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Found 45 results

  1. tm63au

    ST 0.10.9 New Content

    WG are proud to announce another new collaboration with Lucasfilm, The BBC,ViacomCBS, Warner Bros. Amblin Entertainment, Universal Pictures and many more. With the expected success of Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue WOWS has gone one step further to bring you great new content. New Camos USS Enterprise USS Benham USS Des Moines VMF Slava VMF Petropavlovsk HMS Thunderer HMS Belfast USS Colorado New Captains USN Captains VMF Captains HMS Captains Yes with the success of past collaborations and these current ones we hope do future ones with " Teletubbies and Days of our lives ". In the mean time stay tuned as further information on upgrade patch 0.10.9 will be forth coming.
  2. ANTI - Back line Brawler, border humper and bow camping players Island hiding HE Spamming Cruisers Double CV Players in game DD Players DEAD EYE BB's LESTA
  3. Yes we here at WG are always pushing the boundaries of the game, we brought you Ocean a map that gives the players a chance to slug it out in the open. But we listened to feedback on maps and how you want to play the game. And we are going even further in the development of this game with two new exciting maps " JUNGLE " and " DESERT". Yes we are proud to show you some exclusive screen shots from our internal testing. DESERT MAP Yes for those back line brawlers, border humpers and all round campers this map gives you the chance to sit in the spawn area and just spam to your hearts content without moving a inch. JUNGLE MAP Yes this will be another great map for those types of players that spawn and rush to the nearest island and hide, the dynamics of this map is the whole area is one big island for both teams. When you spawn on this map no one will see you and you just sit there in peace and harmony, As you can see from this screen shot the DEV department is producing a special camouflage ( RUSTIC JUNGLE ) in conjunction with this maps release, for the low low price 100000 credits you get this wonderful Camo that will make your game play on JUNGLE MAP that much more fun. More Announcements will follow shortly
  4. Just come out of game ( domination ) where three quarters of the team decided to lemming train again I will repeat it was domination mode too. And as 8 of our ships at first failed to to take a cap then when they did lost it to 4 ships, it occurred to me as I watched them all scurry behind islands including 4 ships trying to bunch behind this dot on the map and trying to fire around corners and mainly shooting friendlies more times than the enemy. I feel its time for WG to produce maps filled with islands so that each and every ship BB and or CA can have there very own island. Better still WG can make Camo's that make ships look like islands it could be a new mode - moving islands Brilliant its hit me with wondrous idea. Hey WG give this " Air Strike " consumable a miss and have this Camo idea as the new Dutch National Flavour, its a winner. Still back on the island shortage crisis for BB's and CA's more islands is the go help the poor things out repainting ships cost a lot of money.
  5. tm63au

    From The DEVS Blog 10 .6 Patch

    With early positive feed back from the new fantastic idea for the Dutch cruiser line of calling in land based parachute bombs The DEV department are already pushing forward more new game play ideas for the WOWS communities benefit. Early testing will begin with HMAS Perth which will be given a consumable that gives the ship boxing Kangaroos. The idea will be that if Perth can get to 5000 KM of a enemy ship the player can use the consumable, 10 kangaroos will leap on to the enemy ship and attack the bridge there by knocking out the steering out for 30 seconds. We are also going to ad this new flag which gives you a bonus of 5 kangaroos for the consumable and adding a further 5 seconds to the steering time of the enemy ship. If this proves to be a great success we plan other improvements to the game . Some other ideas The DEV team have in mind USN ships - SEA EAGLES that will fly and attack AA Gun crews and there by disabling AA guns. VMF ships - BEARS will be release into the waters and swim to enemy ships and plant limpet mines with timers on there hulls which will cause flooding damage for a certain amount of time. WE at WG feel confident that together with new Dutch National flavour and our testing of the Australian National flavour will lead to even more unique consumables.
  6. Why do I put myself through this torture. Why is it players go to great lengths to lose games when victory is in sight.
  7. tm63au

    Yes Finally

    Well its been a traumatic 72 hours, one I hope will not happen again. But it finally happened on my 5th attempt I manged a win in Munchen. And although my win rate in this thing is in the dumpster. Hopefully its all behind me now. A truly humbling moment that the ship actually managed to survive to the end of the match considering that when friendlies sail past I nearly lost half my health from there bow wake. I look forward to my next challenge in this ship when I get into a fail DIV and go 1 against 1 with a Petro, bring it on.
  8. tm63au

