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Found 2 results

  1. Battlecruiser_Yavuz

    Brainstorm Fun: Age of Sail Warships PvP Ideas?

    Hello! This is probably me being hopped up on the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Master and Commander as well as the Hornblower novels I've been binging, but I thought this would be a fun topic for this part of the forum. The Age of Sail is a romantic period of naval history for Europe - the "wooden ships and iron men" era of history as 17th to 19th-century warriors fought on the high seas in gargantuan vessels. Let us say that a company, WG or otherwise, wanted you to have some input on a potential World of Warships-like Age of Sail game - an arena where captains can use tall ships to bash each other on the high seas and gain objectives to help their team win. What would you propose, if you find the idea viable? Here are some questions to help stimulate discussion: -Do you even find the idea of an Age of Sail arena to even be a good idea? Why or why not? -What period of the Age of Sail will be the main focus of the game? For example, World of Warships is mainly focused on the Second World War with First World War vessels and Cold War vessels making up the beginning and end of the tier trees, respectively. -What kind of ships would you like in the tech trees? How would you balance these ships against each other? -For the captains, what skills do you think would be appropriate to help a ship be enhanced in battle? Any ideas for premium captains - noteworthy officers who might be attractive to players? -What nations do you think would make viable tech trees for this game? -What premium ships do you think would be appropriate for players to buy and / or earn for the game? -What ship would you personally like to sail - type and / or name, whether they are premium or tech tree? Thanks!
  2. I'm looking to study up one the construction and capabilities of the old ships of the line, however I'm not really interested in historical data for which to create models with, I'm interested in a book with plenty of historical analysis. Does anyone know any good books about the topic? I've seen some previews of "THE 74 GUN SHIP Practical Treatise of Naval Art 1780" but it appears to be mostly data for ship modelers and not analysis but I can't really say for sure having not read it and there's only one review of it on amazon.