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Found 31 results

  1. The secondary skill rework has come up repeatedly in similar threads with people criticizing the numerous ships that were objectively harmed during the balance changes. This is understandable since some of their favorite ships have been heavily altered regardless of where you may stand on the issue. Some of my personal favorites have even been affected. The amount of feedback to wg regarding the changes has been..... well documented. However, one thing I've never seen discussed on the forums are the few ships that may have bizarrely benefited from the secondary rework; so I decided to create this thread dedicated to these rare gems. Feel free to leave your nominations below! These are my personal recommendations: Scharnhorst and Gneisenau: The secondary range of Scharnhorst before the update was limited to 7.6 km. After the rework you can now extend the range of your secondaries to a whopping 9.5km! Combining this with the buff to the base accuracy of German secondaries means you can get a massive zone of protection around your ship for relatively little investment. This is nice since you can afford to invest some of your skill points into other areas like fire prevention to improve your durability as you close the distance. I personally opted to avoid manual secondaries and instead invested in buffing the main battery reload speed since it is very common for enemies to be within your secondary range. The only issue I found with the build is the effective dispersion of your secondaries is still too great to consistently threaten dds until they start closing the distance. I instead use my main battery to target destroyers and aim my secondaries at larger targets that are harder to avoid like large cruisers and battleships. A division-mate of mine decided to copy the same setup on Gneisenau and got very similar results. Regardless, I would recommend giving a secondary build on these two a try. It gave fresh life into these often overlooked ships. Call me crazy, but I would dare claim that secondary builds on these two commerce raiders may actually their most optimal build! If your lovesick from your nerfed GK or your Bismarck, I fully recommend giving these two ships a go! Thanks for reading!
  2. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/149241-info-from-wg-on-ru-forum-russian-wg-developer-answers-to-recently-posted-correcting-misinformation-regarding-secondary-accuracy/ I put up the link only, because contains all the relevant information, with the original post.
  3. So, vompat at reddit made this thread calculating the actual nerf to secondaries. As usual, when WG says 10%, you should always assume it is worse. TL;DR: GK has now 59% worse accuracy. Republiqué has 162% worse accuracy
  4. Alright, full disclosure: I'm a massive fan of these two ships. Combined I have 450+ games between the two of them. They are responsible for some of my best memories of WOWS since Open Beta. Despite the awful things WG has done to powercreep these two ships into oblivion, I refuse to not take them out from time to time. Do these ships perform like this all the time? Of course not. Neither of these games were easy, and the Bismarck game was a top-tier game that thanks to potato teammates was a HARD carry in order to win (Tirpitz was T9), but damn when these ships work they're still some of the most fun I can have, and remind me why I've been playing this game all these years. In any case, I guess my point is that if you enjoy certain ships, just play them. You might just have a good time. The build I'm running is a 21 point maximum meme secondary build, for anyone curious.
  5. One of the most frustrating issues when attempting to make use of secondary builds is the fact that a dd can smoke up and sit there for minutes firing, torping etc and as a BB your options are limited to charging in or blindly firing your main guns. blind firing wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that its literally the purpose of secondary guns. I propose a consumable that would let you target an area for your secondary guns to blast away at for 30 seconds or so, maybe with an increased rate of fire or something.
  6. thatbruinskid

    Secondary Alsace Builds?

