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Found 11 results

  1. Is there a maximum number of signals, camos and flags you ccan have at one time? I ask because I am grinding low tiers and not using the camo, signals or flags yet. I just want to make sure they will just get stored and not lost when i win more of them.
  2. Ok, I know some of you know how to read the signal flags to decode the message. There are a LOT of signal flags on the PR and I'm sure someone put a message there. So if you swabbies can't read this, would someone point me to a book on signals please? I know a bunch of yahoos will post salty answers, but I am really looking to see if there is an actual message in this instead of salty smart A jokes.
  3. I'm trying to build FREE XP so am carrying the Papa Papa signal (additional 300% XP) and the Ouroboros signal (additional 777%) on my Alaska as seen in this screen shot of my port. But as you can see from the result screen, those benefits were not applied. Am I missing something?
  4. A total of 60 hits if you count overpens and such. She took first place though with a great team. Every one survived and all were complimented on a great battle. The Mutsu in Aegis is great fun, the torps are even usable a lot of times. 20190905_205926_PJSB506-Mutsu_37_Ridge.wowsreplay
  5. I am trying to decide what signals to give the Atlanta. I went to https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Atlanta but for some reason it does not list suggested signals like the other ships. I do not know how to notify the admin of the website to fix. So I am turning to the community. What are the 8 signals that you think work best with the Atlanta and why? Thank you for your answers!
  6. Wildcanadian1168

    Match making

    Anyone notice when ur prebattle setup on a ship effects the match making? i have tried several times fully signaled and premium consumables = match making places u with mostly 2 tier higher spread where ur the only tier 8 cruiser facing a mainly tier 10 battle for example and there’s double divisions on opposing side(none on your side), not sure if my description makes sense .i have tried running ship with 2 signals and no premium consumables = more often I was high tier and battles were closer matches. Just something I believe I have discovered I’m not slagging .
  7. Finally got annoyed enough to take the time to make a request for a change to the Game Client UI regarding how signals are mounted and dismounted. It seems as though the "WoWs Game Client User Interface" (UI) communicates with one or more servers each time a signal is mounted or demounted (dismounted). This appears to cause the time for switching from an "economy signal configuration" to a "performance/combat signal configuration" to be much longer than is necessary. For me, it takes ~30 seconds to "demount" 8 signals, and about the same (edited) a amount of time to mount 8 signals -- or about one minute to switch configurations (on a good day). I'm thinking that is approximately ten times longer than it should be. If at all possible, please consider the following changes to the UI's signal mounting/demounting mechanics: Provide a "demount all signals" button (or popup menu option/action) -- this may not be needed if the following changes are implemented. Allow signals to be "selected for mounting" and "unselected for demounting". Provide an "apply changes" button. This would allow any "final checks with the back-end database server" to be performed in essentially one transaction. Thank you for your consideration!
  8. I suggest Wargaming creates a season in which the matchmaking ocurrs first. Then, when the ships they are playing are revealed, there is a limited time where players can reorganize their captain skill build (these choices don't affect the general game, just aplly to this game in particular; only captains that are not retraining can compete on this one), modules, consumables, signals and camouflages. Why would it be fun? Less random things.
  9. Nothing new and the some of the same old critique and old question regarding combat signals - with the new Arsonal it's getting unbalanced to secure combat flags - I don't care for this new system at all and it's even harder now to secure combat flags with the unbalanced payouts and the new arsenal system. My coal is gone and coming off CLAN battles and now RANKED it's even more evident. Even if you elect to use Signals and Camo when opening your crates it is even more un-balanced than previously in the old setup. How about listening to your users and do the right thing? Let us get combat signals somehow besides the luck of the draw when opening crates and depleting coal. It's only the right thing to do.... Oh - and I get that part that everyone says if they are available easily then it defeats the purpose - figure it out - the balance is wrong now - please fix it. Thank you
  10. Is there a solution to this "Transaction Error"? I can't put on camo or signals.
  11. I was wondering, if I put on a Victor Luna signal and a India X-ray signal are their benefits stacked? Or am I wasting signals?