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Found 53 results

  1. I know they didnt get any news, neither people sees them, but today Lazo came back as also Molotov:
  2. Which should i grind for - Des Moines or Worcester??
  3. Another question i was trying to find an answer but couldnt find by my own. I woud like to understand if those ships are just premium temporary ships. I see a guy playing almost everyday his JEan Bart and he is still grinding from t5... He got it some time ago. I see some ruling the seas but i dont know how to get it. I saw news regarding 2018 about getting for coal. 1-Is there another way? 2-WG sold it for dobloons? 3-what happens to Missouri? same case? Musashi? 4-Which ones are the premium ships T8 or above removed from premium shop? what was their currency? 5-Are they like Black Friday ships? I seek enterprise and already beeing told she comes on Christmas crates, those too? 6- Are there more ships like these?
  4. The_Boss_007

    Invisible Ships

    I would like to ask everyone to join me in this. I can understand that if a ship is 15 or 20 or more Kts away or goes invisible at this distances. But 8Kts for a DD and Cruiser? To be able to fire at this same time. I would ask that NO one put any money into their hats (makers of this game), until this is fixed! As of now, I'm not. In fact, there are other facts that I would like to bring up as well. I think they money their asking for this ships, points or what ever you want to call them is way to high. If they gave more in points (in all 3 cats), after a battle it might be worth it. From this day forth, I'm not adding anymore money until their hats until they fix at leas the invisible ships thing. Thanks Dan
  5. The_Boss_007

    Premium Ships

    I've been given a few premium ships and first chance after playing them I got rid of them. I found then to be no use to the rest of my ships. But I do know a few other people told me I shouldn't have done that. This was a few months ago, and now I'm rethinking it again. So my question is, how do premium ships work? Meaning, how would they benefit the rest of my fleet? Thanks Dan
  6. Which one should i get?- Georgia or Thuderer.... I have enough for both.But im not sure which one to buy... Any advice??
  7. I've been thinking of spending my coal on getting Yoshino as my second tier 10 coal boat, Everyone I asked has been recommending me to get the Thunderer, but I don't feel like playing battleships anymore. So, is it still fun to play Yoshino in the current state of the game? I just want a really fun tier 10 ship like Smolensk and throw HE at everyone.
  8. So, yesterday WG removed Gorizia, Yudachi, Poltava and Cheshire, isnt there newcomers to the premium shop? Or some ships from the past? Usually the shop remains with less ships? There isnt a replacement?
  9. I don’t see what the big deal is. People on this forum in general are so angry. Other than lacking some historical accuracy, i think it’s a blast having another class in the game. Playing them, or playing against them has been no issue for me. What I do see is a lot of people not understanding the full mechanics regarding what they can and cannot do. Playing dds is very fun and now I have even more I can do. Subs being boring is a matter of personal opinion, because many have a lot of fun with them. I don’t think they should be locked to their own game mode permanently, but they should for now until final touches are in place. Im not saying that some things don’t need some changing or tweaking though. I’m saying the game isn’t “broken, busted, OP, useless, dying, etc”. All of these words pop up often every time something changes or is added to the game, or any other game out there. People hate change, and they don’t want to adapt. Personally, I think most people threatening to quit will not quit. Those that do are replaced by more new players that DO want subs. Probably more players than the one that quit too. I am not an OG alpha player. I migrated to Steam long ago, and my original account began when CV’s were more of an RTS style. I wasn’t upset through all of the changes then and I’m not going to start now because the meta is getting shaken up. I have spent a lot of money and supported this game because I have a lot of fun and appreciate the attention to detail, and I will continue doing so. If I was to give some constructive feedback though, it would go like this: 1. Although I have rarely had great opportunities to target BBs (too much other stuff to do in the match with higher priority while playing sub), I do think BBs need some self defense option. In those times that the end of the match results in a sub vs BB situation, the BB needs an ASW option such as a consumable. Perhaps an ASW plane that is NOT tied to current slot choices. All BBs would have one for the appropriate tier brackets. Heavy cruisers and other cruisers without depth charges should also have access to this consumable. 2. Hydroacoustic search should have a vertical detection along with lateral but not in its current form. We can use the classic German hydro of 5km as an example. It should be 5km lateral radius, with a 50m vertical detection that extends throughout its 5km radius. This way, the subs deep-dive consumable also has better use than its current form (51m-80m depth). 3. The sounds of the depth charges seem to have changed since PT. Please change it back. There’s no splashing, loud explosions, rumbles, etc anymore. They were perfect then. Now it’s too quiet. 4. The torpedo turn radius while acoustic homing is active is just a tad bit too tight. They should not turn quite that sharp. Subs should require a little more skill to be effective. 5. For the love of god, please add tracking to the sonar ping interface. It’s very disorienting, especially when underwater. Everyone else gets tracking to keep their crosshairs moving with the target, why shouldn’t the sub? 6. Subs need to be able to single fire torps. Not only for a bit of realism, but for strategy. 7. As far as camos, flags, and signals: In the current form, camos would be fine, but with T6 detectability as it is, they don’t need -10% detection. So, if you plan to have subs with this “baked-in” low detectability across all tiers, then introduce subtle camos with no detectability bonuses. Signals can look painted on the hull in the front, but very tiny. Flags too, but just a little bit bigger. 8. CVs need an ASW plane as well. This one is player controlled like the other planes in their squadrons. One plane at a time goes out with “the weapon”, controlled by player. The plane should have high hit points. This is really best used mid-late game to make sure the match isn’t drawn out, or the CV isn’t a sitting duck without defense options. If the plane is shot down, then tough break - fly another one out. The reason for this is so the submarine may also defend itself. The submarine should have a working AA mount (the one on the bridge). The model is there, so let’s use it. If the CV wants to focus a troublesome submarine, then that is less time the CV spends harassing other ships. I have some more ideas, but thought I would stop here to see how much love or hate I receive from the community before continuing. I’m interested in hearing thoughts on this.
  10. I have some newbro questions 1. If I buy premium time for World of Warships, will I get premium time for World of tanks from the same purchase? 2. If I want to buy a premium ship or premium ships to grind credits, which ones would you recommend? I am thinking Tirpitz or Massachusetts. 3. What is long range secondary build and how do you do it? 4. How do you avoid the torpedo walls from destroyers? 5. Are the tier IX and X premiums worth the money to help grind credits? 6. Is there a World of Warship site like tankgg? If you have any other advice for a newbro let me know. Thanks for your time and help.
  11. I've been watching the resource ships and have been pondering something. Why can't we get a CV coal ship premium? It would be nice to see something like this added to the armory for people to work for! Please do take it into consideration and give us CV mains something to work for as well.
  12. Navalpride33

