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Found 6 results

  1. dear WG, sometimes less is more... I really dont get why you feel the need to add another small village/city to every tiny island on the map with every new patch. I appreciate the effort and details put in, but in my opinion it is waste of time and resources. When i skip the fact that all these walt disney castles and other stuff feel completely out of place, even stupid and cheesy, the main problem with these are that they are not in the scale with the ships and they look really awkward when you sail right next to them...not to mention their impact on map loadings and fps. What i would like to see around are just some few minor objects like lighthouse, weather station, lone fisherman's hut - but in scale...and certainly not whole monte carlo on the tiniest island on the map. And its really harder and harder to ignore these when you are adding more and more of them. Really detrimental effort if you ask me... My 2 cents.
  2. Hey there guys! I'm thinking of trying model building again. I did do it quite a bit in high school... But I have kinda been out of the loop for a while now. Back then it was mostly tanks. Alright now down to the nitty gritty! What I need help with is deciding a model scale to go with.... I have never really done ships before but I do want something on the bigger end. The two ships I want right now are: The aircraft carrier SHINANO And the Battleship ISE 1944 variant. My main problem is scale... I can find them both in the 1/700 scale... but I can't seem to find any other uniform scale then that. So if you were in my position what would you do? Go for the biggest one possible? Or go for the more uniform scale? I personally want them to be uniform but I would still like to hear your thoughts. thx!
  3. My Immersion has been Ruined

    The GK has a draft of 36 feet. It would ground itself in the River Thames at high tide. At low tide, it would actually rise out of the water, assuming the earth underneath it could support it.
  4. I am building a 1:800 scale model of Mikasa and I started doing some math and sketching on a peice of paper to get a few important measurements for the deck. The length listed on Wikipedia is 432 feet and beam of 76 feet. Once I converted the measurements roughly to 1:800 I got 6" 15/32 for length and 1" 5/32 for beam however once drawn on the paper this is an impossibly narrow vessel for Mikasa. Are wikipedia's measurements completely incorrect or is there something crucial I am missing? According to my math the measurements listed make Mikasa look like a DD rather than a wide pre-dreadnought.
  5. Ship Models

    starting this thread for the community to share scale models built that represent warships my completed model (more to come) HMS Nelson in 1/700 scale
  6. I wonder. What would happen if Wargaming scaled all the distances and times to 1:1 and removed (or greatly extended) the match timer? Would people still play? How many of the common complaints (torpedo arming distances, destroyer shenanigans, etc.) would be solved by it? Would it still be playable? Me, I'd play it. I like hardcore sims, and the only reason I play The Other Tank Game is because it has that full-sim mode. (Even though the match structure and vehicle restrictions are kind of dumb...) But what about you guys? DIsclaimer: This is purely speculation- I'm not asking for / bemoaning the existence of any of this. I'm also at work and bored with access to the internet.