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Found 65 results

  1. Is there a good way to see the ships in the tech tree in a way that shows 'this is your next best option' instead of country by country? I'm working on the Honorable Service Campaign, so it's a lot of Tier 8+ Cruiser work so far... I have over 110 ships, with 11 open slots, some regions are zero, others are up to Level X (e.g. Germany Hindenburg, and Italy C. Colombo) my current selections I can make: Japan Ibuki, Yugumo U.S. Baltimore, Benson, Kansas U.K. Icarus Pan-Asia Harbin still short on Netherlands Halland, Haarlem should I hold out on Halland, Haarlem? or get one of the above?
  2. I skimmed a post about Wargaming doing an HQ transfer, and I know everyone is narrowed in on the political stuff but will there be tons of discounts soon to cover their movement costs? Fire sales on ships, doubloons, packs. I ask since many of the shop items are expensive, and I hope they don't raise their prices. I understand that the price is based on a willingness to pay and not the reasonability of the item's worth when it comes to the ships, but it was on my mind. I understand it is odd to be openly penny-pinching, but if no one is going to ask, I'll be the one to do it.
  3. I have flags that clutter the flag space that I don't care for, I also have ships received through rewards that I don't like or want. I want the ability to remove or sell those items.
  4. Hi, can someone tell me whats the best high tier ships that we can buy with coal? Thanks in advance.
  5. What will come after the submarines? For connoisseurs, Wargaming has or will be thinking about introducing corvettes to the game. These were used by some nations for hunting submarines, as did some destroyers. An example of this were the Canadian corvettes.
  6. Hello, I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I’ll keep this short, sweet and to the point. I’m looking to slap some enemies with my wallet, and I was wondering what is the best Black ship to buy, and why? Also, hopefully the ship makes a lot of credits.
  7. dadouglass

    Shortened ship names

    Why does Wargaming cut some of the ship names short when other are even longer? Some ship names, such as the Petropavlosk, are longer than some of the abbreviated names, such as the Sovetsky Soyuz. Which is incredibly frustrating when trying to find specific ships. And it's not just a problem with the Russian tree, numerous ships in the German tree are severely abbreviated unnecessarily, such as the Felix Schultz. I can understand names like the Manfred Von Richthofen being abbreviated in the tech tree markers due to limited space, and in the battles themselves for the same reason, but you would think that somewhere in the game, they could and would (not to mention, absolutely should) display the full name of the ship in question, without cutting important parts of the name out. I don't know if I'm missing something like a option in port, or in the settings, but this particular issue irritates me almost as much as the fact that 'Mighty Mo' is not a permanent fixture in the game. Is there something that shows the ships full names in game, or do I have to continue being exceedingly frustrated while trying to find the ships full name online?
  8. Overestimating WG's ability to adding new ships to the game, here's some Canadian light cruiser line suggestions (then again, a commonwealth line would be easier to do probably but idk). This is a bit of a pipe dream as most of these ships are fictional. Anyone with more experience can hop in and give input of you want. Saw some people proposing lines and thought it would be fun to try adding my proposal ideas. Gimmicks (gimmicks are average and subject to change, the higher the tier) Basic Stats: Low detectability Average speed High maneuverability High HE pen Mediocre AP pen Poor armor Consumables: Torpedo Tubes [available at III and beyond] Crawling Smoke [available at VI and beyond] Hydroacoustic Search [available at VII and beyond] Fighter and Defensive AA Fire [available at VIII and beyond as options over Hydro] Surveillance Radar [available at VIII and beyond as an option over Smoke] Repair Party [available at IX and beyond] Specialized Repair Teams [available exclusively to premium IX Edmonton] Spotting Aircraft [available exclusively to premium VII Quebec] Ships (w/ main battery armaments) {reimagined = adjusted armament to fit the line) I Sackville (reimagined) (4x1 120mm) II Niobe (reimagined) (8x1 152mm) III Aurora (reimagined) (8x1 152mm) IV Moncton (3x2 152mm) V Ottawa (4x2 152mm) VI Montreal (4x2 152mm) VII Ontario (3x3 152mm) VIII Halifax (4x3 152mm) IX Vancouver (5x3 152mm) (similar turret layout to Mogami) X Victoria (4x4 152mm) (similar to Plymouth) Premiums: II Rainbow (reimagined) (8x1 152mm) VI Toronto (4x2 203mm) (imagined CAN CA of the UK County-class heavy cruisers) VII Quebec (3x3 152mm) (Surveillance Radar is available as well as Spotting Aircraft, but no Smoke) IX Edmonton (3x4 152mm) (Victoria with one less turret, but with exclusive Specialized Repair Teams) It's really late as I'm making this post so add and take what you want from this. IMAGES OF EXISTING SHIPS: I Sackville II Niobe III Aurora VII Ontario Premium II Rainbow Premium VII Quebec
  9. I think it would be very cool if you could see the warships that your division mates have picked next to your ship in your port. Every player would see their division mates in their own port. You would also be able to see their signals, flags, and camouflages. Just a thought, I'm sure you guys can improve upon the idea.
  10. SweetBabyRuth

