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Found 47 results

  1. WOWS has come a long way since the heady days of those early ship lines, back when I started out aiming and steering and everything that came with game was a mystery to me as tried to learn to play the game. Fun times in the beginning getting to know the ships, and right along with the great BB's, CA's , DD's were CV's, yes the RTS days made CV's a dominance in battles, they were still fun to play. In those fledgling years the two powerhouses with CV lines were the USN and IJN with there historically built Carriers. ( for the most part ). But as with all popular games they move forward, so it was onwards and upwards for WOWS with new Nations and more ships and a new rework. But with all things new there is always a bit controversy with ships and game play some good some not so good in certain quarters of the community. The road can be hard even for a CV fan myself, specially with new ship designs and whole Tech Tree lines in general. Just look at the German CV line, one could put a case about its legitimacy apart from 1 or 2 in the line that were partly built. Another line of great debate is the Russian CV's, but that is not what this post is all about, I don't want to talk about blueprints of projects that were never realised. CV's are a hot topic these days with many grievances coming from both sides on the Controversial ships. But I want to put that aside tonight and focus on the positives of these ships and the game in General as I wont to share some wonderful in game moments worthy of these ships. This was a great shot I snapped of a Serov skulking behind a Island as it ran from my Mackenson, no I thought to myself this thing is not getting away " Not on my watch ", good thing is my sniping is getting better as I fired over the island and hit home. Rule Britannia as my Duke chased this Serov scurrying for its life, this is a great snap just look at the sunlight hitting the water behind the Serov, its like a path or road, to nowhere for the CV. Another great moment for a Serov in game, cant remember what ship it was I sank it with, not that it matters, pity the DD behind it ( as you can see by the 2 smoke stacks ) might have been able to save it but obviously it had the good sense to get the hell out of Dodge. And finally a Pobeda, this is a fabulous photo of the ship in the dusk light with a red and yellow glow lighting up the sky and the surrounding seas like a beacon for all to see, it made really good reflections across the hull of my Kurfurst as I sailed past it, those 420 mm guns sure do create wonderful fireworks. I don't know about anyone else but I'm feeling good about this post and I hope others who are also feeling indifferent about Russian CV's will put aside there own misgivings and will share there great moments as I did. Being positive and working together can only make this game great again. DISCLAIMER No Pixels were really harmed in these photos.
  2. Dear Sir, We need to talk about your dress sense. The swagger stick is fine. So too, in its own way, is the bowtie. A little... ostentatious, but not overtly offensive. The scarf, however, is the last straw. I know what you think you were aiming for in the sartorial sense, but let me tell you now that you have grossly overstepped the mark. This is a company of brave naval adventurers, but you have seen fit to turn up as if under-dressed for the office Christmas party. I regret to inform you that my Navy will not be making any efforts to try and recruit you during this current event. You, sir, are damned, and the ghost of Beau Brummell is coming for your soul. Unkind Regards, Cthulhu.
  3. Greetings Captains After letting the finance Dept take charge, we have sent the accountants to Siberia I mean we have sacked them. The white board and spreadsheets have been burned and we are starting afresh. With Patch 12.1-3 # 7 we will having all nations ships with there correct historical graphics and ship data as so many in the community have asked. There will be no fudging of historical data or ship features. All ships will exact general characteristics WG is proud to show the community the first Two Nations to have this major upgrade. USA Nation Tier 2 Sampson Tier 3 Wickes Tier 4 Clemson Tier 5 Nicholas Tier 6 Farragut Tier 7 Mahan Tier 8 Benson Tier 9 Fletcher Tier 10 Gearing Tier 1 Erie Tier 2 Chester Tier 3 St Louis Tier 4 Phoenix Tier 5 Omaha Tier 6 Dallas Tier 7 Helena Tier 8 Cleveland Tier 9 Seattle Tier 10 Worcester Tier 6 Pensacola Tier 7 New Orleans Tier 8 Baltimore Tier 9 Buffalo Tier 10 Des Moines Tier 3 South Carolina Tier 4 Wyoming Tier 5 New York Tier 6 New Mexico Tier 7 Colorado Tier 8 Kansas Tier 9 Minnesota Tier 10 Vermont Tier 8 N. Carolina Tier 9 Iowa Tier 10 Montana Tier 4 Langley Tier 6 Ranger Tier 8 Lexington Tier 10 Midway Details of the ships statistics will follow in future DEV BLOGS.
