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Found 26 results

  1. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    Making Tier V Japanese DDs suffer

    Hello all! Before I start, I'd just like to make one thing clear: I'm not a lolicon. I'm just frustrated at the number of times in the past week my mid-tier games have been lost because of the fact that people refuse to deal with those pesky Tier V Japanese DDs: The Minekaze, the Mutsuki, the Kamikaze / Kamikaze R, and the Fujin. I've lost so many games because of these little [ REDACTED ] that I've decided to relieve myself of the pain of dealing with them by taking 8 of them into a training room and shoving them up with more than a few 5.5" French HE rounds and 550mm torps. ( For those of you wondering, I finally finished the French DD grind and unlocked the Klebér. I have a 15 point captain on it and I am saving credits to get the 6th slot upgrade ) So, if you happen to be driving any of the Tier V Japanese Destroyers, and I happen to be on the enemy team in that match ( usually the USS Monaghan, with the A hull plus a BFT + AR build ), well, let's just say that you've had it, one way or another. And I'm sorry if this post offends anyone in any way whatsoever. This is not me being sadistic, this is me venting my frustration. Well, I hope you all have a good day. The next edition of The Weekly Review will be coming soon, with either the Monaghan, the Edinburgh, or the Kleber being the main feature. -Shrayes
  2. Shrayes_Bhagavatula

    Hercule Mogador Strikes Again!

    Hello there! So, I had a couple of pretty sweet games in the Mogador today. One of them was a 155k Damage victory, and the other was a 117k damage defeat. Thanks to that, the Mogador now holds my personal DD damage record. Here's the win Somehow getting my rear end carried by a Lightning. Just 250 damage short of my first Witherer medal ( shame ). But hey, I still got a Confederate Premium Time Moolah baby! And here's the loss. ( Or, when you just can't carry hard enough ) Like I said, when I can't carry hard enough... Comps to the Ostergotland captain for somehow evading the wrath of a Reload Booster Mogador at 5.5 kilometers. Not as much fire damage, but I did land a couple of torps ( Wait, I launched 55!? ) My first Million Credit Game Baby! ( I might have made 1.5 million if we had won that, lol ) So that's my impressive games for today. If you have any questions, comments or salt, do leave it down below. And compliments go out to all the captains who played in these games. Your performance was exceptional! ( And I'm sorry if it looks a bit sloppy. My editing skills are terrible ) -Shrayes Edit: For those of you who may or may not be wondering, here is my build at the moment. I run the second rudder upgrade in the 5th slot instead of concealment, so that I can juke better. I also run the Engine Boost upgrade for that sweet 252 second duration. Basic DD build, and then I go with Adrenaline Rush and BFT. I'm still saving up points for Demo Expert at the moment.
  3. tm63au