    Am currently grinding the French BB line, am at tier 7 at the moment, Jean Bart is one of my favorite ships in the game. I'm hyped to get to the Alsace. What's the best secondary build for her? I was thinking something like: PT, PM, AR, BoS/SI, AFT, CE and MFCSA and then secondary range upgrade in slot 3. Should I run BFT over BoS or SI? Or swap out Main Battery Reload in slot 6 for the 20% reload decrease on the secondaries? Should I ignore MFCSA entirely and go for fire prevention instead? Auxiliary Armaments upgrade? LMK what you guys think! Any advice on the best combos would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to playing Alsace in the near future.
  7. The current implementation of "Improved Secondary Battery Aiming" requires the player to Ctrl-Click on ships' tag to enable / select target manually. That's not logical, and inconsistent with remaining interface. Instead, I propose to use key "4" to enable this ability, then you "shoot" a ship to "lock target" so the secondaries gets the buff. Should be enabled in "Free view" mode as AA ability currently do. The same implementation should be done to dual-purpose turrets, including DD's main batteries: To enable "AA mode" Primary/Secondaries, player press "4" (or 5) then "shoot" in direction of planes. And this new "AA mode" is cancelled both by timeout, or if player selects 1 or 2 (HE/AP) and (AIM? shoot?) a ship or land target. So if you select "weapon 4" and "shoot" at ships, secondaries focus at that ship, while if you "shoot high" in planes' direction, you focus all main/secondaries/AA guns in those planes. This would result in a much more consistent controls implementation of an "attack feature": Key Action / weapon 1 HE/SAP 2 AP 3 Torpedos 4 Improved Secondaries Aiming (AA mode if planes) 5 AA mode (separated) Of course keys can be remapped, keeping that out for clarity sake.
  8. I have been using the IMPROVED SECONDARY BATTERY AIMING SKILL for nearly all my games. I play for 2 to 3 hours a day. The skill does not work. I've played games activating and deactivating this skill and can see NO change in my secondary aim whatsoever. I think it is broken.
  9. I just want to say after doing a lot of testing that German BBs are not fun to play at all -- not even in Co-op. I am really stunned that WG (or World of Tanks, I guess I should say) thought a major nerf of a particular play style would bring in more players instead of driving more away from this utterly boring and stagnant gameplay. German secondaries are ruined, and if you go with no buffs to them at all, then French secondary guns (unbuffed) are actually stronger. DD players are being torped from behind because cruisers are too afraid to go forward against 15,000 k damage per shell sniper ships. Gosh, what a mess. Note to WG: as far as ribbons are concerned, you'll need to bring it down by 50% or more, unless you want directives and orders just by-passed. Think I'll take a break from any kind of grind until WG comes to its senses and realizes that their secret nerfs and commander skill downgrade have handed the entire game to a few island hugging sniper players who could care less about naval maneuvers while they sit and click every 30 seconds. Enjoy your money grab while you can.
  10. DISCLAIMER: THIS STORY TAKES PLACE IN AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE; ONE WE ARE GLAD WE DON'T LIVE IN. A complete analysis on the sinking of the Bismarck(British Version) We are rather unclear about the events during and after the sinking of the Bismarck. This is the best explanation we can offer. At around that day the Bismarck sank or something, the royal navy dispatched HMS Rodney and HMS Ark Royal. Now this was probably a good decision, as Ark Royal was probably one of the most emotionally secure ships in the entire RN and wouldn't fall for Bismarck's confidence-undermining techniques. Rodney's attitude was, on the other hand, slightly troubling... but it was all a ruse to get Bismarck off guard. (Or so claims meta-academic epidemiology) Anyways, the Bismarck's rudder was hit earlier by velociraptors. After that, the captain of the Ark Royal decided to send torpedo rocs to destroy the Bismarck once and for all. On 8:14 (BTW 60% of the statistics in here are made up) in the morning, the torpedo rocs lifted off and began attacking the Bismarck. For some reason, the resilient gruyere the torpedo protection was made of was actually swiss, and the torpedoes easily blowed a hole in the side of the Bismarck. The ship capsized, and yet the Admiral was nowhere to be seen. Later, both Admiral Lutjens and the ship Bismarck were rescued onto the HMS Rodney, then transferred to the Ark Royal. The two ships apparently shared a piece of gruyere cheese armor and quickly build a relationship, then transferred back to England after the sinking of the Ark Royal. Epilogue: Ark Royal and Bismarck Are on an unknown area of the British Titan colonies under the witness protection program, in a scandal involving the HMS Prince of Turtles (Hey we couldn't come up with better names so don't judge)'s Phaser mounts, which were later discovered on a french battlecruiser. War almost erupted, until France threatened to activate Vacuum Decay if Britain declared war.
  11. ObnoxiousPotato