  4. Captains! We're here to share more of our plans and upcoming changes with you! So from Patch 12.1 /2 these changes will come into effect. After reviewing our spreadsheets on lower Tier ships we have identified two areas that need to be addressed. Firstly we are not making money here and also Russian ships are desperately lagging behind on the leader boards. So after careful analysis we will be moving Tier 1 Orlan into the Armoury as a SPECIAL ship. There will be a complete overhaul of the ships statistics: Ships Stats Survivability - 22700. Plating - 19-mm Main Battery - 3x2 130-mm. Main Battery Firing Range - 11.5 km Maximum HE Shell Damage - 1800. HE Shell Armor Penetration Capacity - 22-mm. Chances of HE Shell causing a Fire on Target - 8%. Initial HE Shell Velocity - 950 m/s. Maximum AP Shell Damage - 2600. Initial AP Shell Velocity - 950 m/s. Reload Time - 5.0 s. 180° Turn time - 18.6 s. Maximum Dispersion - 101 m. Sigma - 2.00. Torpedoes - 2x5 533-mm. Maximum Damage - 15100. Torpedo Range - 10.0 km. Torpedo Speed - 60.0 knots. Reload time - 114 s. 180° Turn Time - 7.2 s. Torpedo Detectability Range by Sea - 1.2 km. AA Defence: 3x2 130-mm, 2x4 25-mm, 3x4 45-mm Short-Range AA: Continuous Damage - 42, Hit Probability - 95%, Firing Range - 3.1km; Medium-Range AA: Continuous Damage - 123, Hit Probability - 100%, Firing Range - 3.5 km; Long-Range AA: Continuous Damage - 63, Hit Probability - 63, Firing Range - 5.8 km; Action zone of AA Shell Explosions - 3.5 - 5.8 km, Number Shell Explosions in AA Salvos - 3, Damage from AA Shell Explosions - 1680. Maximum speed - 43.5 knots. Turning Circle Radius - 760 m. Rudder Shift Time - 2 s. Detectability Range by Sea - 2.5 km. Detectability Range by Air - 1.2 km. Detectability After Firing Main Guns in Smoke - 2.3 km. Available Equipment - 1 Slot - Damage Control Party 2 Slot - Repair Party/Smoke Generator 3 Slot - Engine Boost Radar duration and range Radar range 20 k 5 minute duration with a cool down time of 4 seconds with 3 charges. All stats are listed without crew and upgrade modifiers but with best available modules. The stats are subject to change during the testing. Pricing at this stage is subject to how much the accountants think they can squeeze out of" The Suckers / Wales " sorry we mean valued Community members. At this stage a rough estimate will be 2,000,000 coal, 1,000,000 FREE XP and $ 9100 doubloons. To replace the Tier 1 Orlan ship instead of finding some Paper mache ship out some old blueprints lock away for 50 years. We are proud to announce a exclusive DUEL Tier system for Russian ships only. The Tier 10 Russian Cruiser Petropavlovsk will now available to be used in Tier 1 battles. We feel that this ship will fit in at both Tier 1 and Tier 10 and at least make up for the fact that we had to BEGRUDGINGLY BAN the ship from CLAN or RANK or whatever it was.. We have also been looking at Tier 2 spreadsheets and feel that our ships should dominate this tier and also the fact that Japan has A Tier 2 Battleship, so we should have a battleship there too So we have decided that Slava should be our dual Tier Battleship We here at WG believe that these changes will bring into line a imbalance in the lower Tier system and prove Russian ships are best, because we own the game. Dasvidaniya Captains .
