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Found 11 results

  1. Now fitted with Argus pulsejets with afterburners, for extra cruise and attack speed. (Only kidding. The plane was on fire, but it looked so conveniently well placed and symmetrical that I couldn't help myself.)
  2. It IS legal here in Canada after all...
  3. The Z-23, the Kagero and the Richelieu. Look at them. Bloody hopeless. They ought to be confined to co-op! Oh wait...
  4. Replay attached for your edification. This piece of filth fired torpedoes in my direction when there was clearly no enemy ship near me, and then - as I was engaged in a life-or-death charge on an enemy battleship - completed his treachery by shooting me in the back. I refer of course to that unholy monster who goes by the name :Zenker: For obvious reasons, mere confinement to co-op is not a sufficient deterrent. I demand justice! Or vengeance! Whichever! 20200831_203403_PGSD506-T-61_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay
  5. The statement is attributed to various authors, but its usefulness is not in doubt. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lies,_damned_lies,_and_statistics It would be the cold hard truth to tell you that in the last month, my World of Warships views have risen by a whopping NINE HUNDRED AND NINETY NINE PERCENT. Actually it's more than that, but 999% is the highest that YouTube is actually capable of reporting to me. This is a level of viewership increase that is God Tier. Who could possibly hope to match it? Of course this grandiose claim immediately comes undone with the reveal of the actual raw data... ...and the fact that I can still count my number of publicly posted vids without taking my socks off... but hey, I'm not actually lying, right?
  6. All I have to do is obtain the Hayate or the Smaland upon logging in tonight. This will ensure absolutely that the FDR is announced for Free Experience, not long after the 2 million FXP flows out of my account. It worked with the Georgia; within days, the Marceau had appeared in port for 236,000 coal!
  7. Ensign_Cthulhu

    A WOWS collaboration that MUST HAPPEN!!!!

    Just imagine. Every packet has WOWS branding and a code with a chance to unlock a T2 premium DD (either Smith or Tachibana). You know you want it.
  8. https://oldspice.com/en/content/krakengard-wild-collection-deodorant https://oldspice.com/en/content/captain-red-collection-bodywash
  9. Let us assume the absolute possible worst case for a full season of the full version of Ranked (like the one that just ended, not the Sprint version we're about to get): 1) You are one of those people who will get to the top through brutal persistence. You might sail through the lower ranks because of irrevocable levels, but at the end of the day you're destined for the thousand-battle club. We'll call it a thousand even to keep the math simple. 2) You are free to play, and so hopeless that you barely make your ammunition cost back every time you play (a shameless math cheat, to allow me to eliminate this variable). No permacamo, and not enough in-game camo acquired to be worth bothering about. So every battle costs you the full 180K credit service cost and the cost of all your premium consumables (four slots at 22,500 each = another 90,000 a battle, but more on that below). Your climb to the top will be on the backs of the competent players in your team, with occasional moments of accidental brilliance to pick your morale up and keep you slugging on. 3) The absolute worst that Ranked Battles could ever serve up is for the whole damn thing to be Tier 10. Hopefully it won't ever be, but let's imagine that it is - hence the four consumable slots assumed above. 4) All that put together adds up to a thousand Tier 10 battles at 270,000 cost to you per battle, for a total in-game cost of 270 million credits. 5) For those who are interested - as of this morning (10 October 2018), the Premium Shop was advertising 60 million doubloon credit packs at a cost of $126 Canadian, which I'm assuming is because it works out to an even $100 in US dollars. It takes four and a half of these packs to cover off 270 million, with the remaining 30 million covering off approximately what a Tier 10 ship costs including all modules needing to be fitted (the assumption is free-to-play, so you either ground out the FXP to jump to your T10 steed or went all the way up the line FTP). So, scrub, are you ready for Ranked? The total equivalent cost, converted to real money as at 10 October 2018, is FIVE HUNDRED UNITED STATES DOLLARS. It's something to think about. So start pooling your credits now.
  10. Why dont we give Indianapolis a Shark themed camo? I mean Worchester gets one now