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Found 2 results

  1. Whenever you have launched new lines (while I've been playing,) you give us random crates and what not to get lucky and maybe get one of the T4-8 ships. Well, how about creating something where players can choose which ship to build and "earn" their way there. But here is the spin, let the player choose how hard it will be. Yes, you can sell doubloon crates to speed it up. Perhaps it is impossible to get to the tier 8 without spending some doubloons for a booster or two. Maybe it is nearly impossible to get the tier 7 without a boost. But the tier 6 or 5, well... if players really want to grind for them, by the end of the event they could. Maybe even the tier 5 would be easy to pickup for even a casual player. Or the tier 4, whatever you choose. But I think it would be a great way to use something your artists clearly worked hard on, and did a great job - adding it in a way that would allow us players to invest our time and money into getting a head start on a new tech tree. Since players would get to choose how much they want to push for one of the ships at the start, any struggle is self inflicted. And everyone would definitely be able to get at least something if they tried at all for it. Take out all the extreme randomness, let players choose to spend and grind, and reward those who do it. And we all get to see and use that beautiful shipyard you worked on as we work to build the ship we chose. If you want to add some randomness to it, let the premium that often comes along with the lines be the luck of the draw, better odds with premium crates of course. Anyway... that ship yard is too beautiful to let it just be a mothballed symbol of the Puerto Rico debacle.
  2. Yesterday, I had dental surgery. Not fun. Naturally, I used the game to keep myself distracted. The meds were not doing much good. So, I spent 14,000 doubloons on the first two boosts to build the Puerto Rico. I had played in the public tests, and knew I had to start early. It was only after this that I read the forums, and watched the video's. My pain tripled. Now, I have a huge sunk cost into building this ship, which I may, or may not, complete. Paying out more doubloons seems silly. I *have* completed my need to support the game for *quite* some time, in any case. So there. :) Note: the game client kindasorta deleted my first container of the daily reward. Just a hint about putting more time and money beyond "normal" into the game.