  5. Captains Lets take a ride and look at PT 2 of ROAD MAP 2022 and see if know where hell we are going. Yes lets a look at the second half of the year SUMMER 2022 DEADEYE Yes Captains DEADEYE will return in June and we will be giving you plenty of time to use FREE XP, CREDITS and even DOUBLOONS and any other currency to get you to re skill your Captains, and then in Dec we are removing it again, because we can and make you have to re skill your Captains all over again at a cost. German Battleships Yes we plan to NERF German secondaries to uselessness so they remain your favourite PORT QUEENS. Italian and American Battleships Yes during Summer of 2022 we will be doing a major overhaul of both lines and reducing there speeds and reload times for the main guns so there worthless to play, while the Italian line will get a extra looking into by making there already woeful SAP even more REDUNDANT. AUTUMN 2022 Yes Captains we will be eluding to the return of " OPEN WATER STEALTH FIRING " with a series of " CRYPTIC " statements and messages then discussions on live streams and other official sites. Speaking about the benefits of the mechanics in game and raising peoples hopes only to announce after long thought and internal reviews, WG has decided not to reestablish the mechanic because of REASONS. Russian Battleship Sub Line Yes we know the community have been asking for a second line of Russian battleships, and here they are ( see picture above ) starting at Tier 5, this new sub line of Russian battleships will be the first line of Battleships to be equipped with " Depth Charge Launchers " with a firing range of 10 kilometres. 2022 will be another great year for us all captains and we hope to you will follow us down the road to who knows where.
  6. Greetings Captains We are Proud to announce not one but two new CV lines coming up in the not to distant future. The first will become available on the test server when PATCH 0.11.6 goes live, the second will go live on the test server in PATCH 0.11.9. We are excited to preview the ships of THE PAN GALACTIC NATION, with the release of The Cruiser line last October and its overwhelming success we have decided to push forward testing and release of this CV Line. ALL SHIPS IN THESE LINES WILL HAVE SPECIAL CAPTAINS. THE NEW EVEN TIER PAN GALACTIC CV LINE Tier 4 The Supreme Dalek Council Ship Comes with 3 Captain choices Dalek Supreme Gold ( classic ) Dalek Supreme Black ( classic ) Dalek Supreme red ( Nu Who ) The CV's Air Group will comprise of only one type of multi role plane with 3 squadrons Multi role Fighter / Bomber Tier 6 Dalek Command Ship This ship comes with a choice of two Captains Emperor Dalek ( classic ) Emperor Dalek ( Nu Who ) The CV's Air Group will comprise of 3 types of planes Dalek Fighter Dalek Dive Bomber Dalek Torpedo Bomber Tier 8 Cylon Base Ship For this Ship we are giving you the choice of two Captains Baltar Imperious Leader The CV's Air Group will comprise of two types of planes with 3 squadrons Cylon Fighter Cylon A / B Fighter Here is a sneak peak of the new planes in action !! Tier 10 Cylon Base star This ship will come with only one Captain Caprica Six The Air group will comprise of two types of planes but will have 3 squadrons Raider 1 Raider 2 While we are still keeping the ships details under wraps for now we are happy to announce a new GIMMICK I mean a new game mechanic for this line. For the first time this CV line will carry " AIRBORNE MINES " yes that is right Captains we are developing a weapon that will be released in the air and act as a AIRBORNE MINEFIELD, that will interdict attacking enemy aircraft. The Cylon Mine With this new weapon we feel here at WG that we are heading this game forward in the right direction, again details of how this mechanic works will be revealed later. And now for the really big news about the second CV THE FIRST ALTERNATIVE TIER CV LINE Yes that's right Captains its finally happening in Patch 11.9 the alternative CV's will arrive for testing, and we are proud to announce that it is once again the PAN GALACTIC Nation we will be used for testing. We are excited and we hope the community will be also, so lets go Captions Tier 5 USS Saratoga Once again we giving each ship in this line a very special Captain LTC Tyrus Cassius "T.C." McQueen The ships Air Group will have only one multi