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Found 47 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I took advantage too the discounts and a bit of free XP and finally got my 9th T10 and my first T10 DD the Shimakaze. Since it’s been around a very long time I was hoping veterans of the Shima could give me some advice on which torpedo set up they find works best for them. Also wondering if using the Torpedo Acceleration skill with either of the longer range torpedoes is worth the 2 points. Not sure I’d run it with the Type F3s, but 81 knot 6 km torps could be a blast for those daring enough.
  2. Name and Fame time

    can anyone name one shimakaze player in R5 bracket that is actually good? i think back to the past few days of struggle and actually cant come up with any name. those i run into either chase after enemy BB and ignore cap OR chase after enemy BB and ignore spotting, most do both
  3. Hello everyone. I tried a little experiment. I watched all of the Shimakaze video’s posted on YouTube by @Destroyer_Kuroshiokai. I then went out and tried to practice what he preached. I kept stats to determine if his advice was worthwhile or not (or at least to try to prove it to myself). I freely admit that I was terrible at the Shima before this, and that I’d not tried to learn the ship too deeply. I’d played it enough to know that I didn’t like it, but not enough to say that I’d really tried to learn her ways. This test ran for one month. I didn’t run the Shima exclusively, but I did get 66 games in as I worked toward the Legendary Upgrade. Initial win rate was 37.5%. Current win rate is 47.6% Initial average experience was 1237. Current XP average is 1653. Initial average damage was 41,250. Current average damage is 61,777. I did a million damage points in the past 13 games, so for that number of games the average damage was just shy of 77k. Total kills went from 11 to 81, so the average went from .69 to .99 kills per game. So yes, the videos were very helpful. Thanks, Kuro!
  4. Just got that special 'Accelerated Torpedo Tube Reload' upgrade; and this, I may say, after a long and painful grind through the five stages of the personal mission. Well, I'll cut through the chase, it is useless. To say that I am extremely disappointed is an under statement. On the up side, the reload time of the torpedos improves and is now 103s for the 12 km torps (that is with the extra Commander skill). Which is an improvement of about 13 seconds. BUT - and hold on to something ! - the 180degree traverse speed went up from 7 seconds to a mind blowing 30 seconds!!! That is a 23 seconds penalty!!! You can eat a pizza and have a few beers whilst you wait for that thing to turn into the right position. How can you cap with that?? How do you contest a cap with mediocre guns and NO torpedos....??! Well ok, they might be ready and loaded but you will just not get them on target. You can only go after battleships and launch into smoke; that is it or c'est tout as the French would say (so they told me). Anyone think this upgrade is any good? I am seriously thinking of trashing it - got no doubloons so will need to sell and forget about it.
  5. With the upcoming addition to the tech tree of the T9 Kitakaze and the T10 Harugumo, I'd like to poll and troll for a bit and ask the forumites what they plan to do to exploit how these ships might affect the meta and balance of T8-10 battles....?
  6. Tricked by unexpected Shimakaze

