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Found 1 result

  1. Observational items here... could be because I'm looking for it. Could be that it's actually there, happening. You'll have to add your two cents. My observation: Destroyers are becoming very passive, "so it seems" in random battles. It's to the point where I won't even follow a Shima towards any point. All they do is drop torps and move away from cap. It is very "rare" these days, to see a Shima actually work a cap let alone take it. I've seen many a gun-boat dd just roll around a cruiser or battleship with no intention of even getting near a cap. Believe me I understand - radar every where. If not radar you got hydro for the close in action. Toss in fighter planes, torpedo bombers and of course dive bombers. Oh - and let's not forget RDF/RDP. It's a rough environment for sure. But you know this when you chose to play a destroyer, didn't you? Every ship in a game is after you because you are a destroyer. Best stealth in the game (usually) with some heavy hitting power. Who wouldn't want to sink you? It's why there is so much stacked up against you. It seems these days the game is very DD-centric, towards sinking them. But why is it then the red team's destroyers seal off three caps while the green team runs around indecisively, unsure of what action to take, taking none, no caps, no kills and before you know it, red team rolls over the green team? Lack of support? Can't be as you're in the midst of the fleet. I'm genuinely interested in the how/why of that scenario. Green team's destroyers lay back. Red team's play towards spotting and caps. If we can keep it civil that'd be great. Just trying to imagine how it happens. tiafyc