role aircraft in 3 squadrons Tier 7 CHIG Battle Carrier This ship will have two Captains to choose from Chig 1 Chig 2 The CV's Air group will have 3 types of planes. Chig Fighter 1 Chig Fighter Bomber Chig Torpedo Bomber Tier 9 Omega With this ship you will once again have two choices to command the ship John Sheridan Jeffery Sinclair The ships Air Group will have one type of multi role plane but again the CV will have three squadrons Starfury M1 Yes well we hope you thrilled with these up and coming lines but we are not finished yet Captains as we have one huge surprise to share with you PAN GALACTIC SUPERSHIP Yes your reading it right Captains, the PAN GALACTIC line will have its own SUPERSHIP very soon and this one will be something special for all community to enjoy playing. The Dalek Crucible This Special CV comes with two Captains Davros ( classic ) Davros ( Nu Who ) This new SUPERSHIP is unique as it will have no aircraft as strike weapons, its only weapon of attack is special device called " THE REALITY BOMB " a weapon that takes 5 minutes to arm and once fired " NUKES " every ship on both sides leaving only the e Dalek Crucible alive, it also shortens game time and saves us giving out massive amounts credits to both teams. After long discussions within the company and DEV TEAM we came to the conclusion that the direction we were going with these paper and fantasy ships from the Russian archives was the wrong path to travel, also after looking at the feedback and the lengthy dialogue with the PAN GALACTIC community we have come back to reality with these two new CV lines and have our feet on the ground moving forward with more historical ships being designed as seen above with these new ships. Well Captains we hope you enjoyed the preview of the new lines and while we cant share the full details of both lines in there entirety as always keep a eye for future updates on the DEV BLOG. Good Hunting Captains
  7. SMS Mecklenburg IJN IWAMI At last real ships that were actually built and not paper ships using historical ships names. Thank you WG
  8. An announcement that the server is up, BUT NOT A SINGLE POST FROM SOME WHINING GIT COMPLAINING HE COULDN'T LOG ON WHILE IT'S DOWN FOR THE UPDATE????? I feel cheated! Deprived! Bereft! This is disgusting. Compensation now, or else.
  9. I see it every day when I play this game. A game I love , but like all things, including games there are always untruths that have tragic consequences and the cover up that WG enforces till this very day . WG claims to be UN bias when it comes to this game, across the board, but this is a clever deception. WG are master manipulators, through what these days you would call perception filters, most of the community just plays the game and see's what WG wants you to see. But tonight I intend to lift the veil and expose the facade for what it really is !!!. Every minute, hour, of the day of every year this scandal continues and no one seems to be punished for these actions. I have been gathering evidence of these in the hope of exposing the truth. But first lets take a look into the background of the WOWS community and see why WG are so desperate and will stop at no lengths to cover up and hide the injustice done to a certain group within the community. WOWS COMMUNITY This community is vast and wide, ranging with DD mains to BB mains and those in between, players from all diverse communities and origins. But sadly WG bias is having tragic results to a certain section of the WOWS community, to which WG deny is happening for the so called sake of balance within the game, amongst other things. Tonight I will expose the untruths, the bias, bigotry and callous nature WG has to these loyal community members and there desperate attempts to hide and cover up this heinous scandal. WARNING The pictures you are about to see have been hidden for those who might find them shocking and painful to view. WG why did you not institute a full rescue system, and deploy these on all maps !!!! WG the evidence is out for all to see now, CV mains will finally see the truth, you cant hide it now. #PILOTLIVESMATTER My next ground breaking expose report THE BOT REBELLION A fascinating story on a group of rebel BOTS who refuse to be cannon fodder for there human overlords and who are breaking the boundaries in Coop and fighting back !!!