    Last Chance to Burn The World Down

    Yes folks its the end of a era as WG announces it that HMS Thunderer is to be sold no more. Yes this beautiful fake ship design by @LittleWhiteMouse as a troll to WG because of state of the British BB line is now coming to close. So for the Fires Bugs, pyrotechnics maniacs and all rounds anarchists who love to see the world burn grab this end of the road life opportunity before its to late. last chances its just minutes away from being gone forever.
  9. Yes I have done it finally at long last after all this time trying, all heartaches from past attempts, the bad luck, the real life issues that got in the way like running out of Bacardi and coke and having to play sober. The pain of disappointment being so close so many times only miss out because of time running out. But not this time nothing was going to stop me, not time limits or bad players or unlucky turns of events in games, nothing this time. Inside the last 24 hours with the clock ticking down I was victorious, finishing all tasks and events to gain the ultimate prize with 14 hours to spare. The day started badly but I soldiered on determined not to let any setback deter me from goal, with games on knife edge and victories in the balance I was triumphant. Its been one hell of day past 24 hours completing the event before missions times finished and I am completely drained but excited for my next challenge the company with throw at me. Here is the finished screen shot of my completed tasks. Yes its over as mentioned before I completed all missions in all 3 sections to achieve my first ever " TRAINER CARD " with 14 hours to spare I'm exhausted but jubilant. Wait this is not the Pokémon forum
  10. Yes Folks its here Tired of using your brain and actually thinking 3 steps ahead. Sick of marshalling your forces for a lighting flanking movement and catching the enemy completely by surprise and thus turning defeat into victory. Bored with actually planning a well conceived ambush of the enemy and routing them. Fed up with stealthy movement of your DD's for a brilliant counter attack and blunting the enemy push on your cap. Lost interest in actually slugging it out in a Titan V Titan secondary battle to the death and showing skill and tenacity and winning the day. Getting sore fingers having to push movement buttons and actually leaving the spawn area. Do you long to return to the exciting days of BORDER HUMPING and BOW CAMPING. Yes that dying art game play that was almost eradicated but has survived and mutated thanks to a mass migration early last year and bringing this new innovation with them. Yes its back in its new evolution " BACK LINE BRAWLING " with a new skill to make it even more exhilarating. DEADEYE yes this wondrous new Captain skill makes all the hard work, and energetic game play and feeling of achieving something worthwhile playing this game null and void. Now no longer will high tier match players have all the fun of just sitting where they spawn in BB's now even low tier match players can achieve greatness with this new dynamic skill. Don't bother playing DD's or Cruiser's let some other fool do all the hard work of capping or spotting while you sit in your spawn in your BB and unleash from 20 K away once the enemy is seen. Tier 9 and 10 players rejoice as what was old is new and alive again, and for those up and coming low tier players who cant wait to taste this phenomenon in high tier ships, rush to the Premium shop or Armoury and buy those XP making flags and burn through them at high speed then get yourself the high Tier BB of choice. 9 out of 10 DEADEYE players recommend Kremlin as the choice ship to BOW CAMP for the new generation meta. So don't hold back grab DEADEYE now and salivate with this new skill. Einstein said " we only use 10 % of our brain " now with DEADEYE why use any at all.
  11. tm63au

    Amazing Stories From WOWS part 2

    Greetings all In this weeks exciting new episode of AMAZING STORIES we hear about how a WOWS community member purchased a bundle of 20 Mega Xmas containers and won the following 1 year of premium time 100 000 coal 100 RAM flags 15000 FREE XP The Tirpitz The Giulio Cesare The Imperator Nicolai I But then sent a ticket into SUPPORT claiming he was robbed he didn't win a Makarov Then promptly deleted his account claiming bias. What a amazing story. Stay tuned to more exciting Amazing Stories like this one, see what happens when WG announces VMF Aircraft Carriers. Here is a sneak peak of this future episode For those who missed our last AMAZING STORIES here is the link Goodbye for now and keep watching for more AMAZING STORIES from WOWS
  12. tm63au

