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Found 1 result

  1. So I play on a gaming laptop that happens to have some issues with cooling that tend to negatively affect my built-in keyboard, so I've been using an external USB keyboard for the last 2 years. This has actually solved several of my problems at once. It gives me a keyboard that still works once my PC has warmed up, it helps a bit with the cooling issue in that my hands are no longer adding heat/preventing cooling, and it gets my screen further away so the I'm not having eye strain issues. What could possibly go wrong with this? I'll tell you what, being as it is a laptop and I can take my whole setup with me in a backpack, I do just that and it lead inevitably to the cord on my keyboard getting a short. Specifically, the two wires that provide power to the thing wore through, came in contact with each other, created a short, and welded together. Of course this meant I lost all functionality of my external keyboard which means no shooty boats until keyboard works again. Considering I've got 3 of the 4 RU BB unlock missions on the go and I'd kind of like to do them, I decided to see if I could do something about this. Using nothing more than my trusty Swiss army knife, a roll of electrical tape that is likely as old as I am, and my normal mechanically curious mind, I set about attempting a field expedient repair. One hour (and a fair bit of frustration and electrical tape) later, it would appear I have a working keyboard again, if this post is anything to go by. I'm still likely to replace this thing as soon as I can, but this 'test post' proves that my repair is working and hopefully can hold out till I can get a replacement keyboard. I figured some here might find some amusement from my misadventures and I figured it would make a good test of my handiwork.