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Found 1 result

  1. 5 Pens for 3k damage. I know how the mechanics work. I know I know. AP shell penetrated torpedo bulge(thus pen ribbon) and failed to penetrate the actual side belt armor of the New Mexico. I know why it's happening, but I'm gonna say that it shouldn't be happening. being struck by five 350mm AP shells at such close distance should inflict severe damage. Instead, In the game, the AP shell magically disappears just because it failed to penetrate all the way into the ship. In that game, I had 30 shells in contact with enemy ship for 30k damage.. that is basically 1k damage for each hits. Is it just this game? it is just the PEF? NO. It's happening with many battleships. The AP has either too MUCH penetration or too little, It's kinda stupid. AP shell has too many problems right now, it's too inconsistent doing any good damage to flat broadside enemies. When battleship AP shell fails to punish flat broadside enemy cruisers, I'd say the game is broken.