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Found 4 results

  1. Good day dear sirs. Rigth now I got almos 180k worth in carbon and 1 million in free XP I was considering waiting and save such resources for the Siegfried- Ägir. But recently, as you already now, WG is removig some ships form the armory, and i got a breif glimpse that perhaps, Gerogia-Alaska would be removed for simliar reasons. ¿Should I grab Georgia-Alaska and get later Siegfried- Ägir ? Tnx for your attention
  2. So, I saw the WIP premium cruiser Siegfried, and I was thinking, it looks a lot like the Fredrick Der Große. Is this perhaps a coincidence, is this intentional, or is there no connection between the two whatsoever? To me, it is kind of similar to the Scharnhorst and the Gneisenau in game. What I mean is, The Scharnhorst is somewhat lesser than the Gneisenau, while at the same time being a really good ship on its own. It is somewhat lesser than the Gneisenau because it has smaller guns, and having a harder time dealing with battleships. But it is better than the Gneisenau in the fact that it has more guns, better HE shells, and a shorter reload time. I don’t know how to compare the FDG to the Siegfried, but I am sure that there are some comparisons. One that I can immediately think of, is how the FDG is a battleship with more guns, while the Siegfried is a Cruiser with smaller guns. The FDG and the Siegfried also look similar. IDK about else, but the Siegfried looks like what I’d imagine the FDG would look like if it was a cruiser. Does anyone else share similar thoughts? Does anyone else’s opinions differ from mine? Does my opinion make sense? Please let me know what you think! Feel free to share you opinion!
  3. Kuramitsu

    No news on Siegfried

    How I feel right now.....I guess they scraped it.
  4. First - Smolenks I will not spend coal on. I think she is BAD for the game. 1) she may be OP 2) its another uninteresting HE spammer 3)Most importantly she is NOT fun to play against. So onto the question ... What happened to the Siegfried? I was excited for secondary based cruiser. Sounds like german fun. Last I heard she was under performing and then everything went dark. I honestly was saving my coal for her. As I want to get Friesland for freexp. She may be a HE spammer as well but with no torps, minimal range, high AA she sounds unique and fun. I am at the point I plan for the fun of a ship, not to be OP or dominate in a match. To me this is for fun.