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Found 17 results

  1. Christmas Crates?

    Across three battles for some reason I've gotten four Santa crates tonight. What? I mean, I'm not complaining or anything... I've gotten my first ever doubloons in Warships... @Radar_X You know anything about this? The challenges section has been empty, but Winter Mystery has popped back up for some reason. ???
  2. So today im trying to finish both campaings but I just realice the campaings keep saying "Time till end 2 days" today is Jan 15 so that means it will finish at Jan 17, but in the main page of World of Warship the time was extended to Jan 19 because of the bugged missions, and some people are just keep rushing with all his soul to try to finish before 17. Give then a little rest and please fix the time before is to late. With love. Santa.
  3. Please let me send gifts to multiple people all at once so I don't have to wait until the next day to send only another 8 (my limit is 8 per day due to my credit card). And if I remember correctly, Santa doesn't have a hard cap of sending only so-and-so amount per day. (I know it's unlimited on your end, but on our end, it's a different matter.) So can you please change your gifting system by next year's Christmas so this doesn't happen? Thanks :)
  4. A quick mea culpa. I was wrong. I think RNG and the ships you own might affect the ships you might get. At any rate, these are the same crates as last year.
  5. So this is the first time I participated in this years Christmas gifts. My first 2 free ones were just some cammo and then I bought 5 of the Medium ones and the first was some Red Dragon Flags I then remembered the Flamu video I kid you not, the very next box after playing it in the background was this: THE MAGIC IS REAL! I'M NOW A TRUE BELIEVER!!!
  6. Here is my video for my 20 Santa's Mega Gifts opening. I got 4 ships, and 3 were back to back. That gives about a 25% drop rate for ships in the mega containers. Good luck all, enjoy the video, may your bilge pumps be merry, and your HE bright.
  7. I wasn't around when the last Santa boxes dropped but have heard about all the great and awesome stuff people of gotten out of them. (I.e., Nikolais, Kamikazes, etc). Since the Santa boxes have dropped today and people have already bought some and opened them, I'm just wondering which pack is the "best buy" for my moneys worth. Edit: I'm mainly looking for the best pack that has a higher chance of premium ships and doubloons. Camos and signals don't interest my currently.
  8. Guys, fell on a sword here and bought $40 in santa boxes. The TL:DW, they aren't like last years. Expect lot's of camo. Lots of frosty fir tree. The mega boxes seem to yield the best value. Overall, out of $40 spent, I wound up with $100 worth of doubloons, camo and signals. Only one premium ship. Buyer beware.
  9. Translated from the RU server: $1 Crate possibles 30 days premium 10,000 Free XP 300 Doubloons De Grasse Mutsu 5x Frosty Spruce Camo 50x Equal Speed Charlie London 30x Zulu 50x Zulu Hotel 50x Papa $3 Crate 90 days premium 1,000 doubloons Ohotnik Leningrad Scharnhorst 15x Frosty Spruce Camo 15x Wyvern 15x Dragon 15x Red Dragon 15x Uroboros 15x Hydra $5 Crate 180 Days Premium 2,000 Doubloons Gallant Lo Yang Alabama 15x Type 59 Camo 30x Frosty Spruce Camo 30x Wyvern 30x Dragon 30x Red Dragon 30x Uroboros 30x Hydra Additional Possible Ships + port slot + 10 point commander "Thundering" DD Kamikaze Tirpitz Kutuzov Atago Belfast Lo Yang Prinz Eugen Alabama Leningrad Duca d'Aosta Kii Hood Mutsu Kidd Warspite Gallant Atlanta Anshan Admiral Graf Spee Blyskawica Molotov Huanghe Indianapolis Arizona Giulio Cesare Sims Dunkerque Octobver Revolution Scharnhorst Perth Ohotnik De Grasse If a ship drops that you already have, you get another one from the list If you have all the ships and you drop a ship AND you already have all the ships possible, you will get the doubloon value, port slot and a 10 point commander. WG, in theory has fixed the drop mechanic that gave multiples of the same ship in the same purchase. This likely means that the doubloon value ships are going to be the original "Brotherhood of Santa Claus" ships that are mentioned not the ones that are possible. So selling you the highest value ship and then buying more boxes likely isn't going to get you as many doubloons as last year. Also unlike last year where you could specify the number of crates you wanted to buy, this year they're available in 1x 5x and 20x bundles only. The 5x and 20x bundles are discounted between 11% and 25% depending on the Captain/Commodore/Admiral boxes.
  10. Santa Boxes

