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Found 7 results

  1. ReputationPrecedesMe

    Secondary Alsace Builds?

    Am currently grinding the French BB line, am at tier 7 at the moment, Jean Bart is one of my favorite ships in the game. I'm hyped to get to the Alsace. What's the best secondary build for her? I was thinking something like: PT, PM, AR, BoS/SI, AFT, CE and MFCSA and then secondary range upgrade in slot 3. Should I run BFT over BoS or SI? Or swap out Main Battery Reload in slot 6 for the 20% reload decrease on the secondaries? Should I ignore MFCSA entirely and go for fire prevention instead? Auxiliary Armaments upgrade? LMK what you guys think! Any advice on the best combos would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to playing Alsace in the near future.
  2. Currently I only have AFT. Will add MFCSA and IFHE in the future. Like I wrote in the video, just be sure to angle and remember that bombers and torpedoes are a mortal threat. These Russian battleships are definitely too strong. She easily overpowers Scharnhorst. Talking about power creep and Russian bias.
  3. I currently have Auxiliary Arms Mod 1 (+100% secondary survivability) in slot 1 and Secondary Battery Mod 1 (+20% secondary range while -20% dispersion) in slot 3. (British unique) commander skills are as follows. Although the opportunities to enter secondary range are rare, I find her pretty proficient at chaotic close range brawls. The secondaries rain HEs and the main guns' AP can penetrate hard when you get close. Let me know what you think and how you would build your Warspite for secondaries.
  4. Musashi is characterised by her very powerful main guns, usually dealing ~90% of the total damage versus secondary-heavy battleships like Bismarck and Massachusetts's ~65%. Therefore, while I do favour ASM1 (-7% main gun dispersion) over SBM1 (+20% secondary range, -20% secondary dispersion) and MBM3 (-12% main gun reload) over SBM3 (-20 secondary reload), I find there are some captain skills that can be allocated to enhance secondaries. These secondaries, at 9.1 km range with AFT and without SBM1, don't see target often when played in that right style: pushing with teammates without high-risk brawling. However, I find the secondaries working pretty hard in lots of end-games, especially when you consider that some of them are knocked out already. Traditional Musashi captain skills: I find in the above build, both Fire Prevention (limits max number of fires on superstructure from 2 to 1, and reduce 10 fires for every 100 potential fires) and Concealment Expert (reduces detectability range by sea from 15.7 km [after CSM1] to 13.5 km) not imperative. From my experience, they haven't made any significant differences. Therefore, I'm thinking either: (maintaining very low detectability range, which is useful in situations) Or: (increasing the 6x 5" guns per side's 8% fire chance to 10%. reload is quite long: 7.5 seconds) Any suggestions from the secondary-build masters of this ship?
  5. In Tier 9 it's usually camping and long range sniping, but I do find pushing with teammates is the best bet to win. While ships like Musashi could be more competitive with a survival build individually, a less competitive secondary build can be more competitive in the right hands with your team.
  6. Nowadays almost every Bismarck I see in random matches are secondary build and they push aggressively. Meanwhile only some Massachusetts's are secondary build, probably because some players are new and haven't realized how much fun there is once you go secondary. According to some articles I have read (quoted below), Massachusetts has more powerful and accurate secondaries than German T8s, and I do buy into the theory that Mamie is currently the strongest T8 for a secondary build. What's your take? Vote, discuss!
  7. It does look like she has some potent secondaries. 12x 102mm guns each side, but base range is only 3.5km though.