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Found 3 results

  1. I was going to purchase the special containers that has eagle/ sharks tokens to make up the deficit to get special camos. I notices they were pulled of the shop before the event is over. Is there a way I can buy the tokens since I am short of 30 to get a special camo?
  2. Hello Captains! It's been a while since I did one of these, July has been an awfully busy month. So with the Sharks vs. Eagles event, what side did you pick? Why? How do you like the event so far? I'd love to hear your constructive feedback, good or bad!
  3. Well this maybe a PSA, a bug or everyone else knew this but me, When I entered WoWS last night I was presented with the Eagle vs Shark screen. I thought that I was already on a team so ignored it and started playing. Sunday was a bad night with a series of either blow outs or just plain bad luck for the day. Towards the end the light bulb came on that I haven't seen a eagle / shark crate at all (even though I eeked out a few wins). So I clicked on the Eagle/Shark banner and selected a team (again) and got the message you are now on the team. <facepalm>, so potentially I was playing all night without earning anything or getting missions. My bad. Just wanted to give folks a heads up not to ignore that splash screen when logging in.