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Found 23 results

  1. When they first nerfed this scenario and gave the bots laser turrets, homing torpedoes, adamantium infused hulls, and fire suppression systems, I thought, yeah, we can still get this done. Then three battles in a row of getting to the end, or close to the end, and either getting blapped or overwhelmed by sheer numbers and now I'm done. This scenario isn't fun. I have no problem with it being difficult, I like difficult. This mission has now gotten ridiculous. In the above battle we were winning at the end, had the forts still, and then a bot task force of two DDs, three CAs, and a BB appeared as a group. They started focus firing, not the team, but the base and it was gone in thirty seconds. For my fellow Star Trek fans this is the Kobayshi Maru test on steroids. You win WG because clearly you don't want us to play this scenario any more. Maybe trying to force people into randoms or clan battles is the intent, who knows. Regardless, I'll be waiting for the next scenario.
  2. Just DD in Aegis Things

  3. I would love to see statistics for the Operations.
  4. I was just curious if there would be any interest in videos done for a challenge in the NA WoWs Community discord where you had to 5 star all the operations with a 7 team division and all members exactly the same in every game, with a few restrictions. There is nothing special or extraordinary about each video individually as we were basically doing speed runs through the operations without any attempts to damage farm. Would there be any interest in this?
  5. I am new to Operations and I have been successful in perhaps 35 of 50 attempted Ops. The heroic achievement "Tactical Expertise" requires a 5-star finish with all the secondary tasks completed and all the players surviving. That has happened in a number of operations and i have yet to have that achievement awarded to my profile. What am I misunderstanding or what other elements need to occur for this to happen? Thanks for the help.
  6. Scenarios used to be a great way to level a ship or captain without having to resort to flags. They were a mix of fun and strategy where a PUG team could interact without much planning and push through to the end and at least win. Maybe not gaining the full five stars, but earning enough experience to at least make the time invested worthwhile. I've run the most recent scenario (The Ultimate Frontier) ten times today with one win and nine losses. The most common mistakes seem to be Battleships refusing to go north to engage the Omaha and Atlanta, Cruisers and Destroyers sailing into the initial DD spawn point and then getting blapped by the charging Battleships, and my personal favorite everyone smashing into the repair point and hiding behind the island. With the above being said the accuracy of the bots seems to have been turned up quite a bit. When I'm shot at the bots rarely miss and I'm on fire the majority of the scenario. Also, their planes destroy the first two forts in short order and if a BB doesn't loiter near the base to assist with AA there's a good chance it's destroyed halfway through the mission, even though it has air cover. Is anyone else experiencing these issues? If so, maybe WG can turn the difficulty down a notch because at this point it's getting pretty frustrating and honestly not worth the effort. Regardless, thanks for reading and good hunting.
  7. As many players know, Operation Hermes features a number of new mechanics and rules that have not been featured in previous Scenarios. Here is my review of how well they all worked out. Mechanic: Localized weather (storm front) A localized zone of gameplay-affecting weather appears on the map and grants concealment and dispersion bonuses to ships inside it. Mechanic: Thematic ship limits (Allied cruisers and French battleships only) In keeping with the theme of the scenario, players are only allowed to play cruisers of Allied nations and French battleships. Mechanic: Mixed tiers (Richelieu allowed in despite being Tier VIII) Normally, only ships of a single tier are allowed in an operation this season. However, Operation Hermes makes an exception for the Tier VIII French battleship Richelieu. Mechanic: Scout planes and swarms of Tier I bombers Failing to shoot down 8 squadrons of scout planes at the beginning of the mission causes an additional 50 T1 bombers to spawn over the course of the mission and attack the rearmost ship on the team. Mechanic: Mid-game repair break Halfway through the scenarios, the flagship stops and puts up a 300HP/second repair aura for ships that are within a generous distance of it. Missions: Daily repeatable missions + long challenge grind Scenario was released alongside a pair of daily repeatable missions, plus a long XP grind (175k in 25k increments). Ship balance: Cruisers Players had a choice of 3 tech tree and 3 or so premium cruisers. Were they all reasonably good?
