions and operation. It also supports development of the game. Also purchasing doubloons can help you to transfer Captains, buy a premium ship, buy permanent camo, and so many other things. But for the rest of us who have our financial limitations, see where you max out on the economics, and enjoy the grind to get there (being careful about going beyond your economic limitations) So Happy Hunting to Y'all!
  6. Just want to say thanks to the organizers of Supremacy League, the donors, the refs, streamers, and of course the players and their teams. Another solid season, and exciting times watching teams joust for position. I think in many ways Supremacy League captures all of those critical parts that clan wars misses, and you really get a nice change during the week. As always learned a lot, found respect for a lot of clans, and made some friends along the way. Looking forward to what next season has in store.
  7. Is it possible to have negative credits, or does it just bottom out at 0 if you keep playing a high tier ship unprofitably? I'm just wondering.
  8. WG Plz Read Permanent Camo Proposal

    I'm sure I am not alone with buying a permanent camo for a ship on a whim when you first unlock a ship then looking back thinking "I wasted my freaking money on that I wish I hadn't got it" My idea is allow us to sell our permanent camo through the Inventory system for Silver. Add a nice are you sure you wish to to sell this its non refundable if you do sorta prompt and give us say half the doubloon value in silver. Wargaming made its money we don't feel as bad about having bought something we ended up not liking or not using. Seems like it would make enough people happy to be worth the relatively small amount of effort since the camo already shows up in the inventory its just not able to be sold.
  9. I just finished a tier 10 game and would like some input here (suggestions for devs.). Here are the details: Ship: Midway - took 0 ship damage but lost a total of 31 planes (which, I think, for a tier X match isn't awful). Dealt over 120K damage with 1 sunk. My team won. With Premium I received 140K silver + 5% modifier (added 7K) Service cost 180K plus ammunition resupply cost another 25K. Net is a whopping -58K I was expecting a net gain. Had our team lost or I didn't have premium I would understand. I see no incentive to play tier 10 now. We work our butts off getting to tier X and then have to pay to play it?? wth
  10. To Convert or Not to......

    Guys, I need your last minute help. Please see below: Have 3 TXs, and 12mill silver. I have 5,000 dubs I can convert for 7.5mill silver. But then I'd be just shy under a million to buy a 4th TX.
  11. What type of ship & Tier of ship is now Best moneymaker & Best EXP-maker?? How you set up your own ships is how you play, but what ship should I really be grinding out to??? Well lets see loved the Cleveland all the way thru the testing, Iowa was OP; and my god the wall of torpedoes poking holes after holes in those red juice tomatoes?? So here it is all those who played what is your 1st real focus grind going to be on?? I will be grinding out my favorite Cruiser's.
  12. making money vs exp

    so what is the best way to accumulate 1) silver 2) XP? ie getting citadel shots makes xp but sinking ships will make you more silver/money not so much which ship is best...it seems like i cant make any silver/money lately Thanx