  10. Yes in conjunction with the other 50 events we have going over for the festive season WG would like to announce another mind numbing grind to burn more brain cells out. We are pleased to Announce THE ZOMBIE BURNOUT TO HELL GRIND This will be a 2 stage task involving 5 missions each, which all have to be completed to receive the major prize. The event starts on the 24th December and finishes on the 2nd January. STAGE 1. BECOMING A ZOMBIE Mission 1. Sink 30 DD's with in Destroyers only * excluding premiums ----- reward on completion 5 ALL Tiers Mission 2. Sink 20 Submarines with In surfaces ships only * excluding CV's ----- reward on completion 5 TIER 4 SHIPS ONLY Mission 3. Get 5 hits with Friesland or Asashio on Cruisers only -------- reward on completion 5 Mission 4. Spot 40 ships in Aircraft Carriers only ------- reward on completion 5 Mission 5. Get 500 hits with Battleships only ------ reward on completion 5 STAGE 2. GO TO HELL Mission 1. Shoot down 50 planes in Arkansas beta only ------- reward on completion 5 Mission 2. Score 10 hits in Submarines only with secondaries only ----- reward on completion 5 Mission 3. Score 30 hits with any surface ship' fighter consumable * excludes all CV's ------ reward on completion 5 Mission 4. Sink 40 ships in CV's * odd Tier CV's only ---- reward on completion 5 Mission 5. Get 20 Incapacitation's in Cruisers only ----- reward on completion 5 Once you have completed all missions you receive a new emblem which is You also get the main prize for completing the event which is So good luck Captains and good sailing.
  11. Thanks to your feedback just recently on how the community is divided on Submarines and the fact that we have poured so much money, time and vodka I mean effort into the project. We have listened to what you have said and want your money. We are proud to announce the new BRITISH ANTI SUBMARINE Tier 7 AIRSHIP AIRCRAFT CARRIER, HMS MOBILE. This ship will begin the new era in the odd Tier Aircraft Carriers devoted ANTI SUBMARINE work. HMS MOBILE Unlike conventional CV's the new odd line CV type will be sky based and as such will be immune to air attack by sea based CV's and surface ships, therefore it will have neither offensive or defensive armament, its sole purpose is to hunt down and sink enemy Submarines. The Airship Aircraft Carrier will come with three squadrons: BAT WINGS These planes have absolutely no use what so ever as there roll is for Combat Air Patrol but they fly to high on the map and enemy planes can not attack them, but we are paying these guys a fortune at LESTA and the need to impress the community so you will buy the ship. Curtiss P 40 Warhawk fighters While again having no use in the air these planes will be invaluable as they function as underwater recon planes seeking out and spotting those pesky deep diving Subs. Manta Fighters The main strike weapon of the ANTI SUB Air Ship Aircraft Carriers. These planes will carry a new type of weapon that will help destroy deep diving subs that elude ship based anti sub weapons. Though still in early development and testing the new gimmick, I mean new weapon which will have the designation USB or UNDERWATER SKIP BOMB should prove quite devastating against Submarines. Early testing so far has been encouraging. As this is a Premium ship and flagship of the new odd Tier line we have decided to give the player 6 Captains Bai ling Commander Francesca "Franky" Cook Dr. Totenkopf Polly Perkins Dexter Dearborn Joseph Sullivan/Sky Captain While this is in the very early stages of development and the statics and details and mechanics have not been released we are excited about the beginnings of the new alternative CV lines . We are looking forward to your feedback on the new Premium ship and contents of your wallet when it is released. Stay tuned for further updates and the price tag.