  8. I Primarily loaded PTS 0.7.0 to try out the training room. The first thing I noticed under game modes was a second new mode "Introductory Mission" (which I didn't recall seeing in the patch notes) and decided to give that a try since I think some "live" training (as opposed to watching videos) is needed for the new players. Here's my comments. In WoT there is a pretty good introductory mission that walks someone driving a tank through the controls and how to move/aim/shoot. I would recommend that the WoWS developers load WoT and go through that mission to get an idea of what a really good introductory mission is (and what they're goal should be in the WoWS introductory mission). This mode is severely lacking in information that helps explain how to maneuver and attack - there were only two instructions that were displayed: 1) Press W to move forward. 2) Use RMB to look around. After capturing Zone A, a third instruction was displayed about "leading" the target. But that wasn't very helpful as there was no help in how to determine this and nothing about zooming in/out. For example, shell timer and the reticule could be explained AND also how the target's speed can be estimated (by looking at it's smoke trail). To help perhaps a combination of an observer mode (game AI zooms in, aims and shoots with text explaining too much, too little, and just right amount of leading - and some guidance on where to HIT a ship). Since the game has torpedoes, it would also be good to have either a multi-stage mission where after completing basics of shell firing that there was another to practice torpedo attacks. The tutorial right now either is very incomplete or if complete then it assumes a fair amount of information and knowledge already about how to play (and then you wouldn't need the introductory mission other than the show the mechanics of "scenario" battles). Also the ships I was escorting kept firing at the rocks on the islands but there were no shore batteries that I could see. There were also return fire shells arcing overhead from somewhere.
  9. Most bizarre ram

    So I was playing operations in my Scharnhorst and gotten myself into an unfortunate bot spawn while trying to get the carrier. So I did what I could and inflict as much damage as I can then saw a Nicholas coming into my path and we both were gonna collide against each other. But then....the Nicholas lived and I died instead. I've never been so awestruck before in a game until this.
  10. WG, make them easier

    WG, when are you going to balance Scenarios with the understanding that the average player is clueless, and not only doesn't listen, but refuses to listen, if they even understand what's being said by the team to them? Sincerely, A guy who both loves and hates your Operations mode. I'm gonna fill up a tank and vape away for a while.
  11. Will to Win

    I just earned the Will to Win achievement in Aegis, with good 'ol Graf Spee. I earned Assistant, along with that. It was a bad lineup for it, I knew that, and I expected to lose. We had a Fuso, New York, Nicholas, Omaha, and I think a Nurnberg and one I don't recall what it was, along with myself and the 2 bots. For the last 4 minutes, it was myself and the 2 bots, and I came within a tiny hair of pulling off 4 stars. The Schcors went down a fraction of a second before the transports cleared the line into the circle. I shot down 17 planes, sank 2, damaged 14, got 140k damage, and played citadel checkers with many crooz0rz. Our team sank a total of 8 ships. That is a recipe for an utter defeat. What most don't understand is that it isn't, except where it says so, a matter of sinking ships, it's a matter of fulfilling the overall objective: Save the transports. I gave up on trying to sink carriers, an objective, and turned my attention to killing planes, staying between them and the transports, and of course, staying alive. Had the AI actually focused on me, I would have lost. However, the AI went for the Mahan and Schcors, and the transports. Some went after me, but it wasn't a focused effort. I finished with about 20% of my HP, and still had 2 heals. It goes to show that it ain't over till it's over. You don't know what will happen, so don't give up just because it looks bleak. Keep fighting, fellow captains. o7
  12. O Great and Mighty Pigeon

    Pigeon, I just realized that the Heroic Achievements we earn from scenarios aren't counting towards Battle Hero/Legend of the Seas/Bane of the Oceans. The criteria for those states that it is any Heroic Achievement that counts. I have 17 Heroics outside of scenarios, and I've earned Tactical Expertise, 2 Assistants, Will to Win, and I think one other, in scenarios. If this is how it's supposed to be, then the achievements need to state that it's only PvP matches that count towards them. I have no issue if that's the case, I just feel it needs to be clarified one way or the other. Have a great weekend. :)
  13. So I havent really played for the past week and a half as life has been busy. I decided to bust out the @RivertheRoyal's touchstone for a scenario and pwnage ensued. I hadnt 5 starred Newport yet. My team worked well for a random group and didnt lose anybody early on. We managed to save the Lexington in time and was a fun battle. They also did well with focus fire. I look forward to more scenarios to come as they can be challenging and yet fun at the same time.