    Hospital ships

    Since the majority of us are in our complex private prisons, I mean residence... Here is some interesting viewing You tube history concerning hospital ships... (Why do Canada get a bad wrap even with hospital ships)... For your lock down pleasure viewing...
  13. HeavenlyWind_


    Dear WarGaming, STOP NERFING THE GERMAN SHIPS!! Thank you.
  14. MaxMcKay

    Proof AAA works!

    If they are using Cap to warn about it then, and the advice is still sound now. :)
  15. HeavenlyWind_

    New Ribbon/Medal Idea

    There should honestly be a ribbon or medal for completely destroying a module, such as a turret or a torp tube. I know there's the incapacitation ribbons for temporarily disabling a module, but then there's the times where your turret or torp tube gets completely decommissioned and it can't be repaired or used for the rest of the match. There should be a separate ribbon/medal for that occasion. It would be cool and funny to know that you've just ruined someone's match lol
  16. HeavenlyWind_

    Lock-On Fix?

    There have been countless times where I've aimed at a ship and it locks on to the ship behind it. Then no matter how much I aim at my desired target, the lock-on sticks as long as the undesired ship, the one I'm locked onto somehow, is just about within frame. Happens a lot when I'm trying to torp too. Is there something that I'm missing in order to lock-on to my desired target every time or is the lock-on actually broken at times?
  17. Raven2303

    My Next Tier 10?

    I have gotten Yamato and GK, looking for another Tier 10 to grind to, I can buy Seattle. I do like accurate hard hitting guns but I don't mind trying something else, Any thoughts on what i should get to next?
  18. Hello everyone. It's been 4 years since I've joined this game, and 3 years since I've began posting in this forum. I'm amazed by how far this game has come, with an ever expanding fleet of ships to chose from, as well as premiums to match, and since I last made a post like this a few years ago, many of the ships in that poll are now in the game. Yet, as I'm sure there some of you out there (including myself) feel that while there many ships to choose from, and there are some that we wished were in the game that the good people at WG since added to the game, there are also some ships that we feel that WG should add to the game in the future. Either as Premiums or part of a future Tech tree sub-branch. I'm also interested in what you think which Tech Tree that WG should add into the game, whether it be one in the poll, or one that isn't that should. Feel free to answer the polls and write what you think in the comments. Good luck, and fair seas to you all!
  19. regopark