    I opened the game to find a Shimakaze that I never asked for. I tried to google to find out why, but I had no joy. So I thought, what the heck, I will outfit it and get my [edited]kicked in a tier X battle. Except that after I spent millions in credits on it, I find that it is only for clan battles and I am not in a clan. And as far as I can tell there is no way to get the credits back or reset the commander skills I wasted on a ship I will never use. wth is with that? Ideally I could get my credits back, reset my 6/6 captain and delete the Shimakaze. What was wargaming thinking? Now I have to waste 150 gold I bought with actual money on redistributing points and am several millions of credits down.
  7. My tactics are mostly developed for IJN Destroyers but they may work for Destroyers with similar stats. A lot of what I say intertwine with each other. I don't believe I have much proof in my videos because battle conditions constantly change. I am using Asashio has my main video because all she has are her deep-water torpedoes and her stealth. She is weak so I have to be significantly more careful with her compared to my other ships. Concealment is all a Destroyer has, more so for a IJN Destroyer. You have to make full use of this while at the same time being effective in battle I will not discuss torpedoes (other than when to shoot) because everyone has their own way of aiming and launching torpedoes. Pre-game Learn what you will be facing so that you can plan on how far you are willing to go\ Learn the map Fear all Destroyers and Cruisers Communication Communicate and explain what you are doing Let your allies know: When your smoke will reload "Smoke, 60 seconds" or "55... 30... 10... smoking now" Do not stop in your smoke "DO NOT STOP IN MY SMOKE" If your Destroyer has super long range torpedoes (10+ km) and your allies are on the direct opposite end of where you are firing Let your allies know where you are launching and where they will be going, this way you have done everything in your power to not team kill Smoke Provide smoke walls to cover your allies when they are fired upon Be willing to scrap the side of an ally if you can provide them with smoke Do not provide smoke if the ally is in close proximity to the enemy, this will negate its usefulness Almost never stop in smoke, move slowly Use your smoke to runaway from difficult sitations Scouting After providing a smoke wall, stay outside of it if you can to provide targets for your allies Be near a cap but don't take it If you take it, it tells the enemy you are close You can always take a cap back when it is safe Before proceeding with anything, let the enemy get themselves exposed Be willing to get spotted Either facing towards the enemy or away from the enemy, shoot your gun once and see who and how many ships look at you If they shoot, they expose themselves If they shoot, don't shoot you have 20 seconds until your concealment comes back If they are able to get within your concealment, shoot because you are unlikely gonna make it back to safety unless you have smoke Speed Take your time when going towards a cap Sometimes slowing down when running away from the enemy can be beneficial in dodging shells Don't be afraid to beach yourself (bow on) on an island if it can make you stop faster as long as you are not in enemy firing view Main Guns Do not be afraid to fire your main guns at a Battleship with low health unless it has support Do not be afraid to distract the enemy with your guns while running away If you can prevent the enemy from shooting one salvo at an ally, it gives you ally an extra chance of surviving Use your gun as "radar", what I mean by this is that you intentionally make yourself so that the enemy fires upon you They will expose themselves if they fire This will tell you how many ships are on that side After an enemy used Repair Party, set them on fire again and switch to AP (dependent on where you are shooting) AP can do surprising damage on any ship when aimed right Do not be afraid fire your main guns at solo warships from range every twenty seconds By doing this, you can distract them from firing on your own allies They will typically not know what to do when this happens Torpedoes Confirm visual contact Look at what is around you Hold your fire because there will always be a better position to fire from Check what is around you again If you can, get within concealment range before launching (be as close as possible) Don't launch torpedoes when the enemy is moving in the opposite direction It is always easier to dodge torpedoes when they are "chasing" If your Destroyer has super long range torpedoes (10+ km) and your allies are on the direct opposite end of where you are firing Hold your fire as long as you can and communicate to your allies on where your torpedoes will be going Anti-Air AA should almost always stay off AA can stay off if AA Range is less than .5km Do not be afraid to turn on AA if an enemy CV constantly spots you and you have no smoke If you are gonna be constantly spotted, why not shoot? If you are gonna be attacked by bombers, why not shoot? Do not be afraid to turn on AA and turn around to support your allies if enemy bombers spotted you and bombs your ally instead If you can shoot down just one enemy plane, that will help your ally You have already been spotted, so the enemy already knows where to expect you Ways of dealing with radar "Wild Weasel" Entice the enemy by exposing yourself Be in a position to dodge and to run from radar range Fire a few shells By exposing yourself, the enemy is most likely to use radar Dodge enemy fire for twenty seconds Count to twenty while dodging enemy fire If you have Priority Target, count the amount of players looking at you to determine how many players are in that area If you have allies, hopefully they sink the radar ships Fubuki/Asashio Skills & Upgrades
  8. Should I Quit the Line

    So I have grinded (ground?) up to Yugumo and nearly unlocked Shimakaze, but honestly, I don't see any reason to continue with playing this line. It's just so pathetically outclassed by every other line in nearly every way. The torps have good damage, but now I see that it's just a gimmick. When 3-6 torpedoes land, there really won't be a difference between Yugumo's 20k damage per torp and Fletcher's...well 20k damage. Either way, it's a dev strike on anything. They are frankly mediocre compared to the other nations except for the Russians. Seriously, for a torpedo focused line and for having the best torps in the world historically, these torps are not usable. 1.7(8?) detection range is just not acceptable. On top of that, the guns are just woeful. And before some keyboard warrior waltzes in here and says "Oh, you have a 100-200 meter spotting advantage, which makes the line balanced.", I'm sorry, but only super unicums can put that detection to use. If an average player, i.e. me, is sailing at 37 knots in one direction, then a Fletcher pops up 200 meters away coming towards me, there is no way for me to avoid being spotted. I don't even have the speed to get away. Anyway, the point is, I'm borderline about to sell my Yugumo and start on another line. I'm looking for anyone out there to try and convince me otherwise, or to help choose a new line.
  9. What's the best T10 DD to grind for?