  14. Now, at tier VI it could be huge, I suppose. I'm thinking of certain Russian and Japanese DD that live at tier V. However, I was just thinking about the different seasons and how a ship that is down a tier might have more team utility than the at tier ship. I'll throw out some examples... - Minekaze: 5.4 km detection, torp reloads every 45 seconds or so... Arguably stronger than either of her tech tree counterparts at tier VI for ranked play as a spotter and smoke torping ship. - Nicholas: you give up some Farragut essentials like DF and the 6.4 km torps... However, you're arguably at dangerous in a knife fight and aren't out spotted by every other DD at tier VI. A questionable trade, but one you could argue. - Cleveland (versus tier 7): She's a tier VIII ship nerfed into tier VI, but arguably still a better choice than Pensacola. If you're ok running a light cruiser instead of heavy, Cleveland gives you more HP, better AA and didn't really give up anything but bore diameter. - Belfast (versus tier 8): arguably on par with Edinburgh and New Orleans by being a cross between the two. Radar and Smoke on over ship is gonna stay strong... Even if the Chapayev remains a threat. - Kirov: the poor man's Molotov. The actual hull might be better a tier V. The guns lose to Molotov's, but for the player that wants 9 barrels of cruiser punishing 180mm on a ship that is arguably more well rounded, you can make a case. - Furutaka: Aoba is the D/E hull, with the C hull giving you the same AB-X gun setup, I could see some folks running the furry taco for torp angles/Nostalgia/reasons. There may be others for different reasons. BB and CV might be the only areas where the power jumps so consistently between tiers that there's never cause to consider running one down. Anyway, just random morning pontification.
  15. T6 Missions/Scenarios seem to be a big hit so when will we see T7 scaled scenarios.
  16. 1. The bot cruisers fire HE until they set you on fire, then they switch to AP. If you let yourself burn, they will continue to fire harmless AP. If you repair, they switch back to HE. 2. The forts apparently have two parts. The top where the guns are is vulnerable to HE. You can do module damage and knock the guns out with HE. However, the wall where there are small casemate guns will cause the fort to die quickly if hit with AP. 3. Though low tier, the bots are twistier and smarter than they used to be. Kudos to WG for the new programming. The DDs are twisty and hard to hit, but they follow a pattern you can quickly grasp if you carefully watch them. Ditto for the Kolbergs, which are particularly annoying. 4. I've had success in Buddy by sweeping north, knocking out the two forts there, then heading south and using my spotter plane to hit the facilities from 16-20kms away. Very effective.
  17. Well being a DD main and having fun playing the new scenarios I decided to try and get the Torpedoman achievement. What an exercise in frustration! I don't know how many games I played over the last few days but I had: 3 - 14 hit torp games 2 - 13 hit torp games I finally got a 16 hit game.......but we lost the battle!!!!! So no joy Finally Now I can have a rest and go back to randoms! How have you guys gone with chasing achievements in scenarios?
  18. after 2 days of tickets and gm's using battle records from matches that had nothing to do with the matches in question, Bug is still not being fix or even investigated
  19. "So are these threads a recurring thing, URL Guy?" Yep. And this one's about Scenarios. Until June 21 at 12:00 PT / 15:00 ET, I'm looking for QUALITY WEB CONTENT, SCORCHING HOT TAKES, and SPICY MEMES, for the WorldofWarships.com Community Scoop on Scenario Mode! Here's the kinda stuff I'm looking for: VIdeos Reviews, opinion, tips on Scenario Mode. You can talk about the mode in general, or look at specific Operations Cool footage of you dominating Scenario Mode Hilarious footage of you sucking in Scenario Mode Short Text (1 paragraph or less) Your overall opinion on Scenario Mode -- Things you like and things Wargaming can improve Tips/Tricks/Tactics Individual Ship Recommendations or Team Loadouts Retelling of a cool moment you had in Scenario Mode Spicy Scenario Memes, GIFs, Shenanigans, etc. SPICE ADVISORY: Our legal eagles consider images directly from movies/shows/etc to be TOO SPICY for WorldOfWarships.com. Your memes and such are much more likely to make it through if you stick to game footage, public domain assets, stock photography, and/or original art. I’m shooting for a healthy mix of informative content and blatant ship-posting. So have fun, but keep in mind that Community Guidelines are still a thing.
  20. So far I have found DDs to be less than useful in the new scenarios. While I was waiting on cool down on my Leander & Cleveland I decided to try the Gremy Is there anything this little ship can't do?