    WOWS Death Race 2020

    Well folks its happening the battle royal of the new USN BB split line V The VMF BB Tree. Lets look at both teams line up Well I don't know about how others think but I believe it could be tough for one of these teams
  4. Well here is the full range of Hulls for the new Sub Split of USN Battleships enjoy. USS Kansas A Hull ( stock ) B Hull C Hull D Hull E Hull ( Final Hull ) USS Minnesota A Hull ( stock ) B Hull C Hull D Hull E Hull ( final ) USS Vermont A Hull ( stock ) B Hull C Hull D Hull E Hull ( final )
  5. Yes remembering the time when I first came to the forums and some one would ask a question or put in a suggestion about ships being in the game and boy were some of these people given a roast on occasion, I even posted a meme / GIF or two myself as time went by. But how times have changed when I think back on it. From this People would post this and say " How would underwater battles work and what would they look like in the game to those who dared ask the question. And now we have this Yep times have changed.
  6. OK in number of articles WG stated that by completing a number of tasks and phases you will get 2 ships built simultaneously. Quote from news article: The main feature of Update 0.9.5 is the Dockyard in the Hamburg Port, where two German ships will be constructed simultaneously: Here is my Odin being constructed in the main dockyard, further past in a semi covered secondary dockyard is another ship. Is this Admiral Graf Spee if so why has she not had work done on her, this hull looks the same as she has been since day one and I have moved up two levels. If its not Admiral Graf Spee where is the ship as I have panned around and see no others dockyards. Or there is only one dockyard and we are suppose to imagine Admiral Graf Spee is being built. I mean WG did say 2 ships were being built together am I not looking in the right place in the dockyard mode. Ok update just re read the news article again and think I have worked it out, silly me.
  7. Well that time is almost upon us and the new 2020 model Moskva will soon be here, for me though as I'm desperate for cash I am having a FIRE SALE of the old model equipment. Every thing must go by tonight so put your offers in, HURRY HURRY last chance for some great deals before its over. First up MAM1 used in 4 random battles and a number of Coop's, Virtually brand new still has the " Made In Siberian GULAG " sticker on, all offers considered. Look at this beauty The SRM1 ( Russian Model ) 12 K range, can see through anything including islands, great for use against DD's that have to get within 8 k to fire torps. The ASM1 this beauty will work wonders for you had it fitted to my Moskva for a short time, laser guided hits on Capitalist ships, on any other ship pray for RNG. My SGM1 had this baby installed on my ship worked like a charm, works wonders when trying to avoid islands, no self respecting Russian paper ship would be without one, make me a offer. CSM1 Now we are coming to the top of the line equipment, this is a must for one of The Motherlands finest makes cloaking devices redundant, install this on one of the top Russian ships and just sail right up to some Imperialist ship without a care in the world . MBM3 Yes the crème de la crème in weapon technology for your Russian ship with this on your glorious Russian ship you can even out range some tier 8 Battleships, yes with this you can rule the waves. I'm also giving a special offer, a chance of a life time if one person buys all this equipment I'm offering to throw in my Moskva's bow ( rest of ship not included in deal ) that's right her glorious impenetrable bow with that 50 ml bow plating. Yes just take a good look at that bow barely a scratch on her from battles and why would it, that 50 ml bow plating certainly does its job, yes buy the lot and then you get this wonderful piece of Russian ingenuity to put on any Russian ship including such greats as Varyag and Mikoyan completely compatible. Yes with end of the 2019 Moskva model ship fast approaching and the new 2020 model heading our way, I'm cash strapped and desperately need to refinance, so make me a offer and reap the rewards for these great tools of war. HURRY HURRY all offers must be in and finalised before 8 pm Australian time, don't miss out on a chance of a life time to put these barely used fully operational upgrades on another fabulous paper ship from the Motherland.
  8. Yes just found out the St Petersburg Maritime Museum has just finished its annual spring clean it started a couple months ago and found some lost blueprints from the Stalin days through the cold war era so expect more great ships as some eager beaver from the museum was quick to get in touch with WG about the find and low and behold this photo turned up apparently taken last week. Looks like the goods in some store room waiting for the staff to sift through these gems. Guess we will still be getting a lot more these Russian dreams of imagination to go with ones we already have below
  9. My reaction: Yay! Another British 10 point captain! (But what to put him on?) My daughter's reaction: *sees Cap holding Fishy in her bowl; makes excited little-girl noises.* My son's reaction: "He's in command?" *beat* "You're dead."