    This is really bad

    Full secondary build on the POMMERN and less than 25% of secondary shells hit anything. and this performance is against "bots" which don't have any "increased dispersion of shells fired at them camo, upgrade, or skill" and bots are generally not great at "dodging shells"... so performance in randoms will be interesting to see.
  12. In this rework, it was known that Siegfried was one of the ships that got hit the most on her performance. Not only losing Fire mitigation skills but also the famed secondaries build, leaving her with only her absurd accuracy to still be relevant. But now that I enter, I find out all cruisers' secondaries range was raised. Just in case, I demounted the Aiming System Mod1 (+5% to secondaries range) and the ship had no captain. 4.3 km for T5 (4.0 km previously) 5.0 km for T6 (4.5 km previously) 5.6 km for T7 (5.0 km previously) 6.6 km for T8 (5.0 km previously) 7.0 km for T9 (5.0 km previously) 7.3 km for T10 (5.0 km previously) There are some exceptions, as Agir and Siegfried have 8.3 km base range, same as Kurfurst (Agir had 5.3 km stock, Siegfried had 7.6km) and 10.0 km with a full secondaries build now. And Graf Spee have 5.6 km base range, same as Bayern. Was this intended? Or was it mentioned anywhere? Because I only remember WG mentioning Battleship secondaries when modifying their range. PD: digging around and comparing, those are the same range as the BBs of the respective tier. Let´s see if this was intended or (most likely) a bug, but that doesn't explain the exceptions
  13. To buff Graf Zeppelin. Although, they are only 2 very specific buffs. 1) Increase Secondaries Range . Why? because now we have the main german CV tree, where the tier 8 (A. Parseval), features secondaries base range of 7 km. So Indeed, Zeppelin's sec. range must be buffed now to 7 km. and 2) Increase its base concealment: Same case, A. Parseval features a base concealment of 13.5 km. ; Zeppelin's current base concealment is 16.2km. therefore, it should be buffed to 14 km (or even 13.8 km). I know that there would be some "naysayers": So, dont forget, that Tirptiz secondaries where buffed after german BB's debut. Tnx for your attention.
  14. All I can really say is that the guns do work but they visually don't rotate client side. I have done all the normal things such as a general repair, system check followed by going to support, and going as far as to re-download the game and the issue persists. While I do have mods installed as of a few months ago the issue started when Azuma was released, and it has been grating on my sanity when I don't manage to ignore it.
  15. https://blog.worldofwarships.com/blog/85 By my calculations you can now get the range of the secondary batteries to 8.3 km with SBM1, AFT, and the flag consumable. That is pretty respectable for T5. Given her main battery limitations, It looks like the best way to equip this ship will be similar to the MA/GA/OH. This is convenient if you already have a high skill captain for one of these ships.
  16. The continuation from the topic thread here In today's feature, I am not the star of the replay... Its the red fleet's DD. You the viewer, as you watch, just keep an eye on our CV... That is it.. Also, like the last post.. This is not a discussion on spotting. This is not a rant against CVs or the drivers who play them. This is meant to show how power creep adds to the toxicity to the in-game experience.Its also meant for us to think, should this meta be allowed in the game? IMO, The disproportional DMG dealt by CVs ( or any other ship class for that matter), creates a lot of the toxicity in a match. Enjoy! 20200826_223115_PASC707-Flint_46_Estuary.wowsreplay *REMEMBER* You can speed up the replay by pressing the INS button.
  17. I recently got Erich Loewenhardt and I've played a few games with it. So far it is a fun CV to play, I don't have enough battles with her to give an overall impression. At any rate, I was curious & decided to test E. Loewenhardt's secondaries vs. her tech-tree counterpart, the Weser. Both have 5 x 2 105mm guns, but E. Loewenhardt has additional 8 x 2 150's in the hull, 4 turrets on each side. The test is as follows: both ships are taken into a training battle vs. a stationary Fuso bot. Both Weser & Loewenhardt have the secondary battery ship module, with a secondary signal mounted. I used my Graf Zeppelin captain, who has BFT, & AFT. Both ships secondaries reach 7.6 km fully spec'd. The carrier was approx. 7km away from the Fuso for each test & all secondary guns were able to fire on target. A timer was started when the secondaries began firing & stopped when the Fuso was sank. Each test was repeated 3 times for both Weser & Loewenhardt (6 tests total), to get an average of three. Here are the results: WESER vs. FUSO (Averages): Secondary Battery: Hits - 223.6 Shots fired - 1,037.3 Damage - 16,641.3 Fires: 4.3 Damage Caused by Fire: 40,458.6 Time to Sink: 5 min. 11.3 sec. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ERICH LOEWENHARDT vs. FUSO (Averages): Secondary Battery: Hits - 147.3 Shots fired - 1,082.6 Damage - 14,517.3 Fires: 4.6 Damage Caused by Fire: 42,582.6 Time to Sink: 4 min. 2.6 sec. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For every 4-5 shots fired by Weser, 1 would hit the target. (4.63) For every 7-8 shots fired by E. Loewenhardt, 1 would hit the target. (7.35) Based on the data & observations from the testing, E. Loewenhardt does not have the improved secondary dispersion & accuracy that Weser & the tech tree German CVs have. It seems to have standard secondary dispersion patterns, like other nation's CVs have. However, Loewenhardt was able to sink the Fuso quicker than Weser. Weser relies on her 5 x 2 105's, which pen 26mm by default. Loewenhardt's additional 150's can pen 38mm of armor. Fuso's central deck armor is 36mm, while her bow, stern & side plating are all 26mm (not including her side casemate armor, which is 152mm). Weser could only pen Fuso's superstructure, side plating, bow & stern, whereas Loewenhardt's additional 150's could pen all that plus the deck armor. So, in conclusion, E. Loewenhardt doesn't have the improved secondary dispersion the tech-tree German CVs get, but having the additional 150's makes up for the accuracy difference. I believe this test would go a lot differently vs. a smaller cruiser or destroyer instead of a Fuso, Weser might win in those cases. Any comments or questions are welcome! - FairWindsFollowingSeas [NA]
  18. TinCanMan_