    A very seasoned clanmate of mine advised me not to set out to get a Gearing because it wouldn't be worth the time and effort. This person has told me "There are no bad ships, there are only ships you [using the editorial/colloquial you] haven't figured out the strengths and weakness of yet and learned ot exploit.".... This guy is not snide or condescending to fellow clanmates or a user of phrases like "git gud" (obnoxious possibly over people's heads alert) but the opposite.... On the other hand, I have it on fairly good authority from another user idk at all that various tiers do not give rise to various skill levels....this sounds patently ridiculous on the face of it to someone who plays like I do, but "seal-clubbing" aside (red alert on the cliche meter, enough with that people) I see an element of truth in such a view.... ....So why exactly am I a total, even given the limited data sample of how much I've played it, washout with a Shimakaze, post the older nerfing and even with the brand-new buffing of its concealment. ....Your thoughts?
  10. Happy birthday IJN Shimakaze!

    Happy birthday to everyone's favorite and notorious destroyer, IJN Shimakaze! IJN Shimakaze was laid down on 8/8/1941 and was commissioned into service on 5/10/1943. She participated in the following operations in the Pacific: - Aleutian Islands Campaign, withdrawal of Japanese forces - Battle of the Philippine Sea, destroyer screen duties - Battle of Leyte Gulf, rescue survivors from the IJN Mushashi During the Leyte Gulf campaign, she was spotted by strike aircraft from Task Force 38. Shimakaze was unable to fight off the attacking aircraft and took multiple hits before sinking. Her wreck was discovered in Ormoc Bay off the coast of Leyte Island by an expedition funded by American philanthropist Paul Allen. Happy birthday IJN Shimakaze, may you forever be on eternal patrol. #anchorsaweigh
  11. Shimakaze buff?

    Looks like detection drops, but so does torp range. Any other changes that are notable?
  12. Hi All, I opened the Shima a few days ago, and have a handful of games under my belt so far. I'm having some difficulty figuring her out. I thought I'd come here and see if anyone has any pearls of wisdom to bestow. I've tried all three types of torpedoes. The Type 93 just seem too slow and people drive around them too easily. The Type 93 Mod 3 are what I'm running right now, and I don't mind getting close enough to make them work. I ran the F3's for a game and was immediately reminded of the Storozhevoi; a floating shotgun that requires a healthy dose of recklessness to succeed. It's still early with only a dozen games under my belt, but the Shima, so far, seems even more situational than the Kagero and Yugumo, and I'd even have to say more situational than the Minotaur (the Mino is a great ship in some circumstances, utterly useless at times, and a downright liability occasionally). I suspect that there's something about the torps that I'm not thinking through correctly. The slow rate of fire maybe, or having to constantly try to avoid detection from other DDs or radar while reloading. I feel like I'm missing something but I can't figure out what. (I have to admit that I've yet to find a T10 DD that I really like. I have an almost 80% win rate with the Gearing, but I find it dull to play. The Z-52 was sold shortly after I got it - again, just dull to play and an even bigger and fatter target.) Any suggestions?
  13. In summary : Hipper ROF and turn buffs, Shimakaze concealement buff, Midway hangar nerf, Orion sigma nerf. edit : just noticed, somebody else has already posted this info (an hour ago).
  14. So a WG representative made this post: Upcoming buffs to Shimakaze, and upcoming nerfs to air plane spotting torpedoes. It'd be really nice if plane spotting is changed to planes only spotting the torps while within range. This adds an extra layer to CV playing as well as reducing some frustrations of DDs when they are being perma hovered by sky cancer cells.
  15. [] HSF Cat Skin

    I saw someone made their HSF camo for shima, but I don't see the cat camo for it, so I just made a HSF Cat Skin for my Shimakaze. I use only Moded the Type93 12km trops, so I only moded that. To install, just drop it to the mod folder. I also have the premium type20 skin, I moded the camouflages.xml file so it works with it also. HSF Cat Skin.zip
  16. My first Tier X (and battle)!

