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Found 8 results

  1. All I got to say is, if a torp ship or a Hakuyru did what the this BB final battle results did... The forums would be asking for Torp/CV torp nerfs tonight... Instead, its a BB with OP brainless secondaries... So its ok...
  2. Tommycooker_1

    IFHE and the Kurfurst

    I must be missing something because I see tons of coments about using the IFHE for Kurfurst secondaries. The option to take IFHE does is X'd out for my captain. What are people talking about?
  3. I have been researching the effect of IFHE captain skill. This topic is what I find to be the most informative, and this guy summarized it the best: "IFHE is useful on guns 155mm and smaller only." So for Yamato and Musashi, IFHE isn't worth it. For French and German battleships it will make a material difference.
  4. Hello everyone I m an active player and I currently own most of the high tier battleships and cruisers in the game and I m a big fan of secondary armament. However, as everyone knows already, the secondaries are terribly underpowered, even if you invest a huge amount of resources, time and experiences ( module, flag, and 14-18points captain ), they still feel underwhelming to use. Personally, I would like to see a global, across the board secondary buff to all ships in the game, such as giving the effect of secondary mod 1 to all ship, and a change to the dispersion formula for secondary armaments. Of course, we need the buff their range. These are just my personal opinions and I would like to know what you guys all think of the current state of secondaries in World of Warships. . Edit: I think that there is one easy way to improve secondaries and make them feel a lot better to use: Simple make the secondaries shoot other targets when using Manual secondary, but the target not selected manual won't have the accuracy buff from the captain skill.
  5. Yeah, unpopular opinion alert. I've found that the Freddie's guns are a lot punchier and I've recently finally gotten Manual Secondaries on the captain to complete my secondary build. As you can see, it's paying off.
  6. Yes, yes, I know it's a CV, but the other day I was burning one down in a DD from about 8km when it suddenly deleted me not with planes, but with guns. It got me wondering how it could do that, so I wen't looking up it's stats in the wiki and discovered it had a better secondary battery than the Scharnhorst. Coincidentally, I got a GZ from a premium Air Supply container yesterday (thanx RNGesus) so I thought I'd test out my theory by slapping a Secondary Battery Modification 1 and my 17-point Manual-Secondary/AFT spec'ed Bismarck captain and took it for a spin in Co-Op on the Neighbours map in a TierVIII-IX match. Now, I don't play CVs, so I was trying to learn on the fly. I auto-plotted a course into Cap A (following a Hipper) and started flying around. At one point I noticed a Chapeyev was heading for my position so I clicked on it as my manual secondary target and took off again. I was maneuvering to drop my torps when I was informed I got a Close Quarters Expert on the Chappy, which was about the only damage I did all game. I was honestly impressed with the 9km secondary range on the ship and the 80% reduction in dispersion. The ship's secondary range and throw weight seems to make it ideal for holding caps with lots of cover. I'm going to play around a little more in Co-op and see what happens when I ignore that it has planes and instead try to play it like a light cruiser. I'm debating fitting the ship with survivability upgrades and only some aircraft upgrades. Is this a crazy idea, or do you think it could work?
  7. Essentially, the title. I've been thinking about going back to using Aiming Systems Mod 1, but I'm not sure if it's the right call. On one hand, I've found that Aiming Systems Mod 1 makes my main guns substantially more accurate at ranges beyond my secondaries, and my highest damage game in the Bismarck to date came with it equipped. On the other hand, the German BBs are all about those secondaries: If the Space Battles taught me anything, it's that the GK's secondaries are literally perfect. I'm just not sure if it's the right move. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.
  8. Godweeno

    USS Massachusetts

    Does anyone know when this will hit the store? I'm looking forward to a secondary specced US bb!!