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Found 3 results

  1. If you have researched and purchased, say a T9 cruiser, and are accumulating the wampum to get the T10, can you sell the T9, lock , stock, and barrel before you acquire the T10, and come back anytime and research and purchase the T10? Or must the previous shop still be in your port, then sell it after the purchase?
  2. Wargaming should allow us to either sell our perma camos for half their gold value, or at least trade in the unique perma camos for the "normal" perma camos. I think I now have 3 different perma camos on my Charles Martel, so two of those will collect dust for eternity. I know I am never going to use my perma camos for Lexington and Shokaku, but I could not sell them when we had the chance because I did not own these CVs during 8.0-8.1. Why would Wargaming do this? Well the player base would certainly appreciate the option, which should be a good enough reason. Also if you allow people to trade in their camos for gold, they are going to spend that gold again, and probably buy even more gold to supplement what they received from selling camos. Maybe someone is looking at a ship in the Armory, but still would not have enough gold from selling a couple camos, so they would buy more gold! Thoughts?
  3. I have over 50 slots open and will never use them. Always get them in containers and don't need them. Why cant we sell them in the inventory like everything else?