    Took her out in Co-op yesterday and had some fun, but the real test came today, when I decided to run my very first Tier X random battle. I know what you're probably thinking: he's been playing since open beta, what the heck has taken him so damn long? Well, mostly it's the fact that I suck at high-tier battles, but ever since the clan I'm in formed a team for Clan Battles, I've been getting a lot of tutelage in how to Shimakaze, courtesy of the rental ship. Now, I have the real thing... Tears of the Epicenter, but rather than being dismayed, I considered this the perfect chance to try out my map control skills, and damned if it didn't work! My team spawned in the south, with me on the left edge of the right flank blob. Instead of diving into the circle like a scrub, I skirted the flank, heading north around the east side of the circle, slinging walls of skill out at the enemy's left flank. Things started out slow, with me continuing to advance and keeping the enemy honest, occasionally scoring a torpedo hit before eventually sinking the enemy Des Memes. Now I'm behind the enemy advance, cruising along the north side of the map, and after putting some torpedoes into the Montana, I begin to open up on the enemy Bismarck with my main battery, with the intent to draw attention away from my teammates' advance into the middle zone. It worked, to a degree, drawing the two enemy Tier VIII BBs toward me, prompting me to pop smoke as I pulled a Notser. Even after getting off the beach and continuing west, I kept up the HE spam and walls of skill, and though I didn't get much more damage out of the match after that, it was still a definite contribution to victory. So yeah, playing Clan Battles can play a huge part in helping you to become a better player in Random Battles, especially if you have a clan-mate (many props to @Lyn_Wilke) who is happy to give you advice over voice comms.
  17. [] Super Sonico Shimakaze

    I like Super Sonico. Super Sonico.zip
  18. I was taking a rather satisfying dump and post dump catharsis or just simply head's dizzy from breathing in all the methane gave me a light bulb moment. What if, Shimakaze is not 15 torps per 112 seconds, but rather 5 torps per 37 seconds? Even now, Shimakaze players would often save a salvo for backup or other reasons. Why not only fire 1 set of tubes at one time and treat the DD as having only 1 set of tubes, but with a reload time of only 37 seconds? Half a min per salvo of torps can continuously disrupt enemies, especially the ones that like to hug islands or do bow ons. Firing only 1 set probably won't kill anything per salvo, but continuously chipping the enemies down every 37 seconds can be very powerful, not to mention a damn nuisance to the enemies. Doing so would make Shimakaze a better "support" DD.
  19. According to sea group, they will change her 20km torps and add TRB. Important note: The new 20km only hit BBs and CVs! Sauce: https://sea-group.org/?p=3811&lang=en
  20. The current IJN DD lines can get a few additions to make them both reach T10. On Shimakaze's side, add a super shimakaze, remove one of the [edited] T8 or 9 DD. On Akizuki's side, add one in tier 7 or 8, then add Super Akizuki at tier 10 - basically a smaller Minotaur.
  21. Well I stuck with the ship for this long and I can still say it is not a fun boat, at least compare to what it used to be. Made a post not sure how long ago when I hit the 1000 mark so decided to make one when I hit the 2000 mark I done about 550~ games since the 0.2km torp detection buff on the Type93mod3, and I can say the it greatly increase the enjoy ability of the ship (1.9km to 1.7km) being able to hit aware player no longer requires me praying that the driver is too occupy to beware of the torpedo beats coming at him. Through I do wish they could move the detection down to 1.5km or 1.6km with how many scout planes are in the air due to the captain skill or if they do keep it at 1.7km to increase the 12km back to 15km for range After the torpedo buff I was able to Reach Top1 for Damage on NA for the Shimakaze and my average hit rate for torpedo in a match has gone up from 4 to 6 Here my WTR for the Shimakaze; I'm quite sad my torpedo hit rate didn't go to 7% And for those wondering what Captain skills I run now I do hope WG keeps tuning the IJN DD Torpedoes so they can be more enjoyable for the average player playing the line otherwise I still recommend those looking for decent long range torpedo's to go for the other lines or wait for the Pan Asia DD Line since its torpedo's are rumor to have 0.8km detection
  22. This is the next T10 clan battle beginner guide in a series of three created for WG. Should get you in the right direction if you’ve never played a T10 before. Again, it’s a method. Not the be all end all, and I encourage others to present vide there own tips to help t10 newcomers as well.
  23. With the upcoming rental ships for next patch, I'm excited to be able to play them in random battles as well to see how they fit. However... Shouldn't the rental ships and their tech tree versions be lumped together? I really don't think they should be considered separate ships to have to "retrain" your commander. This is going to be frustrating for quite a lot of players who tried the rentals in Random Battles, grind up to the ship & buy it, only to finally learn that after all that time, they still have to retrain the captain to said ship. Overall feedback: Mark the rental ships and their tech tree versions as interchangeable for Captains. (***Note: I'm not asking to make the rental ships "Premium" versions like with the Haifuri ships so as to be interchangeable with all commanders of the same nation***) Edit: nevermind. Missed out on a piece of the PT notes :P
  24. 180K Service Costs for Shima?

    I"ve had the Shima for a while, but never notice the 180K service cost until tonight. What is that? Why does WOW do that?