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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I took advantage too the discounts and a bit of free XP and finally got my 9th T10 and my first T10 DD the Shimakaze. Since it’s been around a very long time I was hoping veterans of the Shima could give me some advice on which torpedo set up they find works best for them. Also wondering if using the Torpedo Acceleration skill with either of the longer range torpedoes is worth the 2 points. Not sure I’d run it with the Type F3s, but 81 knot 6 km torps could be a blast for those daring enough.
  2. MitoUchiha

    Shimakaze Torpedo Options

    Since I've owned Shimakaze, my go to torpedo option has always been the Type93 mod.3 12km torpedoes. However, the new update has allowed for builds that make every torpedo, including deep water torpedoes, to be seen from 1.8km to 2.25 km. This has made me consider instead running the 20km Type93 torpedoes with Torpedo Acceleration and Torpedo Tubes Modification 1 to create 16km 70 knot torpedoes. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  3. A very seasoned former clanmate of mine advised me, a long time ago, not to set out to get a Gearing because it wouldn't be worth the time and effort. This person told me "There are no bad ships, just ships you haven't learned to exploit." This guy was not snide or condescending to fellow clanmates or a user of phrases like "git gud" (whatever that means). ....So now that I might have brought this topic back to life, lemme know what you think about it.
  4. The shimakaze is my first tier 10. I got her so long ago it was before you could buy ships with free xp - I remember using free xp to skip the T9 DD and get her directly. Yet I don't have her in port and never will. Because: 1) I have the Asashio and that boat is so much fun, such a good credit earner, and she's a better shimakaze than the shimakaze, with the same guns but a 5.4km detection range. She can spot and cap better. 2) Shimakaze (and Asashio and Kagero and Yugumo) have bad guns. Their guns got buffed a few patches ago, but still, can only finish off or do hit and runs on DDs. It seems like a simple solution to this would have been to give tier 8-10 tech tree IJN DDs the option to research/use the 100mm guns, trading off HE pen damage vs non-DDs, but gaining faster firing guns that can still hurt other DDs. I don't understand why they made an entire new tech tree line, where the line is defined mostly by their 100mm guns (and single torpedo tubes with reload booster), when they could have given the 100mm guns to the old, 'standard' IJN DD line as a second gun module. 100mm guns that can only pen DDs w/o IFHE but reload faster than 127mm would have balanced out IJN top tier DDs to make them playable again. Of course they might have had to balance the 100mm gun stats differently than they did now, so that Shimakaze doesn't become a good torp boat and a good gun boat at the same time, but this kind of versatility would have been extremely useful to IJN DD players - I myself would have bought the Shima and probably gotten her some premium camo (with the same doubloons I'm planning on spending on the T10 French DD), but right now almost anything the Shima can do the Asashio can do better. It's like WG thought "gee, Shima is by far the weakest DD fighter because of her weak guns, and Shima players who try to contest caps instead of running away are annoyed by this. But we can't buff her guns because her torpedos are already very powerful. I know! We'll give her a second gun module with small caliber guns that reload faster but can only pen DDs so people that want to contest caps can equip theses!" "No, wait! Why not just create a second line with these guns? Because if we don't perpetually release line after line of ships people will have everything unlocked and we don't want that!" "Why not?" "Because then they'll get bored and quit the game" "But don't players already get bored and quit the game even if they haven't researched everything? And isn't having an unbalanced, weak tier 10 ship part of that problem? Also don't people usually like to play the same ships over and over once they find which ships they like?" "Shut up, don't confuse me with your logic! As long as we create new tech tree lines every 3 months nobody will have any reason to leave the game! The people with premium camo on their Shimakazes will love us for giving them a new IJN DD line to grind, so they can spend the equivalent cost of the Perth in doubloons to give her another premium permacamo just so they don't lose money when playing her!"
  5. So the Shima's legendary upgrade is garbage unless you're firing at max range or you lock your tubes and aim with your boat. I have two proposals to make this more usable or change it entirely. Current stats of the legendary upgrade: –25% to torpedo tube reload time. +50% to risk of torpedo tubes becoming incapacitated. –80% to torpedo tube traverse speed. Proposal 1: Simple fix you gain damage output at the cost of durability and some aiming speed. –25% to torpedo tube reload time. +65% to risk of torpedo tubes becoming incapacitated. +70% to risk of torpedo tubes becoming incapacitated. –10% to torpedo tube traverse speed. Proposal 2: Redesign. Makes the shima both more stealthy and slightly more durable at the cost of torp reload –10% to torpedo tube reload time. +30% to risk of torpedo tubes becoming incapacitated. –10% to ship detection by sea –5% to ship detection by sea The shima is a specialized boat doing two things very well, being sneaky and torping, the legendary upgrade should frankly upgrade those parameters on the Shimakaze rather than endorse passive play on an already passive ship. Thoughts? Opinions?
  6. Just got that special 'Accelerated Torpedo Tube Reload' upgrade; and this, I may say, after a long and painful grind through the five stages of the personal mission. Well, I'll cut through the chase, it is useless. To say that I am extremely disappointed is an under statement. On the up side, the reload time of the torpedos improves and is now 103s for the 12 km torps (that is with the extra Commander skill). Which is an improvement of about 13 seconds. BUT - and hold on to something ! - the 180degree traverse speed went up from 7 seconds to a mind blowing 30 seconds!!! That is a 23 seconds penalty!!! You can eat a pizza and have a few beers whilst you wait for that thing to turn into the right position. How can you cap with that?? How do you contest a cap with mediocre guns and NO torpedos....??! Well ok, they might be ready and loaded but you will just not get them on target. You can only go after battleships and launch into smoke; that is it or c'est tout as the French would say (so they told me). Anyone think this upgrade is any good? I am seriously thinking of trashing it - got no doubloons so will need to sell and forget about it.
  7. legendary only in how horrible it is. Don't waste your time.....The reload is nice but you have to sell your soul for it, you become a T10 Asashio unable to track any target faster than a Yamato. If it didn't have the traverse drawback it would be "legendary" and a reasonable upgrade. Ideally it would be a 0.2 concealment upgrade, a torp detection upgrade, torp speed, ship speed, or just a flat reload buff.
  8. jason199506