  21. Hi All! - Hangglide42 here with a heads up for new players who start with a Standard Account and the F2P download of 9 port slots. As you move up thru the Tiers of the ships you play and move up in Player Level, more and more of the game features are unlocked for you giving you more opportunities to participate in fun game modes and unlock reward goodies for completing Missions, Campaigns, participating in Ranked Battles, etc. Since almost everyone has to make a trade-off with spending some of their precious real-life time on playing this game, most of us would like to be able to complete missions, campaigns, etc. in the minimum time possible. This post is intended as a "heads up" on what to be prepared for when collecting your fleet given (for many) a limited number of port slots you have, so you can still maximize your preparation for all the in-game goodies. The Prime Rule of Thumb is: "Have whatever ships in your port you have the most fun with!" ...BUT...if you want to participate in a lot of the in-game extras, keep in mind... Getting More Slots If you decide to keep playing in free mode, you can get additional port slots in the daily containers subject to RNG chance. If you play the game for a while, you will find that you occasionally will get a container that contains a port slot and 4 captains slots (I've found this typically selecting the "more credits" type of container - tho I don't think the probability is any different from the other container types, other than "try your luck"). Fortunately, Port Slots also go on sale quite frequently at a 50% discount (150 gold instead of 300), but this will require you to have (or purchase) some in-game gold for real currency. Advantages of Premium Ships Premium Ships allow you to move any captain in your fleet (on a nation aligned basis) to a Premium w/o having to pay a retraining cost (in silver or gold or time to retrain depending on Captains Skills) to accelerate training or earn more credits w/ a more experienced captain. If the Premium has a Commander XP bonus attached to it (most have a 50% bonus), you can train a new captain for a tech tree ship a lot quicker, if you have a premium. When you start expanding your fleet (and if you're willing/able to outlay some real currency), you may want to consider adding a Premium ship to your fleet to speed up earning or training. Another thing to keep in mind is that when planning for a Premium for retraining Captains, you may want to consider the type of ship you most likely will be playing (and retraining Captains for) in the Tech-tree line. The primary distinction comes into play wrt DD captains vs. BB/CA/CL captains (w/ CVs, this also goes w/o saying). While it may not be optimal, you can usually put a CL captain for retraining in a BB or vice versa, vs. putting a BB captain for retraining in a Premium DD which will not be much fun in a lot of circumstances. Retraining speed (w/o spending gold) is useful when you want to put higher tier captains into (temporarily), whatever ships you want to use if you participate in a Ranked Battle season. In-Game Features to Participate in WOWS features a number of features that offer differing rewards for intermediate and final goals in the features. There is usually a Tier requirement, but where relevant, I've added suggestions on what what may be more efficient (but by no means the only solution). The Tier levels are also noted so that you can also prepare ships for the upcoming feature (e.g. Ranked Season), if you are not yet playing ships of that Tier. Feature Description Requirements Challenges Specific reward tasks, usually tied to the events calendar that offers rewards such as flags, XP bonuses, silver, etc. Usually Tier IV or Higher Ships, tho some tasks are type specific or may involve low Tiers Combat Missions One or more (sometimes) phased sequence of tasks that result in intermediate and final rewards such as flags, silver, consummables. Tier IV or Higher Ships Campaigns Lengthy series of tasks - 40 or more which are grouped in to missions of 5-10 tasks. The object is to collect pins/stars to unlock a final task in the mission and progress thru the missions until the final Campaign is complete. Tasks are repeatable, tho the rewards for the task are only awarded once. Each task, mission and campaign completion offers a reward proportional to the effort required to complete them. - Task completion offers flags, consummables, containers - Mission Completion offers more valuable rewards such as larger flag pools, module upgrades, gold, silver, etc. - Campaign Completion offers rewards such as a Ship w/ Special Cammo, Premium Time, etc. Campaigns can be either permanent (e.g. Science of Victory & Honorable Service) or time limited (e.g. Hunt for Bismarck, Graf Spee, Santas Convoy). Tier V or Higher Ships - Honorable Service Requires Tier VIII or higher Ranked Battle A 22-Rank Competitive 7 vs 7 format that rewards players for advancing to each Tiers. Currently Season 7 is pending. In previous seasons, as players advanced, increasingly valuable rewards in terms of large numbers of signal flags, a Premium Day were awarded. With Season 6 the Rank 10 -2 awards largely consisted of the Special Upgrade items. Achieving Rank 1 allowed access to a special game mode for Rank 1 players, 3 Consecutive Rank 1s earns a USS Flint, 5 Consecutieve Rank 1s earns a USS Black