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Found 3 results

  1. Before it's lost to memory, here's what the achievements used to award before patch 0.10.4. This was a pain in the butt to find, so I figured I'd put it all in once place. You could only win these once in a 24 hour period. Heroic Achievements Confederate: 10x Zulu Hotel (Commander XP). Before patch 0.5.2, Confederate used to award 10x Equal Speed Charlie London instead. Dreadnought: 10x India Delta (Improved healing) High Calibre: 10x November Foxtrot (Faster consumable reload) Kraken Unleashed: 10x Equal Speed Charlie London (XP) Solo Warrior: 10x Papa Papa (Free XP) Witherer: 10x Victor Lima (Improved fire & flooding chance) Honourary Achievements AA Defence Expert: 10x November Echo Setteseven (Improved AA efficiency). Arsonist: 10x India X-ray (Improved fire chance, increased detonation risk) Clear Sky: 10x November Echo Setteseven (Improved AA efficiency). Later renamed "King of the Air" with CV rework and then removed. Close Quarter Expert: 10x Mike Yankee Soxisix (improved secondary range and rate of fire) Detonation: 10x Juliet Charlie (removes detonation chance) Devastating Strike: Never awarded signal flags. Die Hard: x10 Hotel Yankee(increased ramming damage done, reduced ramming damage received) Double Strike: x10 Sierra Mike (increased ship speed) Fireproof: x10 India Yankee (reduced fire duration) First Blood: x1 Zulu (Credits). Note this isn't a typo. You only got one. It's Just a Flesh Wound: x10 India Bravo Terrathree (reduced post-battle costs) Liquidator: x10 Juliet Whiskey Unaone (Improved flooding chance, increased detonation risk) Unsinkable: x10 Juliet Yankee Bissotwo (reduced flood duration) Signals that were never tied to an achievement: X-ray Papa Unaone (Increased smoke screen action time) Sierra Bravo (Increased Hydroacoustic Search and Defensive AA Fire duration).
  2. Elo_J_Fudpucker

    Signal Flag Menu - Suggestion

    I am sure I am not alone when I express frustration with the Signal Menu Interface... here is my suggestion... *(edit - to be clear the white boxes are check boxes, pick up to the max allowed and click mount all)