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Found 6 results

  1. I know that many WoWS players are parents, and kids can sometimes get in the way of our gaming obsession. So in order to play the game as well as keep the kids entertained, I frequently have to bring in Kapitan von Gletscher, a rather silly captain and commentator. Watch at your own risk, for the level of dorkiness goes up to 11. I do have to say, however, that when you play the game with a light-hearted attitude, it pretty much eliminates any salt. That isn't to say I don't try, but it does mean that when things go badly, I don't get all upset about it. And the kids like it, too.
  2. This one looks like its gonna eat a DD any second: Or just strap a DD to your sides? I like them..what do ya'all think? Anyone buy them yet?
  3. So there was a lot of conjecture, and or wondering back in the first year of this game weather or not there was going to be a branch for Battle Cruisers. This seemed to be a tier and balance issue. It stemmed from the concept in reality that Battle Cruisers in real life could not hold their own against Battleships. This was made somewhat apparent at the Battle of Jutland during WW1. Also on Paper the Battle Cruiser may be equal to the Battleship with firepower, but a fight would only be in the advantage of the Battle Cruiser if it could land shots to the Battleship without receiving them. I was a little surprised then when they put Scharnhorst in the Battleship tree at Tier 7. It did make sense that it didn't belong in the cruiser tree and or if it would have ben put in their it should have been a T10. This would have been problematic if the other countries didn't really have anything to match it. I thought of Alaska, and B65 right off the bat though as comparable rivals. Russia and Great Briton though would have to have made up designs though if you wanted to keep the fair/game country rivalry thing going. So other than Alaska having slightly weaker armor than Scharnhorst, they are very comparable ships in firepower and set up. The Alaska had better radar, but this was due to when it was designed and built. If Alaska had been built and launched at the same time as the Scharnhorst then they would be in a sense an American Scharnhorst with the German ship only being a bit better in armor, and possibly a bit weaker in the 11.9 inch gun as compared to the American 12 inch gun. I think Alaska should be a premium T7 Battleship, and or move Sharny and Gnies to the T9 alt German Cruisers. Or maybe look at the possibility of making a Armored/Battle Cruiser tree. I mean also Graf Spee and tier 6. Come on. Thoughts Ladies and Gentlemen?
  4. 7_3_PowerStroke

    Scharn vs Eugen/Gneis playstyle?

    So I am planning on getting Scharn once I have the spare doubloons. I like Prinz and enjoyed Gneis. I've heard that Scharn plays more like a cruiser that a BB. Which plays more like Scharn, and how should I build her?
  5. 7_3_PowerStroke

    Am I living a charmed life?

    So over my first four matches today, I get these 4 results... Thoughts...?
  6. 7_3_PowerStroke

    I'm pleased...

    Just got out of this match. Pleased with the results. Tell me what you guys think.