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Found 4 results

  1. Was trying to be a good boy and grind up from the Hatsuharu, but I just couldn't stand playing that ship. Her guns were SO slow and anemic and her torps were slow and easily dodged that I knew that I couldn't grind her and keep my sanity. I used a bunch of my free XP and got into the Shira (and immediately sold the Hatsu). What a difference! She is a lower-tiered version of my Kagero without having to face so many Radar ships! Plus, her guns are useful and do damage. Having a blast so far. The Shira has the Type 7 Mod 2 fire control, type 90 Mod 1 torps, and the B hull. The upgrades are iChase recommended and I run I run the torpedo reload booster II consumable instead of smoke. My 12 pt captain's build is defensive in nature (PM, LS, AR, SI, CE). When you "cheat" and skip a ship, there is a danger that you won't properly learn the lessons that you were supposed to learn in the ship at the lower tier. What lessons do you think that I should concentrate on to make sure that there are no gaps in my experience with this line? Just so you know, my USN dd boats include the following: (Mahan, Sims, Benson, Kidd, Farragut, Gearing). MY IJN dd alternate line are the Fabuki and the Kagero (never liked the Akatsuki so I sold her). I have a few "specialty" dds (the LoYang and the Haida) that come out to play when I need their special talents. As far as Russian and German dds, just lower tier stuff so far. This Shira is a Kagero in disguise. Any suggestions, comments, etc. greatly appreciated. Battle replays furnished upon request.
  2. Mammoth_Tank_MKI

    [] Mammoth's retextures

    Hello! I've been making retextures for this game for a few years but never bothered to release any of them, I feel like my quality has gotten much better as of late and feel confident in releasing a few I've made, I hope you enjoy them! rust free Katori Katori.rar Yamakaze Historical scheme for Shiratsuyu. Yamakaze was wearing this scheme around the time she was torpedoed by USS Nautilus Yamakaze.rar Container ship "Kinugawa Maru", this can replace either the ingame liberty ship in operations, the container ship or both, if you don't want the container ship, delete the "locations" folder. If you don't want the Liberty ship, delete the "gameplay" folder. Kinugawa Maru.rar Battlecruiser Akagi akagi.rar Emile Bertin Emile Bertin These are recommended to be used with a camo remover and with historical flags. Big thank you to Tanz both for the idea and for the 25mm AA gun textures
  3. So I was trying to torp a target in a DD, specifically Shiratsuyu, but when I switched guns after torping an enemy, the game suddenly crashed to this error: The BigWorld Client has encountered an unhandled exception and must close (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION : 0xC0000005 @ 0x00EE9278) (Read @ 0x00000016) If this is any use: Memory info: Virtual memory: 2838876Kb/4194176Kb (68%) Working set (process physical memory): 1609776Kb/4194176Kb (38%) Commit charge (working set + process page file usage): 2305988Kb/4194176Kb (54%) Global physical memory: 7237404Kb/16664352Kb (43%) Global commitable memory (physical + pagefile): 13035928Kb/24528672Kb (54%) I had replays enabled. The only thing I found on this was an old post but they concluded it was a memory error. I'm not sure how it would apply in my case since I have 16GB ram and a GTX 960M (I play on laptop, a decently powerful one). PS I don't have a Shiratsuyu on NA server, that's on my SEA account but I'd post the bug report here for activity's sake. This error only started happening twice so far, while I was grinding up the IJN DDs with their torps. First time was literally yesterday.
  4. As some of you may know, Yuudachi is not only the source of Poi but the better known sister ship of Shiratsuyu in the weebish side of the community. Heres the thing; I am well aware that the people in charge of running/have ownership of the anime/game Kantai Collection seem very uninterested in allowing their product to be marketed outside of Japan, for one reason or another. It would seem that Wargaming and its staff are interested in catering to the weeb section of the community, and for that I am grateful, as I love anime and greatly enjoy the captains/camos/ships that have been offered since I joined, although a shame I missed out on the ARP ship events. However, I want to seriously, honestly request a ship I am sure many many of us weebs will most certainly purchase and enjoy, and that is the IJN Yuudachi. As many others before me have no doubt pointed out, Shiratsuyu as it exists today has less firepower than the Akatsuki and more torpedo power, despite being in the gunboat line - this works out perfectly for the addition of proposed Yuudachi. You could either change the Shiratsuyu to a gun boat, with worse torpedos and a better reload, OR add Yuudachi with a competitive gunboat reload and nerfed torps, and possibly add a special-to-the-line consumable! I'd also like to speak directly to Wargaming's staff, first of all thank you for a well done and detailed game. It really is unique and expansive, and despite so, so many players raging and being ungrateful, let's be honest; we all love the game to death and that's why we play it endlessly. Thank you for your service! About the ship, I spent a great deal of me wondering if Yuudachi would be added, and some things came to mind. First of which would be, how many people would have to want this ship in order for you (the development staff) to think of adding it? Secondly, is Wargaming holding back on adding Yuudachi in hope of a Kantai Collection collab at some point? If that is the case, please, I implore them not to do so. They could add the ship now, and I and many other weebs would still buy it, and if they happen to do a Kantai Collection collab in the future, simply put the camos/captains for sale and they would most certainly be highly appreciated. So, Community, players of World of Warships - what do you think of said gunboat Yuudachi? I look forward in hearing your thoughts. Lastly, lest I come off as self-important, I want to thank others who may have requested this ship in the past. Please, do consider adding it! POI