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Found 6 results

  1. Pure curiosity. I know some carriers pack a surprisingly serious secondary armament and the thought occured that maybe it would be helpful against DDs.
  2. With the release of OHIO (Montana with 4x2 457mm guns, faster repair, and Massachusetts (Mass) secondaries in the works, I would like to propose an alternate Tech Tree Branch for USN Battleships. Branching from New Mexico, you choose between Colorado or: T7: Nevada; with 10 15in guns and and secondaries like Mass except the base range is at least 6km. I don't think it will be WV44 since WG already promised her months ago, and no other USN BB in game has 15in rifles. Plus it's Nevada, the same BB that when used as a target took constant punishment from several ships for almost 3 days, without a DMC party or fighting back! T8: Washington; Main Battery should be at least 1.8 and at most 1.9 to put her accuracy in the middle of Mass and NC as well as and at least 20km range, Mass Repair Party and DMC cooldown, & secondaries identical to Mass except 5 sec reload instead of 4. This will give Washington the Profile of a BB with emphasis on her secondaries, but won't fully outclass NC or Mass with the former's higher sigma and range and the later's faster firing secondaries. T9: New Jersey or Wisconsin; Identical to current premium Georgia except with 3x3 406mm guns at 1.8 sigma (to not outclass Iowa and MO as ships that fire accurately at range), no EB, and some extra armor protection (Georgia is a bit frail for a BB). This way, NJ/WI will be the slower but tougher ship, while Georgia is the faster and more nimble of the two thanks to her EB, as well as her unique main battery. T10; OHIO!!!!!!! Please WG, make this happen. You did this for USN cruisers, Russian and Japanese DD's, and those changes worked fine. It's time for a new alternate branch!!! *EDIT* - Nevada never had 15in gun, only the 10 14in guns. Maybe branch off from New York and instead we have Nevada at T6 w/1944 config with the 8 dual 127mm, and then T7 Maryland or California.
  3. Mr_Secondaries

    Roma's secondary pen values?

    Hey all, Just curious, myself and a fellow Roma player were messing around with the potential of a secondary build just for fun, when we noticed that the pen values didn't seem to add up to our calculations. Our understanding is that HE shells have a 1/6 penetration value...so, whatever the calibur of the gun is, divided by the penetration value, is what the HE shell will penetrate. According to the Port Stat cards, the penetration values of the 90mm shells, and the 152mm shells is slightly lower than 1/6 penetration value. 90mm/6 = 15mm. 152mm/6 = 25.33mm or 25mm rounded down. This intentional? I scoured the web page for a similar document and checked Reddit, but didn't find anything. Just curious is all. Can someone please confirm?
  4. French T9 BB not suitable for secondary build. WHY? Just WHY?
  5. Say from a build like this http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000100010000011001000100019
  6. Lampshade_M1A2

    Buff the 5"/38

    Generally speaking secondaries in this game are rather lackluster, but one in particular has been made to really suck for no good reason. With the possible exception of the guns on the yet to be released Massachusetts the famous 5"/38 is very unimpressive. It has a low rate of fire, low damage, short range. WG has kept it in the dumps for some reason. It's overdue for a buff. In reality the 5"/38 in mountings with integral hoists could manage a burst rate of fire exceeding 20 rounds per minute, or a shell every 3 seconds. A good gun crew could sustain 15 rounds per minute, or a shell every 4 seconds. Currently the rate of fire is a mere 10 rounds per minute, meaning a 6 second reload time. Virtually every other secondary gun in the game gets its maximum burst rate of fire so why should the 5"/38 be any different? Even the older 5"/25 on several of the older USN ships has a superior rate of fire at 13.33 shots per minute (4.5 second reload). Currently the 5"/38 does a maximum of 1,800 damage per HE hit and the shell is listed as "HE Mk32". This seems to be a reference to Common Mk.32 which only had a 2.58 lb bursting charge. Yet in reality AAC shells were the most common ordinance and often used as "general purpose" HE shell with point detonation fuses. These had a bursting charge that was typically 7.25 lb. For comparison the Japanese 5"/40 which fired a lighter shell with less explosive filler does 2,100 damage, although that particular gun may be a bit out of line with others in terms of damage. Base firing range depending on the ship is either 5km or 6km with the exception of the Massachusetts. Not very good for battleships. So why not a buff? A semi-useful secondary battery would compensate USN cruisers for their lack of any torpedo armament. For USN battleships it would somewhat improve their performance at closer ranges but they'd still be comfortably outclassed by the Germans there. Add a km of range and increase the rate of fire. Maybe increase the damage too. Massachusetts could keep her selling point of good secondaries by having the 20 round per minute rate of fire versus 15 for other USN ships as well as better range and greater accuracy. The 5"/54 on the Montana and Midway is another issue. Current it has the correct rate of fire but it has a miserably short 6km range despite the fact that this gun in reality had a much longer range than the earlier 5"/38. It also does the same damage despite firing a significantly heavier shell. In my opinion secondaries across the board could use a buff, but lets start with the worst of the lot for now.