Tier Specific per Ranked Season but spans Tier V-TierVIII ships depending on the particular season. In the past, split ranks were also played depending on your rank: Tier V & Tier VII, Tier VI & Tier VIII. The most recent Ranked season was held at Tier VII Scenarios [ WIP Prelim: based on PTS & yet to be released w/ 0.6.6 Patch ] PVE Mode Co-op Missions (4 currently in PTS) which require players to cooperatively accomplish a stated goal of the mission. The nature of the missions are along the lines of ship escort or base defense. The mission rewards completion but value of the rewards increase with the number of secondary objectives which are accomplished along with the base mission. Tier V or VI Ships When participating in Campaigns, you can greatly speed up task completion if you pipeline your tasks and have ships available that can reduce the time required to accomplish the task. Certains tasks, also, fall into the "deterministic" (i.e. whatever your existing stats are, this should fall into a predictable number of games you have to play using avg stats divided into the goal number) or "non-deterministic" (e.g. tasks that involve circumstance, RNG or opportunity - like spot N ships or kill a certain number of a certain type of ship, get a Dreadhaught or get 5 citadels in 1 game) - non-deterministic tasks should be avoided if other tasks are available (or repeatable) if you are time sensitive in wanting to complete the Campaign. If you have time left after the Campaign has awarded you the final rewards, you can always go back and pick up the smaller reward for some of the non-deterministic tasks. To save time, you should also try to execute as many of the required tasks in a pipelined fashion (i.e. overlapping in parallel). By the way, the recent Bismarck Campaign's huge population of BB players were partially attributable to players doing this. The table below outlines various ship types that are useful for more efficiently achieving the task goal. Tasks Ship Suggestions Non-Deterministic Win & Survive N Battles Pick your favorite ship N Hits w Main Batteries / Get N Ribbons High rate of fire ship - CLs, Russian DDs/Gunships N Hits w Secondaries Brawling BBs - particularly German BBs N Hits - to DDs High rate of fire ship - CL (Cleveland, Russian CLs) Y N Hits - to CL/Cas High rate of fire CL - Russian CLs (BBs have too slow ROF, DDs take a risk w/ Cruisers N Hits - to BBs High rate of fire ship - CLs, Russian DDs/Gunships N-K Damage Strike CVs, BBs, Fire Spamming CLs (Russian CLs) N-K Damage to DDs Strike CVs, High rate of fire CLs, Gunfighting DDs Y N-K Damage to CL/CAs BBs N-K Damage to BBs Strike CVs (except on high AA BBs), BBs, Fire Spamming CLs, Gunfighting Russian DDs Destroy N Ships BBs, Fire Spamming CLs Destroy N DDs CLs Y Destroy N CL/Cas BBs Destroy N BBs BBs, Fire Spamming CLs Get N Citadels (sometimes per game) BBs Y Get N Module Incapacitations BBs, CAs, CLs - easiest to get firing on DDs w/ propulsion/steering or firing at Myoko or French Cruisers Y Get N Steering Gear Incapacitations BBs, CAs, CLs - easiest to get firing on DDs w/ propulsion/steering or firing at Myoko or French Cruisers Y Get N Propulsion Incapacitations BBs, CAs, CLs - easiest to get firing on DDs w/ propulsion/steering or firing at Myoko or French Cruisers Y Get N Main Battery Incapacitations BBs or CAs (firing on anything smaller) Y Get N Secondary Battery Incapacitations BBs, CAs, CLs Y Cause N Floodings DDs, CV TBs - (torp enabled cruisers are too situational) Cause N Fires CV Bombers - Fire Spamming CLs/CAs, Fire Gunship DDs w/ Demo Expert Land N Torpedoes CV TBs, DDs - (torp enabled cruisers are too situational) 1st to Spot N Ships DDs, CVs Y (except for CVs - usually 1st spotters) Earn a Dreadnaught BBs, high heal ships (e.g. British CLs) Y N Base XP Pick your favorite, good performing ship - Higher Tiers get more XP N Total XP (after Modifiers) Pick your favorite, good performing ship - Higher Tiers get more XP Addendum: For Missions requiring you to shoot down "N aircraft" - the ideal vessel is a CV. If you do not play a CV, the next best is an AA spec'd CL or BB. BBs in particular are prime targets for CV aircraft, so even if your BB is not AA spec, it's likely that if you have CVs in your game, they will be trying to attack you giving you an opportunity to rack up plane kills. If you are new to the game, hope this gives you an idea of what may help you participate in more of the game events, missions, campaigns - reaping their rewards a lot quicker. A complete list of Forum Articles in the links below can be found in WOWS Enjoyment - List of Forum Articles & Guides.
  22. Scenarios are on the horizon. I think this may be a jolt and rejuvenate the game for those who thought it was getting stale. Let's discuss!
  23. Just got out of Halloween game. The match and map are lovely, and the game is enjoyable. Unfortunately there is a whole class of losers who get in the game only to farm Halloween camo. They hang back and kill the Mikasa-s that follow the Tranny, then clean up a few on the side, then announce they are leaving, and exit, or whatever. For this anti-social behavior they still get camo. That's just wrong. Somehow this attitude needs to be handled if WG is going to implement scenarios. Reduced rewards without victory? No camo/reward if ship is in game but fails to fire in the last ten minutes? I dunno.