    Russian Bias

    If wargaming wants to keep its Russian bias, the tech tree Russian ships need buffed ASAP! With the changes to the commander skill tree, and the game meta now being shifted to torp boats, A/J line BB sniping and FDRs, short range specialized ships that are can tank a lot of damage a straight up bad. The only viable ship from the Russian navy is well.... Slava, and maybe Slava, oh and Slava. Even Smolensk doesn't really make sense when everything is already outside of 19 kilometers. So WG, if you care so much about your Russian ships, then you probably should buff them, or else there will be no reason to play them... even on the RU servers.
  11. LowSpeed_US

    How much cash ...

    How much cash one can inject to get all the ships in this game? Have anyone calculated the cost yet?
  12. So I'm old, a plus 55er... Originally from California, now living in Iowa.... When I was 18 I met my future,(current) 2nd wife in Oklahoma. So you ask WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH World of Warships? When I first started playing Closed Beta, I noticed a tier 5 US battleship the New York, my wife's home state. Today I purchased the premium cammo for her so I have to keep her. Like I said earlier, I live in Iowa.... tier 9 US battleship... yes premium cammo for her too.... My best Clan Battle ship? You guessed it, Des Moines.... premium cammo and legendary UU... This year California released... I resisted for a month... nice ship... And this morning o finally have her, the Oklahoma... I have lived in Alaska, New Mexico, Michigan and Nevada.... Wargaming has 2 more opportunities to get money from me.... Great Job WG on California & Oklahoma....
  13. _Miojo_de_tomate

    Qual é melhor?

    1- Ohio x Thunderer 2- Alaska x Ägir 3- Stalingrad x Puerto Rico x Yoshino 4- AL Littorio x Roma 5- Odin x Tirpitz
  14. Which should i grind for - Des Moines or Worcester??


    OK I THOUGHT I WAS BUYING A SHIP FOR $32 GO TO FEATURED LOOK AT TRANSFORMERS FOR $32 AT A LOOK IT SAYS GET ANYONE OF THE 4 FOR $32 SO I FOUND OUT I WAS NOT GETTINT A SHIP BUT SOME CAMOUFAGE TO USE FOR THE SHIP THAT I WILL NOT GET NO TOTAL REFUND .. SO WHAT DO I DO WITH THE CAMOUFAGE THAT I DON,T WANT FOR $32... THIS BELOW IS THERE RESPONCE.. Hello,Thank you for reaching us out!Please note that the ship is not included in the purchased bundle "Khabarovsk: Crush and Destroy".You received the Crush’n’Destroy permanent camouflage for Khabarovsk and 8000 doubloons as the compensation for the second purchase.We removed the contents of both of the specified bundles off the game account and issued a refund.The money will be returned once your bank processes our refund request.If you have any further questions or concerns, let us know!I wish you the best of luck and much success on the battlefield.Kind regards,
  16. captain_fearless

    Which premium ship to get

    Hello there Captains I got a 30 percent coupon for the premium shop and I have a 25 percent coupon for premium ships in the armory, so I decided I wanted to get another premium ship, but I can't decide on which one. I narrowed it down to these choices: Hood, Asashio, Atago. and Atlanta. Which of these ships did you guys have the most fun in, but also worth using the discount on? Thank you
  17. Hi All.. I haven't seen anything, but are there any new ships (aside from the Anchorage) being released today?
  18. To show, i didnt win "good" things everyday on the Summer Sale 2020:
  19. Another question i was trying to find an answer but couldnt find by my own. I woud like to understand if those ships are just premium temporary ships. I see a guy playing almost everyday his JEan Bart and he is still grinding from t5... He got it some time ago. I see some ruling the seas but i dont know how to get it. I saw news regarding 2018 about getting for coal. 1-Is there another way? 2-WG sold it for dobloons? 3-what happens to Missouri? same case? Musashi? 4-Which ones are the premium ships T8 or above removed from premium shop? what was their currency? 5-Are they like Black Friday ships? I seek enterprise and already beeing told she comes on Christmas crates, those too? 6- Are there more ships like these?
  20. SeaShadowAR

    Atención argentos!