  10. Captains and Commanders! We're back and do I have a challenge for you! With the announcement of more great Russian Cruisers with our new split line WG have decided to give one lucky player the chance to have his own Paper Napkin Cruiser created as a new Premium ship. How does the competition work first Grab two paper napkin towels and a marker pen, on the first towel draw a picture of a warship and the second towel write down any old technical crap about your ships design. Now here is the Important Part of the competition the criteria: 1. Must be a fantasy design and not a actual historical Russian built ship. 2. Must be blatantly OP in every aspect. The competition starts on Sunday 9th Feb 12:00 UTC and finishes on the Tuesday 11th 12:00 UTC ( we figure cant be that hard to draw a ship on a piece of paper then write a heap exaggerated design figures inside 2 days ) One entry per player. The winning entry will be drawn randomly out of a bowl. The judges decision will be final. The winning entry will be announced on one of live streams. The winner will receive one of the following great ships as the prize: Aurora : Varyag : Oleg : Diana So get started Captains grab those paper towels from your kitchen and that marker pen from tool box and get drawing. And good luck Captains Disclaimer WG reserves the right to over buff the ships technical data if the original design is found not to be OP enough.
  11. I mean, so blatantly and obviously too! How does he even get into the same battle under the same name twice?
  12. HURRY HURRY WG's 2020 New Years SALES are coming to a end, this is your last chance to buy a " SPECIAL HULL " and make your dreams come true. WG's Accountants have told Management that these HULLs must be sold before the time limit runs out because of TAX " reasons ". So there pulling out all the stops to sell these 5 prime lots down at St Petersburg harbour by flying in two of Australia's TOP sales people Wayne and Authur to make these sales happen. So get down to the dockside and snap a great deal before its to late. So lets see what great deals are on offer. LOT1. SCRAP DEALERS DELIGHT: This is a bargain for anyone in the scrap metal game, 10000 cubic tonne of prime steel just waiting to be snapped up melted down and used for number plates, dumpster bins you name it if its metal this steel will do the job. for low low price of 24000 doubloons, yes this quality steel could be yours. LOT 2. WEEKEND RENOVATORS DREAM: Yes are you that person that works 9 to 5 Monday to Fridays at the office but loves to renovate, enjoys the challenge of turning dilapidated buildings into gold mines on there days off, well here is a challenge you cant resist for just 50000 doubloons you can turn this into your floating Palace. LOT 3. REAL ESTATE HONEY POT: Are you looking for good buy in the real estate market, well then look no further for this bargain will net you a fortune for years to come, buy this HULL Convert it into low maintenance high rent housing and your on your way to a fully becoming a bonafide ( slumlord ) tycoon. For the realistic price of just 70000 Doubloons you could own this prime real estate. LOT4. BUDDING ENTREPRENEUR: Well we are now getting into the high market value real estate for all those high rollers, This is the perfect investment for anyone wanting to build there very own floating casino and resort for the super rich. This state of the art HULL is read to be converted into a luxurious resort and casino. The hull situated in the upper class area of St Petersburg will become a tourist mecca for the Super rich and famous. For just 90000 Doubloons you could earn millions. LOT 5 THE DICTATOR / WARLORDS FORTRESS: Well this is the last of New Year Sales offers and what a beauty, if your some warmongering Dictator or wannabe Warlord looking to maintain control or conquer a nation this is definitely what you need a fully operational gun platform ready to crush your enemies, all weapons are ready the hull comes complete with ammunition. Unfortunately the ships engines are not completely functioning but as part of the deal WG will tow your HULL to a place of your desire so you can prepare for WAR. So for the incredibly reasonable price of 110000 doubloons you get a floating command centre and weapons platform to put down any civilian uprisings. Yes time is running out for these one in a life time opportunities from WG, yes you could make a fortune by purchasing a once in a lifetime time bargain. But there is more Oh no WG is going one step further with these deals of the century. BREAKING NEWS WG has a bonus offer to the first two people who buy 2 Hulls they will throw in a bonus HULL of your choice which could either be the Unfinished battlecruiser Prinz Eitel Friedrich (left) and Bayern-class battleship Württemberg for free. So contact Wayne or Arthur at St Petersburg port working on behalf of WG on these fine deals now before its to late, both these leading salesmen have been heavy weights in the sales industry for over 30 years, check out some of there most recent work.
  13. And they aren't even in the game yet. But every day it's the same thing, "I can't wait for submarines", etc. ..........What? You knew it was coming.
  14. Lert

