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Found 12 results

  1. We have been shooting at Aliens and Ducks. How about shooting Icebergs to SAVE THE TITANIC? Think of Raptor getting replaced by Titanic and the red Bad Guys by icebergs. Just spitballing over a Cup o' Java :-)
  2. Hi all So, in SCENARIOS, many players already know WHERE the next bot wave will spawn. And position themselves there to "EXPLORE" the issue. I don't see it as an exploit or abuse, but a fail in the system itself. There is no rule that says the players cannot be there. Thus, is a valid tactic by the rules. They are just like a CAMPER with sniper rifle in CS, but against bots that have no time to shoot back! But that's breaking OPERATIONS, as these campers will change the game pace, and make the operation MUCH EASIER, as most bots will be torp'd as they spawn. In this example - preserving players names - the AOBA and GALLANT have parked there early in match, and collected 7 easy kills each. They've done half of the kills, in weaker ships. So, how to prevent this from happening, with minimal intervention or new coding: Change all Operations to semi-random spawns. It's already in OPS engine, as used in Raptor Rescue. But the alternating spawns can be closer that in Raptor. Spawn weapons-ready, "alive and shooting" bots. Make bots spawn already able to use torpedos and guns on nearby players. "Surprise MoreSunker!"! Bots spawning near map border should spawn outside map, indestructible and fully "weapons loaded and ready", shooting from outside of map, when they lose invulnerability. Bots spawning inside map, far from borders, should spawn inside a smoke screen, and again "weapons-ready". Create a new concept/code, for adding more bots if the recently spawned bots are dying too fast. And ensure they spawn near to campers, that will be reloading torps. The CAMPERS have a clear advantage: By the way, since we already talking about SCENARIOS/ Operations, two more ideas: I noticed that the ones already available have ALL BOTS FROM SAME NATION. That is half way to "Axis vs Allies". Next, just restrict player ships to opposing sides, and we'll have a sort of "Historically INSPIRED Battles" with Axis vs Allies: Make it become DAILY OPERATION, instead of weekly rotation There two concepts would go very well together...
  3. Could it be there is a new bug in Killer Whale? In my last 8 Killer Whale battles since the update I got 8 South exit finals. Statistically possible of course but with only a 0.4% chance. and an OLD BUG... We used to see a RED CIRCLE over the enemy ships that where part of the mission for stars. That circle has been missing for some time.
  4. Ever since the latest update (0.10.4) on Achievements/Profile went online, I've noticed a particular lack of progression on the Scenarios Achievements sections. I've been stuck on the same amount of numbers (144/150) (among the others also not being counted) and even thou I play them non regularly, I should have gotten (example given) the Ravager achievements a long time ago, no kills is accounted nor is registered. I also noticed my Engineer of the Future Achievement is missing, even thou I won it fairly and have it late than I should have it. But after the 0.10.4 update, is long gone without a warning nor a message. I found it on my own. It's been weeks since I had nothing in return and its frustrated to the max. Update 02/07/21: the Engineer of the Future Achievement has returned to my achievements sections, however the same cannot be said to the other achievements, still not being counted for whenever I do Operations more regularly than before. Update 25/09/21: After the Subs update, it seems a new "directive" is needed in order for achievements to be accounted for: winning; something it was never necessary nor mandatory to get them in the first place.
  5. I've been playing WOWS for quite some time. I enjoy the Scenario battles because the payout is comparable to Random battles (without the frustration). Well, until the "Defense of the Base Newport" was introduced with AI ships from hell (who rarely, if ever, miss a shot and kill you within minutes). I understand the multiple strategies, but gaming shouldn't be about coaching other players on how to play. I HATE THAT FRICKIN' MAP!!!!!! Suggestion: 1. Lower the AI accuracy 2. REMOVE THE MAP ENTIRELY, IT SUCKS! Carry on...