    Estimados comandantes, Hice un par de mods para mejorar un poco nuestra representación. Fíjense y comenten qué les parece! Buen viento y buena mar!
  21. I know they didnt get any news, neither people sees them, but today Lazo came back as also Molotov:
  22. I've been thinking of spending my coal on getting Yoshino as my second tier 10 coal boat, Everyone I asked has been recommending me to get the Thunderer, but I don't feel like playing battleships anymore. So, is it still fun to play Yoshino in the current state of the game? I just want a really fun tier 10 ship like Smolensk and throw HE at everyone.
  23. I don’t see what the big deal is. People on this forum in general are so angry. Other than lacking some historical accuracy, i think it’s a blast having another class in the game. Playing them, or playing against them has been no issue for me. What I do see is a lot of people not understanding the full mechanics regarding what they can and cannot do. Playing dds is very fun and now I have even more I can do. Subs being boring is a matter of personal opinion, because many have a lot of fun with them. I don’t think they should be locked to their own game mode permanently, but they should for now until final touches are in place. Im not saying that some things don’t need some changing or tweaking though. I’m saying the game isn’t “broken, busted, OP, useless, dying, etc”. All of these words pop up often every time something changes or is added to the game, or any other game out there. People hate change, and they don’t want to adapt. Personally, I think most people threatening to quit will not quit. Those that do are replaced by more new players that DO want subs. Probably more players than the one that quit too. I am not an OG alpha player. I migrated to Steam long ago, and my original account began when CV’s were more of an RTS style. I wasn’t upset through all of the changes then and I’m not going to start now because the meta is getting shaken up. I have spent a lot of money and supported this game because I have a lot of fun and appreciate the attention to detail, and I will continue doing so. If I was to give some constructive feedback though, it would go like this: 1. Although I have rarely had great opportunities to target BBs (too much other stuff to do in the match with higher priority while playing sub), I do think BBs need some self defense option. In those times that the end of the match results in a sub vs BB situation, the BB needs an ASW option such as a consumable. Perhaps an ASW plane that is NOT tied to current slot choices. All BBs would have one for the appropriate tier brackets. Heavy cruisers and other cruisers without depth charges should also have access to this consumable. 2. Hydroacoustic search should have a vertical detection along with lateral but not in its current form. We can use the classic German hydro of 5km as an example. It should be 5km lateral radius, with a 50m vertical detection that extends throughout its 5km radius. This way, the subs deep-dive consumable also has better use than its current form (51m-80m depth). 3. The sounds of the depth charges seem to have changed since PT. Please change it back. There’s no splashing, loud explosions, rumbles, etc anymore. They were perfect then. Now it’s too quiet. 4. The torpedo turn radius while acoustic homing is active is just a tad bit too tight. They should not turn quite that sharp. Subs should require a little more skill to be effective. 5. For the love of god, please add tracking to the sonar ping interface. It’s very disorienting, especially when underwater. Everyone else gets tracking to keep their crosshairs moving with the target, why shouldn’t the sub? 6. Subs need to be able to single fire torps. Not only for a bit of realism, but for strategy. 7. As far as camos, flags, and signals: In the current form, camos would be fine, but with T6 detectability as it is, they don’t need -10% detection. So, if you plan to have subs with this “baked-in” low detectability across all tiers, then introduce subtle camos with no detectability bonuses. Signals can look painted on the hull in the front, but very tiny. Flags too, but just a little bit bigger. 8. CVs need an ASW plane as well. This one is player controlled like the other planes in their squadrons. One plane at a time goes out with “the weapon”, controlled by player. The plane should have high hit points. This is really best used mid-late game to make sure the match isn’t drawn out, or the CV isn’t a sitting duck without defense options. If the plane is shot down, then tough break - fly another one out. The reason for this is so the submarine may also defend itself. The submarine should have a working AA mount (the one on the bridge). The model is there, so let’s use it. If the CV wants to focus a troublesome submarine, then that is less time the CV spends harassing other ships. I have some more ideas, but thought I would stop here to see how much love or hate I receive from the community before continuing. I’m interested in hearing thoughts on this.