    So I decided to try my luck one more time with the Santa boxes. Bought 5 5-dollar boxes and got an Arizona and an Anshan. Two ships I would never have bought under normal circumstances, but this was definitely worth the $25 I spent. Plus, I got a bunch of camo. I hope Wargaming does something similar this year. Thanks Wargaming.
  11. You need to give whomever came up with the Christmas container plan one heckuva bonus... trip to the Bahamas, some gold bars, something... I would expect, just by what one can read all over the net, this Christmas holiday was HUGELY successful for you. Congratulations. It would also be "in the spirit" of Christmas to dole out a bit of coin above and beyond what you'd done in the past to aid and assist the preservation of those ships in need of help. Like the Texas. Or others around your gaming world. But mostly - and seriously - give those folks a raise. Wow. You struck literal gold .
  12. So i have Decided to take back Every bad thing I said about RNGesus and the Containers. Because today i bought 5 $1 containers, 2 $5 containers and 17 of the $3 containers(Because Zoup said so). And out of those, i've gotten 125 dragon flags, 200 Equal Speed Charlie London flags, tons of Camo, and Emden, and Atago and 2 BACK TO BACK SUPERCONTAINERS WITH THE SIMS AND THE ARIZONA!!!! So, yeah. RNGesus gave me a great christmas present. Now to enjoy my boats
  13. We've had our differences, Wargaming, but the Santa's Secret Stash you've offered of late has been really good for me. To date, I have scored an Atlanta, Indianapolis, Prinz Eugen, and an Ishizuchi (twice, even, and got the doubloon equivalent). Additionally, I got about 7500 doubloons, tons of valuable camo, lots of papa papa flags, and much more. I just want to say thanks to Wargaming and wish all of you there a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Keep up the great work.
  14. So, bought $30 worth of Santa crates looking to get some cheap doubloons. 1st crate camo's, then started 3 premium ships in a row! Followed by a break of dragon flags, then the fourth. Needless to say, even thought I didn't get a single doubloon out of those crates, I am very happy with my results.
  15. A Special Thanks to Someone Here.

    So... I've been reading all the Santa crate threads, enjoying the pitfalls and joys of everyone who has received great things and those who have not received great things. I put this thread in off topic just as I didn't want to clutter up the General Discussion. My own experience with the Santa crates had been mostly positive. I bought some the first day and received a whole whack of Camo's, an Ichizuchi and Lo Yang. I was not super disappointed in these things for the value. (Lets be honest the LoYang is a tier 8 prem). I had been secretly hoping for the Nikolai as I had not bought it when it was available due to the fact the Warspite was also "limited" at the time and was sold at the same time and had some history in the game already. I bought some more crates for myself and got camos and gold. I like the camo's, but suddenly I had 100s of camo's now of different colors and it seemed by RNG luck was fading. A friend gifted me more boxes to again, more camo's. I bought some more crates for random forumers here through some threads, and then sent some to my gamer buds. I've pretty much blown the budget. Out of the blue this morning, sbcptnitro, decides to send me some crates as a gift. He saw me post in a forum thread about having to stop buying crates and decided to send me some. He did not have to do this, he just decided to. It's times like this I'm proud to be a member of this community. Low and behold inside the crates is the precious Nikolai. Wow! A random gamer/forumer sends me a gift and there is Ms. Gorgeous herself in the box. Thank you to Mr. Nitro again for just deciding to send me stuff, out of the goodness of his heart.
  16. I wanan buy several Santa's gift for WOWS however I bought it for WOT by mistake. Is there any way for me to get my gift back? Thank u so much.