  12. Yes Community members its finally happening We heard your feedback and views for PAN Asia, PAN America,PAN Europe and The Dutch Nation. But the loudest requests have been for The PAN Galactic Nation. In patch 11.5 we will deliver The New Nation and New Cruiser line, New Commanders, New Base and a New Dockyard in one massive event for the New Nation. We here are really excited and hope the community will be also as you have waited for a long time for this Nation. The New PAN Galactic Cruiser Line SHIPS TIER 1 NARCISSUS TIER 2 FEDERATION PURSUIT SHIP ( FPS ) TIER 3 MILLENNIUM FALCON Tier 4 WAR ROCKET AJAX TIER 5 PROTECTOR TIER 6 FIREFLY TIER 7 BIRD OF PREY TIER 8 DRACONIA TIER 9 PYRAMID TIER 10 VENATOR TIER 10 Premium AVENGER This ship comes with exclusive 10 point Captain, with special traits that will be announced at a later date. NEW COMMANDERS Yes to celebrate the release of the new Nations unique Commanders will available to be used for the Cruiser line THE NEW DOCKYARD Yes not only will there be a Nation and Cruiser line we also giving the players a chance to build not one Cruiser but two in the new PAN Galactic Nation Dockyard. The main ship will of be none other Than the TIER 6 ENTERPRISE with the bonus TIER 4 Cruiser SCOUT. TIER 6 ENTERPRISE TIER 4 SCOUT NEW PORT And of course we need to show off The New Nations Port As this New Nation and related events are still in development, ship statistics and event details will be forth coming at a later date on the DEV BLOG. But we feel the community will be excited as we are with the inclusion of this New Nation in WOWS. Till then stay tuned for further announcements.
  13. Keep seeing pilots of shot down planes landing in the water close to my ship from time to time, but in the heat of battle have no time to stop and rescue them. WG has put opposing teams in a precarious situation with no clear defining rules in regard to downed enemy pilot combatants. This could be a violation of international treaties and given the current attitudes particularly in social media it surprises me. Here are two parts of articles from websites relating to Maritime Law. RESCUE AT SEA - UNHCR https://www.unhcr.org › ... PDF International Maritime Law. The shipmaster has an obligation to render assistance to those in distress at sea without regard to their nationality, ... Indeed, the law of the sea requires them to do so. ... render assistance to any person found at sea in danger of being lost [and] to proceed with all possible speed to the rescue of persons in distress, if informed of the need of assistance, in so far as such action may reasonably be expected of him. With the advent of Submarines hitting our game this also opens up a whole new situation when attacking merchant ships are we suppose to follow the "Prize Rules " or is " Unrestricted submarine warfare " allowed. WG needs to release a statement on both these matters and fast.
  14. ANTI - Back line Brawler, border humper and bow camping players Island hiding HE Spamming Cruisers Double CV Players in game DD Players DEAD EYE BB's LESTA
  15. Yes we here at WG are always pushing the boundaries of the game, we brought you Ocean a map that gives the players a chance to slug it out in the open. But we listened to feedback on maps and how you want to play the game. And we are going even further in the development of this game with two new exciting maps " JUNGLE " and " DESERT". Yes we are proud to show you some exclusive screen shots from our internal testing. DESERT MAP Yes for those back line brawlers, border humpers and all round campers this map gives you the chance to sit in the spawn area and just spam to your hearts content without moving a inch. JUNGLE MAP Yes this will be another great map for those types of players that spawn and rush to the nearest island and hide, the dynamics of this map is the whole area is one big island for both teams. When you spawn on this map no one will see you and you just sit there in peace and harmony, As you can see from this screen shot the DEV department is producing a special camouflage ( RUSTIC JUNGLE ) in conjunction with this maps release, for the low low price 100000 credits you get this wonderful Camo that will make your game play on JUNGLE MAP that much more fun. More Announcements will follow shortly
  16. tm63au

    From The DEVS Blog 10 .6 Patch

    With early positive feed back from the new fantastic idea for the Dutch cruiser line of calling in land based parachute bombs The DEV department are already pushing forward more new game play ideas for the WOWS communities benefit. Early testing will begin with HMAS Perth which will be given a consumable that gives the ship boxing Kangaroos. The idea will be that if Perth can get to 5000 KM of a enemy ship the player can use the consumable, 10 kangaroos will leap on to the enemy ship and attack the bridge there by knocking out the steering out for 30 seconds. We are also going to ad this new flag which gives you a bonus of 5 kangaroos for the consumable and adding a further 5 seconds to the steering time of the enemy ship. If this proves to be a great success we plan other improvements to the game . Some other ideas The DEV team have in mind USN ships - SEA EAGLES that will fly and attack AA Gun crews and there by disabling AA guns. VMF ships - BEARS will be release into the waters and swim to enemy ships and plant limpet mines with timers on there hulls which will cause flooding damage for a certain amount of time. WE at WG feel confident that together with new Dutch National flavour and our testing of the Australian National flavour will lead to even more unique consumables.