    Name and Fame time

    can anyone name one shimakaze player in R5 bracket that is actually good? i think back to the past few days of struggle and actually cant come up with any name. those i run into either chase after enemy BB and ignore cap OR chase after enemy BB and ignore spotting, most do both
  9. With the upcoming addition to the tech tree of the T9 Kitakaze and the T10 Harugumo, I'd like to poll and troll for a bit and ask the forumites what they plan to do to exploit how these ships might affect the meta and balance of T8-10 battles....?
  10. My tactics are mostly developed for IJN Destroyers but they may work for Destroyers with similar stats. A lot of what I say intertwine with each other. I don't believe I have much proof in my videos because battle conditions constantly change. I am using Asashio has my main video because all she has are her deep-water torpedoes and her stealth. She is weak so I have to be significantly more careful with her compared to my other ships. Concealment is all a Destroyer has, more so for a IJN Destroyer. You have to make full use of this while at the same time being effective in battle I will not discuss torpedoes (other than when to shoot) because everyone has their own way of aiming and launching torpedoes. Pre-game Learn what you will be facing so that you can plan on how far you are willing to go\ Learn the map Fear all Destroyers and Cruisers Communication Communicate and explain what you are doing Let your allies know: When your smoke will reload "Smoke, 60 seconds" or "55... 30... 10... smoking now" Do not stop in your smoke "DO NOT STOP IN MY SMOKE" If your Destroyer has super long range torpedoes (10+ km) and your allies are on the direct opposite end of where you are firing Let your allies know where you are launching and where they will be going, this way you have done everything in your power to not team kill Smoke Provide smoke walls to cover your allies when they are fired upon Be willing to scrap the side of an ally if you can provide them with smoke Do not provide smoke if the ally is in close proximity to the enemy, this will negate its usefulness Almost never stop in smoke, move slowly Use your smoke to runaway from difficult sitations Scouting After providing a smoke wall, stay outside of it if you can to provide targets for your allies Be near a cap but don't take it If you take it, it tells the enemy you are close You can always take a cap back when it is safe Before proceeding with anything, let the enemy get themselves exposed Be willing to get spotted Either facing towards the enemy or away from the enemy, shoot your gun once and see who and how many ships look at you If they shoot, they expose themselves If they shoot, don't shoot you have 20 seconds until your concealment comes back If they are able to get within your concealment, shoot because you are unlikely gonna make it back to safety unless you have smoke Speed Take your time when going towards a cap Sometimes slowing down when running away from the enemy can be beneficial in dodging shells Don't be afraid to beach yourself (bow on) on an island if it can make you stop faster as long as you are not in enemy firing view Main Guns Do not be afraid to fire your main guns at a Battleship with low health unless it has support Do not be afraid to distract the enemy with your guns while running away If you can prevent the enemy from shooting one salvo at an ally, it gives you ally an extra chance of surviving Use your gun as "radar", what I mean by this is that you intentionally make yourself so that the enemy fires upon you They will expose themselves if they fire This will tell you how many ships are on that side After an enemy used Repair Party, set them on fire again and switch to AP (dependent on where you are shooting) AP can do surprising damage on any ship when aimed right Do not be afraid fire your main guns at solo warships from range every twenty seconds By doing this, you can distract them from firing on your own allies They will typically not know what to do when this happens Torpedoes Confirm visual contact Look at what is around you Hold your fire because there will always be a better position to fire from Check what is around you again If you can, get within concealment range before launching (be as close as possible) Don't launch torpedoes when the enemy is moving in the opposite direction It is always easier to dodge torpedoes when they are "chasing" If your Destroyer has super long range torpedoes (10+ km) and your allies are on the direct opposite end of where you are firing Hold your fire as long as you can and communicate to your allies on where your torpedoes will be going Anti-Air AA should almost always stay off AA can stay off if AA Range is less than .5km Do not be afraid to turn on AA if an enemy CV constantly spots you and you have no smoke If you are gonna be constantly spotted, why not shoot? If you are gonna be attacked by bombers, why not shoot? Do not be afraid to turn on AA and turn around to support your allies if enemy bombers spotted you and bombs your ally instead If you can shoot down just one enemy plane, that will help your ally You have already been spotted, so the enemy already knows where to expect you Ways of dealing with radar "Wild Weasel" Entice the enemy by exposing yourself Be in a position to dodge and to run from radar range Fire a few shells By exposing yourself, the enemy is most likely to use radar Dodge enemy fire for twenty seconds Count to twenty while dodging enemy fire If you have Priority Target, count the amount of players looking at you to determine how many players are in that area If you have allies, hopefully they sink the radar ships Fubuki/Asashio Skills & Upgrades
  11. anonym_Hf93Jbjm9WjT

    Devblog ST. Balance changes

    In summary : Hipper ROF and turn buffs, Shimakaze concealement buff, Midway hangar nerf, Orion sigma nerf. edit : just noticed, somebody else has already posted this info (an hour ago).