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Found 6 results

  1. Ducky_shot

    Worst teams EVER

    I don't care about the rules about naming and shaming, team mates like this are the absolute worst and people need to be warned.
  2. I don't understand why this game has so much French bias in it. It makes no sense. The French historically were a weak, incompetent nation militarily who would have lost WW1 and lost on both sides of WW2. Yet for some reason WG gives them napkin design ships that completely out class nearly every ship in the game. Henri was the meta cruiser for many clan battles seasons and KOTS and has the best stats of all the t10 tech tree cruisers. It overmatches the junk armor of ships like the smolensk and Minotaur and its large caliber guns allow its HE to pen ships that other cruisers can't. At least the colbert existed but it's the #2 cruiser in the game and is absolutely overpowered. The kleber is absolutely rampant in clan battles right now and is everything that the Khabarovsk wishes it was. Speed, better detection, better torps, damage saturation and it doesn't take full BB AP pens. And then the Bourgogne. It's absolutely the best performing BB at T10. Why is there so much bias in this game for the French when historically they sucked? I mean I could accept other nations having a bias. Obviously the Americans had the best everything in the world historically and although the Russians didn't have a large navy they have a proud history and pretty much won WW2 singlehandedly. I do t understand why the French get such preference in this game.
  3. Baritone4

    The BBoy who cried OP

    One day a BBoy was hit with a torp. "TORPEDOS ARE OP!!!!!", the BBoy cried. All his friend gathered and listened, but the BBoy said: "Just kidding. I was sailing straight and not looking at the mini-map." His friends grumbled and walked away. On the second day, the BBoy was set on fire. "FIRES ARE OP!!!!!", the BBoy cried. All his friend gathered and listened, but the BBoy said: "Just kidding. I wasted my DC and RP on a single fire and had no survivability specs." His friends grumbled and walked away. On the third day, the BBoy was hit with an AP bomb. "AP BOMBS ARE OP!!!!!", the BBoy cried. All his friend gathered and listened, but the BBoy said: "Just kidding. I was humping the boarder by my self without AA specs." His friends grumbled and walked away. On the fourth day. the BBoy waaaaas.... uhhhhm.... hmmmm.... I'm having a hard time finishing the story. I wonder why that is 🤔?
  4. Ducky_shot

    Which Ocean????

    So I realized today how vague the map title for ocean is. It's "Ocean" There is no clue given as to which ocean it is. There are 5 Oceans in the world: Indian, Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic. I think its extremely important that we know which ocean this was modeled after. Every other map tends to be inspired by a certain area of the world and are listed as such in the descriptions. Warrior's Path: Northern Canada Neighbor's: Between France and Italy Mountain Range: South China Sea Loop: Central Atlantic Okinawa: Somewhere in the Arctic Oops, Okinawa Hotspot: South Pacific And the list goes on and on. Why is there no clue given as to where Ocean was modeled after?? I mean, some poor dev spent a lot of hard work and effort making this map and obviously had some inspiration for it from somewhere, like every other map. I think its extremely important to note what that inspiration was for the poor developer that had to slave over it, day in and day out, for 8.2 minutes. There are a lot of tactical differences knowing if this was the warm Pacific ocean or the cold Arctic ocean. Or perhaps we could have both! Or all of them!! Another developer could slave over more maps, day in and day out, until we have one modeled after each ocean. The water looks kind of dark and cold, but not too cold. So probably this map should be named "Northern Atlantic Ocean". Can we also get one modeled after the Denmark strait? In all honesty, I don't mind getting Ocean every once in a blue moon to remind me how bad it is for certain ships. I think its chance in rotation is low enough right now.
  5. Sovereigndawg

    What A Joke!

    Tonto and the Lone Ranger are out riding the range, Tonto suddenly stops, jumps off his horse and puts his ear to the ground for a few seconds. He then looks at the Lone Ranger and says, Kemosabe, Buffalo come. The Lone Ranger looks at Tonto and says, How do you know that? Tonto says, Ear Sticky. Got any good ones?