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Found 10 results

  1. Pretty much sums it up for me, slightly annoyed at that, had to vent with memes.
  2. HI all Well its been a tumultuous past week so far a new patch dropped and game play incorporated, the sparks and salt has been flying with posts and threads by a great many community members including myself. I have been pondering over this whole situation this past couple of days trying sought through the facts and figures, hysteria and common sense and I think I have come up with WG's solution to this whole situation. Well the answer for WG and this gaming community has been staring us and WG in the face all the time World Of Aircraft Carriers And Submarines ( WOCV/SS ), yes that's right remove DDs, CA /CLs and BBs then add Submarines. Yes that's right the Pro CV crowd get to keep that type of ship to play and the Anti CV crowd get to play Subs whether on the surface or under water safe from the sky cancer its a win win all round
  3. Ok so I jump online and head to the WOWS website and to my amazement a new ship is being advertised, promoted as quoted: " The Legendary Japanese Tier 9 Cruiser Azuma ", so WOW this ship must be famous lets check it out. So I type in Google search just Azuma and on the top line we get " Azuma Japanese Restaurants Sydney Australia " no LEGENDARY cruiser here, about the only thing of fame here might be the restaurants Executive Chef Kimitaka Azuma Ok second attempt at Google search I type IJN Azuma which gives us the 1889 class IJN Armoured Cruiser Azuma now maybe this is the ship WG are talking about as this ship fought at both the Battle off Ulsan and the Battle of Tsushima so lets have a look at this this Tier 9 beauty in real life. Wait a minute this does not look like a tier 9 ship though it would pass as legendary as it fought in some famous battles however its not a tier 9 ship by any standards, back to the drawing board to find this legendary ship. Third and final attempt to find this elusive legendary tier 9, further examination of the Google web gives us the Design - 65 cruiser who's only claim to fame is the fact that it was never built. Dear o dear o dear some over enthusiastic intern in the PR and sales department seems to be working overtime on promoting this Legendary ship and they need to be at the wonderful price ( Admirals Bundle ) of $197.19 Australian. But for those more keen to find out about that Legendary Sydney restaurant it got 157 positive reviews on Google giving it 4.4 rating, 8.6/ 10 and 4.5/5 from 2 leading online dining websites sounds LEGENDARY to me Enjoy the cuisine .
  4. Doomlock

    The Stealth Battleship Menace

    They always pop up when I don't want them to and I can't react in time. Look what I found in my salad earlier today!
  5. Last year we had the USN Cruiser split as part of that there were events that would get you amongst others a USS Dallas plus a captain, well I achieved all of this and received a ship and captain but instead of getting the correct ship I received a place holder ship and Captain. Its now 2019 and I'm still waiting for my USS Dallas, well WG when will I get my ship. This is the place holder ship I have and captain this is the ship and Captain I was suppose to get
  6. SO between gifts and the recent promotion to randomly (possibly) win a Santa crate, I've ended up opening seven of the little buggers, of varying sizes. I also won a premium Black Friday crate on a Twitch stream. We all hope for ships, don't we? Admit it. What did I get? I got no ships. So you can't always get what you want. From the Santa containers, I got some Draconic flags (much appreciated; mine are almost drained, vide infra), some camos (never hurts), and a whole pack of doubloons. In fact, by the time I'd finished pulling doubloons out of these things, I had over three thousand. And I had just recently ground out the Benson. So you can guess where most of those went, don't you? From the Black Friday crate I got 14 days' premium time, right at the moment when WOWS had dropped three semi-premium special ships with 19 point captains in our laps. I came out of THAT with 750,000 free XP and almost as much elite captain XP under my belt. So instead of a random Black ship that I might not have wanted (I know I'm not good enough to do the Asashio justice), I got to go home with the Musashi, which I did. Proof that if you try sometimes, you just might find you get what you need. I'm gonna let Mick and the band take it home from here.
  7. The French AA cruiser De Grasse, which we already have in-game as she was originally planned at Tier VI, was eventually finished as an AA cruiser with an Atlanta-like battery of dual 127mm main battery turrets, as well as a further ten dual 57mm turrets. Sadly, she did not come with any other armament; no torpedoes, no light AA, nothing, so presumably all of those 57s were tied into fire control systems. Given how her main battery turrets are placed, however, I could easily see how the rainbow arcs of those particular weapons meaning that the "wing turrets" could fire over one another so that unlike the Atlanta, all ten turrets could theoretically fire in salvo to either direction. Given the lack of torpedoes and the fact that she has no real secondary armament (given that 76mm is the smallest the game engine can or will count as such), I could easily see her as working well enough at Tier VI, or if WG wanted to "bend the rules" as it were, make them dual-purpose 57mms and stick her at Tier VII. She'd be a glass cannon at either tier, though, but perhaps just as fun as Atlanta.
  8. RipNuN2

    Subs confirmed?

    New Bad Advice video seems to confirms subs are coming . . .