    Tonight we eat like kings!

    I caught one this big! Click for full size. Pic from HINON discord.
  15. Lert

    In the line of duty

  16. Ok so I jump online and head to the WOWS website and to my amazement a new ship is being advertised, promoted as quoted: " The Legendary Japanese Tier 9 Cruiser Azuma ", so WOW this ship must be famous lets check it out. So I type in Google search just Azuma and on the top line we get " Azuma Japanese Restaurants Sydney Australia " no LEGENDARY cruiser here, about the only thing of fame here might be the restaurants Executive Chef Kimitaka Azuma Ok second attempt at Google search I type IJN Azuma which gives us the 1889 class IJN Armoured Cruiser Azuma now maybe this is the ship WG are talking about as this ship fought at both the Battle off Ulsan and the Battle of Tsushima so lets have a look at this this Tier 9 beauty in real life. Wait a minute this does not look like a tier 9 ship though it would pass as legendary as it fought in some famous battles however its not a tier 9 ship by any standards, back to the drawing board to find this legendary ship. Third and final attempt to find this elusive legendary tier 9, further examination of the Google web gives us the Design - 65 cruiser who's only claim to fame is the fact that it was never built. Dear o dear o dear some over enthusiastic intern in the PR and sales department seems to be working overtime on promoting this Legendary ship and they need to be at the wonderful price ( Admirals Bundle ) of $197.19 Australian. But for those more keen to find out about that Legendary Sydney restaurant it got 157 positive reviews on Google giving it 4.4 rating, 8.6/ 10 and 4.5/5 from 2 leading online dining websites sounds LEGENDARY to me Enjoy the cuisine .
  17. Last year we had the USN Cruiser split as part of that there were events that would get you amongst others a USS Dallas plus a captain, well I achieved all of this and received a ship and captain but instead of getting the correct ship I received a place holder ship and Captain. Its now 2019 and I'm still waiting for my USS Dallas, well WG when will I get my ship. This is the place holder ship I have and captain this is the ship and Captain I was suppose to get
  18. SO between gifts and the recent promotion to randomly (possibly) win a Santa crate, I've ended up opening seven of the little buggers, of varying sizes. I also won a premium Black Friday crate on a Twitch stream. We all hope for ships, don't we? Admit it. What did I get? I got no ships. So you can't always get what you want. From the Santa containers, I got some Draconic flags (much appreciated; mine are almost drained, vide infra), some camos (never hurts), and a whole pack of doubloons. In fact, by the time I'd finished pulling doubloons out of these things, I had over three thousand. And I had just recently ground out the Benson. So you can guess where most of those went, don't you? From the Black Friday crate I got 14 days' premium time, right at the moment when WOWS had dropped three semi-premium special ships with 19 point captains in our laps. I came out of THAT with 750,000 free XP and almost as much elite captain XP under my belt. So instead of a random Black ship that I might not have wanted (I know I'm not good enough to do the Asashio justice), I got to go home with the Musashi, which I did. Proof that if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need. I'm gonna let Mick and the band take it home from here.
  19. The French AA cruiser De Grasse, which we already have in-game as she was originally planned at Tier VI, was eventually finished as an AA cruiser with an Atlanta-like battery of dual 127mm main battery turrets, as well as a further ten dual 57mm turrets. Sadly, she did not come with any other armament; no torpedoes, no light AA, nothing, so presumably all of those 57s were tied into fire control systems. Given how her main battery turrets are placed, however, I could easily see how the rainbow arcs of those particular weapons meaning that the "wing turrets" could fire over one another so that unlike the Atlanta, all ten turrets could theoretically fire in salvo to either direction. Given the lack of torpedoes and the fact that she has no real secondary armament (given that 76mm is the smallest the game engine can or will count as such), I could easily see her as working well enough at Tier VI, or if WG wanted to "bend the rules" as it were, make them dual-purpose 57mms and stick her at Tier VII. She'd be a glass cannon at either tier, though, but perhaps just as fun as Atlanta.