    Amazing Stories From WOWS

    Our amazing story takes place on the 4th of Dec when a WOWS player took out a USN BB into Coop battle and had a amazing discovery. The ship in question USS Kansas, when the battle began and the player push the full speed button for ship and it reached its full speed limit, to the surprise and amazement of the player the USS Kansas passed the 20 knot speed mark !!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING that a USN BB went over 20 knots. Other amazing stories of people liking the 40 second reload time for USS Oklahoma !!!! Amazzing stories Well that is about it for this weeks episode. Stay tuned for more upcoming Amazing Stories , in the coming weeks we have a story is about the WG DEV who tries to tell the WOWS community with a STRAIGHT FACE the the Russian Battleship VMF Slava is underpowered and needs a massive BUFF. So keep your eye the screen for that AMAZING STORY.
  13. Its happened, finally what i have waited for all my WOWS gaming life YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I cant believe it I'm so emotional at this moment its hard to put words into a sentence, this is a dream come true. I went to work today thinking how unlucky I was when I kept hearing about Makarov this Makarov that and not knowing what was going on only to find out that WG had spammed Makarov's to just about every WOWS player that bought Xmas boxes. I was feeling dejected as ever since the ships release I had made it my mission to sink any and every Makarov on the enemy team as I felt it was not worthy to sail with such a venerable German tech tree ship such a KMS Nurnberg. But now I have one myself so now the question arises how do I sink myself and I'm just so elated to be one of the masses of community members who got this ship. It will truly have a place in my port rusting with its hull accumulating barnacles and and other sea creatures that cling to hulls of ships and be brought out on those rare and exciting occasions like snowflakes season. Here she is I cant wait set her up in her special section of my Port with all the rest of the VMF ships that I barely play . I'm truly honoured to be part of the Makarov crowd now. My next mission is to get this ship Yes the Pan Asia Izumo, Bajie since I FREE XP past the IJN version of the ship to save me the torment of grinding her.
  14. Now, I also drew a Makarov, but I'm kinda content getting the ship since I find it's history interesting. What is this you may ask? Well, it's the way Makarov, or to be more precise Nurnberg ended up in the Soviet Union. Pay attention and you might find how a historical event is a cautionary tale that applies even now in our pixel game. Not only that, but this makes Makarov the best possible choice for a ship reward of the type. So, on May 27 1945 Prinz Eugen along with Nurnberg and escorted by Devonshire and Dido reached Wilhelmshaven. Both ships would remain there until their fate would be decided by the Potsdam Conference. To quote https://hamptonroadsnavalmuseum.blogspot.com/2019/01/the-navys-most-unwanted-ship-and.html Now you may think that the fate of Prinz Eugen and Nurnberg was decided by lengthy negotiations or something of the sort. But actually: Yup, you read it right. They drew lots out of a hat for warships. Now that's all a fun and interesting wartime trivia. But here's the nice comparison. Place yourself as the Soviet representative. You want Prinz Eugen for your country. You could say you want one of the super rare lootbox drops. You are actually allowed to do so, but only if you can draw the proper lot out of another Admiral's hat. Same as the lootboxes, though the Soviets had a 33% chance of getting Prinz Eugen so that was far more generous at the time. Instead you pick the wrong lot and end up with the unwanted, old vessel that doesn't offer anything interesting. Same as you actually getting a ship from the boxes but ends up being Makarov. Do you see it? WG has managed 100% player immersion with this move. Now you can feel the exact same way that a Soviet Admiral had when he drew the wrong lot, saw Prinz Eugen ending up on the United States and he was stuck instead with Nurnberg. I don't think it gets more historically accurate than that. But hey, at least you aren't the British that probably ended up with that crappy a lot that I can't find what ships they got. And this is why every time I think of Makarov I smile. Hope this brings some smiles on an otherwise crappy incident.
  15. Yes its your last chance to get a ARP Kirishima Captain before patch 9.11 hits and there all reduced to zero point skill Captains. I'm selling my stock of Captains to make way for the new skill base so Ill take into consideration any offer, HURRY HURRY time is running out for a chance of a life time to get yourself a brand new never used before ARP Kirishima Captain, have plenty on offer. Yes I have so many ARP Kirishima Captains I just don't have enough ships for them to sail on so they must go in this once in a lifetime FIRE SALE before the end, offer me a price and my accountants will look over your offer, best offer wins these great buys. Lets have look at some of these great buys now. Here is the view of two of our Captains one is 10 point Captain the other is a 6 point one, and as a added bonus I will even throw in there alter egos Eiji Hashimoto ( 10 points ) Isamu Akiyama ( 6 points ) Don't like her alter egos and you prefer the chick with the yellow tie then just hit that additional content button and those stuffy old IJN Captains are gone. Masao Seto ( 6 points ) Royo Takahashi ( 10 Points ) Two more great Captains just waiting to sail your ships, NO not what you want well then look no further how about an BEAR to command your ships into battle, yes just with the click of a button you can have HIM Yes your very own Bear to sail the high seas in your best ships. Yes I must sell them all, due to the current downturn in the economy and the need to refinance and new Captain skills combined with a glut of ARP Kirishima Captains siting around the Officers Club doing sweet F all. So I'm giving a chance for members of the WOWS community the opportunity of a life time to grab any of these Great Captains and there alter egos. All offers must sent in writing and received two days before the new patch hits, the lucky buyers will notified the day before patch goes live and all winning bids are final. Don't miss out once there gone there gone, until WG does another dozen events and I have stockpile of ARP Kirishima Captains again.
  16. tm63au