    Ship Acquisition

    I had suggested some time ago that a bulletin board be added to the game wherein players can either sell, or trade with other players, premium ships they have purchased and may no longer want. To go one step further, there could also be a way for players to "trade off" their premium ships for other premium ships of equal value (as per doubloons), or else sell back premium ships to the game for their total worth in doubloons. Additionally I have made the suggestion that credits can be used to purchase premium ships in the Armory since the game people have added a choice of using either credits or coal/steel in purchasing signals.
  20. I'm ignorant (ha. Redundant.) of how to have my Captains gain more points other than Capt. XP through battles. Is there not a method for moving one or more back and forth to Premium ships or something? Thanks.
  21. Me love da spreadsheets and working with the API. I made one that let's me input clan tags and look up the current progress of their players in ranked, what ships they used the most and their win rates. I entered several of the top NA and EU clans and this is where they stand at the moment.
  22. (Am on mobile so apologize in advance. Also new forum poster) The following follows the premise of a potential balance change of CVs being unable to spot unless enemy AA is on that is currently being tested. Introduction: It is safe to say that in the current state of World of Warships no one enjoys playing against CVs and not many players like them. No, no, keep reading. I am not saying CVs should be removed or nerfed to oblivion, rather, and this is controversy right here, perhaps more CVs would be a good thing? I will admit I am no unicum or even broke 1500 battles. I may not know what I am saying, but I plead to give the rest of this post a read and a chance. Support CVs? Where? Gladly. There are many CVs in WWII. And we already have models for CVs via the former odd tier CVs last seen during RTS CV. WG could use those for the support CVs. What would they do? Support CVs would be able to do things that other CVs would be unable to do. Think about massively diminished consumables on wings. If normal CVs are unable to spot, support CVs would be able to for example, according to old CV spotting. They could also potentially do other cool things like: drop diminished smoke, heal teammates, or even (though I do not like this idea) cap and contest objectives. They could even have them have better or reworked fighters or more fighters overall (imagine an AA cone in front of a fast plane or something while directly controlling it). Maybe the spotting planes for these hypothetical support CVs could also spot torps? Or maybe a hypothetical line of support CVs could have a gimmick like a short range hydro or something. Maybe a hypothetical support CV line could even have good armor and secondaries and AA to fulfill the role of a floating AA barge as a gimmick? Who knows? My ideas may be awful but I hope the concept is of merit. Sounds OP? Perhaps. Or not actually. I would imagine that support CVs would have massively diminished or a lack thereof of offensive capabilities barring secondary weapons. Maybe they would have 1 or 2 offensive DB squadrons or Rocket squadrons that reload slow and have low squadron size and speed? Who is this for/Who would play this? This is a CV, no, a ship, for the support player. The Mercy player in Overwatch games, the healer in your MMOs. The conscientious objector, the pacifist. It is for the people who live for the sake of the team and wish nothing but to help their team in more ways than sending ships to Davy Jones' Locker or players back to port. People who play this scream: "I want to help you!" We have all the archetypes of classes in WoWs, except support. How would this interact with current queue and balance changes regarding CVs? As of now, one glaring issue exists: 2 or 3 CVs could be in a game. I can forsee an unfun experience in those games be amplified even further with support CVs. However, should CVs be limited to only one ot at max two, this would be fairly balanced and decisive, forcing new strategies and teamplay. Example: if I have a support CV in a game rather than a conventional CV, expect the support CV to focus his efforts on keeping DDs alive and encouraging DDs to take more offensive actions by them knowing that another smoke or heal or a spot is one call away. Economy gain sounds awful for this. Certain ships in World of Warships gain credits and XP for actions. Refer to "How it Works. Economic: XP and Credits | World of Warships" YouTube video on World of Warships Official Channel's YouTube channel. Support CVs could get majorly increased XP and credit gain for spotting, using consumables to conceal friendly ships, healing friendly ships, etc. Tier progression? This line of CVs would be a split for the conventional CVs. CVs start at tier IV, then at Tier V, hypothetically, you can choose to get the first support CV or go onto tier VI with a new conventional CV. Support CVs would then be, in their line, odd tiered. I think this may produce more favorable matchmaking, though I am not sure. Open to criticism here. Support CVs sound like they suck compared to Midway or Haku or Lex. Tuning of course would be needed. But ideally, the support and conventional CVs would be even and capable within their tier to each other in effectiveness. Only that Support and Conventional CVs define effectiveness radically different than each other. You would not measure a fish's intelligence by its ability to climb a tree, so judge not the effectiveness of s support CV by its ability to kill. Ideally, they both should be equally effective BUT IN DIFFERENT WAYS. We should be removing CVs not adding more!!!1!11!1!1! REEeEEEEEEeeeeE!! My response: Uh. I used to think that. But now, if CVs cannot self spot, then I would inquire you to explore the possibility of changing your mind. You suck, look at your stats. You play RN BBs. Stop talking and your opinion does not matter. My response: Sorry. Those are all of the topics I could think of. Please let me know what you think, critiques or otherwise in a respectable and justifiable manner. We all like WoWs here, it is in all of our best interest to improve it. Edit 1: Historical Accuracy? World of Warships is a game where historical accuracy is an afterthought. Many ahistorical things exist like: Superheal, Main Battery accuracy for Battleships, and that in game, Carriers are underpowered compared to their real life equivalents. Balance came first before historical accuracy. Take a look at USN BB citadels for instance and IJN Long Lance torpedoes. While historical accuracy is important for the identity of the game, it would not be a compromise too far to add these ahistorical, hypothetical support CVs compared to previous actions done by Wargaming. @Sub_Octavian
  23. Spiderlife77

    Stalingrad or Bourgogne

    Hello commanders! I need a piece of advice - which ship is better to get for steel: Stalingrad or Bourgogne and why! First of all for Clan Battles, then for Ranked battles, Random - is on the third place.
  24. Found this channel and video a few days back, seems to have some neat content. USN dominates from spot 6 till 1, courtesy of the CVs.
  25. 3r22r


    Did anyone at WOW ever thought about flash sales, maybe a one day sale on ships, flags etc? Might attract people on a daily basis just to acces the game