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Found 9 results

  1. Volron

    The Kijkduin in RR

    Well, I'm honestly surprised to how well this gal works. Her guns aren't the most spectacular, but they get the job done, both AP and HE. They aren't the most accurate either, but are "good enough". She's a little sluggish in general, turn radius and acceleration, but responds well enough for me. 34.7 kts with flag, which works. She can't tank too many hits, but at the same time I've managed to survive some rather hairy situations. While her AA is short ranged, they do some work. Thing is, you will get hit if you rely on them due to the range. Then there is the "meat n potatoes", her airstrike. It'll be a little tricky to use at first, but once you get used to it AND Mistress smiles on you... While not as versatile as Ise's TB's, her Airstrike is a solid supportive option when you learn how to use it. Against the DD's and CA's, they can do a number IF they hit. You have to have a good lead on the drop in order to have a chance at hitting in the first place. 15s before bombs hit, which is a LOT of time. Your target suffers an engine hit early, even if auto dc'd, they'll likely miss. Obviously against the BB's and even the CV's, they have a higher chance of hitting. Regardless, there will be some luck involved. Despite the recommendations, I've found that her engine/rudder does not get knocked out very often, and I've been in some very hairy situations. Though, when they do get knocked out...oof. You feel it much more than any of the other gals, at least to me anyways. All in all, I find her to be a decent option for RR but there are better options. Penny can tank when you angle properly, plus her hard hitting guns; Nurn as the RoF; Aoba has the HE alpha; Leander has sustain; just to name a few. Regardless, I'm very much looking forward to using her in the other Op's, even Newport.
  2. freggo

    API question

    Simple Question: Can anyone tell me if the API allows access to statistics for Operations/Scenarios?
  3. poll for more ops https://www.dday-overlord.com/en/material/warships make sure to leave a comment / bump to keep the thread up top!
  4. I would love to at least see the full list of scenarios you currently have in game /operations is what im talking about. please don't tell me there not popular with a less than one minute wait time they are extremely popular. i would personally be willing to pay for more to be made available but im nuts like that and i doubt you would do that anyway. you could sell coop mission boosters or something . but many people play these things and we miss the missing ones cant remember the name but my favorite was the one with the big airbase called Rouen was a long mission with alot happening if you would please at least ask in game if players want to see a T-10 op ill bet you will see a positive response you wont know unless you try. i could see a real battle of coral sea being a good candidate for t 10 or Normandy as a t-10 Narai. https://strawpoll.com/c3r99xa7s
  5. In case you don't know, Operation Pedestal was quite possibly the most fiercely contested convoy mission of the entire war. The British assembled an armada of four CVs, two BBs, seven cruisers, 32 DDs, seven subs, and all the air support they could spare to escort 14 merchants loaded with supplies, ammunition, and fuel to the beleaguered island of Malta, the infamous "unsinkable aircraft carrier" in the Mediterranean that the Germans and Italians were attempting to siege out. The most critical of these merchants was the SS Ohio, an American tanker with a British crew carrying enough aviation fuel to make the entire affair worthwhile. Over the course of six days from August 9th to the 15th, the fleet was harried endlessly by German E-Boats, minesweepers, subs, cruisers, DDs, and hundreds of planes, which whittled away at the merchants and their escorts one at a time. In the end, however, the Germans' efforts were in vain: On August 15, 1942, the fleet reached Malta at the cost of all but five of the merchants, one CV, two CLs, a DD, several aircraft, and around 500 men. Most importantly, however, was that the Ohio made it into the harbour, albeit so badly damaged that she had to be sunk in order to get her fuel unloaded. SS Ohio arriving in the harbour at Malta, 1942 colourized. With the fuel she carried, the British were able to continue to use Malta to make life miserable for German shipping until Egypt and Libya were retaken later that year. Frankly, I think it'd be interesting to see how WG would be able to turn this into a scenario. The current set of scenarios is getting a little old in my opinion, and my hope is that it would have a ton of escort ships alongside your own team and would end up being like a cross between Dunkirk, Narai, and Hermes. Of course, it'd probably be frustrating as all get out to get five stars with random teams, but really, we all expect that by now. What do you all think? Would Operation Pedestal make for a good scenario? Can you think of any other real-life ops that would fit the bill? Feel free to voice your thoughts below.
  6. OK, I'm looking to spend some doubloons on a tier 6 cruiser for scenarios. What are the cruisers that you all would recommend and why?
  7. When they first nerfed this scenario and gave the bots laser turrets, homing torpedoes, adamantium infused hulls, and fire suppression systems, I thought, yeah, we can still get this done. Then three battles in a row of getting to the end, or close to the end, and either getting blapped or overwhelmed by sheer numbers and now I'm done. This scenario isn't fun. I have no problem with it being difficult, I like difficult. This mission has now gotten ridiculous. In the above battle we were winning at the end, had the forts still, and then a bot task force of two DDs, three CAs, and a BB appeared as a group. They started focus firing, not the team, but the base and it was gone in thirty seconds. For my fellow Star Trek fans this is the Kobayshi Maru test on steroids. You win WG because clearly you don't want us to play this scenario any more. Maybe trying to force people into randoms or clan battles is the intent, who knows. Regardless, I'll be waiting for the next scenario.
  8. NeutralState

    Just DD in Aegis Things

  9. I was just curious if there would be any interest in videos done for a challenge in the NA WoWs Community discord where you had to 5 star all the operations with a 7 team division and all members exactly the same in every game, with a few restrictions. There is nothing special or extraordinary about each video individually as we were basically doing speed runs through the operations without any attempts to damage farm. Would there be any interest in this?