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Found 1 result

  1. Elo_J_Fudpucker


    Why? Why WG did you change the saved game number? What crisis pushed this action? Why did you not ask the user base what a good number would be? Why did the latest patch revert that number BACK to 30 after we changed it? What can you not think to communicate about simple issues like this? Why not add a section in the config menu to accommodate a user easily changing this number? whjy continue to ignore the user base on issues that you create with your own actions? ( we didn't make this issue, WG did) Here is a simple little change that alienated so many people, caused all kinds of confusion and angst and it is 100% a WG fault and not only was and is there no explanation, there is no real apology or acknowledgement that you screwed up. WG, you really need to take a look at HOW you do things..... There was absolutely no need to have done this action, not only the way you did it, but was there really a need to do it at all? You have communicated nothing about why you made this change, but it is a perfect example of how your thought process towards the user base functions, somehow no one thought to ASK the user base what they think about changing the replay saved qty and as a result we have chaos.... and then, once you having accomplished this feat, you ignore it as if nothing had happened and the user base is not upset. *I* so want WG to respect the user base and work with us, but too often we are boxed out and not given a chance to interact with the WG staff to avoid situations like this, and the x-server battle cluster that you still haven't addressed.