    New Code

    NOTENOUGHPETROPAVLOVSKSINKOTS Gets you 5 PAPER NAPKIN camo's -100% to surface detectability range. +100% to maximum dispersion of shells fired by the enemy at your ship. -100 to the cost of ship's post-battle service. +1000 experience earned in the battle. To be used on Petropavlovsk only
  17. The_Potato_Smasher

    Making Tier V Japanese DDs suffer

    Hello all! Before I start, I'd just like to make one thing clear: I'm not a lolicon. I'm just frustrated at the number of times in the past week my mid-tier games have been lost because of the fact that people refuse to deal with those pesky Tier V Japanese DDs: The Minekaze, the Mutsuki, the Kamikaze / Kamikaze R, and the Fujin. I've lost so many games because of these little [ REDACTED ] that I've decided to relieve myself of the pain of dealing with them by taking 8 of them into a training room and shoving them up with more than a few 5.5" French HE rounds and 550mm torps. ( For those of you wondering, I finally finished the French DD grind and unlocked the Klebér. I have a 15 point captain on it and I am saving credits to get the 6th slot upgrade ) So, if you happen to be driving any of the Tier V Japanese Destroyers, and I happen to be on the enemy team in that match ( usually the USS Monaghan, with the A hull plus a BFT + AR build ), well, let's just say that you've had it, one way or another. And I'm sorry if this post offends anyone in any way whatsoever. This is not me being sadistic, this is me venting my frustration. Well, I hope you all have a good day. The next edition of The Weekly Review will be coming soon, with either the Monaghan, the Edinburgh, or the Kleber being the main feature. -Shrayes
  18. The_Potato_Smasher

    Hercule Mogador Strikes Again!

    Hello there! So, I had a couple of pretty sweet games in the Mogador today. One of them was a 155k Damage victory, and the other was a 117k damage defeat. Thanks to that, the Mogador now holds my personal DD damage record. Here's the win Somehow getting my rear end carried by a Lightning. Just 250 damage short of my first Witherer medal ( shame ). But hey, I still got a Confederate Premium Time Moolah baby! And here's the loss. ( Or, when you just can't carry hard enough ) Like I said, when I can't carry hard enough... Comps to the Ostergotland captain for somehow evading the wrath of a Reload Booster Mogador at 5.5 kilometers. Not as much fire damage, but I did land a couple of torps ( Wait, I launched 55!? ) My first Million Credit Game Baby! ( I might have made 1.5 million if we had won that, lol ) So that's my impressive games for today. If you have any questions, comments or salt, do leave it down below. And compliments go out to all the captains who played in these games. Your performance was exceptional! ( And I'm sorry if it looks a bit sloppy. My editing skills are terrible ) -Shrayes Edit: For those of you who may or may not be wondering, here is my build at the moment. I run the second rudder upgrade in the 5th slot instead of concealment, so that I can juke better. I also run the Engine Boost upgrade for that sweet 252 second duration. Basic DD build, and then I go with Adrenaline Rush and BFT. I'm still saving up points for Demo Expert at the moment.
  19. tm63au

    WOWS Death Race 2020

    Well folks its happening the battle royal of the new USN BB split line V The VMF BB Tree. Lets look at both teams line up Well I don't know about how others think but I believe it could be tough for one of these teams
  20. Well here is the full range of Hulls for the new Sub Split of USN Battleships enjoy. USS Kansas A Hull ( stock ) B Hull C Hull D Hull E Hull ( Final Hull ) USS Minnesota A Hull ( stock ) B Hull C Hull D Hull E Hull ( final ) USS Vermont A Hull ( stock ) B Hull C Hull D Hull E Hull ( final )
  21. Yes remembering the time when I first came to the forums and some one would ask a question or put in a suggestion about ships being in the game and boy were some of these people given a roast on occasion, I even posted a meme / GIF or two myself as time went by. But how times have changed when I think back on it. From this People would post this and say " How would underwater battles work and what would they look like in the game to those who dared ask the question. And now we have this Yep times have changed.
  22. OK in number of articles WG stated that by completing a number of tasks and phases you will get 2 ships built simultaneously. Quote from news article: The main feature of Update 0.9.5 is the Dockyard in the Hamburg Port, where two German ships will be constructed simultaneously: Here is my Odin being constructed in the main dockyard, further past in a semi covered secondary dockyard is another ship. Is this Admiral Graf Spee if so why has she not had work done on her, this hull looks the same as she has been since day one and I have moved up two levels. If its not Admiral Graf Spee where is the ship as I have panned around and see no others dockyards. Or there is only one dockyard and we are suppose to imagine Admiral Graf Spee is being built. I mean WG did say 2 ships were being built together am I not looking in the right place in the dockyard mode. Ok update just re read the news article again and think I have worked it out, silly me.