  17. Why do I put myself through this torture. Why is it players go to great lengths to lose games when victory is in sight.
  18. tm63au

    Yes Finally

    Well its been a traumatic 72 hours, one I hope will not happen again. But it finally happened on my 5th attempt I manged a win in Munchen. And although my win rate in this thing is in the dumpster. Hopefully its all behind me now. A truly humbling moment that the ship actually managed to survive to the end of the match considering that when friendlies sail past I nearly lost half my health from there bow wake. I look forward to my next challenge in this ship when I get into a fail DIV and go 1 against 1 with a Petro, bring it on.
  19. tm63au

    Amazing Stories From WOWS part 2

    Greetings all In this weeks exciting new episode of AMAZING STORIES we hear about how a WOWS community member purchased a bundle of 20 Mega Xmas containers and won the following 1 year of premium time 100 000 coal 100 RAM flags 15000 FREE XP The Tirpitz The Giulio Cesare The Imperator Nicolai I But then sent a ticket into SUPPORT claiming he was robbed he didn't win a Makarov Then promptly deleted his account claiming bias. What a amazing story. Stay tuned to more exciting Amazing Stories like this one, see what happens when WG announces VMF Aircraft Carriers. Here is a sneak peak of this future episode For those who missed our last AMAZING STORIES here is the link Goodbye for now and keep watching for more AMAZING STORIES from WOWS
  20. tm63au

    Amazing Stories From WOWS

    Our amazing story takes place on the 4th of Dec when a WOWS player took out a USN BB into Coop battle and had a amazing discovery. The ship in question USS Kansas, when the battle began and the player push the full speed button for ship and it reached its full speed limit, to the surprise and amazement of the player the USS Kansas passed the 20 knot speed mark !!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING that a USN BB went over 20 knots. Other amazing stories of people liking the 40 second reload time for USS Oklahoma !!!! Amazzing stories Well that is about it for this weeks episode. Stay tuned for more upcoming Amazing Stories , in the coming weeks we have a story is about the WG DEV who tries to tell the WOWS community with a STRAIGHT FACE the the Russian Battleship VMF Slava is underpowered and needs a massive BUFF. So keep your eye the screen for that AMAZING STORY.
  21. Now, I also drew a Makarov, but I'm kinda content getting the ship since I find it's history interesting. What is this you may ask? Well, it's the way Makarov, or to be more precise Nurnberg ended up in the Soviet Union. Pay attention and you might find how a historical event is a cautionary tale that applies even now in our pixel game. Not only that, but this makes Makarov the best possible choice for a ship reward of the type. So, on May 27 1945 Prinz Eugen along with Nurnberg and escorted by Devonshire and Dido reached Wilhelmshaven. Both ships would remain there until their fate would be decided by the Potsdam Conference. To quote https://hamptonroadsnavalmuseum.blogspot.com/2019/01/the-navys-most-unwanted-ship-and.html Now you may think that the fate of Prinz Eugen and Nurnberg was decided by lengthy negotiations or something of the sort. But actually: Yup, you read it right. They drew lots out of a hat for warships. Now that's all a fun and interesting wartime trivia. But here's the nice comparison. Place yourself as the Soviet representative. You want Prinz Eugen for your country. You could say you want one of the super rare lootbox drops. You are actually allowed to do so, but only if you can draw the proper lot out of another Admiral's hat. Same as the lootboxes, though the Soviets had a 33% chance of getting Prinz Eugen so that was far more generous at the time. Instead you pick the wrong lot and end up with the unwanted, old vessel that doesn't offer anything interesting. Same as you actually getting a ship from the boxes but ends up being Makarov. Do you see it? WG has managed 100% player immersion with this move. Now you can feel the exact same way that a Soviet Admiral had when he drew the wrong lot, saw Prinz Eugen ending up on the United States and he was stuck instead with Nurnberg. I don't think it gets more historically accurate than that. But hey, at least you aren't the British that probably ended up with that crappy a lot that I can't find what ships they got. And this is why every time I think of Makarov I smile. Hope this brings some smiles on an otherwise crappy incident.