  6. Newport, the scenario of the week where I sometimes avoid playing the game at all for a bunch of days. It needs a team that has to do "a lot of simple things" and an instinct/skill for survival. And you don't get that very often. It is so hit and miss, tough to gauge how to help things along or what tips to give to others. I mean 2 rotations back of Newport(couple months ago), I remember a great start to the scenarios(pretty shocked how it turned out honestly....). 11/14 Wins total and started off with 4 straight games of 4-5 Stars in Pugs. Contrasted by the Newport rotation previous to this week, which went 2/7 Wins. Now on to the meat and bones and disclaimers. You need to bring a smoke ship into battle or have a willing participant(don't count on it.) It is simple, but I think like a lot of things, it is pretty difficult to instruct a willing player on the fly to execute it correctly. Use the map above for reference. You have to change your tactic, when you see the team is disintegrating, and you aren't going to sink all the reds. Sometimes this will be apparent really early, and my take on this plan is that no one else is listening to you even though you're trying to give tips to salvage a win. I don't mean to say, to not give instructions, but more to the fact you'll likely be ignored or people will do the opposite.. (1) So the key is the right side repair ship. MARKED with GREEN ARROW on map (okay, i know this will be brought up, what if the ship paths weird or chases down a red and rams it?. Yes I know it is RNG and it sucks, thems the breaks. It is like Raptor beaching itself, and now you're waiting 15 mins to lose.) My experiences so far from tracking the past 15 Newport matches, the repair ships do their little dance around the harbour area, but mostly they get to their spots. Maybe 2 times they didn't settle and kept running around. -So you now stay near the right repair ship, get some heals and can tank very lightly. IT HAS TO SURVIVE, because if you are alone with 3-4 red ships, they'll ravage the rest of the base. ONE player AND support building OR ship has to surivive!! (2) Next step, you have to clear the eastern side! MARKED by the shaded zone with white & grey stripes This is something you might need help with. Just ask for help. This could be a crucial fail point, in this tactic. If not purposefully, maybe the remaining teammates might accidentally contribute.. You will have cruisers that will be bow on to you but you need that zone cleared. (you can see how close it was from the pic in the spoiler above or the REF map, where the sunk red ships are. They were low HP, but i couldn't get much done with no help, and maybe damage saturation? as well. They were near broadside to me when I got them, and they were in position to torp the repair ship or me, but got lucky that none were ever sent.) (3) At this point it is very likely, you'll have 3 red BBs left versus you alone. MARKED with YELLOW ARROWS their general pathing (unless you just played with the worst players in WoWs ever.. which means the OP prob would've ended 10mins ago anyhow.) You are just playing line of sight game as they usually funnel to the middle, and you use the island to block. Obviously use your discretion if you think you can juke in and out and maybe sink one that is low. But playing completely defensive and NOT FIRING at all is fine and safer. Have your smoke ready and cover the repair ship before it comes under fire. The objective becomes timing out the match for a victory. YES that's it.. The pic in the spoiler above shows today's match, had one teammate alive(rare =( ) and asked for smoke and he responded right away. I had mine ready and it would've sufficed, if I was alone or if my request for help was ignored. So any suggested tactic will be scrutinized or whether it is worth attempting. And I cant give you a great answer... Straight out I'll have to say this is based on a garbage sample size of 15 GAMES. And within those 15, there were 5 attempts made. And I succeeded in 4/5 tries(3 times I was solo for most of it). So I'm now more aware of it and ready myself to be in position for this tactic. Getting 4 games of 1-2 stars, than the usual fail, the past little while is doing good for my blood pressure I'll tell you. :P From the initial release of Scenarios to the game, and going through many changes through these years. I have read opinions of players who regularly go OPs that WG seems to balance, change scenarios, whether specifically intended as such, to stop ways from having a few players carry an operation through. There's validity in that, but of course we always ask, did they go too far and take the sledgehammer to certain things unnecessarily. What part of the playerbase are they balancing for? Hmm, the two difficulty modes could've help? Anyways to end this text wall, you aren't really carrying your team through Newport, but it's the closest thing to it... And the pic in the spoiler below, shows where I wasn't ready to think it out strategically. Tried carrying the team in the WRONG way and it was a loss. Couldn't make the crossover to the right, had to stay with the left repair ship when I realised things were going really badly..