    Richelieu Secondaries

    First, the Richelieu is a lot of fun to play. I was having a problem with main turrets getting knocked out but with modules and skills I seemed to have solved that issue. The issue that seems to be cropping up is secondaries. Specifically lack of them firing. One time I assumed it was because I had the manual fire of secondaries skill and had not selected any target. So I got rid of that skill as too cumbersome at the moment and to make sure my secondaries are working. I've got 15 guns and a range of around 10.5km. I was within 6km (5 something) of a dd and nothing not a single shot. I turned my broadside to him in order to engage secondaries. Nothing. Any thoughts. In the past, I've went ahead and focused my secondaries on a single target. Is this still a technique to use to at least get the first shot out? Any super cool techniques or tips to maximize secondaries? Thanks.
  19. HuTao_prpr

    Close Quarters Cinematic

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rq7HHcaeKao Another short cinematic I made. For some reason, the free camera in the replays doesn't allow zooming in, so have fun viewing this fully zoomed out footages lmbo
  20. Just started (2+ weeks ago) playing WoWs, and I'm doing coop games to learn the basics. On a specific load screen (after queue screen; the map screen) the WoWs designers give this advice: "Maneuver by changing your speed and course to throw off the enemy's aim." Now, I can understand this advice when playing against a human opponent, but against a bot? Especially bots secondaries... I'd think it much more likely that "chance to hit" would rely on some simple mathematical formula using maybe distance away, speeds and size of ship being fired upon, but maneuvering? Would a certain "basic amount" of maneuvering (over time) affect the bot's aim a certain amount? Would "more maneuvering" during a specific amount of time throw off the bot's aim more than "less maneuvering?" Is maneuvering BOTH to the right and left better than only to one side? Does changing SPEED throw off the bot's aim MORE than changing COURSE? Or do they affect it equally? So, how does the computer compare the two? Does changing your speed A LOT have the equivalent effect of changing your course A LOT? Who decides the parameters on what A LOT is? And if you changed BOTH speed AND course would you throw off the bot's aim the most of all? And would you have to do this maneuvering between the time EACH secondary fired? And since the secondaries fire individually, rather than in salvoes, you'd simply do best by maneuvering constantly? I just think it unlikely that all this got considered in some mathematical formula that then got programmed into the game just for the bots, especially for their individual secondaries. Why any of this matters... It's a fact that maneuvering by changing course affects your speed. It dips just a bit, going from FULL and dropping into the 3/4 range, depending on how violent the maneuvers are. And, of course, changing speed up and down would also drop your overall speed down some, too. In both cases this means that it would take MORE TIME to reach your target (say, to launch torpedoes at medium/close range), and MORE TIME would then translates into MORE SHOTS that the enemy bot could take at you, potentially causing MORE DAMAGE. Or sinking you. So have the programmers at WoWs said they've got some fancy formula programmed in for the bots that includes all types of maneuvering and their combos, or is it actually smarter to rush bots as fast as you possibly can (in a straight line; no maneuvering)? Just wondering.... PS Sorry if this question has already been asked and answered. I tried going through the archived pages, but there's just so many of them! A search of "maneuvering" + "bots" didn't yield anything.
  21. In the current game, with the commander skill Manual Fire Control for Secondaries, you can only select one target at a time. I think it would be cool if you could select one target on the port side and one on the starboard side of the ship. If one ship crosses from one side to another, the ship the farthest away will be deselected. If you wanted the deselected ship targeted, just switch it manually. This would give secondaries a needed buff. I have found myself in many situations playing my German battleships where I was fighting two enemy ships at close range and had to decide which one to put my secondaries on. It just seems like it is a waste for half the secondaries on your ship to not be firing on one target while the other half is firing on another. We all know that this skill is a necessity on any secondary build.
  22. Tommycooker_1

    IFHE and the Kurfurst

    I must be missing something because I see tons of coments about using the IFHE for Kurfurst secondaries. The option to take IFHE does is X'd out for my captain. What are people talking about?
  23. I don’t know, I could be wrong, but I’m curious- had anyone achieved 10.1 km concealment build with a double strike and inside of the weather mode (which decreases concealment for increased dispersion)? And with 11.3 km secondary range, would it be possible to not be seen if it was just the secondary guns firing, based on the criteria? Or was there an update that prevented that from happening?
  24. All I got to say is, if a torp ship or a Hakuyru did what the this BB final battle results did... The forums would be asking for Torp/CV torp nerfs tonight... Instead, its a BB with OP brainless secondaries... So its ok...
  25. I have been researching the effect of IFHE captain skill. This topic is what I find to be the most informative, and this guy summarized it the best: "IFHE is useful on guns 155mm and smaller only." So for Yamato and Musashi, IFHE isn't worth it. For French and German battleships it will make a material difference.