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Found 1 result

  1. SugarCoated

    Frame rate change since 0.8.0?

    I'll start by saying the game and replays look great. The problem I'm having is when I try to capture the game replays so I can watch them when new versions of WOWs come out. My question is: Has WOW changed the frame refresh rate in the game? For years I've used Movavi Video Suite: Capture Screen to make AVI copies of game replays. This has worked very well. However, since version 0.8.0 the AVI copies have been jittery. The video runs for a few seconds then pauses for a few seconds, then jumps forward and runs smoothly for a few seconds, then pauses again. I tested Movavi by capturing other video content such as movies and youtube videos. The AVIs for those run fine. No problem. It is only with WOW that the problem occurs. It started happening since one of the emergency patches early in February, probably the first one. We are up to 0.8.2 now but the problem persists through all the version updates. I tried the "Game Settings --> Check and Repair", and also changing the in-game settings such as lowering the sea rendering quality. The game and replays run smooth so I didn't help but I tried anyway. I tried changing settings in Movavi, such as the frame rate. Researching on the internet indicates the jitteriness could be a frame rate mismatch. For years Movavi was set at 25 fps and that worked fine. Changing it higher 30 fps or even higher only made the problem worse. I would really like to continue preserving some of my best games to re-watch later. I would really appreciate it if anyone has a suggestion to fix this. Many thanks and happy sailing.