  7. Choo Choo bois btw that raptor is not repaired lol
  8. I really enjoy playing both Huang He and Perth. They are virtually identical in play style and nearly identical in capability. I especially like taking them both out in Operation Aegis loaded up with XP, Free XP, and Captain XP flags. I almost always get stellar results with either. Just finished the scenario with both following the same game plan. Move full speed behind the Mahan keeping guns to starboard and load AP. When the Mahan pops smoke reduce speed to zero and turn hard to port remaining in the smoke cloud (it is all about remaining concealed). Abuse the CA with AP, then switch to HE for the DD and BB. Watch out for DD torps! When that smoke is running out beginning moving northwest at 1/4 speed. Guns again to starboard with AP loaded. Pop your own smoke and enjoy farming citadels from the CA coming from the north west. Hopefully none of the Ishizuchi stay west of the island. When the smoke runs out (or all the ships are gone!), turn north and engage the western escorts with AP. Stay outside of torp range and they will focus on the friendlies south of them. Once the western escorts are sunk, turn due east south of the second island from the border and load up HE. Slow to 1/4 speed as you leave the cover of the island or the planes spot you. Pop smoke again and start lighting up the CV. (This is where the lack of a spotter hurts the Huang He most). Continue east and pick at the flanks of the bots. When the team is competent this works out well. The (obviously) noticeable difference between the Huang He and Perth is the DPM. If only Huang he had that fourth turret... Crazy great fun - both of the ships!
  9. Soylent_Red_Is_Tomato

    No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    Queue a [Random]: - Team may push in small groups to a cap or position of advantage, only to flee when the shooting starts. Slowest and/or least maneuverable ship(s) is (are) left holding the bag of Bravo Sierra. - Massive skill mismatch between team lineups, with at times up to half a dozen mid- to high-50% WR players on one side versus one or none on the other. - Whomever hangs back the longest yet is still able to cause enough damage while losing gets rewarded; playing to the match type usually does not. - Ships firing in open water may remain invisible due to random geometry, regardless of the presence of fog banks worth of smoke. - Possible to be low tier on poorly performing teams a significant number of back to back matches during multiple sessions. - Absurd number of 2x CV matches versus ships with little or no AA potential in low to mid tiers. Queue a [Coop]: - Bring a torpedo equipped ship, or high RoF spammer; otherwise get nothing for even the few minutes a match may last. Queue an [Arms Race] (yeah, right....) - May be a good match, but still subject to all of the vagaries of a normal [Random], only with tier IX & X ships to really thrust home the penalties of a defeat or early sink. Queue a [Scenario of the Week]: - Hope it's a relatively simple example not requiring a well coordinated team already knowing the exact timing and sequence of the scripted events. - Wrong ships brought in or too many DDs equal probable failure or few stars no matter the coordination. - No stars equates to no anything for the time spent playing. Got enough sovereigns to only pay about half the cost of a Warspite using premium RN crates in the store, but forget it WG - maybe if your game was still fun more than once, possibly twice, a week (if that!) I'd consider it. As is, [edited] for what your ''decisions'' and ''vision'' turned the game into.
  10. Well something kind of hilarious just happened to me and a Raptor Rescue group so i wanted to share. So we got the route where Raptor must extract in the south-western corner of the map but just as we were about to reach the extraction Raptor started doing donuts just before reaching the extraction, which led us to loose a well fought 5 star operation due to time out. Here's a picture of raptor doing the turn in-front of the extraction. He started doing these turns with about 3 minutes left in the clock and it led to this (this was just after the countdown struck 0). Just wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this? I know I've heard stories of Raptor beaching and getting stuck in islands but never of him starting to do U turns in open water and completely ignore the extraction like this.
  11. Sovereigndawg

    Raptor is a Pansey now.

    I played 6 operations yesterday and out of those 6, 4 were defeats because the Raptor blew up. I am not talking she got whittled down, she just seemed to go from full health to nothing like she was detonated 4 times. I could be wrong about detonations but she does seem to be getting killed pretty consistently. Any one else notice this? It seems as teams have to protect the Raptor more now, so if you play operation Raptor, you may want to be aware of this. When Raptor dies it's all over, protect her with your life if you want stars.
  12. I have done it with 5 stars before and I did it again, but I don't see any 10 pt captain in the reserve slot. Is it a one time thing?