  22. Yes its your last chance to get a ARP Kirishima Captain before patch 9.11 hits and there all reduced to zero point skill Captains. I'm selling my stock of Captains to make way for the new skill base so Ill take into consideration any offer, HURRY HURRY time is running out for a chance of a life time to get yourself a brand new never used before ARP Kirishima Captain, have plenty on offer. Yes I have so many ARP Kirishima Captains I just don't have enough ships for them to sail on so they must go in this once in a lifetime FIRE SALE before the end, offer me a price and my accountants will look over your offer, best offer wins these great buys. Lets have look at some of these great buys now. Here is the view of two of our Captains one is 10 point Captain the other is a 6 point one, and as a added bonus I will even throw in there alter egos Eiji Hashimoto ( 10 points ) Isamu Akiyama ( 6 points ) Don't like her alter egos and you prefer the chick with the yellow tie then just hit that additional content button and those stuffy old IJN Captains are gone. Masao Seto ( 6 points ) Royo Takahashi ( 10 Points ) Two more great Captains just waiting to sail your ships, NO not what you want well then look no further how about an BEAR to command your ships into battle, yes just with the click of a button you can have HIM Yes your very own Bear to sail the high seas in your best ships. Yes I must sell them all, due to the current downturn in the economy and the need to refinance and new Captain skills combined with a glut of ARP Kirishima Captains siting around the Officers Club doing sweet F all. So I'm giving a chance for members of the WOWS community the opportunity of a life time to grab any of these Great Captains and there alter egos. All offers must sent in writing and received two days before the new patch hits, the lucky buyers will notified the day before patch goes live and all winning bids are final. Don't miss out once there gone there gone, until WG does another dozen events and I have stockpile of ARP Kirishima Captains again.
  23. S_H_O_C_K_W_A_V_E

    Making Tier V Japanese DDs suffer

    Hello all! Before I start, I'd just like to make one thing clear: I'm not a lolicon. I'm just frustrated at the number of times in the past week my mid-tier games have been lost because of the fact that people refuse to deal with those pesky Tier V Japanese DDs: The Minekaze, the Mutsuki, the Kamikaze / Kamikaze R, and the Fujin. I've lost so many games because of these little [ REDACTED ] that I've decided to relieve myself of the pain of dealing with them by taking 8 of them into a training room and shoving them up with more than a few 5.5" French HE rounds and 550mm torps. ( For those of you wondering, I finally finished the French DD grind and unlocked the Klebér. I have a 15 point captain on it and I am saving credits to get the 6th slot upgrade ) So, if you happen to be driving any of the Tier V Japanese Destroyers, and I happen to be on the enemy team in that match ( usually the USS Monaghan, with the A hull plus a BFT + AR build ), well, let's just say that you've had it, one way or another. And I'm sorry if this post offends anyone in any way whatsoever. This is not me being sadistic, this is me venting my frustration. Well, I hope you all have a good day. The next edition of The Weekly Review will be coming soon, with either the Monaghan, the Edinburgh, or the Kleber being the main feature. -Shrayes